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From Thu Sep 28 20:21:36 PDT 1995
Article: 4592 of alt.politics.white-power
From: (DLeonik)
Newsgroups: alt.politics.white-power
Subject: Re: When the White Lion Awakens
Date: 27 Sep 1995 22:06:05 -0400
Organization: America Online, Inc. (1-800-827-6364)
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I saw what happened to a dark, slinking, filthy hyena - who had chased
away a whole Pride of lionesses from their kill - chased them up a tree,
in fact.

Then an arosed and wrathful male lion rose to the wasn't a
pretty sight for the hyena lovers.....

From Thu Sep 28 20:21:37 PDT 1995
Article: 4593 of alt.politics.white-power
From: (DLeonik)
Newsgroups: alt.politics.white-power
Subject: Weaver Hearings
Date: 27 Sep 1995 22:06:07 -0400
Organization: America Online, Inc. (1-800-827-6364)
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Reply-To: (DLeonik)

What interesting events have occurred in the past couple of weeks in the
Weaver Family
Massacre Hearings by our government! Today (9-26) on the MacNiel-Lehrer
Government News Hour (and make no mistake about it, "public" television is
just another euphemism for GOVERNMENT television), we have a summary of
presented to us by no less than TWO JEWS out of two - Kosher Conservative
Arlen Spector, R. Pennsylvania, (also a fat chance Presidential
and the gun-grabbing, criminal-loving Diane Feinstein D. California.

For those who may wonder what the chances are for THAT and not believe the
jews have a conspiracy to keep us goyum from the truth, I guess you'll
have to keep your eyes shut and plug your ears.

What the hearings have done is shown us that White American Patriots do
indeed have Heroes like Randy Weaver and Kevin Harris who shine through
slime of the catacombs of our deranged government bureaucracy, as they
continue to keep to their version of what happened for YEARS, while the
corrupt FBI and BATF continue to change their story at their convenience
cover their worthless, traitorous asses.

Why didn't PBS interview Colonel Bo Gritz, or even let him speak, or even
tell us that he was there testifying. After all, it was he who ended it
and probably saved Weaver, Harris, and Weavers young girls and infant from
horrible, Waco-style death by government decree. No, MacNeil/Lehrer was
concerned about fears that the hearings much give support to "white
separatism" (Jim/Robert, in what exclusive, SEPARATE WHITE neighborhood do
you hang your hat?)

At the end of the interview, the two smiling jews gloated over their wrong
conclusions that
Weaver and Harris won't be looked on as Heroes; that future law
won't be
impinged and that by having the hearings the public has been shown that
system "works"! Right - THREE years ago and NOW a hearing, after all the
media malice towards the Weaver family, NOW they have their "hearings" -
after the rise of militias nationwide howling for their traitorous skins,
bombing of a federal building in Oklahoma (by who?) and widespread fear
loathing of ALL federal agencies -  NOW they have their damage control
"hearings" - Jew World Order style. Vickie and little Sammy, however,
get their say.

A good organization that is 100% American and PRO WHITE now has a website
the National Alliance Website can be contacted at

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