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From Fri Oct 29 19:04:05 EDT 1999
Article: 378974 of sci.skeptic
From: Milton John Kleim, Jr. 
Newsgroups: alt.politics.nationalism.white,alt.california,sci.skeptic,alt.religion.asatru
Subject: Re: Record: Rape of White woman was initiation
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1999 22:32:26 GMT
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ipm  writes:

> even even if I was destitute and living in a tent somewhere,
> I'd still have at least a cheap laptop and a phoneline. I'd
> still be fighting subversion. That's the difference between
> myself and some other dedicated racialists as compared to
> phonies like Milton Kleim and Irene Zundel.

No, jackass, the difference between you and me is that I realize
posting bullshit to the Internet like you do does nothing for
anyone, except to give you a vile hobby.  I also realize that the
life of a "racialist" is the life of a loser with no important
responsibilities or healthy, sane interests for self-development.

> In the case of Kleim, he had an ego the size of the Titanic...

And your point is??  :-P

Seriously, I do have an ego.  I'm not ashamed of it.  Having self-
confidence and an appreciation for excellence is a large part of
why I was able to leave the so-called "movement."  I'm a life-long
rebel, who questions all, and while I "rebelled" against a hated
System into today's neo-Naziism, I also maintained my own identity,
and sanity, and reluctantly (at the time) faced the fact I was
really a loser, in cahoots with big losers like William Pierce, and
little losers like you.

> and racialism was just the latest way he could have his name
> lights.

I "entered" the "movement" in 1988.  I wasn't well known until 1994.
In these years, I studied, quietly, at home and at school, countless
works from various sources.  I wasn't "in it" for glory.  Not until I
was introduced to the Internet in 1993 did I see an opportunity
to "make a difference" in a "movement" I knew at the time was
thoroughly flawed.  Ironically, I didn't "get an ego" like you're
referring to until I was asked to join the National Alliance in
1995.  My inherent qualities were why I was respected...and why I
developed a big attitude.  :-)

> When all the glory he thought he deserved wasn't coming his way, he
> bailed and found something new to play with.

No, you simply can't accept that your judgment is impaired, as was
mine.  Being an armchair "general" spreading failed "solutions" and
half-cocked opinions is a result of your delusion of grandeur.  I left
for one simple reason: I was wrong.  No glory in being wrong, jackass.

> Either way, people like this have some ulterior motives motives for
> their involvement in racialism.

You don't know me, nor did you ever.  Take your opinion and shove it
up your ass.  I put everything into being a "good warrior" for
the "movement," and I paid with a legacy I wish I didn't have, lost
countless opportunities for personal development and an earlier
career, and, hadn't I met my present partner, I'd continue to regret
the relationships I forwent, or never knew I might have had, because
I had my head up my ass doing what you're doing right now, and
didn't pay attention to what's really important in life.

> I am motivated by my desire to fight subversion of my race. That's
> why I will stay in here using all the strength I have.

Like hell you're fighting for your race.  The evidence available
indicates you're a lost soul like I was, struggling for the attention
you accuse me of looking for when I was in the "movement," and
pretending you're far more important than you are in the world.
Face the facts, your rants on the Internet will change absolutely
nothing.  Nothing.  That's N-O-T-H-I-N-G.  You are wasting your life
for a meaningless "cause."  And the "cause" you're fighting for is not
going to prevent any culture's genocide or the destruction of anything
valuable in the world.

> Above all, even if I someday became convinced that I was all wrong
> and quit racialism, the last thing I would do is turn traitor
> against all the people I knew and trusted in the movement as the
> two previously mentioned person have done.

The term "traitor" doesn't bother me a bit, because I know in my heart
where I stood, and where I stand.  If my former cult "friends" think
me a traitor, so be it.  When it came down to doing what I had to do, I
EXPECTED to be deemed a "traitor."  It's all part of the game.  My real
friends remained through the tough times.  The fake friends, who valued
me not as a a human being, or even as an Aryan, who attacked me, and
wished me harm, were simply trash who I should never had honored with
my own friendship.

> That kind of activity speaks of a severe lack of character and
> untrustworthiness.

If so, then I have no character.  But, if *I* have no character, where
does that leave you?

> Of course, the ADL and Nizkor prey on these weak-minded types
> by stroking them, telling them they're "experts" and encouraging them
> to spill their guts on all their former comrades.

Ya know, even today I don't feel Ken McVay and I have a very good
rapport, though I respect him.  I've NEVER had any contact with the
ADL, nor do I want any.  I had a brief contact with the FBI in 1996,
and while I was happy to meet with the two special agents, I had no
interest in becoming an informant for them, despite the possible
rewards or prestige I would have been accorded.  I have no interest
in playing these games between the System and the "movement."  I
spoke, and speak, only for myself, and I always shall.  And in this
fact lies the reason I left the "movement."  Too bad you're too dumb
or dense to realize it.

-- Milton John Kleim, Jr.


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