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From Thu Dec 19 08:11:29 PST 1996
Article: 121955 of alt.conspiracy
Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy
Subject: Re: Gun Owner Witch Hunt To Begin in 1997 - FEDS STARTED ALREADY
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 1996 13:55:48 GMT
Organization: XMission Internet (801 539 0900)
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>1)  2nd Amendment guarantees the right to keep and bear arms.
>2)  1st Amendment guarantees free speech and the right to peaceably
>3)  5th Amendment guarantees the right against unreasonable search and

>There is one combination of these rights that fails to satisfy common
>sense and breaks the spirit of all three.  That is planning to use weapons
>to commit crimes, including insurrection.  The claim that the 5th
>guarantees against search fails because it is reasonable for police to
>conduct searches to prevent crimes and to prevent a violent insurrection. 
>This would not apply to all firearm owners, but rather just to those that
>are meeting to plan a revolution.  Their use of arms fails to meet the
>militia purpose of the 2nd Amendment because their "militia" is planning
>to attack the republic, whereas the militia as referenced in the 2nd
>Amendment and all militia statutes is to defend our republic.  The
>meetings fail to meet the 1st Amendment criteria "right to peaceably
>assemble" if the purpose is to plan violent crimes or even a violent

I don't think it is the "militia" who is planning to attack the
"Republic", as the Republic is the people of a Sovereign nation made
up of the people of the 50 States United.  However, when the Republic
has long since been taken over by the Communist/Fascist/Socialist
organizations such as The Council on Foreign Relations, those members
cease to exist as members of the "Republic".  People need to realize
it it not the "government" that needs overthrowing, but to overthrow
those who stole the Republic form or government.

>Whereas I support the true militia, the right of all Americans to keep and
>bear arms for self-defense and national defense, it seems to me that some
>so-called "militia" groups are more like organized crime organizations or

Organized crime, like Wackinhut?  What would you call an organization
that thives on overthrowing other governments, or imports drugs, or
murders witnesses?  Such is the like of the rogue agencies that took
over a Republic known as the United States.

>violent revolutionary groups.  This should not be construed to apply to
>all groups that call themselves "militia," but rather to those that plan
>attacks on policemen, military personnel, and politicians.  There is no
>right to use weapons against public officials.  Besides, the 2nd Amendment
>guarantees the right of people illegally and unwisely so targeted to bear
>arms in self-defense and in defense of the republic, and the right of all
>Americans, not just the police and the military, to bear arms in defense
>of unfairly targeted individuals and in defense of the republic.

>It is of great importance that people that talk about the "militia"
>understand that the illegal use of any weapons would place them in the
>status of criminals or domestic enemies and would obligate the true
>militia, both the regular armed forces and the unorganized militia of
>armed citizens, to use that force which is necessary to put down an
>illegal and ill-advised violent revolution.

And if a law is passed, that says it is illegal to use a weapon to
protect yourself, or that of the State, would that then be o.k. to
enforce? Since anyone who defended their state or life would then
become a criminal. Not all laws are just laws, and the past 60 years
have shown more and more violations of our rights, rights that were
there LONG before any Federal government was created.

From Fri Dec 27 12:15:04 PST 1996
Article: 124917 of alt.conspiracy
Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy
Subject: Looking for old gun info
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 1996 17:09:43 GMT
Organization: XMission Internet (801 539 0900)
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X-Newsreader: Forte Free Agent 1.0.82

An aquaintance has a revolver that she is looking for
information on it.  It has a 6 inch hex barrel with
no rifling, has a hinged triger, pinfire, and it
says "AJS Birmingham" on it.

Any info as to it's age etc, would be most helpful!
Post here, or send e-mail to

From Fri Dec 27 12:15:05 PST 1996
Article: 125048 of alt.conspiracy
Newsgroups: alt.activism,alt.conspiracy,alt.politics.clinton,alt.politics.usa.constitution,alt.society.anarchy,misc.survivalism,soc.culture.usa,talk.politics.guns,talk.politics.libertarian
Subject: Re: "The Little Red Hen"
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 1996 18:15:05 GMT
Organization: XMission Internet (801 539 0900)
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Message-ID: <5a13tq$>
References: <59kgdr$> <59l85q$> <01bbf221$7499ce20$0100007f@obtel.telis> <59t7ep$> <01bbf33b$0948b300$49f8cfcd@viclevis> <59u9u0$>
X-Newsreader: Forte Free Agent 1.0.82
Xref: alt.activism:107742 alt.conspiracy:125048 alt.politics.clinton:346420 alt.politics.usa.constitution:109020 alt.society.anarchy:39821 misc.survivalism:13917 soc.culture.usa:102294 talk.politics.guns:357865 talk.politics.libertarian:155218 Potter) wrote:

>The little story below, about the "Little Red Hen",
>kind of sums up my attitude, about what has happened
>to the American society.

Nice post, Tom!  I enjoyed it and saved it.  Have you
ever read George Orwell's  "Animal Farm"?  I found it
to be a great book, that tells the story of the U.S.
>from  it's 1st revolution, up to todays socialist government,
but using a barnyard setting and animals.  Fantastic story.
I have a first edition that I found by accedent in a thrift

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