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1) Who were the Chosen People?
A: The Jews.

2) Who are our enemies?
A: Anyone that doesn't think Jews ever had a homeland.

3) Which is the worst tragedy in the face of the earth?
A: the Holocaust.

4) What about the extermination of Canaanites and modern-day
A: That's OK. Some poeple need to be shown their place.

5) How many Jews died during the Holocaust?
A: 12 million.

6) Who is an "enemy" of the Jeish people?
A: Anyone that thinks different from our own. We will call them all
Nazis and, though our home-organisations like SJC, make them think the
way we do.

7) What about "whites"?
A: Our deadliest enemy. All whites are Nazi-Aryans,there should be no
place on the earth where they will not be next to a non-white. All
white are racists that need to be wiped off the earth. Don't you dare
call a Jew "non-white", and our own homeland of Israel will be always
pure, i.e., for Jews and Jews only.

8) What about Jewish fundamentalism?
A: No such thing. We are only responding to those infidel Arabs and the
Religious Rght. by the way, anyone defacing the Torah and/or the
Menorah in the Israel will be tried.

9) So you reserve death-penalty for "desecrators"...
A: Yes, and all those Nazis. However, if a Jew kills a Jew, there will
not be a death penalty.

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