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From Sat Jan 11 20:01:14 PST 1997
Article: 92373 of alt.revisionism
From: (Dan Leonik)
Newsgroups: soc.culture.ukrainian,soc.culture.baltics,alt.conspiracy,alt.revisionism
Subject: Re: Another lying jew
Date: Sat, 11 Jan 1997 22:50:13 GMT
Organization: Access Communications, Inc. ( Houston, TX ) 
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Why is the Lying Jew so upset these days?

The answer is easy - his little world is coming apart at the seams.
They have tunneled and drilled for decades if not centuries in all the
'woodwork' of our institutions, traditions, cultures of their host
peoples like termites, so that it now threatens them as well as us.

They have bribed and blackmailed and run off all the half decent
politicians and leaders so that all we have left are creatures of the
calibre of Clinton, Yelsin, Kohl, or that quack on 10 Downing Street.

Their lies, filth and slander haven't accomplished much, really. The
civilized world is about to come tumbling down in on us, that's true,
but also on them as well.

Their mad dream of a unnatural, forced, egalitarian society can never,
will never, and should never exist. The resultant despair and
alienation has forced the good, good people of the world to rise to
the occassion and  to begin demanding  what went wrong.  At some point
their gaze will sit squarely, with clarity and focus, at the Lying

The politicians will find that their years of collaboration and
lawlessness will be catching up with them. They won't be able to help
the Lying Jew.

The 'educators' and 'religious leaders' that spewed forth their
disgusting philosophy of 'equality' will find themselves perhaps
forced to get real jobs. They won't be able to help the Lying Jew.

The mass-media kingpins, the actors paid to read the 'news', the
'entertainment' personalities may find themselves getting a different
kind of crowd attention than they're used to. They certainly won't
care about the Lying Jew.

As the Jew termites continue to tunnel away at the rotten wood, they
themselves may not be pleased with the result. 
Ironic, isn't it, that the institutions and traditions that protected
these people - have now been so twisted and Orwellenized, that they
may soon protect no one - including the Lying Jew.

For more information see:

"The World is In Our Hands" 
- Israeli columnist Ari Shavit New York Times, May 27

From Mon Jan 13 07:34:45 PST 1997
Article: 55617 of alt.politics.white-power
From: (Dan Leonik)
Newsgroups: alt.politics.clinton,alt.discrimination,alt.politics.white-power,alt.politics.nationalism.white,alt.politics.immigration,alt.skinheads,alt.conspiracy,soc.culture.europe,alt.california,alt.politics.immigration,misc.immigration.usa,,,,alt.conspiracy,soc.culture.african.american,soc.culture.asian.american,alt.religion.islam
Subject: Re: "Aliens Attack Earth" Movies:  New Form of Diversity Propaganda
Date: Sun, 12 Jan 1997 21:05:33 GMT
Organization: Access Communications, Inc. ( Houston, TX ) 
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Spectre  wrote:

>I notice that you pointedly omit the European nations from your list of 
>"sub-human" rioters. Care to explain the behavior of your white brothers 
>in Serbia and what was once Yugoslavia? And I guess you haven't been 
>keeping up with developments in what was once the Soviet Union. Moscow 
>is on the US State Department's advisory list for dangerous places to 
>visit. Last time I looked I saw nothing but white faces there.

>Maybe you would care to explain the orgy of killing that went on in 
>World War One and Two? Seems like mostly white on white there too. Read 
>your history: The Inquisition seems to have taken its toll on whites. 
>How about the 100 years War? Ever heard of that? Again, white on white.

>So what's your point man? Do you have a deaf ear to whites killing 
>whites? Or maybe its part of your wishful thinking, where you hope that 
>whites are all that you want them to be?????

You have a point. Whites have been slaughtering whites with a gusto,
unparallelled by any non-whites (at least so far), in numerical

That's the disadvantage of being technologically superior to these
other peoples.

However, lets look at the causes for these wars as opposed to the
causes of the present day slaughter in Africa. When Whites killed
whites, it was for political, moral, or religious reasons. The wars
were started, and then they ended. (Even if it took 100 years).

The Africans kill just for the sheer thrill of it; because they have a
weapon that can kill and they use it with little regard for who they
kill. It never ends.

The European wars developed into a kind of 'civilized warfare' after
the Thirty Years War. So much devastation, disease and suffering,
caused the chivalry that disallowed the killing of women and children.
(And gave birth to the 'Geneva Convention' For 200 years those codes
existed until the American 'Civil' War.

Of course the lapse into savagery came back upon us in full during
WWII when Churchill, Professor Lindemann, Stalin, Morgenthau and
others deliberately went out of their way to use terror bombing on
defenseless civilians. These people and others where either themselves
Jewish, or under their influence and control.

Today there are many 'hot spots' in the world, which could, if
allowed, erupt into larger conflicts. Most of these conflicts are
ethnically oriented. In general, the non-whites are far more savage in
their warefare than whites - from torturing prisoners, raping and
buchering women and children, and so forth.

For these reasons, along with the social, economic and political
impact they have,  it is imperative to keep these non-whites OUT of
America and all the White Nations. 

You can't put out a fire by adding more fuel.

Source:  Advance to Barbarism by F.J. P. Veale
avalable at National Vanguard Books
	    P.O. Box 330
	    Hillsboro, WV  24946


>> the whites stayed at home, the Africans and Hispanics got together and
>> assaulted whites and Koreans, robbed stores, burned more than 5,300
>> buildings, and killed more than 100 persons. Whites did none of this, 


From Mon Jan 13 08:05:49 PST 1997
Article: 214616 of control
From: (Dan Leonik)
Newsgroups: control,soc.culture.europe,alt.california,la.general,misc.immigration.usa,alt.politics.immigration,houston.politics,houston.general,phoenix.general,ny.general,miami.general,,news.admin.censorship,,sci.meow,,news.admin.meow
Subject: Re: Censorship here in America!
Date: Sun, 12 Jan 1997 20:40:50 GMT
Organization: Access Communications, Inc. ( Houston, TX ) 
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Well, I have posted elsewhere about this little censorship incident,
so let me do it here. It turns out that claims not to
have been the one responsible for calling me that day about dropping
my account for, as the caller stated, my 'anti-semitic' viewpoints.

I have reason to believe that it was some irate 'pro-semitic' reader
playing a stupid trick. I will give his last e-mail to me, obscenity
and all, to the proper authorities.

Accesscomm acted professionally and I believe that they are aware of,
and treasure also, the Freedom of Speech that we enjoy here in

If this incident demonstrates anything, it is how thin-skinned the
very powerful Jewish strata is here in America. 

They are chomping at the bit to deny people the right to criticize
them - not because of their 'religion', but because of their
political, economic, and social impact on other peoples.

No doubt there are a few Jewish individuals who are able to understand
that the freedom to criticism their - or any special interest group's
- activities, is a fundamental right in this country. (Sad to say,
this is the ONLY country that is completely free in this regard.) The
few that do believe in this right, are few and far between.

Jews have the right to disagree, yet none of them attempt to exercise
that right. Instead, they play stupid tricks on the phone, send
obscene e-mail, or outright break federal and state laws regarding
phone use. They also post undignified posts which are filled with hate
and venom, not at the issue, but at the person excercising their right
to free speech. Such posts are quite useful in exposing the media
stereotype of the stoically 'suffering' scapegoat, as being a charade.

In other cases they torch bookstores, burn printing presses, mail bomb
organizations, throw acid in peoples' faces and even brutalize members
of their own tribe that stray away from 'official dogma'.

For sympathy, they wail about the questionable 'Holocaust', paint
swastikas on their own walls, and write endless articles about
suffering, hysterically snatched up by a media that seems to have an
unsatiable hunger for such rubbish. When will Steven Spielburg do a
docu-drama on Dresden, February 1945.

If the term 'Nazi' is supposed to mean brutal, ignorant thugs who act
above all standards of decency and morality, then the term 'Nazi-Jew'
would be applicable to those Jews who engage in such activities.

From Mon Jan 13 10:38:55 PST 1997
Article: 55663 of alt.politics.white-power
From: (Dan Leonik)
Newsgroups: alt.politics.usa,alt.politics.equality,alt.politics,alt.politics.nationalism.white,alt.politics.libertarian,alt.politics.immigration,alt.revolution.american.second,alt.politics.white-power,alt.politics.correct
Subject: Re: Black Murders Today in St. Louis
Date: Sun, 12 Jan 1997 21:26:10 GMT
Organization: Access Communications, Inc. ( Houston, TX ) 
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Mark Earnest  wrote:

>Philip Kasiecki wrote:
>> In article ,
>> Parker Beatley ( wrote:
>> : Here is the Black Murder Report for St. Louis. As usual, no White
>> : Murders are reported and none occurred.
>>     How does the fact that none were reported mean that none occurred?
>> Secondly, is there a point to all of this stuff on crimes and Blacks?  I
>> mean, is the crime due to the color of their skin?
>>         Phil "bet it's not" Kasiecki

>Then what's it due to? (not sarcastic, I really want to know)
>I don't think the news is only reporting black crimes, it's been proven
>that, for whatever reason, they occure more frequently.
>Also remember, there was someone trying to say that blacks were more
>intelligent because of the pigment in there skin. :)

>Mark "not a betting man" Earnest

Well, the liberals tell us that black crime is a result of 'White
Racism', and can only be solved by having Black police chiefs, Black
Mayors, Black this and that. 

Blacks have to have the proper 'role models', hence "James Earl Jones'
appears as the standard Black 'authority' figure while Whites are
portrayed as scoundrels at best. (Except, of course, the 'Liberal'
White man).

Living near, going to school with, and working with Blacks all my
life, I have discovered that they are vastly different from Whites.

The differences aren't just skin deep.

Today, some, not many, but some scientists, psychologists,
anthropologists, and other university trained people are braving the
torrents of abuse rained down on them and challenging the theory of

It seems the differences aren't just in intelligence and performance,
but also in behaviour. 

My personal belief is that many to most (but not all) Blacks hate
White Society, and are 'chomping at the bit' to get back at him
because of media induced 'racisms' and because of their own lack of
self respect.

False Pride from stupid Hollywood Productions only makes matters worse
in the long run. The federal government, the churches, the liberals,
the Jews, and all the bleeding hearts in the world can hand over our
last penny to these people (the Blacks), but the end result would be
the same - take a look at Washington D. C. for example.

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