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well said -i hate them

>Subject: The Chosen Few


>They've been kicked out of every nation that's ever hosted them, like
>vermin. How can this be?


>*** The Anti-Defamation League

>Since defamation is clearly described under law, why would a group
>feel the need to have a special flock of legal vultures eavesdropping
>on speech directed toward the group? Hmmm. Wasn't it the Jewish
>Establishment that used the Sanhedrin to shut Christ up? Excuse me,
>after they tried to get Pontius Pilate to do it for them, so that
>later history would blame Rome rather than Israel?  Crafty bastards
>aren't they? Does this remind you of the ACLU by any chance?

>Do they really wonder why people end up hating them?

>*** The Holocaust Museum

>The Jewish hegemony in Hollywood won't reward the premier Jewish
>director in movies today until he makes a movie about The Holocaust:
>Schindler's List. The Holocaust is the Jewish trump card. Whenever
>anyone focuses the spotlight on Jews, they whip out the Holocaust and
>huddle down behind it while their vulture groups line up the lawyers.
>I think it's pretty well understood by now that more European Jews
>were allegedly "exterminated" in World War 2 than there were Jews in Europe
>at the time. Only in Jewish geometry could this occur. Listen long enough,
>and you'll end up calling them Holohuggers.

>Do they really wonder why people end up hating them?

>*** Jewish Liberalism

>For Jews, maintaining Jewish cultural/ethnic purity is an A-list
>priority. If you try it, however, you're a racist. This is called
>Jewish liberalism. Here's another example: Though the media has raised
>the need for Aryan-black relationships to crusade-level, name one
>Jew-black primetime relationship. Here's yet another example: Black
>Entertainment Television. Have you ever heard anything out of any of
>the Jewish vulture groups about this? Alright, then. I propose to
>start a cable channel dedicated to the history and expression of Aryan
>cultural values. I'm going to call it White Entertainment Television.

>A wildebeest would last longer in a pool of piranhas.

>Do they really wonder why people end up hating them?

>*** Zionism

>I've got an idea. Let's take this 5-million-man tribe and declare a
>new nation right in the middle of this other 300-million-man tribe
>that hates them. Doesn't that sound like a good idea? And not only
>that, they've been enemies since God had tits. How can the idea lose?

>Do they really wonder why people end up hating them?

>*** Jewish Name-changing

>Are they real or are they Memorex? Name-changing has been raised to a
>real art-form in the Jewish community. One of my favorites is Edward
>G. Robinson. Real name: Emmanuel Goldenberg. I wonder why they do
>that? Listen, you can hear the flap even now: "How can you ask that?
>We were persecuted!"  The Aryan Racist Nazi Pro-Life Gun-owning
>Terrorist Militia Pornographic Drug-dealing Conservatives drove them
>to it. Anybody non-Jewish, actually. Yes: we're the reason they run
>around concealing their identities like infiltrators. I can see that.

>Do they really wonder why people end up hating them?

>*** Jewish Nepotism

>Wonder how Jewish dominance works? Here's an example. The company's
>name has been changed. The people's names have been changed. The facts
>are as transcribed with notes.

>program:        Inside Edition
>when:           April, 1996
>topic:          Corruption Alleged in Healthcare
>company:        Federal Health
>subject:        Solomon Levinson
>title           CEO
>salary:         4-million plus

>Inside Edition

>Cameras interview women crying in the street over health care the
>Federal Health HMO won't authorize. Why not? Well, Federal Health
>parries and thrusts, grunts a lot, and points vapor at vapor, but we
>can see, frankly, that it just doesn't want to spend the money. The
>woman needs a kidney? Yeah, right. Elsewhere, it is alleged that
>Federal Health CEO, Solomon Levinson, makes 4-million dollars a year
>as head of Federal Health. Company name sounds governmental doesn't
>it? Kinda makes you feel warm and protected. Meanwhile, because
>Federal Health felt her degree in textiles uniquely qualified her for
>Health Maintenance Management, Levinson's wife is employed as an
>executive making close to half-a-million a year. Oh, wait a minute! I
>almost forgot! Levinson's daughter and her husband both have
>three-hundred-thousand dollar a year positions at Federal Health for
>which they, too, are uniquely qualified.

>But wait! I'm not done. There's another daughter. Can dear old dad come up
>with yet another astronomical salary-and-benefits package? Of course he can:
>Solomon loves his kids! But wait! The second daughter is bored. Now,
>now dear. Don't fret. Federal Health will give you a one-half-million
>dollar GRANT with which to start a TV production company. Oh, and a
>ten-million dollar line of credit. Not while Solomon Levinson is CEO
>will the cost of something so mundane as a kidney transplant come
>between his daughter and the cogency of Federal Health subsidizing a
>TV production company. Nothing's too good for Daddy's girls!


>The names have been changed. Inside Edition's allegations are as
>stated. If you ever wanted to know the engineering details of Jewish
>dominance, realize that it's contained in ethnic nepotism. Loyal Jews
>don't get the best or the next person. They ask: is there one in the
>immediate family? In the whole family? In the Jewish community? Jewish

>Do they really wonder why people end up hating them?

>     "This destiny does not tire, nor can it be broken, and its mantle of
>strength descends upon those in its service." - Francis Parker Yockey,

>Further info:

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