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Following is a transcript of a speech given by Nord Davis on one of the 
greatest scams of the 20th Century.  Greater than the Holocaust scam, 
in that the Holocaust can at least be discussed. Almost no discussion 
is permitted about the fraud that promotes the end time, 
Dispensationalism, end of the world, return of Christ, Mark of the 
Beast, Tribulation, nonsense.  Falling for it, are all the 
Radio preachers, Fundamentalist Protestant demoninations, including 
the Mormon church who dwell on end of the world prophesy.
Even the Catholic Jesuit-Maryknoll liberation theology is sweeping it 
throught  South America.

Although C I Scofield made an impact upon the world that very few men 
have made, many encyclopedias don't mention him at all. Read Nord Davis 
speech and you will understand why. 

                              Cyrus I. Scofield

                         Speech By Rev. Nord Davis
                         National Video Network 
                             Pheonix Arizona

I am going to talk about a certain man everybody knows .  His name is 
Cyrus I. Scofield.  The man who wrote the Scofield Bible. The Bible 
Christian brethren read so frequently and with which they have made up 
their current doctrine. Which has changed the thrust of America since 
the middle 1800s. 

This is going to be of controversial content and because it is  
controversial in content I will  pick one of the Bibles most 
controversial characters to quote." It's the prophet Jeremiah he 
preached, he warned, he exposed false preaching of his day and all to 
no avail. And he and his Israel people went right into captivity. The 
very captivity about which he had been warning.  He put that blame for 
that tragic collapse of his civilization right where it belonged. With 
the ministers, who taught error. He wrote this.  " then said I, ah, 
lord God behold the Prophets say them.,  Ye will not see the sword.  
neither see famine. But I will give you assured peace in this place. 
Then the lord said unto me.  "Prophets prophesy lies in my name. I 
sent them not. Neither have I commanded them.  Neither spake unto 
them. They prophesy unto you a false vision and divination. A thing of 
not. and deceit of their heart. Therefore saith the lord concerning 
the Prophets that prophesy in my name and I sent them not, Yet say 
sword and famine shall  not be  in this land, by sword and famine 
shall these Prophets be consumed."  

Now that is an interesting part to start off with and we can 
understand that they are going to get what they deserve. But notice in 
the next verse. Jeremiah 14, 13 to 16,  "and the people to whom they 
prophesy will be cast into the streets of Jerusalem because of the 
famine and sword and they shall have none to bury them  their wives, 
nor their sons nor their daughters for I will pour wickedness upon 

Bad enough, we had bad Prophets, bad enough we had false teachers and 
preachers. But it apparently it seems to be just as bad to sit in the 
congregation of these people as it is to be the preacher. I recognize 
that brother Jeremiah  did not project a very pretty picture for his 

Jeremiah did not blame the King, he did not accuse the court system, 
he did not accuse the political or community leaders. He laid none of 
the national problems on the prostitutes, homosexuals, drug addicts 
and we are sure that israel had those in those days also. Here is the 
interesting point that God gave to Jeremiah, All the sins of the land 
were there because of the ministers. Who when they were not called,It 
was because of their preaching. That wickedness not only abounded, but 
was permitted. The central theme of the last few messages I have given 
here is that you have truth and you hold a candle in your hand with a 
smoldering wick. You don't do much with it. 

As thousands of our readers know, I have been expounding the 
wickedness of these preachers for about 25 years. 

This is going to take light and salt. Right where it belongs. We are 
going to have to know who we are, and why we are or we're not going to 
save  America.  I am not going to zero in on a lot of men but on one 
man. One of the most famous ministers of the turn of the century. C. 
I. Scofield. You will learn how he defrauded his mother in law, out 
her life savings. And how he was convicted of forgery.  In another 
case, was sent off to prisons. You will learn tonight how he openly 
carried on with other women, and abandoned his wife and family. Never 
sent them a dime of support. When his wife finally divorced him he  
married the woman with whom he was living. All the time he was writing 
the now infamous notes to the Scofield reference Bible. As  christian 
he was a disgrace.  As a man he lacked ordinary chivalry of a 
gentlemen. He called himself Doctor yet he never went to any college 
which could convey that degree. His life as a minister makes the 
recent escapades of some modern ministers pale into insignificance.  
His financial support for the reference Bible came form Zionist and 
conspiratorial groups out of Boston Massachusetts.  Chiefly known as 
the Secret Six . That group tied to the order of the illuminattI.  And 
some other orders some of you may know about. 

Scofield was no Jeremiah. For certainly he preached.  But not called.  
God did not send him so you know who did send him. His false doctrines 
have spread across this land like a plague. Like a smoke in the 
nostrils of our Lord like a stench.  And almost every Bible book store 
carries copies of Scofields reference notes. The truth about Scofield 
and the men who worked with him at the time play a key role of that 
saga of the perpetual warfare between the people of the five pointed 
star and the people  of the six pointed star. The truth that I am 
talking about is one common thread throughout the remainder of the 

People write to us stating that they enjoy going to their local 
churches. Many readers understand the Identity message and that 
special calling he has given to them. But they want to go back to the 
vomit from which they came.  Because they enjoy the fellowship there. 
You may know some of this type of person. And what does Jeremiah say 
about them? "And the people to whom they prophesy shall be cast out 
into the streets of Jerusalem because of the famine and sword. And 
they shall have none to bury them.  Their wives, nor their sons, nor 
their daughters. For I will pour out wickedness upon them"  Those 
people who know better. And go into these churches.  I wouldn't be 
there if they gave me the pulpit on the biggest televangelist station 
going. With the permission to say anything I could say.  Because I 
know those people are false Prophets.  Controversial as this talk is, 
someone has to say it. And until you search out the scriptures 
yourself I publish it to you anyway. Knowing with the authority of the 
Almighty God it may be just what will save your life and that of your 
children. This talk is dedicated to the exposure of  some very 
cherished humanistic doctrines. Posing as Cristianity, being preached 
across America, So our people can permit and tolerate, the wickedness 
all around them and do nothing whatever about it. 

In the forefront of this Scriptural error you will find the teachings 
and Bible references of C. I. Scofield. And this talk is dedicated to 
the exposure  of this man and the doctrines he preached and teached 
and has now taken over fundamentalist churches across the country. C. 
I. Scofield.  Now since the advent of conspiratorial theologians such 
as C. I. Scofield, and some lesser known men before and after him, our 
brothers have never been weaned from the warm milk of the word.  They 
seem to be content to  be coddled. As if the word had only a personal 
thrust. And they have arrived. Oh! do they tell you they have arrived. 
Taught a dozen different ways, and by as many different denominations. 
including the  Catholics and the Mormons. The bottom line  of 
"Scofieldlitts" is the personal promises, personal objectives found in 
the Bible. The other 85 percent  of the Bible is either ignored or not 
understood. The darkness of a purely  personal Gospel.  Thus, with the 
bones of Scofield coaching from the sidelines, Christians now suppose 
that those pronouns of  promise unto us, unto you, whosoever. Found in 
the New Testament apply to anybody who happens to pick up the Bible 
and read it for themselves. 

You can understand here now I am talking to you as a warrior. A man to 
defend our country. Why would I be interested in Scofield, From just 
that point of view? Because to promote this conspiracy to take over 
the country they must universalize the Bible, and make it apply to all 
men.  So along comes some false preachers like C. I. Scofield and 
begin to weave into it certain Jewish fables.  Thousands of so called 
Fundamentalist  ministers carry or study the reference notes of the 
Scofield Bible. Nearly every Protestant Bible school student uses this 
Bible as their reference. They use it as their source, as to what the 
scriptures really mean, as opposed to what they  really say.  What 
these Christian people do not tell us is that their theological hero 
C. I. Scofield deserted his first wife, Leonteen Carry Scofield, and 
his two young daughters Abigail and Helen. They ignore the fact that 
he never sent them any financial support even though he became very 
wealthy. They never got a dime. A woman in the 1880s did not have 
government welfare. And good paying jobs were not usually available in 
those days. He treated his wife and children as though they did not 
exist. According to every reference  I could find about him and his 
background in the areas from which he came. Meanwhile Scofield was in 
love with 2 other women.  Running with both at the same time.  A young 
lady from the St Louis Flower Mission, whose name I have not yet been 
able to discover, and a Helen Van Wark a woman he later married.  
After his wife, stayed abandoned for many years, would not divorce him 
for Scriptural reasons.  Finally, when she found out about his 
activities, she had no choice and divorced him.  A copy of the divorce 
papers are in my files.  

Finally Leonteen did sue  for divorce, and that divorce is recorded 
Dec. 8 1883, in his home town Atchison Kansas. Remember now, this is a 
professing Christian, who wrote the most popular set of Bible 
reference notes  in use today.  The abandoned Leonteen never 
remarried,  and died in 1936.  She is buried in Mt. calvary cemetery, 
Atchison Kansas.  

You know, every time you see a Scofield Bible, think about that lady.  
As a Christian Mr. Scofield entered the legal and political career. 
This was after he was alleged to be saved,  wherein he stole thousands 
of dollars from his Christian and secular friends, One of his 
financial scams was quite serious and he got convicted of forgery, and 
spent 6 months in the St. Louis MissourI jail.  He defrauded his 
mother in law of 1,300 dollars in gold. and never paid her  back even 
though his finances were such he could have done so.  If Ezekiel ever 
preached about a modern prophet who created a widow, or who was a 
deceiver of the elect, devouring the souls so they might not be 
admitted to the Kingdom of Heaven, and the tree of life or who was out 
for dishonest gain, it had to be Cyrus Ingersall Scofield. Why are you 
carrying a Scofield Bible my friend?  Why do you attend a church that 
teachs the lies of this convicted criminal and fornicator?  Why would 
you want to admit your ignorance in such a way hereafter?  

By 1800 Harvard college had a Unitarian theology department. The first 
chair in the United States for this "God Loves Every man "doctrine. 
This first happened at Harvard as chance would have it, the first 
theology college in the United States. The central idea  is of course 
that God loves every man.  All men are equal.  There are no chosen 
people. By this time, the great Puritan Christian work ethic which 
made America. The doctrines of Calvin and Luther which formed and 
forged and the pilgrim doctrine, and the Puritan doctrine and those 
men who came over here as covenanters and had  set up a great land 
they called the Kingdom. They called the wilderness, were beginning to 
fade now.  it was now began to be replaced by the "New Gospel". And 
the political and social life began to change right along with it. 
Americas political and social life, whether we like it or not, is 
based upon the general theology and therefore the moral outcome of 
their people.  When the theology is gone the politics soon follow.  
During this period from around 1800 to 1850, there was a movement 
called the "Age of Reason".  It caught a lot of men who otherwise 
smart. Including Thomas Paine.  It contains a lot of the same ideas as 
todays new age movement.  Here is the general theme of it.  The mind 
is  everything. The absolutes of the Bible considered not relevant in 
this modern age.  During this time such men as Thomas Paine, and a Kin 
of mine Ralph Waldo Emerson, of up new England way. and Henry David 
Thereau abandoned the Christian ideas and opted for this intellectual 
stimulating philosophy which can be distilled down to the phrase "The 
Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man.".  You have to determine 
in your mind if God is the father of all and all men are brothers or 
if God is the father of certain people and not the father of others.  

All across this land fraternal lodges and various kinds of orders were 
set up. which became the religion of the people. Into that area came 
the Esau-Edomite Karl Marx, and the evolutionist Charles Darwin,  
inserting their anti-Scriptural ideas into Americas mainstream, 

All of these were first political, and philosophical ideas, which when 
promoted through the  published materials of the day became promoted 
enough and accepted enough by the normal people of those days to 
change the theology, the thought theology of our people.  The 
fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man is a socialist scheme.  
It came out of the French Revolution, It came out of the same group 
that gave us the Statue of Liberty.  That world government lady 
standing on an isle rising out of the Sea.  With seven horns on her 
head.  Oh! I'm hurting your feelings.  How do you think that got 
there?  It stands for the legislative democracy of Washington D. c.  
And old Uncle Sam stands for "my" republic of the 50 states. 

It was a thought theology with the purpose of changing our Christian 
population before the greater conspiracy  of world socialism could be 
implemented.  in order to refute Christs' words concerning Esau-Edom 
and Jewry,  That they were of their father the devil.  And this 
theology had to be changed so that God is the father of all men and 
all peoples and Satan is not the father of any of them. Do you see how 
all that works. The second part of this theology is the idea that all 
men are brothers.  which is intended to refute the Scriptural teaching 
and truth that all men are not brothers.  And that God has a chosen 
people, above all the people, on the face of the earth.  This 
dichotomy you are going to have to sort out in your mind. 

So you will understand your fundamentalist brother when you talk to 
him about the wonderful truths you are learning through this church 
and others promoting these ideas, across the land. If you think about 
it. The concept of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man is 
the central theme of socialism and communism.  Christianity if you 
think of it apart from merely  a church function, is a thought 
theology of  government, commerce and economics. The fruits of which 
is a nation of liberty. and individual responsibility.  

So about a hundred and fifty years ago in Massachusetts, especially 
the small town around Boston, began to be a spawning ground of this 
brotherhood of man Fatherhood of God idea, it even got so popular it 
was expressed in Lincolns' Gettysburg address.  And so important in 
the minds of these conspirators that every public school child, had to 
be able recite that quote, "all men are created equal." Isn't that 
interesting? Isn't it that loving. isn't that a great humanist idea?  
Without apology that is not a scriptural idea.  Any anyone with an 
ounce of grey matter knows it just isn't so. 

Out of this Massachusetts  society came a man born in Middleton in 
1833 named John J. Ingalls.  He was a graduate of Williams College.  
Then well endowed with Esau and his clan. And he a became a lawyer.  
He was a spokesman for a Boston Group known as the "Secret Six".  
Isn't it interesting they picked six?  Mr. Ingalls was sent to 
Atchison Kansas, and it is enough to say right here that he associated 
himself with a young lawyer Cyrus I Scofield.  Actually Scofield never 
attended any college even for one day as a student. Scofield however 
fancied himself as a lawyer, He assumed all sorts of phoney 
credentials.  From that of a minister to that of a Bible scholar, to 
that of a lawyer,  Nothing seemed to hinder him. And of course he was 
not admitted to the bar as he could not pass the examination.  However 
through the influences of the Secret Six, men in Kansas, Scofield, was 
admitted to the Bar.  Thought he had never attended any school. and 
with no formal training whatever, he gave himself a theological 
doctorate degree, in the same way.  Scofield, went on with the help of 
the Secret Six, to be appointed United States Attorney for Kansas,  
only to be forced to resign after six months when he and his friend  
Ingalls were caught trying to blackmail the railroads out of some 
money.  What is important here is that the Boston Secret Six, assigned 
C. I. Scofield, the task of translating the fatherhood of God and the 
Brotherhood of man concept into a system of Bible teaching. 

It was in those long days and nights when he was in prison for forgery 
that Scofield began studying the scholarly theological philosophy of a 
born loser named J. N. Darby,  J. N. Darby was a scatterbrained 
Englishman, we would call a  hippie today.  He never washed, never 
cleaned himself up, but he became a great scholar.  J.N.Darby. He was 
already doing in England what the Secret six had assigned Scofield to 
do in the United States.  He brought the Brotherhood of man and 
Fatherhood of God into a new denomination the Brethren movement. The 
Secret six were not stupid.  They had done their homework. They 
reasoned and quite correctly, that America could not be converted from 
a republic to international Socialism Democracy until the vast 
majority of American churches could be taught that the church is not 
militant regarding the affairs of state.  And that Gods Laws, Statutes 
and Judgements were not valid as a means of governing a nation.  This 
didn't begin yesterday.  They have been after this for a hundred 
years. It is necessary to subvert the first amendment of the 
constitution that the church was to offer no suggestion and be silent 
regarding the affairs of state.  The effect of that was vital to every 
Christian in his way of life. It was quite a project for Mr. Scofield.  
since God thought so much of righteous government that he devoted 80 
percent or more of Holy Writ to that subject. And made government one 
of the Holy Spirits special gifts.  

People ask me.  Do you have the gift of the Holy Spirit? And I suppose 
they mean that gift of speaking in tongues.  No, I got the first gift 
skipped the second, got the third, fourth, fifth and sixth, What gift 
do you have?  Two. Gift of government.  and gifts of health. Do you 
know the gift of government and gift of health are the only two Paul 
didn't include when he said that every man.  Does every man preach? 
No. Does every man evangelize? No. He didn't say that about Government 
and health. Because every man who is a Christian  is supposed to do 
both. Look it up some time you will find it interesting.  Do as I do 
Code 3 the Bible. 

Now with the Secret Six, Scofield, and some of his associates, such as 
Dwight L. Moody. That was going to change. On July 23, 1901, Scofield 
confided in his friends the he intended to develop a reference Bible 
That would bring about "this new beginning and new testimony".  Of 
course such tremendous efforts takes a lot of money, and a lot of 
time. Scofield had the time and he needed the money.  While he was 
talking like a Christina out of one side of his mouth he was taking 
money and doing the bidding of his socialist communist friends of the 
secret six. In 1901 the alleged offers of the Scofield reference  
notes which were not entirely written by him. was admitted to the 
Lotus club in New York.  Much to the embarrassment of his holier than 
thou Christina friends. It was restricted to "a social intercourse 
between journalists, artists, musicians, friends of literature, 
science, fine arts etc.".  Scofield was at this time no more than a 
Kansas con man. With no background in these particular fields, and a 
man with some highly placed friends. His reference notes had not been 
written yet.  Much less published. So his qualifications for intrance 
into this group was of particular interest.  Here it is.  This clubs 
literature committee which passed on "Dr. Scofield" was no other than 
Samuel Untermeier.  who was at that time the notorious criminal 
lawyer. Untermeier was as his name suggests was one of those kinfolk 
of Esau-edom. And his accomplishments on behalf of the Socialist, 
communists in America, takes up two columns in Whose Who in America. 
Untermeiesr thought theology as one might suppose would be far removed 
from that of a fundamental Bible  believer.  

No, my friend Scofield was no such believer.  It was directed by the 
Secret Six. to  the Lotus club and their associate Samuel Untermeier, 
who saw to it he was admitted. without credentials. Scofield was just 
a casual member they say.  But listed it as his residence for 20 
years.  While his wife languished in Kansas.  Without any support. 

The purpose of Samuel Untermeier, and those associated with him. was 
to find a way to get fundamental Christians to have an interest in and 
support for the international Zionist cause. Which had been one of 
Untermeiers life long projects.  Samuel Untermeier died in 1941 but 
records I have in my office proves beyond a shadow of a doubt he was a 
dedicated communist all the time. They prove he worked for communist 
causes all of his adult life. In the 20 years of membership in the 
Lotus club Scofield had a long association with him.  And had to know 
about his un American activities and his synagogue of Satan.

Each of you need to always keep in mind the Brotherhood of God, the 
Brethren Movement, and its kindred of thought theology of Scofield 
Dispensationalism, was and still is, a class movement as thought of 
from the communist point of view. Not a religious movement as you 
might think.  

One of the Roman Catholic counterparts also supported by the Esau-
Edomite kindred, is the Jesuit and Maryknoll liberation theology now 
sweeping Central  America.  So when I talk about Oliver North and his 
hard core Jesuit background and hard core Zionist background where he 
speaks at Zionist meetings where only the flag of Israel flies, and 
flag of Israel is on every table, and he stands there and salutes 
Israel before the cameras. I can say without any hesitation he's not 
one of ours. At this point in his life. 

This is the very reason for the special and unusual association 
between Scofield and Samuel Untermeier.  They knew that Scofields "any 
moment now" rapture doctrine, which he stole from J. N. Darby, and 
Darby stole it from a female Pentecostal preacher in Scotland, named 
Martha Mcdonald, who in turn stole it from a Spanish Jesuit Priest 
Emanuel LaConta who made it up. And then published it first in 
Spainish under the pen name Rabbi Ben Ezra, And the works of Rabbi Ben 
Ezra are still sold openly in Christian book stores. So you can see it 
all ties together. 

This was an idea they had to keep the lower and middle class 
Christians in line, they said.  Why would Christians become concerned 
if the communists took over the world.  Or Bushes New World Order took 
effect?  If they believed the rapture could happen at any time now?  
Why would they become worried with thousands of problems of the 
totalitarianism socialism, world banking, national debt, aids!, if 
"this world is not my home",  of C. I. Scofields doctrines. Why do 
patriotic activities when the kingdom is a warm beating in your heart.  
as you come to love Jesus. See how that works? Proverbs 3:36 says. Add  
thou not to his words lest he reprove you and you be found a liar.  
Well Mr. Scofield you have been found a liar.  Some of us have done 
homework on you.  

With the many ministers of the 1920 and 1930s around preaching 
Scofields Dispensationalism this in his words "new testimony" became 
common. But was not heard of 100 years ago.  The push was on. In the 
late 1930s to get the Scofield reference Bible into the hands of 
Protestant denominations. Scofield notes stating right on the pages of 
King James Bible that "the Jews are all of Israel."  was to set the 
stage for the theft of Palestine from the Palestinian people and give 
it by United Nations decree to a mixed multitude most of whose 
forbearers never set foot in the land for a thousand years, if... 
ever. For those reasons alone, Scofields notes were worth every  penny  
That Samuel Untermeier and his Secret Six friends paid for them.  

It is not so much that Scofield preached another Gospel which I differ 
with that makes me so angry.  He is not the only man to have done so. 
and students of the Bible can quickly point out their false doctrines 
as I have done. With "every man can be saved" Scofield doctrine I 
resent Scofield using Gods word as an active and willing subversive to 
cause the American liberty to fall.  His doctrines, reference notes, 
prepared with Jewish funding, has neutralized the church to where they 
are indifferent to what is happening in America.  Some of you have yet 
to outgrow that indifference to where you take an active stand and do 
something about it. 

As I have written time and time again. over the past 20 years, the 
more Churches we get in America, the more wicked and socialist the 
nation becomes.  Scofields "new testimony" has been the leading cause 
for the fall of the American civilization.  It has altered the 
Christian thought theology, to where he is indifferent, to what is 
happening in his country. He is not concerned about, but generally 
approves of the fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of man ideas.  
Promoted by thousands of hours of television entertainment and 
programming. He is happy to watch biracial situation comedies and 
movie specials promoting interracial marriages. which God has 

So when you see todays Israel, you'll note that it is not the 
fulfillment of prophesy as you Scofield minister, your Jesuit  priest, 
or your Mormon elder has taught you, that nation sets forth none of 
the conditions,  set forth in Gods word or in prophecy.  That nation 
of Bible prophecy among all the criteria set forth in Scripture is to 
be Christian, and  not antichrist Jewish.  What then is the prophesy 
about the present state of Israel? The anti-christ Esau-Edom people?  
at the end of the age?  There are a number of them but I will end this 
talk, with that statement from Christ himself regarding the present 
nation of Israel. "For I say unto you, that not unto every one that 
shall have given, and from him that hath not, even that shall be taken 
from him.  But those mine enemies, (Esau-edom) which would not that I 
should reign over them, bring hither,oh Jerusalem  and slay them 
before me."  Luke 19:27-28. And even now, that prophesy is being 

The great loss we have is that many of our Christian people will not 

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