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From: (Michael A. Hoffman II)
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism,alt.movies.spielberg,soc.history
Subject: Stein offers $5000 to buy his way out of his dilemma.
Date: Tue, 03 Jun 1997 09:41:08 -0800
Organization: The Campaign for Radical Truth in History
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Stein Offers $5,000 to buy his way out of his dilemma

by Michael A. Hoffman II. Copyright 1997.
The Campaign for Radical Truth in History
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Poor, poisecuted Mike Stein. He stands like a Lower East Side
rag-peddler,  hurling imprecations, threats and $5,000 in Jewish gold.

He's even dropped his cultivated pose of effete one-upmanship, wherein he
formerly imagined himself a cultural fixture above the fray. Now he spews
invective --along with a $5,000 reward for the rehabilitation of his

Ah, but all the holohoax gold extorted from all the Gentiles of the world
cannot achieve that end.

The problem Khazars like Stein exhibit is that they come out of a milieu
of Jewish supremacy.

The media tells them that the smartest man in the world is Kasparov, the
Russian Jewish chess hack. "Oy vei! That computer beat the smartest man in
the world" (and it just defeated the second-smartest man in the
world--Natan Scharansky--another Russian Jewish "refugee" posted to the
Middle East to chase the Palestinian "Indians" off their land in East

Of course the greatest chess player in the world is Bobby Fisher, who is
not a Jew and who used to hand out this writer's Institute for Historical
Review (IHR) pamphlets in downtown Los Angeles. Of course Fisher, the true
genius, is hunted and hounded by the U.S. government and under interdict.
Fisher has his own computer programs too, but this cannot be mentioned in
our Jewish-controlled media, so second-raters like Kasparov and
megalomaniacs like Scharansky become planet earth's representatives in the
battle against the cyborgs (rather like the script from that Hollywood
film, "Independence Day" where the universe is saved by Jeff Goldbum,
powered by the Talmudic invocations of his kipa-wearing Patriarch, Judd

Imbibing fantasies like that all day and Khazars like Mike Stein imagine
that a little back alley shrewdness and word manipulation will win the day
for them again and again here in alt.revisionism

But Stein's polemical modus operandi is the essence of obscurantism and
Talmudism. For years Stein could not concede that this writer presented a
series of historic discoveries here in alt. revisionism regarding SS
prosecution of concentration camp personnel. 

Most of the movie-going public who have seen Spielberg's "Schindler's
List" would be astonished to learn that the SS had arrested Amon Goeth and
regarded him as a criminal and unworthy to administer the KRAKAU-PLASZOW
labor camp. But not dull Stein and his witless Nizkor entourage.

There was never a shred of admission to the effect that, "Wow,
astonishing, this SS, portrayed by Spielberg and others as the paradigm of
inhumanity and homicide, were actually, in the midst of a war, arresting
and prosecuting KZ Kommandants for "brutality" and a "license to kill."

Nah, the orthodox upholders of Jewish and Allied propaganda could never
concede any such thing because they are not debating, they are
propagandizing. Propaganda, unlike debate, involves damage control and
that is the endeavor upon which Mike "Slippery" Stein is engaged.

Stein's obfuscation is just Talmud under another name. To understand how
Mr. Stein "argues" one needs to read Jewess Evelyn Kaye, in her
magisterial work, "The Hole in the Sheet," (Lyle Stuart, 1987).

Referring to the studies of rabbinical students, Kaye states:

"The discussions are totally pointless, rooted in unreality...They know
how to divert attention from the issue at hand. And they have no
understanding at all of logical thinking...Their minds are successfully
fogged up in an eternal wandering miasma." (Kaye, pp. 75-76).

Let's examine Mr. Stein in this regard, concerning how he "knows how to
divert attention from the issue at hand."

Here was his proapganda line until recently:

Slippery Stein, alt.revisionism, March 2, 1997:

"Mr. Hoffman repeats his story about Amon Goeth being arrested not
merely for corruption, but for the murder of inmates supposedly based on
Keneally, Ainsztein, and the affidavits of Morgen and Mittelstadt... The
two affidavits were far too ambiguous - they gave a list of people
arrested, and a separate list of charges which were laid, but nothing
linked any specific charge to any specific person on the first list.

"...Mr. Hoffman was told all this over two years ago.  Thus his repetition
at the very least is a wilful lie by omission, not just an error."

Hoffman replies: Yes, Mr. Stein you've been calling me a "proven liar" on
the basis of the preceding for years now. Your Big Lie Technique has
qualified you as a (drum roll), official "Nizkor Contributor" (!) with
whom WWII revisionists clash "to their sorrow."

But Stein's house of cards is based on the credulity of religious fanatics
who demonize any and all doubts about the Six Million fairy tales.

Stein refers to Morgen's affidavit and says, "nothing linked any specific
charge to any specific person."

But here's Morgen's affidavit:  "all of these offenses" (brutality and a
license to kill) were committed by "personnel of the SS...commandants
of...Krakau-Plaszow" (Amon Goeth). 

--From Affidavit SS-65 by SS Judge Konrad Morgen, IMT Vol. 42, p. 556.

Now presumably Stein can read. There's nothing "ambiguous" about what
Morgen wrote--Morgen says that ALL the offenses cited were committed by
the commandants cited and he specifically cites, among these, the
commandant of Krakau-Plaszow, and this was Amon Goeth. 
Stein has no credible answer to this. And it's not kosher for him to
apologize and admit his lying.

Hence he's reached a cul-de-sac: no spiffy sleight of hand, no
circumlocutions. All of these at this juncture--when I have my rapier at
his throat and his back against the wall--would be transparent sophistry. 

So, in a gesture of futility that is the last resort of his kind, he has
to reach into his pocket and wave some loot around:

"$5,000 that a college English professor selected at random will agree
with me that the text is ambiguous as to which individuals were accused of
which crimes, and that no such definite conclusion can be reached based on
this affidavit alone.  Money to be escrowed in advance...It is time to put
your money where your lying mouth is." (Mike Stein, June 3, 1997).

Note Stein's addition of a new criterion:

 "...based on this affidavit ALONE" (emphasis supplied). 

A sneaky little interpolation, but that's how Mr. Stein operates. 

I wonder what has happened to my original framework: "Keneally, Ainsztein,
and the affidavits of Morgen and Mittelstadt" ? 

Gone, vanished with a wave of a magic Jewish wand. I don't term him
"Slippery" for nothing! 

I also like the part about a college English professor "selected at
random."  Can one imagine what one of that faculty turkey flock will do
when he observes that the text at issue is part of an exchange between a
Jewish saint and martyr of the cosmos (Mr. Mike P. Stein) and a vicious
denier of the verities of the Church of the Six Million (that no-goodnik

I don't need remedial English lessons "arbitrated" by some professor or
labyrinthe Talmudic responses to clear-cut cases of fraud.

But Stein does need a lesson in ethics.

Thou shalt not bear false witness, Mr. Stein. 

And an addendum: Thou shalt tame thy Jewish arrogance and not assume too
much when crossing swords with krauts.

--Michael A. Hoffman II

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