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Now that the results for our newsgroup proposal have been issued, we wish 
to make a statement concerning our objectives.

Three objectives were sought in the project:

#1: Generate mainstream media publicity for the Aryan Resistance Movement
    and disseminate the Holy Cause of the 14 Words -- "We must secure the
    existence of our People and a future for White children."

#2: Encourage revelation of Enemy activists' identities to facilitate 
    counter-espionage and prevent many instances of "anti-racist" activism
    against the 14 Words.

#3: Create a newsgroup for discussion and promotion of Aryan music. 

On objective one, we succeeded beyond all expectations.  No informed 
North American is not now unaware of our existence on the Internet.  
National Public Radio, _USA Today_, the _St. Paul Pioneer Press_, and 
Minnesota Public Radio, to name a few media organs, gave us priceless 
free publicity for our ideas and our Holy Cause.

On objective two, we also succeeded well.  We now have a comprehensive 
list of Enemy agents who are active on the Net.  Aryan Corps Counter-
intelligence is now undertaking a classification and cataloguing project 
which will make our counter-espionage efforts much more effective.

On objective three, we obviously failed, but this was expected.  Nonethe-
less, benefit has been gained from this defeat.  The Aryan Corps 
succeeded in organizing hundreds of Aryan Resistance Movement activists 
toward a constructive goal, increasing the "esprit de corps" of our ranks.

We would like to thank all individuals who, for whatever reason, voted in 
the affirmative for our group.

A special thanks is extended to Mr. Michael Handler, our vote-taker, for 
his herculean efforts to process the massive results for our proposal.  
We wish him well.

-- Milton John Kleim, Jr., Proponent,; Chief Organi-
                           zer, Aryan Corps

-- White Wolf (RH), Deputy Organizer, Aryan Corps

   And on behalf of the entire Aryan Corps Network.

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