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From: (Thomas Doyal)
Subject: Re: lst Annual Felderer Award for Best Satire
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Organization: Eskimo North (206) For-Ever
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Date: Wed, 8 Feb 1995 05:56:04 GMT
Lines: 77 wrote:
: First Annual Ditlieb Felderer Award for Best Satire of The State Religion
: In the long history of eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind
: of man (to paraphrase Thomas Jefferson), satire has played a key role in
: puncturing the sacred aura which shields superstition from scrutiny and
: skepticism.
: Through the years, men like Voltaire, Hogarth, Twain, Bierce, Mencken and Jackie
: Mason have used their powers of satire, sarcasm, humor and irreverence to
: demolish false religions.
: In our day the state religion is >>>THE Holocaust<<< and satire of its
: infallible dogma, holy relics and miraculous Auschwitz gas chambers (which
: executed Khazars according to the true believers even though, according to
: scientists, it could not possibly function in the manner described--cf. Carlo
: Mattogno, >>>Auschwitz:The End of a Legend.<<< 1994: Institute for Historical
: Review), is greeted with outrage and incredulity.
: To defy and overthrow the pompous Shoah-biz civic religion, which all in Western
: society are compelled to believe, we at Wiswell Ruffin House hereby award to
: L.A. Rollins, the First Annual, 1995 Ditlieb Felderer Award for Best Satire of
: the State Religion. Mr. Rollins will receive a commemorative parchment suitable
: for framing.
:  (Felderer has been imprisoned for one year in Sweden for circulating cartoons
: poking fun at Auschwitz relics).
: Mr. Rollins entry was chosen from among dozens of contestants. Here it is is:
: *************************
: (To be sung to the tune of the song by the same name)
: They asked me how I knew
: The Holocaust Was True
: I replied,
: Such a genocide
: Cannot be denied.
: Smoke gets in your eyes.
: ****************************
: Blasphemer Rollins is an authority on holohoax hagiography (i.e. Survivor
: stories) and is the author of the best-selling >>>Lucifer*s
: Lexicon<<<(Loompanics Unlimited).
: ---Michael A. Hoffman II
: (
: Editor:Revisionist Researcher Magazine. Current issue U.S. $6.00. Book, Tape
: and sticker catalog U.S.$3 (Both for U.S.$7.00)
: from:Wiswell Ruffin House, POBox 236, Dresden, New York 14441 U.S.A.
: ------------------------------------------------------
: Says Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the (Simon) Wiesenthal Center:
:  >It may be time for the FCC to place a cop on the information superhighway.<<

:   --Home Office Computing, November, 1994, p. 18.
: >>You can judge for yourself who's using the fascist methods.<< --David Irving.

For copies of the award winning cartoons send 1 American Federal Reserve 
note (no Canadian) to Thomas Doyal P.O. Box 575 Mountlake Terrace WA 
98043-0575 USA.  ITS A GAS! 

: ----------------------------------------------------

Article 22096 of alt.revisionism:
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Path: oneb!!!!!!!agate!!!!uunet!eskimo!doyal
From: (Thomas Doyal)
Subject: Re: The First Annual Michael Hoffman Award
Sender: (News User Id)
Organization: Eskimo North (206) For-Ever
X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.2 PL2]
References: <3h692a$>
Date: Wed, 8 Feb 1995 06:03:00 GMT
Lines: 62

Keith Morrison ( wrote:
: First Annual Michael Hoffman Award for Best Satire of a Brain

: In the long history of eternal hostility to every form of thinking in the
: minds of men (to paraphrase Michael Hoffman paraphrasing Thomas Jefferson),
: stupidity has played a key role in puncturing the sacred aura which shields
: intelligence from idiocy and simple silliness.

: Through the years, men like Raven, Landpost, Doyal, Joshua, Berg and Gannon
: have used their powers of irrationality, cluelessness, incomprehension and
: occasional stupidity to attack logic.

: In this day the greatest cause of idiocy is >>>THE Holocaust Denial<<< and
: the presentation of its irrational dogma, holy words (ie The Leuchter Report)
: and miraculous promoters (who spew lies and silly things they know, or should
: know, are false, even though, according to scientists, they could not
: possibly be so dense--cf. Lyon, Ima, >>>Human Intelligence:Is Negative IQ
: possible?<<< 1995: Institute for Hysterical Reaction), is greeted with
: stunned amazement anyone could be so ridiculous.

: To defy and overthrow the silly Denial-biz quasi-religion, which all good
: Nazis try to compel us to believe, we at Wizzy Puffin House hereby award to
: Michael A. Hoffman the 2nd, the First Annual, 1995 Michael Hoffman Award for
: Best Satire of a Brain.  Mr. Hoffman will not recieve a commemorative
: parchment suitable for framing as we could not decide how to make the words
: small enough for him to understand.

: (Hoffman has been demonstrating that he is a few synapses short of a cerebrum
: for a while).

: Mr. Hoffmans entry was chosen from among dozens of contestants.  Here it is:

: *************************
: "I want to poke fun at the pompous and the deluded..." - Hoffman^2

: and his oeuvre 
: "Hollywood Hate Propoganda Documented"
: *************************

: Moronic Michael is an authority on denial money-making (i.e. trying to flog
: his drek in every post) and is the author of the well-laughed at list
: of Jewish influences in the media.

: --
: Keith Morrison
: (

: Eastern Canadian Director of the International Jewish Conspiracy.  Current
: membership rates $15/year and free account at the Mercantile Bank of Tel Aviv.

: --------------------------------------
: "Let me put it this way:  I don't believe Hitler exterminated six
:  megakikes during WW II.  And even if he did, SO WHAT?"
:                                    - Les Griswold
: "The only powdered manure anywhere is in the brain of the guy who
: posted it to alt.revisionism."  - Thomas Doyal

For copies of Ditlieb Felderers award winning cartoons on the Holocaust 
send one American Federal Reserve Note to Thomas Doyal P.O. Box 575 
Mountlake Terrace WA 98043-0575 USA

Article 22311 of alt.revisionism:
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Path: oneb!!!!torn!!!!!eskimo!doyal
From: (Thomas Doyal)
Subject: Felderer
Sender: (News User Id)
Organization: Eskimo North (206) For-Ever
X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.2 PL2]
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 1995 18:15:23 GMT
Lines: 107

Another report from Ditlieb Felderer.

Ditlieb Felderer thrown out of prison. He was thrown out about as fast 
as he was thrown in.  

That the authorities had made a mistake in imprisoning him had been 
previously hinted at by Ditlieb. The authorities became aware they had 
made a mistake when they were made an accomplice by assisting him in 
distribution of his Revisionist material. They suddenly appeared in 
his cell and  ordered him to evacuate within 30 minutes. The hurried 
departure caused him considerable confusion as his cell was  filled 
with his material and equipment. The prison people were aware of the 
difficulty he would have in moving his material out into the Swedish 
weather and still obtain someone to transport the equipment home 
before it could be damaged. 

Transcribed verbatim except for personal material.

Ditlieb had this to say about his current situation. 
"I find it sometimes hard to understand why normal people get so upset 
about my outrageous flyers and I have been told that in their last 
action thousands of people around the world have been involved : 
Interpole, the various secret police, politicians, certain fanatic 
religious Zionist groups, private people, etc.    Talk about "paper 
tiger" here.  Evidently paper has a greater superstitious might upon 
people than  we would think. And now they are all upset about my 
satirical flyer in German called the TITTEN MAN in which I poke fun 
once more of the Exterminationists.".

"One of the reasons of them raiding my home was to get hold of my 
addresses and they stole my entire address list which we  should 
demand back while at the same time questioning the Swedish Embassy all 
over why such things are stolen from writers.  This list contains the 
names of all Revisionists opposers in Germany and other places. It 
gave their home addresses and telephone numbers."

**** (Exterminationists also use addresses of Revisionists who write 
Ditlieb while in prison.) *******

"We have been concentrating in mailing our things to opposers instead 
of friends and in this way we have reached out in attacking them 
personally, often making them cowardly after first turning into rage.  
One of the after first turning into rage.  One of these opposers you 
find on the other side.  It is a mistake by some, yes most of 
Revisionists to ignore the opposers.  Like JDL we must note every 
opposing person, contact him or them on a regularly basis and inflate 
their confidence. The reason why this has not been more done is the 
cause of the opposition in Germany today.   The reaction of just such 
a mailing you see on the other  side."...

"One big thing is to penetrate their Iron Curtain.  My 
BUNDESPRUFSTELLE... was a lead in this and they tried to take it 
legally (illegally?) but got nowhere and are now furious about that.  
Then it was my caption text, or logo heading whereby I included our 
main (some of) opposers as sopporting my work when in fact they are 
dead against it.  That made it look as that they supported 
Revisionism. and more, my outrageous flyers.  They sought to stop this 
but haven't gotten too  far with this either."

It is a total bluff.  and Emperor's New Clothes that you can imprison 
a person because of his writings or stating for any length of time and 
I am totally shocked over that people have not widely been told about 
this bluff.  All a person needs to do is to establish his news office  
in prison and then continue doing what he is doing. All he needs is 
some helping hands from the outside.  Thus total bluff that you can 
stop such a person. Revisionist are still lingering under the 
superstitious belief that one can stop people by imprisoning them. In 
this way they are helping our opposers without realizing it." 

Ditlieb explains what happened in one instance when he turned the 
tables on one of his "Opposers". The letter was to one who complained 
to the police about his activities.  

"The above letter which was returned to me shows in   most interesting 
way the reaction of opposers.  First they get the police and 
authorities. This family did it and was one of the main accusers in my 
case.  After I got hold of their address and started to mail things 
direct to them from prison Gulag, it suddenly sunk into them this was 
futile. and now they are not bothering anymore to go to the police 
with these letters and instead return it direct to me with their 
gloves being thrown in. (explanation..The envelope had written on it, 
return to sender in large letters.) Obviously they want nothing of 
this action any more. If we had done the same with every opposer in 
Germany, by first getting hold of their private addresses and tel. 
number the opposition should stop and all this stupid laws would never 
have started in the first place. Instead, most Revisionists act like 
some kind of Masonic Lodge and forget totally about that it is our 
opposers we must consecrate on - not in converting them but in making 
them tire out. Try to get this message across to our people, if you 
can.  They are working with Middle Age mentality and procedures 
outdated years ago. With our faxs etc., you  can't imprison for any 
length of time an active writer.  Even John Bunyon wrote an entire 
book while imprisoned in England.  So how is it that our people 
superstitiously believe this can be done today?  My own case proves 
this wrong.  What is it that makes these people don't understand this 

Ditlieb explains that there are very few people actually actively 
opposing his actions.

Ditlieb still asks for support as his appeal trial is still coming up.  

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