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I will sooner close down a business, than deal with diseased faggots.


Faggots in Canada ARE getting special rights, now ordered by the 
communist Government of Canada.

Even though faggots are claiming to be "different", they do not 
constitute a family, since they can not procreate.


Have you all forgotten, that AIDS was spread, deliberately, worldwide by 
the Canadian faggot with Air Canada. 


People are right to despise,and wish to avoid faggots in any way 
possible, since it is so well documented that they are spreaders of 
diseases, such as AIDS, which are incurable.

Let them die in their own filth, but no financial or other support from 
normal people.


To completely eliminate AIDS, just get rid of all the disease-ridden 
faggots - preferably by instant immolation.


As for parts replacement or organ donation I do not believe in such.On my 
death I am to be instantly cremated,with none of me recycled other than 
as ashes to be spilled over the lunches of perverts,if possible..

As for faggots, I maintain that the only use for such disease carriers is 
instant immolation.

I would suggest that the lousy liberals could probably correctly be 
renamed as the Canadian Faggotloving Socialist Comintern?


You still haven't understood. Is it because you are one of those soon to 
be immolated?

AIDS is almost exclusively a faggot disease, sent by God in his wisdom to 
exterminate some of the human vermin.

That a very few non-faggots/lesbians got the disease as a result of AIDS 
infected blood given by faggots is sad, but it is still, according to all 
statistics a faggot-loving disease.

As a consequence, to eliminate AIDS, one should start by 
eliminating,permanently, those responsible for the spread of AIDS - the 


It looks as though you have more than the normal share of gall. But then, 
one must expect perverts to be abnormal,and even subhuman.

The only good faggot, is an incinerated one. Verstehen Sie?


Kaddish, the barin-dead Jew,had you any assets, I would sue you for 
whatever you owned.

Since you are a despicable welfare parasite,unworthy even of instant 
immolation, just die,and leave Panker and all the rest of us normal human 
beings in peace and quiet.

No wonder your like are hared worldwide.Even your Jewish compatriots 
Triple 5 won't hire you.

And, you maggotty liar, I have never worked for Triple Five - I always 
worked AGAINST them,as all records,and Triple 5 will confirm.

Rot in hell, Gehenna, with all the other Golem,and I will even go and buy 
a Jahrzeit candle in celebration.


Sounds like the Jewish parasite Kaddish,living off welfare as it does, 
wants more of the tax[payers to pay for the KOSHER TAX,as previously 
documented in media all across Canada.

He would sooner have all the non-Jewish workers subsidise all the 
parasites who live off welfare and UI, rather than have everyone work for 
a living.

Kaddish the brain-dead scum, even opposes WORKFARE as implemented by 
Harris in Ontario,where employables on welfare must work for their 

It seems that between the Jews, the faggots and the communists, 
free-enterprise entrepreneurs are going to have to leave Canada, or else 
FIGHT for rights!!!!Look at who has been supporting special rights for 
perverts,and you can see why I feel the way I do.

There are many countries where such deviants get what they deserve,one 
way or another,and right-thinking business owners are now moving their 
businesses,and their jobs, out of Canada in protest against their having 
to subsidise parasites such as Kaddish,and similar vermin. Even his 
Jewish friends at Triple 5 refused to hire this piece of excrement.Wonder 


Actually the OyVey site for Nizkor IS a hate site.

It seems to be sponsored by groups who have glorified murder and 
terrorism.The JDL draws its' members from people who support 
murders,genocide and similar crimes worldwide,and in my mind,definitely 
qualifies as a hate propaganda group.


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