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From: (Michael P. Stein)
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Subject: Time for Hoffman to put his money where his lying mouth is
Date: 3 Jun 1997 02:03:41 -0400
Organization: Express Access Online Communications, Greenbelt, MD USA
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In article ,
Michael A. Hoffman II  wrote:

>I've gone the obligatory first round for this season and here's the
>knockout punch:
>Mr. Stein writes: "Mr. Hoffman is invited to produce one scrap of evidence
>that I have ever denied Morgen's testimony."
>Stein constantly has denied that Morgen wrote that "all of these offenses"
>(brutality and a license to kill) were committed by "personnel of the
>SS...commandants of...Krakau-Plaszow" (Amon Goeth). 

    This is so heavily and deceptively edited as to constitute a lie all
by itself.

>But Morgen did write it!
>Mr. Stein:
>"Then is Mr. Hoffman saying that EVERY SINGLE PERSON arrested by Morgen
>and his team was arrested for _murder_?  _EVERY SINGLE ONE_ of them?  AND
>corruption?  AND brutality?  SIMULTANEOUSLY, EVERY SINGLE ONE?"
>No, I am not saying it, Rabbi Stein, SS Judge Morgen said it in his
>Affidavit, got it? I mean, are your bottle cap spectacles adjusted
>properly or perhaps kosher eyeglasses read print upside down? 
>Stein again:
> "All I have denied is that the affidavit shows what Goeth
>_personally_ was charged with by the SS."
>Well, Mr. Stein, here's the affidavit:
> "all of these offenses" (brutality and a license to kill) were committed
>by "personnel of the SS...commandants of...Krakau-Plaszow" (Amon Goeth). 

    Nice job of deceptive editing.  How many missing words are represented
by those ellipses?  (Since I was the one who provided Mr. Hoffman with the
translation he's using, I have an easy time finding the answer.) 

>Looks like you stand convicted as a denier, a liar and a rather dumb one
>at that.
>This is just too easy!

    Very well.  Since "revisionists" have been putting up challenges like
this for some time, I see no reason why I shouldn't get into the act.  A
wager: $5,000 that a college English professor selected at random will
agree with me that the text is ambiguous as to which individuals were
accused of which crimes, and that no such definite conclusion can be
reached based on this affidavit alone.  Money to be escrowed in advance.

    Since you have such great confidence in your reading of the text, I
trust you will have no problem accepting this wager with confidence.

    Talk is cheap.  It is time to put your money where your lying mouth

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