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From Fri Jun  7 07:11:24 PDT 1996
Article: 41571 of alt.revisionism
From: Wes Kreider 
Newsgroups: alt.california,alt.politics.nationalism.white,alt.politics.white-power,alt.rush-limbaugh,,,alt.revisionism,alt.skinheads,soc.culture.african.american
Subject: Re: How to Spot a aryan
Date: Thu, 06 Jun 1996 22:18:15 -0600
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Ken McVay OBC wrote:
> In article <4p085n$>,
> Blackman  wrote:
> >Could you please expand on the term Aryan.  Could you share with everyone
> >what it means to you?
> Perhaps I can assist....
>         Low self-esteem
>         Lack of achievement
>         Poor education
>         Little ambition
>         Refusal to pay own dues
>         Tendency to blame others for own lack of
>         accomplishment in life -- i.e. serious problem
>         accepting responsibility for themselves
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Mcvay what is it like to be full of infinite wisdom?

From Wed Jun 12 07:16:25 PDT 1996
Article: 32003 of alt.politics.white-power
From: Wes Kreider 
Newsgroups: alt.politics.white-power
Subject: Re: Who Is McVey ??????
Date: Sun, 09 Jun 1996 20:23:47 -0600
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> Who is this Mcvey, and the other joker named Chris Borg.
>      Are they the spokesmen or the conscious of this board ?  It sems
> that they put themselves on a very special pedistal and tell others what
> to think, say and do. What makes them so special ?
>      I am a caucasian (not a white man as being denoted a white man gives
> all the other races a special power over me), 49 year old, male, retired
> from the U,S. Army Special forces/Special Operations, that will always
> speak up for my race and my kind people. Not the racists as I will not
> give them any power over me or mine.It appears that to be proud of being
> a caucasian male, and speaking up about it, you are deemed to be a
> racist.
>      Well, I am proud and will not take crap from anyone. I hate niggers,
> spics, wops, kikes and yes, white trash.
>      If you cannot live like a human and prey on others who make this
> society work and function, by paying your taxes, then you are a
> degenerate scumbag. If you live off others and will not do for
> yourselves, then you are a scumbag. Liberals are like that. They seem to
> want to give away our hard earned gains to those who will not do for
> themselves. Well, to hell with them.
>      Look at Tom Metzger. He got screwed by the system just for talking
> about what he feels is important. He was making caucasian people proud of
> being what they are. The liberal democrates are alway trying to make us
> feel ashamed for the actions of the so-called minorities, and to bring us
> down to their level of ignorance, laziness, incompetance and the lack of
> will to do for themselves in any way.
>      I am a caucasian and I know I am better than others, like the ones
> stated above. Be proud of being a caucasian, you have a awful lot to be
> proud of and you will rise above the scum who will not take care of
> theirs and others.

McVey is nothing more than a Race trading troll.  I suspect he at one 
time was unemployed and decided to jump on the Racial Equality 

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