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Subject:      Ironic Death of Jew
From: (Dan Leonik)
Date:         1996/09/28
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Organization: Access Communications, Inc. ( Houston, TX )
Newsgroups:   houston.general

Saturday, September 28, 1996

Frankenstein or Epstein?

Gil Epstein, the up and coming assistant DA of Fort Bend County, who
fancied himself a do-gooder for the 'underpriviledged minorities' was
himself the victim of a botched robbery attempt by two Negroids.
Police have taken into custody  Marcus Bridger Cotton, 22, aka Greg
Turner, aka "Juice" and Lawrence Edward Watson, 21.

The shooting took place on September 18, outside the Jewish Community
Center in southwest Houston. Epstein, 27, was approached by two
Negroids on bicycles in the 5600 block of South Braeswood outside of
the JCC after they had allegedly finished robbing another patron in
the parking lot.   Epstein was shot dead.

What's ironic is that this up and coming 'fair haired boy' had just
prosecuted a young White male High School student for a minor tussel
that - in saner times- would never had amounted to much. In this minor
incident that soon became a springboard for this Jew's career, the
White Youth and a Negress had a little shoving match caused by their
diversity. Pursuing the issue as a 'Hate Crime', the Jew Epstein
filled the Judge's ears with lies about the defendant's entire family
belonging to the Klan. The defendant was convicted and fined and
Epstein got a feather in his cap. (What wonders, 'diversity', 'Hate
Crime' Laws, and cowardly, corrupt politically correct judges bring

Well, poor Mr. Epstein wasn't long in gloating over his victory.
Perhaps if he had been advocating White Rights and been all for
separation of the races he might be alive today. But Epstein, as well
as all the other Jews of the past who so heroically battled the forces
of 'racism/evil' like Joel Spingarn (1875-1939, co-founder of the
NAACP), Kivie Kaplan (1904-1975, president of the NAACP), Marvin Rich
(former headof CORE) to name a few, may have second thoughts today.
Today, a whole new crop of negroid thugs have flourished and flooded
out of the federal subsidized breeding colonies of the inner city.
Unemployable, and with no morals or compulsion to decency, they hunt
and kill everyone and everything in their path - including the
'liberal' Jews that created them - not unlike a Frankenstein.

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>From Tue Oct  8 17:37:15 CDT 1996
Article: 21651 of houston.general
From: (Dan Leonik)
Newsgroups: houston.general
Subject: Re: Ironic Death of Jew
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 1996 23:36:08 GMT
Organization: Access Communications, Inc. ( Houston, TX ) 
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Gary Peake  wrote:

>Dan Leonik said Ironic Death of Jew ... did anyone listen?
> DL> Saturday, September 28, 1996

> DL> Frankenstein or Epstein?

> DL> Gil Epstein, the up and coming assistant DA of Fort Bend County, who
> DL> fancied himself a do-gooder for the 'underpriviledged minorities' was
> DL> himself the victim of a botched robbery attempt by two Negroids.
> DL> Police have taken into custody  Marcus Bridger Cotton, 22, aka Greg
> DL> Turner, aka "Juice" and Lawrence Edward Watson, 21.

>Jiminy XMas, Sir! Can't we judge people by how they act and now
>stereotypes? We are supposed to be intelligent human beings ...

It was Mr. Epsteins actions that made him die so ironically, don't you
think? On the 'hunt' for 'hate crimes' to engraciate himself as a
defender of the 'oppressed minority' when he himself becomes the
victim of - what can we call it? - a 'love' crime?

It was Marcus Cotton and Greg Turners actions that made them cold
blooded target-of-opportunity killers. The fact that they belonged to
the Negroid subspecies cannot be hidden. In fact they belong to a
class of 'African-Americans' which has been breeding like cockroaches
for thirty years with no skills, no morals, no remorse and no lack of
compulsion to kill at the drop of a hat - thanks to the same brand of
insanity/liberalism that Mr. Epstein sought to promote and expound to
further his career.

>Gary Peake                                          Coordinator
>1:106/7511.1                                       *Team AMIGA*

>Computers are not intelligent.  They only think they are.

>From Tue Oct  8 17:37:57 CDT 1996
Article: 21724 of houston.general
From: (Dan Leonik)
Newsgroups: houston.general
Subject: Re: Ironic Death of Jew
Date: Wed, 02 Oct 1996 01:28:13 GMT
Organization: Access Communications, Inc. ( Houston, TX ) 
Lines: 38
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X-Newsreader: Forte Free Agent 1.0.82 (Kennon Baird) wrote:

>Dan, has anyone ever told you that you can catch more flies with honey
>than with vinegar?

>Just show respect for your fellow humans, then go on with your
>arguement in a  civil way. We'll all be the same dust in a hundred
>years, Dan.

Yes sir, Mr. Ken, I can appreciate showing a certain degree of respect
to all Life. But tell me, sir, do you think that showing a
humanitarian respect to a couple of goons about ready to brain you
because they sense you have $5 in your pocket, a practical concept?

Respect for Life, and for individuals is tempered by what we, as
educated men and women, see and experience as we go through our years.
The fact that over 50% of young Negro males are convicted felons of
some of the most violent acts of crime known  (FBI statistics with
which I can provide you) is justification to characterize the majority
of young Negroid Males as criminals unless you personally know
	Similarly, the fact the the Jewish group (race or religion whichever
they wish to call themselves) has constantly pushed these people where
they weren't wanted  or needed (usually with our tax dollars), via the
NAACP, CORE, etc. even after it was well known that the result was a
breakdown in the morals, manners, well-being and unity of both groups,
is also a major factor in the equation. Their idoitic attempt at
social engineering is an abysmal failure, and usually we pay the
price. This time Mr. Epstein paid.

As far as all of us turning to dust, well that may well be. Perhaps
now you will understand what 'Equality' is all about. That's the only
way we will ever be all equal. 

In that regard, I prefer to be unequal.
In the beginning of a change, the patriot is a scarce man and brave, hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds however, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."  Mark Twain

>From Tue Oct  8 17:41:10 CDT 1996
Article: 21745 of houston.general
From: (Dan Leonik)
Newsgroups: houston.general
Subject: Re: Ironic Death of Jew
Date: Thu, 03 Oct 1996 01:16:06 GMT
Organization: Access Communications, Inc. ( Houston, TX ) 
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In view of some of the responses to my posting, I'd like to post
paragraph from a book entitled :America's Decline - The Education of
a Conservative" by Dr. Revilo P. Oliver the late professor of the
Classics at the University of Illinois:

	"The votaries of "Liberalism" would have much preferred to have the
various human species specially created to form one race endowed with
the fictitious qualities dear to "Liberal" fancy, but the cultists saw
the advantage of endorsing the findings of geology and biology,
including the evolution of species, in their polemics against orthodox
Christianity to show the absurdity of the Jewish version of the
Sumerian creation-myth. The hypocrisy of the professed devotion to
scientific knowledge was made unmistakable when the "Liberals" began
their frantic and often hysterical efforts to suppress scientific
knowledge about genetics and the obviously innate differences between
the different human species and between individuals of any given
species. At present, the "Liberals" are limited to shrieking and
spitting when they are confronted with inconvenient facts, but no one
who has heard them in action can have failed to notice how exasperated
they are by the limitations that have thus far prevented them from
buring wicked biologists and other rational men at the stake."

Americas Decline - The Education of a Conservative

Another banned book now available from National Vanguard Books,
website at:

In the beginning of a change, the patriot is a scarce man and brave, hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds however, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."  Mark Twain

>From Tue Oct  8 17:53:06 CDT 1996
Article: 21885 of houston.general
From: (Dan Leonik)
Newsgroups: houston.general
Subject: The Dark Side of Jewry
Date: Fri, 04 Oct 1996 01:04:28 GMT
Organization: Access Communications, Inc. ( Houston, TX ) 
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Date: Thu, 3 Oct 1996 15:58:54 -0500
From: (Jim Floyd)
Subject: Lords of the Flies

JAMES FLOYD on 'The Kosher Conch'
The little boys in 'Lord of the Flies' took a more mature decision
freedom of speech than has our  present-day 'masters of media'.
than the din of all talking at the same time or dominance by a
'chosen' few,
they elected to hear only the holder of a simple spiral shell of a
gastropod --
a conch. Implicit in this arrangement was the understanding that when
'conch' was passed to anyone he would then have a chance to speak his
mind --  give full expression to his displeasure. Spin, spin, spin.  

                                  "From finance to fore-play,
                                   from Peruvian politics to
                                   underwater basket weaving,
                                   you bastards always give us
                                   a Jewish EXPERT."
                                                  James Floyd
                                                  to Nation Public
Radio, 1982
TRUTH."        Brave New World, pg 31
Never has this axiom been truer than throughout this disgraceful week;
week replete with the worse of bad 'Yiddish theater' -- awash with the
amateurish 'B grade' actors  working from a banal script of raw lies
embarrassing distortions. 
On stage we were force fed the insane babblings of two whore-hopping
pieces of human waste. The play's program named the leading-man as
Binyamin Netanyahu, aka Benjamin Nitai, aka John Jay Sullivan, aka
Jay Sullivan Jr., (social security number? take your pick -- he has at
two). Hold on! The script and casting becomes even more surreal. 
This pampered, tutored, ex-furniture salesman is a citizen of this
country --
his education(?) cost at MIT was paid by you through Federal Student
Loans. Did he repay the money? You can't know because all his records
have been classified "confidential" -- a category reserved for FBI,
CIA and
IRS agents. So, at center stage we have two disingenuous little boys,
with at least two names, play-acting while a cast of thousands try to
sell us
this repulsive production as 'documentary' truth.  
State sponsored TV and radio, talk radio imbeciles such as Limbo,
Liddy, and that 'crack' Ollie North, joined with an endless parade of
propagandist  Khazars to again deny victim status to anyone except
innocent Israel." According to these hired hands Palestinians should
shoot back as beastly New York Jews fire on their children and women.
They should never complain at that aging Hebron whore who walks
the market slapping old Palestinian men and turning over their tables.
should they have complained about the mamzers who last week
demolished their Social Center for DISABLED children, the handicapped,
and the elderly  in the Old City. This was also accomplished in the
dark of
night, as is their wont, and protected by the IDF and police
They even get upset at having their kids stripped naked and whipped in
streets! How silly of these "Arabushes" to complain about no job, no
no water, no electricity, no legal rights, no hope -- all they do is 
Peeping from behind the curtains off-stage were two tired old
terrorist who
wrote this maniacal comedy of horrors. Cheering Yahoo's every
intransigent word were the sadistic klavern of war criminals Ariel
Rafael Eitan  and Yitzhak Shamir; (the father of first truck bomb cira
1947 --
financed by Baron E. de Rothschild)  a sicker litter has never been
>from  the dark world's innumerable incestuous unions. These  joined
Martin Indyk, Mad Albright, Anthony Lake, Dennis Ross and a thousand
other Marxist Jews and had a great belly-laugh last night at your
Now, for a painfully few days you will hear mild criticisms from some
Jews and Israel-firsters. Why not? The world is their oyster, uh
                                ALAS, THE HONEST BROKER
His wife, according to the latest 'belt line book' calls Billy Boy
Clinton a
"stupid Mother" AIPAC's David Steiner called him "our boy" and
Shimon Peres said the following,
                               "We have exhausted our requests, 
                                President Clinton has answered all 
                                our needs. There has been no 
                                American president in history like 
                                President Clinton. in his support 
                                of Israel and the Jewish people."

Forget it Dole. Forget it Kemp. Wipe the excrement off your noses and
it up! 


Any village moron knows that there is no such thing as "conquering
victims" -- there can be no contest for power (war) when one side is
years old with pebbles for weapons and the other has gun-ships, tanks,
nuclear everything, etc. etc.  NPR give the ages of the dead and
please, tell their ages.   

Brother-in-law Norman believes everything the talking-heads on his TV
as they rationalize and justify child murder for 'security reasons.'

                                 THE ONLY BRIGHT SPOT
Palestinian forces shot back at the Israeli garrison guarding Joseph's
in Nablus. Obviously, what we had here were Israelis adapt at killing
children and old women but not so macho when fired upon. The Freedom
Fighters of Force 17 refused to stand aside after the Israelis opened
fire on
their unarmed people. They killed six of these bastards and the 47
remaining 'war studs' threw up their cowardly hands and surrendered;
                       "They were frustrated. They asked us 
                         to keep the civilians away so they 
                         would not see that they had been taken 
                         prisoner. They said they felt like 
                         captive animals."
Rest easy Joseph, my friend, for a brief moment you Semites stood
tall, as 
tall as the cedars of Lebanon.  

James Floyd

(you know where I live)

>From Tue Oct  8 17:56:26 CDT 1996
Article: 21927 of houston.general
From: (Dan Leonik)
Newsgroups: houston.general
Subject: God's Chosen?
Date: Sun, 06 Oct 1996 15:09:45 GMT
Organization: Access Communications, Inc. ( Houston, TX ) 
Lines: 297
Message-ID: <538jkt$>
X-Newsreader: Forte Free Agent 1.0.82

In the interests of diversity of opinion, and in freedom of thought
and expression, I forward this document to the thinking people of

Date: Sat, 5 Oct 1996 12:28:40 -0700
From: (E. Zundel)
Subject: ZGram - October 5, 1996 - "That sort of thing!"

Copyright (c) 1996 - Ingrid A. Rimland

October 5, 1996

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

A common, low-intensity tactic, "B.C. Internet", was to routinely
marginalize people who challenged holohuckstering by dismissing them
fools and by likening them to "flat earthers".  For years, that worked
quite well.

The Internet has changed that, because the folks behind the screens
are not
exactly dummies.  They can compare and judge, and the judgment is now
our favor.

But our foes have yet to realize that this is happening.  I'll show
you by
example from a couple of posts from the global Fight-Censorship list:

Wrote one of the Censorship Busters about the Zundelsite in response
Germany's latest attempt to "X-rate"  eight Zundelsite posts:

"Germany is now, stupidly, censoring web pages declared unfit for
minors. .
.  These are pages featured by Ernst Zuendel, a leading political
revisionist located in Canada whose purportedly "Neo-Nazi" views have
the subject of much controversy in Germany. "

Whereupon Jamie McCarthy of Nizkor drew himself up to full height and
delivered himself of the following:

" Ernst Zuendel is not a "revisionist," political or otherwise. He
the Holocaust happened; that's not revisionist history, it's a lie.
And his
views are not "purportedly" neo-Nazi; he is a self-described National
Socialist, he hangs pictures of Hitler around his house, he claims the
world would be a better place if Adolf had won the war, that kind of
. . . "

". . . that sort of thing" makes the government of Canada spend
millions of
tax payers' money to get a fool to quit his stubborn quest about the

". . . that sort of thing" makes a confounded judge in a Canadian
suggest that "creative legislation" may need to be passed to shut a
lightweight up?

". . . that sort of thing" gets the Canadian national media unleashed
multi-million dollar governmental institutions such as the Canadian
for their corrupt and evil schemes?

". . . that sort of thing" makes Germany block 1500 websites to stop
message of a featherbrain?

". . . that sort of thing" makes the Zundel name a household name all

". . . that sort of thing" forces his native country to haul out their
heaviest guns, such as their social service ministries, to blast him
out of

Give me a break!

I'll tell you what it REALLY is, ". . . that sort of thing":  No
- no money!

No more extortion schemes.  No more blank checks for Israel from
and, not too incidentally, from the United States!

And no more breaking the bones of Palestinians, bulldozing their
jailing them like criminals for wanting to fight for their freedom -
all in
the name of the umbrella mantra "Holocaust"!

Bright people everywhere, particularly on the Net, quite clearly see
patterns, the intellectual cracks behind such utterances as ". . .
sort of thing" of Nizkor's Numero Uno swain, whose specialty is a
pretentious sophistry.

More yet:  The abject fear and terror for what ". . . that sort of
will yet reveal can readily be glimpsed in this transparent ad, as
in December 1995 by the Jewish Anti-Defamation League in the New York
Times.  This ad asked, rather crabbily, I thought:  "What happened to
missing Jews?"

What happened?  That is what Zundel wants to know.  I know they did
want an answer, and you should know that, too.  They could have asked
Zundel.  He has one answer at his fingertips.  To wit:  after  a
world-wide, intensive write-in campaign initiated by the Zundel Team
directed to Mr. Gorbachev just a few years ago, the Soviets finally
released the remaining Death Books of Auschwitz, which they had
captured in
January of 1945.

Surprise!  Guess what?

The so-called "four million" for the "Auschwitz extermination camp",
revised by the Holocaust Lobby to "1.5 million" under duress,  have
to 74,000 proven deaths!

All meticulously recorded - name, date, nationality, religion, time,
and cause of death!

German researcher Tjudar Rudolf, who is fluent in German, English,
Yiddish and Polish and understands most Slavic names and languages,
painstakingly gone over all these Soviet/Auschwitz death register
books and
totaled the number of Jewish deaths according to name and religion -
allowing for slavicized names.

The end result?

Slightly over 30,000 Jewish dead in Auschwitz.  Five to ten times as
are believed to have perished in just one fire storm called Dresden!

That is what "Holocaust" Revisionism has achieved!  And no one can
that much of this Revisionist activity, now catching on like measles
globally, was launched because Ernst Zundel kept on asking:  "Did Six
Million Really Die?"

If that's not a Revisionist par excellence, who is?

This number is, so far, the lowest number of documented Jewish
victims that Zundel has pried loose, and chances are it is a document
haven't heard about.  That's what is known so far.  Some 30,000 Jews
known to have lost their lives of ALL causes, including old age, for
entire duration of Auschwitz and surrounding work camps affiliated
with the
main Auschwitz industrial complex - mainly to diseases and
In other words, the Allies had these books in their possession at the
of the Nuremberg Trials!

You say:  It's still a tragic number.  It is.  But why the need to
exaggerate?  To justify what?  A vicious hate campaign for half a
against a former enemy? A regime which entered the pages of history
some 50
years ago?

And this is only one of MANY such achievements of a man the lapdog
folks have tried their very best to make the laughing stock of Canada.
They'd like you to believe that - that he's a fool, a nobody, a clown
but, then, to whom do they report?

This isn't in the least about the Hitler picture that hangs for all to
and ponder right in Ernst Zundel's gallery of Hitler's water colors in
library.  It's there all right - I saw it.  But then, so what?  Why
Would you hang Joseph Stalin's picture there if you were in Ernst

It is his home.  It is his gallery.  It's none of Nizkor's business.

Here's what ". . . that sort of thing" is REALLY all about:

It is about a man who is nobody's fool - a man who rattles the
of post WWII political shenanigans, based on the Holocaust, that are
such enormous breadth and depth of out-and-out political
licentiousness no
words suffice to tell!

The Holocaust is not, and never has been, about this touted "Jewish
victimhood."  It is about extortion.  Power politics.  And money and
revenge and hate!

It is about a shadow tribe, entrenched in every government, especially
the United States and Germany, that counts us for their fools.  They
to hang onto their Holocaust.  It makes a lot of us susceptible to
new, thinly disguised blackmail schemes which have extorted over 100
Billion DM out of Ernst Zundel's Germany alone for the Holocaust
and members of their tribe, institutions and organizations - not to
the State of Israel.

The German people, most of whom were not even born when the tragedy of
Second World War befell their country, have been paying huge, huge
sums of
reparations to the Jewish state and people - many of them born in
second and third generations of non-existent "victims" who won't
permit a
count - and an accounting of just what constitutes a "Holocaust".
these people stop Ernst Zundel, that money will dry up!  Not only
they'll have to pay it back, once all the facts are out. Plus
Plus apology for Nuremberg.  World-wide.  On lapdog media!

Ernst Zundel's German people have a right to all the facts.  The
Promotion Lobby is brazenly misrepresenting their "facts" to fit their
agenda of intolerance toward all those who would question its
unconsciounable, underhanded methods and goals, employing secret
slush funds, boycotts, threats, assassination by hit squads, home
torchings, parcel bombs - the works!

Victimizing ever new generations of Germans for the misdeeds, real and
imagined, of their grandfathers and soon great-grandfathers is no way
bring peace, tolerance and harmony to the world.  Ernst Zundel is on
saying that the persecuted of yesterday have become the persecutors of

That's what ". . . that sort of thing" is really all about.


Thought for the Day:

"Silly dogs are more angry with the stone than with the hand that
flung it."

(Thomas Fuller)

________  Zundelsite:

>From Mon Oct 21 13:09:42 CDT 1996
Article: 22380 of houston.general
From: (Dan Leonik)
Newsgroups: houston.general
Subject: Talmundic Vengeance
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 1996 01:23:40 GMT
Organization: Access Communications, Inc. ( Houston, TX ) 
Lines: 168
Message-ID: <5443j2$>
X-Newsreader: Forte Free Agent 1.0.82

Fowarded to the people of Houston:

From: (E. Zundel)
Subject: ZGram - October 16, 1996 - "Fifty years ago at Nuremberg. .

Copyright (c) 1996 - Ingrid A. Rimland

October 16, 1996

[See ZGram archives on Nizkor]

>From Sun Oct 27 16:01:23 CST 1996
Article: 22809 of houston.general
From: (Dan Leonik)
Newsgroups: houston.general
Subject: Re: Holohoaxers Halloween Treat
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 1996 00:46:03 GMT
Organization: Access Communications, Inc. ( Houston, TX ) 
Lines: 187
Message-ID: <54p4i5$>
References: <54dt0b$> <54dsi6$f4f@Masala.CC.UH.EDU>
X-Newsreader: Forte Free Agent 1.0.82 (Jeffrey E. Salzberg) wrote:

>In article <54dt0b$>
> (Dan Leonik) wrote:

>> Without a shred of proof or hard evidence, this tiny minority of
>> 'sufferers' have bent our ears for fifty years over a legend and war
>> propaganda that has gone out of control.

>Thanks again for reminding those who would forget that sick bigots like you do still exist.

>The evidence exists, of course, in the Nazis' own meticulous records, the mountains of corpses discovered by allied 
>troops, and the eyewitness accounts of survivors.

>Of course, the only thing you'll accept as "evidence" is mutated DNA in brain cells such as your own.

>I don't begin to speculate as to the reasons behind your hatred, but it really makes you pathetic.

Flattery won't get you anywhere!

Aside from this Jew, who has a vested interest in promotion the money
making myth for his tribe, both foreign and domestic, I ask the
reader to read on:

From: (E. Zundel)
Subject: ZGram - October 22, 1996 - "Yet one more time. . ."

Copyright (c) 1996 - Ingrid A. Rimland

October 22, 1996

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

[See ZGram archives on Nizkor]

>From Tue Oct 29 21:20:22 CST 1996
Article: 22877 of houston.general
From: (Dan Leonik)
Newsgroups: houston.general
Subject: Just an ordinary guy
Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 20:41:18 GMT
Organization: Access Communications, Inc. ( Houston, TX ) 
Lines: 185
Message-ID: <550fsm$>
X-Newsreader: Forte Free Agent 1.0.82

Still yet another conversion:

From: (Ernst Zundel)
Subject: ZGram - October 26, 1996 - "Just an ordinary guy"

Copyright (c) 1996 - Ingrid A. Rimland

October 26, 1996

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Since I became involved with Revisionism, I have known of only two
"Revisionists" who later renounced this historical movement.  One is
Claude Pressac, a one-time Faurisson collaborator who turned on his
and wrote numerous supposedly definitive books "proving the
published by the Klarsfeld Foundation.  The other is a woman who goes
several Net-names and speaks with a Yiddish accent.

Practically every single one of us was at one time a Holohugger.  I
know I
was a serious one, and so was Ernst Zundel in his youth.  He believed
"Holocaust", as he says today, "hook, line and sinker" until he came
Canada and had access to better information.  It takes some reading
thinking and serious de-programming, but once the process has begun,
is no turning back.

The letter below says it well:

"I am just an ordinary guy, a computer software engineer. As such, I
to think that I have a logical mind. Moreover, I've learned well, that
trying to fix a piece of software that I've written, to find the bug
is causing the problem, I have to keep a totally open mind. And I know
even though the source of a bug may appear to be in a specific module
code, it may very well not be anywhere near it. Complex problems are
to ferret out. Coming from this point of view, I analyze problems in
areas much the same way.

Just a scant few months ago (three maybe), I was an ardent defender of
and ideologically supported our aid to Israel and the right of Israel
exist at any price. I supported it unreservedly. My attitude was that
Palestinians were vicious animals who were trying to destroy the
and enlightened Jews in Israel.

I saw Schindler's List about 2 or 3 years ago, and I was horrified.
never had a grudge against Germans. How could I? I revered Bach,
Mozart, Albrecht Durer and the other great German musicians and
artists too
much to think of them as barbarians. But Schindler's List really
aroused a
fire in me. I became all the more supportive of Israel and the Jews.

Then, due to my support of Pat Buchanan who was smeared as being
anti-Semitic, I became a little curious as to why he was smeared as
an anti-Semite. I was talking with a Jewish friend of mine and she
told me
that Jews were hated all over the world.

No, I said. The French revere Jerry Lewis. He's Jewish.

But she kept insisting. Once I had heard that enough, I decided to do
reading. Why were the Jews so persecuted? I did quite a lot of
reading, but
the most shocking thing for me was reading excerpts from the Soncino
edition of the Talmud that I found on the Internet.

Then I went on soc.culture.jewish and lurked. Sure enough, these folks
couldn't bring themselves to write the word Christian. It was always,
And while they didn't rant and flame, their anti-Christian attitude
obvious. Finally, someone (a Jew) asked the question: is it more wrong
a Jew to kill an Xian than another Jew? The answer was given in an
it is a sin of one degree to do X on Jewish holiday Y and altogther
to do M on Jewish holiday N. (I don't remember the laws broken on
holidays.) If he had flamed, "KILL THE GOYIM," I would have dismissed
it as
anger. But the way he answered was chilling to me. He wasn't just
He merely acknowledged the FACT that a Gentile was less than a Jew.
Precisely what I had read in the Talmud.

>From there, I had to look more. I then came across the Revisionist
(whatever that is, as David Irving says). While I'm not knowlegeable
either in history or investigating something of this nature, the
compelling thing is the credibility of the claims supporting the
as compared to the things that David Irving is saying, as well as Dr.
and Ernst and the other revisionists.

But perhaps even more disturbing than that is the fact that the Jews
quietly backed down from several of their claims, while still
promoting the
same story via the press, television and movies like Schindler's List.
me tell you, I honestly "convulsed" for about two months trying to
with the dismantling of something that I believed fervently before.
Twice I
managed to dismiss it. I felt better because of it too. I told myself
you guys were just loonies and I wasn't like that. It was actually a
relief. But it came back to haunt me again and I would go back and

I have personally experienced how uncomfortable, even painful it is to
something you wholly believe to be turned upside down. So, I know that
others are going to have similar difficulties. But in my reading, I've
more about the atrocities that the Jews are committing against the
Palestinians. I have a moral responsibility to engage in trying to
stop the
persecution of the Palestinians. I can't support kids throwing rocks
mowed down by Israeli machine guns. They claim to be using rubber
(that's little consolation), but a recent London Times article
that metal bullet fragments were found in the bodies of the children
throwing rocks in the latest clash.

Recently the Washington Post reported that new evidence discovered in
Moscow archives showed Lenin to be as cruel and heartless a butcher as
Stalin. The article mentioned the atrocities of Hitler and also quoted
Jewess, Tina Rosenberg, as saying that we must never make the
error of comparing the brutalities of communism with those of fascism.

These things, combined with many other things that I've read, have
convinced me that my view of Jews seems to have been very wrong. These
not persecuted pacifists. They are merciless, brutal and totally
unforgiving. They never forgive. They are not pacifists. They are
opportunists. And when they have the opportunity they will destroy
who opposes them or displeases them.

I'm really long winded here, but I wanted to give you my perspective
the effect that revisionism has had on me."

I have nothing to add to this letter.


Thought for the Day:

"One grows or dies.  There is no third possibility."

(Oswald Spengler)

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