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From: (DLeonik)
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Subject: Jew World Order
Date: 18 Oct 1995 04:01:36 -0400
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The following comments are mine and mine alone. I believe that I am
in what I write by the First Amendment to the United States Constituition.

                         The FBI and the ADL be damned!

The Jew World Order is being exposed  more and more for what it really is.

First lets see what it is not. It is not what it pretends to be. It is not
the beginning of the "millenium" whereby all "men" are equal and all races
share the bountiful fruits of the world; a one world with no divisions, no
classes, no religions (save unbridled worship of everthing jewish), no
genders, perhaps not even any discrimination against any living thing! A
peaceful, happy world where lifespans expand to infinity and hate, anger
jealously are replaced with love, peace, and compassion. THAT is the
the jews give to the gullible boobs that swallow any and everything
it, so long as it's done in an authoritative, professional manner as on
mainstream TV.

In the inner folds of their organizations, I suspect the leaders of the
World Order know exactly what they have in store for us:  Race conflict
strife, Ethnic conflict and strife, Class conflict and strife, Gender
conflict and strife, Generation conflict and strife, Religious conflict
strife and on and on. How do they do it? By forcing people of radical
differences in race to live, work, school, and "church" together. By
"psycho-babble" amount men abusing women, glorifying materialism, women
men, old is young, etc. ad nauseum; with the power of a police state and
abundant coffers of dollars to bribe, blackmail and weave us all together
this unholy, chaotic nightmare. 

Look how they solve the problems of the world. Ethnic strife in Bosnia?
the American and European pocketbooks to bribe key officials. Muslim
fundamentalism? Once again flood the fakirs and PLO leaders with YOUR tax
money! Civil strife in Mexico? $12 billion in loan grants to their ruling
elites who preside over a mestizo population that will NEVER be elevated
further than they already are - which is one or two shades above a
man-ape. The pattern is the same the world over. As long as the boobs of
America and Europe continue this fools folly, the problems increase
exponentially with time. The bastards in charge create the problem, then
in like gang busters or knights on white horses to solve the problem with
use of YOUR MONEY. Remember:  the true wealth in any Nation is in the
productivity, inventiveness and CREATIVITY of its indigenous population.
the White nations of the world become more and more bastardized and
mongrelized like an India or a Mexico, the wealth of the nation will
They know it, WE know it and now YOU know it! They already have all the
wealth they can possibly steal. They want power AND wealth and they
have that too. The only thing they fear is a populist uprising that will
defeat their supremely EVIL plans:  hence the attacks on the only groups
organizations they haven't got their perfidious hooks into - the militias,
the fundamentalists, and the "Nazis". Especially the "Nazis". They spoiled
their plans 60-odd years ago and will be forever hated as the jews hate
Roman Empire even to this day. The resurgence of "Nazis" post WWII has
shrieking and wailing from Tel Aviv to YOUR hometown. They see "Nazis"
every bush, every corner, every deserted railroad track and isolated
control tower. And if they don't see them there, then they will have their
hired DOGS -  the FBI and the BATF - plant whatever evidence is needed.
create the problem - then they solve it by using YOUR MONEY and taking
YOUR FREEDOMS. Whether its Drugs or Nazis, Hate Crimes or Ecological

What can we do about it? Well, the fact that the enemy is forced to use
repressive laws and fake evidence just shows how internally corrupt and
they really are. They are racked with self-guilt and distrustful of
everybody. In a word they are CORRUPT. All we have to do is maintain our
commitment to TRUTH, LOYALITY, and HONOR. Have the truely NOBLE virtues
the enemy so woefully lacks. The dollars they use to bribe, blackmail and
blacklist will be worthless soon enough. Their corruption and degeneracy
feed on itself, if it isn't already doing so. Keep your mind and body
TURN AWAY from their world of FILTH and RACE-MIXING, turn off the TV and
rediscover the LOVE of your FOLK, your HERITAGE, and mostly your FAMILY.
together with like minded people as never before. SPEND your ever
money and time WISELY. KEEP THE FAITH of our RACE and our NATIONS. THEY
the evil ones who kill their best people. THEY are the ones who are doomed
and will be cursed in the history books forever - for if perchance they do
win, (and they won't), then the results of the steep decline of humanity
won't care about extraneous things such as history or aesthetics - they
be a crawling, grasping, horde of wretches and skraelings just trying to
day by day without White people's technology, science, generousity and
CREATIVITY to save them. (By the way, I agree that it was because of our
"help" that conditions worsened in the third world. We should never have
interfered with their "way of life". Weaklings among us felt that they
do something, and they acted in a manner more to placate their own
shortcomings than to genuinely help those wretches.)

In summary, as long as we maintain our NOBILITY as WHITE PEOPLE we will
survive, later expand, and still later advance to greater levels of
existence. Let the muds and mud-lovers fall away and be culled by NATURE.
has happened many times before in EVOLUTION, and it's happening NOW.

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