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Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Subject: Re: MATT GIWER REPORT for Jun 1-9: 12.7% / 18.3%
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 1996 07:18:02 GMT
Organization: images incarnate
Lines: 115
Message-ID: <4qau2l$>
References: <4q8dtd$>
X-NETCOM-Date: Thu Jun 20 12:19:49 AM PDT 1996
X-Newsreader: Forte Free Agent 1.0.82 (Jamie McCarthy) wrote:

>Matt Giwer has singlehandedly hijacked alt.revisionism.  Like the
>proverbial frog in water slowly brought to a boil, we barely noticed
>until our newsgroup became almost unusable.  With trolls, with insults,
>with straight-lines, with idiocy, with three-word responses, with lies,
>and even with an occasional worthwhile point, he has buried any signal
>that there might have been under an avalanche of noise.

>This automated posting script keeps track of Giwer's posting volume
>and his success in monopolizing discussion.

>Here are the statistics for June 1st through 9th:

>  Total number of articles posted: 1832
>         Articles from Matt Giwer: 232 (12.7%)
>        Articles mentioning Giwer: 335 (18.3%)

>      Articles per day from Giwer: 25.8
>Articles per day mentioning Giwer: 37.2

>Here is a graphical representation of posts from Giwer and posts
>mentioning Giwer for these days.  Each "F" represents one article
>from Giwer;  each "M" represents one additional article with the
>string "giwer" somewhere in its header or body.


>It is technically possible to cut off Matt Giwer from this group.
>However, it would not be morally proper, since he is not conducting
>malicious forgeries, (what is usually known as) spamming, or any other
>activities which would warrant an infringement on his freedom of speech.
>All we can do is ignore him, and hope he gets bored and goes away.


>To ignore him most effectively, use a KILL file on your news reader:

>For more information about Matt Giwer, see:

>The EFF's "Net Abuse and 'Spamming' Archive":

>The Net Abuse FAQ:

>The Cancelmoose/NoCeM web site:

>alt.religion.scientology and "vertical spam":

>The perl5 script that generates this automated posting was written by
>Jamie McCarthy;  feel free to post your comments publicly or to email
>them to  It posts three times a week.
>Once a week (each Monday) it cross-posts to
>In the interest of full disclosure, the script is available at:

        What an idiot. 

        I told you folks I would do what you have now "discovered" months later.
Alec told you what I would do.  And you choose to ignore it.  

        Now that you have noticed I really can do what you were told I can do
you propose a course of action that is rather counter productive.
        To wit, I will flay alive your holocaust alive even more quickly if
people follow your suggestion.  But PLEASE do not believe me.  I love a
fair fight.  That is why I handicap you folks by telling you what I am
doing and am going to do.

        To recap, what I have done is put this conference back to a discussion
of revision rather than the orthodox who managed to take it over.  I put
the NG back on track.  

        You folks can not say you were not warned.  I told you what I would do
and then I did it.  Alec told you what I would do and then I did it.  

        Thank you for acknowledging that poor little minus163 IQ me bested the
Gang of Six and the rest holohugger groupies.  And now you are running
away with the "I can't hear you" gradeschool method.  Fine with me.  I
know exactly how to use that with a vengence.  

        Alec will verify that one if he remembers.  
        So here is another little hint for you not to believe.  You can not
simple isolate me.  You have to isolate everyone who as not killfiled me
else there will be leaks which you will look like fools for not
answering.  And this is for the lurkers, is it not?  We are all self
aggrandizing in that manner.

        But do not believe me this time.  I can and will come in under another
name that is not killfiled.  You folks have proven yourselves so
freaking dumb that I can do anything I want to show what idiots you are.

        It is no wonder you still believe in a holocaust.

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