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From Tue Nov 28 17:56:59 PST 1995
Article: 14161 of alt.revisionism
From: (Ole Kreiberg)
Newsgroups: soc.culture.german,alt.revisionism
Subject: Re: The STASIS are watching us
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 1995 20:21:48 -0100
Organization: DKnet / EUnet Denmark - Login Tjenesten
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In article , Martin Paegert wrote:
>Ole Kreiberg ( wrote:
>> as I regard the holocaust a matter solely between 
>> the between the Germans and the Jews. If the German and the Jews would  
>> keep their holocaust-story to themselves and not bother other people with it, 
>> I would really care less whether or not the holocaust happened. 
>If you do so, why do you intervene and state again and again, that the 
>holocaust took not take place instead of following your line and keeping out ?

Because I am all the time reminded about the socalled holocaust in the 
massmedia. In some countries it is even illegal to express dissident views
about it. By questioning the holocaust I just feel that I am fighting back  
against this massive propaganda. If the holocaust was just forgotten I could
care less whether it happened or not.
>> In those days it pressured the Danish government to prohibit the communist
>> party - a violation of the Danish constitution. 
>Can you give me a clue or prove for that ?  I have never heard that the German
>Government did ask the Danish Government to forbid the comunist party.

  After the invasion of the Sovjet-union in 1941 the German government 
pressured the Danish government to sign the Anti-Commintern Treaty. The   
Danish foreign minister Eric Scavenius was in Berlin, where he met with 
Hitler and Rippentrop. This treaty meant that the communist party and all
communist propaganda was to be made illegal. A legislature much similiar
to the one you find in Germany of today concerning nazism was introduced.
This legislation was a violation of the Danish constitution. 

>> Some monthes ago in the Gerhard Lauck case Germany pressured Denmark to bend 
>> the law and thereby corrupting the courts. 
>The German prosecution did file out a petition for extradition as Lauck did
>violate German Laws while being in Germany the last time. As both countries
>did sign a mutual extradition treaty, a usual step. What exactly do you refer
>when talking about "pressure" ?

 What he did in the USA is not really illegal in Denmark. He had visited 
Denmark before without being arrested. I think that it was because 
the Americans refused to extradite him, that Germany tried to pressure 
Denmark. From sources within the Danish legal system I have heard that the 
German political police (der Verfassungsschutz) was behind much of this. I 
think that it is a scandal that Danish authorities cooperate with a deeply 
despicable institution as the "Verfassungsschutz", the BDR-STASI. I cannot
understand how it could be a matter for Denmark in 1941 that Germany had 
problems with comunism, as well as I cannot understand how it can be a 
matter for Denmark today that Germany thinks, it has problems with neo-nazism.

>   Another petition had been filed out to the US long before, but the US did
>state that it can not localize Lauck and therefor not arrest him as far as I
>know. And as far as I know this statement did meet the truth.

Why didn't the Danish authorities just send him back to USA? This problem was
solely a matter between the USA and Germany. A lot of people wondered. Many 
people who are normally left-winged and anti-racialist began to defend Lauck 
because of of this, and because they thought it was wrong to send him  
to a country, where he would end up as a political prisoner.

Ole Kreiberg
Truth alone triumphs. - Mundaka Upanisad 

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