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From Wed Mar  4 19:24:40 EST 1998
Article: 165873 of alt.revisionism
Date: Mon, 02 Mar 98 05:52:49 GMT
Subject: Exposing Homosexual Nazis
Newsgroups: alt.politics.nationalism.white,alt.politics.white-power,alt.revisionism,alt.skinheads,triangle.politics
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[This weeks Weird Harold Forum was written by Ragwald, the former
"Minsiter of Cultural Propaganda" for the NSWPP. Ragwald, like
myself, receives many letters from people who see his writings on
Usenet. He is a skilled writter and is always intelligent and
informative. Enjoy. -JH]

     Harold Covington: Operation Federal Informant

( Good morning! I have alotted myself the time to respond to 
 reader's questions. Without further ado, I will respond 
 emphatically. -Ragwald)


 I love your posts! Harold hates you people for 
revealing the truth. "Winston Smith" or "Harold" or 
whatever name he wants us to believe, is in trouble! Big 
trouble. I have heard the NSWPP always had a secret mole 
working on behalf of the federal government and the CIA. Do you 
have any pertinent information concerning the current federal 
informant, that is if it's really Harold Covington? --C.B.

 (Glad to respond to a seeker of truth. The informative book, 
"The Beast Reawakens," by Martin A. Lee, relates on pages 
161-162: (relating to the government informants Frankenhauser 
and Burros -- the informants that infiltrated the original

 "Roy Frankhauser...had a memorable encounter with Rockwell 
during his first visit to "Hatemonger Hill," as the 
American Nazi Party headquarters was known." The obese, 
chain-smoking Frankhauser telephoned to secure an appointment 
for himself and a few friends, but Rockwell, heavily bandaged 
>from  recent oral surgery, had trouble pronouncing his words.

 As a result, Frankhauser and company, dressed in Nazi outfits 
and armed to the teeth, went to the wrong address, only to be 
chased away by an old woman brandishing a broomstick. When they 
finally arrived at Rockwell's domicile, Frankhauser and the 
others were ushered into a waiting room with a very low 
ceiling, their rifles in hand.

 Surprised by these motley interlopers, one of Rockwell's 
bodyguards reached for his gun and accidentally squeezed the 
trigger, shooting a hole through his pants and scolding his 
thigh. Moments later, Rockwell barged in to see what all the 
ruckus was about. Frankhauser and company immediately snapped 
to attention and hoisted their bayonets straight into the 
ceiling, while the injured bodyguard hopped around on one leg 

"Who the fuck are you?" Rockwell screamed.

"We're Nazi soldiers," Frankhauser responded earnestly.

" The hell you are," said Rockwell. "You're nothing but a bunch 
of Hollywood Nazis!"

 Today, Harold Covington, not unlike Roy Frankenhauser,  
infiltrates or appropriates a known party like the National  
Socialist White Peoples' Party with the intention to destroy all
resistance. He too, like Roy Frankenhauser, had a "Nazi friend" 
who was a known federal informant. The friend was Dan Burros. 
The book relates:

 "(Dan) Burros was a great fan of Yockey's Imperium, which he 
called the "Bible of the American right-wing."

 "Burros subsequently joined the National Renaissance Party 
(NRP), whose chief, James Madole, had published several essays 
by Yockey. Madole appreciated Burros's dedication and put him 
in charge of the NRP'S elite Security Echelon."

 "Roy Frankenhauser liked Burros in spite of his 
eccentricities. The young Nazi was visiting Frankhauser's home 
in Reading, Pennsylvania, on October 31, 1965, when the New 
York Times ran a story about Burros that revealed he was Jewish 
and had been bar mitzvahed."

 Wait! The story develops even further! Burros:

 "A Klansman who wore many different hats joined some thirty 
different far Right groups over the years while also serving as 
an undercover informant for the FBI and the Alcohol, Tobacco, 
and Firearms (BATF) unit of the Treasury Department."

 "Describe by his ATF handler as "an excellent infiltrator and 
confidential informant," the rotund, five-foot-six inch 
Frankhauser took to wearing a bulleproof vest after several 
incidents when unidentified gunmen tried to kill him."

( Harold is known to provide WHITE PEOPLE'S NAMES to his 
employers. Most readers have previously known my internet 
presence as "Uncle Ragwald" yet Harold Covington dishonors a 
sincere patriot and openly and pompously headlines my birth 
name of Ronald Lambert for all the world to see. "My former 
Minsiter of Cultural Propaganda, Ronald Lambert is a mental  
patient. "At least a dozen movement people can verify this truth 
in the court of law. Further proof via a dejanews search at:

 "After examining several of the latest Usenet posts posted by & comparing those with earlier "Uncle 
Ragwald" posts written by Texas mental patient Ronald Lambert, I 
have come to conclusion that these last posts are not the work 
of lambert but have been posted using his address, either with 
his knowledge or without by the individual calling himself "John 
Hammer," a National Alliance member in Tampa, Florida."

Harold A. Covington  "


 Yeah...I read Harold's NS-NET's and I like them. I find the 
information of interest to the white cause. However, I do find 
Harold's anti-movement posts to be destroying the movement. I 
have heard that he has plagarized your writings and this 
sickens me. If these allegations are true, why don't you sue 
him? -Ted N.

(Harold Covington is known to cause dissension in our ranks. As 
part of this dissension, he appropiates other sincere white 
people's writings and peruses them for his own sake. He has 
plagarized several of my submissions to German Heritage 
magazine and I intend to pursue legal litigation. Harold will 
face another LAWSUIT from a person discusted by his rotund 


Great Job! I love revealing the truth! Harold must be 
destroyed! Delenda Est Harold! The creep sent me his smear 
sheet, Resistance unsolicited. The envelope also carried a 
"Fall Building Campaign" fund-raising letter. The letter said 
that he is good with money and can make the "movement dollar 
stretch." Yeah, right! Harold is nearly 400 lbs. and his waist 
aint getting any smaller by stuffing all those dollars under 
his belt! --Van Claude

(Yes, Harold, like many movement people, claim an association 
or a self-sacrificing and ascetic lifestyle. I find this trait 
admirable. Jesus Christ said to "Rejoice in your suffering" and 
I liken our movement to the early struggling years of 
persecuted followers of Christ. When Jesus said that he was the 
"Logos" he was speaking like a Stoic philospher of Classical 
Greece. The Cynics, who were ideologically opposed to the 
Stoics, believed that happiness is not found in material things 
but in spiritual things. The celebrated Diogenes is an example:

 Diogenes (412?-323?B.C.), a Greek philospher of cynics,  
believed a given man's happiness is not found in 
"materialistic" things but in spiritual needs. He abhorred 
unessential wants for these "wants" led to a never-ending 
cyclical "want" of greater materialistic "needs."

 He once saw a boy drink from the palm of his hand, so Diogenes 
thought, "Hey, I do not need a bowl (material), I'll use my 

 Who could rob such happiness from him? One could steal his 
bowl, yet he was not rendered defenseless for he had the 
natural gift of hands!

 Like Diogenes, Harold believes his happiness cannot be 
destroyed. He rejoices in his suffering. One cannot take away 
his "right to the freedom of speech and the pursuit of 
happiness like the National Alliance is trying to usurp from 
me." Harold's happiness is in his "natural weapon" -- the ever 
present venomous pen. One can destroy his ISP connections and 
present him lawsuits, but the federal informant does not care 
what you think for his other "natural weapon" is the green 
money that grows on trees.

 I admire ascetic lifestyles when they are fighting a noble 
cause. However, I'd like to visualize Harold (like Diogenes) in 
the streets, without a home, and living in a wooden barrel; only 
possessing a cloak, a breadbag, and a walking stick. --Ragwald)


 The "weirdo" still claims his "General Secretary" title is not 
National Socialist but named after the official title of the 
mass murdering tyrant, Joseph Stalin. Harold has admitted that 
this appropriated title began as "a kind of inside joke I 
started...." blah, blah, blah. It was Rockwell along with Joyce 
who founded the World Union of National Socialists who had this 
title first. What gives? -L.T.

(Harold is a prominent liar. He lies, lies, and lies some more. 
He is simply, a liar! Isn't this what federal informants do? Do 
they not cause dissension in our ranks? Who spends 85-95% of 
their ample time spreading rumours about movement folk? Who 
does not seek to correct the problem yet seeks to "fuel the 
fire" so all white nationalists consume themselves? Who 
finances those who adhere to a philosophy of destroying? Ladies 
and Gentlemen, His name is Harold A. Covington.


 Covingstein, the dirty Jew, stole my money! I thought the Fall 
Building Campaign was about white victory. We must destroy the 
bastard! --T.M.

(Sigh, how often have I heard this very same story! The "I must 
dree me weird" Weirdo never tires his self promoting 
narcissism. Most nationalist leaders have a nickname for 
Covington -- Wicked Witch Coven. Why? Covington is 
etymologically derived from a wiccans or witch's coven. They 
always have something abrew! Federal informants always reveal 
that Which Must Not Remain Hidden. When the weirdo wrote that 
his "party is No.2, Dr. Pierce is senile, Kevin Alfred Strom 
has left the Alliance again," and that his appropiated party is
"superior" and the "most prestigious" to join, one seriously 
questions his validity. All secret identities have a "hidden" 
symbol. We all know what David Lane's Pythagorean-like 14 Words 
and symbolic 88 mean, but why does the federal informant "hide" 
behind the word "prestigious?"

 My notes say this:

 "The word prestigious has been in the language since midway 
through the sixteenth century -- more than 400 years -- but it 
had a meaning very different from the one most commonly 
used..You see, *prestigious* comes from a Latin word 
*prestigiosus*, meaning "full of tricks," and it referred 
origninally to the skill of a magician, juggler or sorcerer. We 
still use the word *prestidigitator* to describe a person who 
skillfully uses his fingers (digits) to creat illusions."

 Harold misuses such words to prove to his ill-advised 
followers that what his supposed intentions is a "party that 
commands admiration" and "having prestige."

 Harold will destroy all white resistance. He accuses the 
National Alliance and others of mass murder but he jumps for 
joy when questioned why his card-carrying NSWPP member Jonathon 
Hinckley stalked the white actress, Jodie Foster, and was convicted 
for attempted murder of President Reagan. Two years earlier, 
Harold's associatation with the National Socialist Party of 
America, co-headed by the Jew Frank Cohen (aka Frank Collins)
and Harold Covington instigated the murder of five misguided         
communists. Who will be next?

 His latest victim is me, his former minister of cultural 
propaganda. He is afraid. I will not himper and scare easily 
under the heels of Harold or his employers. I seek to expose the 
federal agent like Roy Frankenhauser and Burros were exposed.

 Federal informants infiltrate all resistance and 
counter-revolutionary movements. They appear charismatic, 
emphasize feeling over intellect, and appear rightfully as the 
real "leader."

 They feed like vampires on a given weak spot and attack with a 
vengeance so appalling, one will eventually notice and expose 
the money grubbing blood-suckers that they are. --Ragwald)

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  "Freedom means the right to say that two plus two equals four. Once this
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From Wed Mar  4 19:24:40 EST 1998
Article: 165896 of alt.revisionism
Date: Mon, 02 Mar 98 11:46:44 GMT
Subject: Re: NSWPP: Homosexual Rhoem Clique
Newsgroups: alt.flame.whites,alt.politics.nationalism.white,alt.politics.white-power,alt.revisionism,alt.skinheads,triangle.politics
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On 3/1/98 10:46AM, in message <>, Mike Denison 

> On Fri, 27 Feb 98 13:29:54 GMT, wrote:
> >
> > Harold now claims successorship of Ernst Rhoem.
> >
> >What a goofball! Oust this homosexual/pederast!
> >
> >
> >
> >
> What is it with you and this sick obsession with homosexuality? 
> 88!
> Mike Denison

Please e-mail me privately and behave like a man,
Mr. Denizen. I would appreciate talking with others
who are interested in the strange connotations
surrounding Mr. Harold Covington. I await a response!

From Wed Mar  4 19:24:40 EST 1998
Article: 165914 of alt.revisionism
Date: Mon, 02 Mar 98 05:51:22 GMT
Subject: 1-900-Homo-Harold
Newsgroups: alt.flame.whites,alt.nswpp,alt.politics.nationalism.white,alt.politics.white-power,alt.revisionism,alt.skinheads,triangle.politics
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Thank you for calling the Homo-Rhoem network. This is
Harry Harold hear to remind you:

"When a man talks dirty to a woman, it's sexual harassment.                   
When a woman talks dirty to a man, it's $3.95 a minute."

And I am a woman trapped in a man's body!

From Wed Mar  4 19:25:20 EST 1998
Article: 65703 of alt.discrimination
Date: Mon, 02 Mar 98 12:13:48 GMT
Subject: Re: Racial Prejudice is Natural !!!!!!!!
Newsgroups: alt.california,alt.discrimination,alt.politics.white-power,soc.culture.usa,triangle.politics
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On 3/2/98 3:42AM, in message <>, DI Thomas 
Mohr  wrote:

> a002046  wrote:
> >Thomas Mohr wrote:
> >> 
> >> On Sun, 01 Mar 1998 03:26:26 GMT, (Ian McKinney) wrote:
> >> 
> >> < snip >
> >> 
> >> At first please answer my question. How do you explain South America
> >> aor other large race-mixing parts of the world if separation would be
> >> natural as you claim ?
> >> 
> >
> >What do you mean about South America?  CNN had a show 
> >recently about black/non-black problems in Brazil -- 
> >apparently blacks' economic status there, on average, 
> >is lower than non-blacks', and the blacks are starting to 
> >resort to organized activism as in the US.
> Okay. expressed in plain English. If racial separation would be
> natural, how do you explain the very high percentage of racially mixed
> people in the population of South America ... despite centuries of
> strict laws and cultural rules against that ? How do you explain that
> *whiteness* in South America has more to do with social status than
> with a certain genotype ?

 I believe you meant phenotype. Most people recognize 
"whiteness" by this physical and obvious characteristic.

From Wed Mar  4 19:25:20 EST 1998
Article: 65876 of alt.discrimination
Date: Wed, 04 Mar 98 13:38:13 GMT
Subject: And the Anglo-Saxons Awoke!
Newsgroups: alt.california,alt.discrimination,alt.mythology,alt.politics.micronations,alt.politics.usa,soc.culture.usa,triangle.politics
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 February 24, 1998


 It is no accident that the bureaucratic policies of Norway and Sweden give
 American liberals cause to be proud of Whites: in both places, socialism
 burns hot while traditional Anglo-Saxon principles remain buried deep below
 the thickening political ice.

 Although they can boast of having an adult literacy rate of 100 percent, a
 remarkable statistic when one considers the declining numbers here in the
 U.S., it is by no means a reflection of their national intelligence, let
 alone identities.

 In truth, the two are nothing more than born again Marxist states (with
 roughly 15 million inhabitants between them) who have exchanged their
 cultural vows of the past for a new and "improved" socialist bride. In the
 words of the former communist Mafioso boss, Alexander Dubcek of
 Czechoslovakia, they admire their beloved socialism which has been given a
 "human face."

 Translated: Redistribution of the wealth is not only cosmetically aesthetic
 and voluntary like it is in England and the U.S.A., it has become
 culturally fashionable. Unlike the forerunners of legalized plunder who
 favored brute force to attain their objectives, these modern descendants
 accept their yokes and wear them with pride.

 This is frightening, of course, because it kills the fundamental human
 spirit which is necessary to recognize evil for what it is: universal theft
 disguised as brotherly love. It also causes the rift between man and God to
 widen, while the relationship between big business and government becomes
 more intimate.

 In Sweden, for example, 94 percent of the GNP is produced by the so-called
 private sector, yet the benevolent overlords take nearly 70 percent in
 overall taxes. Outrageous you say? It is already over 50 percent here once
 you tally the incremental usery up; and with the proportion of government
 growth increasing faster than the host population, the writing is on the

 Fr. James Thornton made these observations in 1990: "One must not make the
 mistake of believing that for socialism to exist there must be direct
 government ownership of all private property. Socialism, in fact, may
 require only minimal government ownership of property, factories, farms and
 businesses. What is necessary is government CONTROL."

 Therefore, there is a symbiotic relationship between capitalism and
 socialism which manifests itself through regulatory altruism which is
 designed to be tolerable and "fair." Because most people have been weaned
 into it slowly and over a long period of time, they lose their natural
 inclination to resist the confiscation of their liberties which ultimately
 seem arbitrary and even petty compared to the omnipotent security of the

 Even though this newfound salvation is really artificial, it becomes the
 least path of resistance. Why? Because vanguard materialism suffices to
 appease the fickle masses while rampant perversions offer them a temporary
 reprieve, or escape, if you will. But sadly, this is the case throughout
 most of the Western world.

 As a result, several generations of dependents are cropping up who are
 enthusiastically supportive of their captivity. In Norway, for example, the
 state has decided to pay mothers $400 a month to stay home-on top of
 getting welfare-because there is a severe shortage of child daycare

 Amazingly, the same con-artists who caused both husband and wife to have to
 work full-time just to survive, are now going to extract even more from
 their victims to help fix what they broke. Yet the liberals in America
 think this is a wonderful representation of the proper role of government;
 for in their minds, the state always knows best, and doing good is worth
 whatever it costs.

 In Australia the socialists have virtually outlawed all firearms. In
 Scotland it is even worse. Canada, England and Ireland are not much better;
 for the disease is spreading, in varying degrees, here and around the

 To understand how powerful an influence democratic socialism is, one need
 only consider how "freedom" has come to mean freedom to indulge in exotic
 sexual behaviors and alternative lifestyles, not the preservation of moral
 custom and attitude.

 Yet this is precisely what socialism embraces to achieve its ends. In
 return, state-sponsored security takes the place of personal liberty. The
 sheeple get their tasty stubble, the shepherds reap the harvest.

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