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Mind you, they had enough sense there to NOT include faggots as needing
special rights in the Alberta Human Rights Laws.

This book documented how homosexuals deliberately spread AIDS worldwide,
after it started with a homosexual working for the Canadian airline Air
You failed to answer the key points, namely why should non-Jews be forced
to pay extra for their goods, just to support Jews?

Secondly, the scam by some to claim these payments as charitable
donations,when in fact they are merely legal extortion.
revenue Canada apparently are catching some scam artists trying to claim
the extortion for Jewish kosher stamps on products, as a "charitable
donation", without receipts.
According to faxed copies, it appeared on the front page,business section
of the Journal, Wednesday May 29 1996, with banner headlines TALL TAX TALE
ISN'T KOSHER. And the publisher isn't even a Jew!!!
The media reported this past week that the World Jewish Congress, run by
the Canadian Jews the Bronfmanns, are trying to force the free nation of
Switzerland, to break its' bank secrecy laws.

These Jews, who made their fortunes tied in with Meyer lansky and the mob
selling booze during prohibition, and who can forget their connection to
thalidomide via Seagrams, are now trying to interfere, again, in the
internal affairs of a sovereign nation - Switzerland.

Switzerland has bank secrecy laws, but these verfluchte Juden want the
Swiss government to break its' laws, and tell them who hold secret
numbered bank accounts.

Hopefully the Swiss government will again tell them "Zum Teufel ".

Otherwise the holders of these accounts will have to arrange to transfer
these funds to other more safe countries such as Luxemburg, Liechtenstein
or even Hungary.

Wonder whether the Bronfmanns transferred their two billion dollars which
they scammed on the Canadian Tax Dept. to Switzerland, or where?
AVOID CANADA referred to the book "AND THE BAND PLAYED ON", which confirms
that AIDS was deliberately spread worldwide by a Canadian homosexual, with
the assistance of the Canadian government.
Also, don't forget the KOSHER TAX, which all Canadians must pay when they
buy products from most major manufacturers!!!

Read the articles in the Globe & mail, or even Montreal newspapers, as to
how ALL people in Canada and the USA must pay for the koshers!!!!
The CHRC - COMMUNIST HOMO RIGHTS CANADA - have ruled that faggots are now 
to get more special rights.

These 'family benefits' will be at the expense of all the senior 
citizens, who will now have their legitimate benefits reduced, so that 
the government can pay off all the faggot and lesbian couples.

These extra benefits for their faggot friends were brought to you by Herr 
Stein/Rock, Gray/Graustein, and Kaplan among others.They were strongly 
supported by major members of the World Jewish Congress, who feel that 
faggots deserve special rights and privileges, just as in Sodom and 
Actually, I am very careful with whom I do business.Fortunately, faggots 
do not seem to be involved, yet, in the stamp business, so I don't have 
to deal with any.

Sorry, but I reserve the right as to whom I will deal,and faggots are not 
approved by me.

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