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Subject: Re: The End of Our Food Supply
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Jay Hanson  wrote:

>Brian S. Jenkins wrote:

>-> But the yields from crops have tripled during the last fifty years-
>-> we can produce 3 times as much corn or wheat on an acre of land than
>-> could in the 1930s.  This should be taken into account when
>-> carrying capacity- we're continually improving our ability to use our
>-> resources, or changing them if necessary.

>To find out about the end of our food supply,

More foods may be able to be grown per acre than in the past, but
at what quality?  Generally, land is only good for 7 to 10 years,
befor being depleted of it's minerals.  When land is constantly
farmed, over and over, year after year, it produce nutritionally
void foods.

Plants, with just the basics of fertilizers, healthy "looking"
vegetables can be grown.  Plants take up minerals from the soil
and when we eat those vegetables, we get all those vitamins and
minerals.  When the soil becomes depleted, so do the vegetables
and when we eat them we get little nutrition from them anymore.

When humans are deficient in minerals and vitamins, they are more
open to catching viruses, cancer growth, and hundreds of other
ailments.  Plants are the same way. Bugs and insects generally 
attack "sick" plants, those that are lacking in nutritional value,
hence the need for heavy spraying of insecticides, while any healthy
plant is not attacked.

I believe that there was a government report decades ago, that stated
that the farmlands were depleted of nutritional value, and thus so,
the vegetables.  And now they want to make vitimin supliments a
"controlled" substance!

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