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From Wed Dec 11 08:26:46 PST 1996
Article: 99272 of can.general
From: (Marc Lemire)
Date: 10 Dec 96 11:55:00 
Newsgroups: can.general
Subject: CSIS - PLEASE READ!!!!!!
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Organization: Toronto MetroNet: Digital Freedom - Canada's Freedom of Speech BBS - 416-462-3327 
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We are asking all freedom-loving Canadians to fill out the following
petition and send it in to the Solicitor General of Canada to protest the
Canadian Governments heavy-handed assault of personal liberties under the
guise of "National Security"

The Canadian Security "Intelligence" Act is a very oppressing peice of
legislation, and has no place in a so-called 'free country' like Canada.

The second part of the petition is asking the government to stop spending
millions investigating political opponents like the Reform Party, Unions,
the Heritage Front and Ernst Zundel.

These groups represent no serious risk to Canadian Security and is only a
"make-work" project for bored, left over hacks from the Cold War.

The third part of the Petition is in regards to the Security Intelligence
Review Committee, who are supposed to be an independent review committee
set-up to oversee CSIS activities and ensure they are making the proper
decisions.  They have been judged in Federal Court as being biased against
Ernst Zundel, and have for a long time been the lapdogs of CSIS, simply
rubber-stamping their actions as correct.

We need your support! Stand up and fight for our last remaining rights
before big brother legislates them away from under us!


-Marc Lemire

To: The Hon. Herb Gray
Solicitor General of Canada
Fax: (613) 952-2240

   The excessive powers in the Canadian Security Intelligence Act are a
direct threat to my personal civil liberty and to the civil liberties of all

   I call upon you as Solicitor General to reduce the powers in the Canadian
Security Intelligence Act, thereby ensuring that Canadians of all walks of
life, may not be subjected to:

        *Electronic bugging
        *Surreptitious searches
        *Mail opening
        *Invasion of confidential records
        *Invasion of privacy
        *Human Spying in any form, unless at the very least the activities
        of the individual include serious security-related breaches of the

   I also call upon you to set-up a Royal Commission to investigate the
Canadian Security Intelligence Agency's spying on political and social
dissidents.  I am referring to the bungled Heritage Front affair, and more
recently to the Ernst Zundel persecution.

   The Canadian Security Intelligence Service has little if any reason to
spy on constitutionally protected political dissidents, unless they are just
like what, 2 CSIS agents named "Angela and Peter" told Michael Rothe [Feb 7,
1996 - recorded via video camera] during an interrogation ...... "We are the
Political Police"

   Have we as a nation denigrated ourselves to the point where we now spy
and harass politically incorrect enemies and political opponents like the
Reform party?

   I also call upon you to set-up a completely independent body to oversee
the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, which unlike SIRC, is actually
completely independent, and liable to the Canadian people through the House
of Parliament.

   I expect to hear from you on this matter soon.


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