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From:    Matt Giwer                             Area: Controv - (12)
To:      All                                    11 Mar 95 06:35:22
Subject: AUSCHWITZ                              

TP>  >       How about the 31 million civilians that were simply 
TP>  >  unaccounted for after the war?  As for the "to say nothing" 
TP>  >  there were 6 million Christians.  It was perhaps up there 
TP>  >  but in no manner was it outstanding in recent history save 
TP>  >  for the publicists.

TP>  Tell me, Matt; in your determination to deny the Holocaust 

     And as another example of the knee-jerk response to 
discussing the subject without the proper reverence, you 
deliberately and willfully mischaracterize (read, lie) about what 
I wrote and you quoted.  See how it goes?  And honest people keep 
asking me what else I am saying for people to claim I "deny" the 
holocaust because they can not find it in what I write.  Of 
course, those are honest people unlike yourself.

TP>  (and to further discount its horror) have you any 
TP>  statistics on how many members of other groups died as 
TP>  subject in "medical" experiments? While there have been 
TP>  many massacres of groups of people, even in our lifetimes, 
TP>  and certainly in this century, please tell me how many died 
TP>  of callously and intentionally inflicted wounds and 
TP>  diseases.

     Do you have statistics on how many Jews did?  You are the 
first to imply only Jews were used.  Would you care to provide 
the supporting data?  Where did you get the idea it was only 

     And are we to assume also that Jews had diseases that were 
left untreated and early on Jewish women were sterilized?  And 
what did we learn from that?  Should we have a would be Dr. 
Mengele as Surgeon General?  Obviously we learned nothing nor 
will people who whine and moan about it bring it up when it 
conflicts with their politics.  

     If it were not for their politics they would give their 
ritual curses to socialism as the root of National Socialism.  
That will not be done.  It is too politically beneficial to 
pretend otherwise.  

TP>  > SL>   Freedom of speech does not and should not include
TP>  > SL>   outrageous lies.  Freedom of speech only applies to
TP>  > SL>   beliefs, not revisionist and bigoted thought.

TP>  >      It does apply.  Eat it.

TP>  You're right, Matt.  Freedom of speech *does* apply, even in 
TP>  the case of your racist comments against Mr.  Ku, and your 

     And you can eat that too.

TP>  bigotry shown in the case of the Holocaust.  

     And you have the freedom to lie and provide the evidence you 
are lying just as you did above in this very message.

I would fight 
TP>  to allow you to keep up speaking as you do.  See, in this 
TP>  age, people tend to think your kind of bigotry has died 
TP>  out.  I want to make sure others know that people like you 
TP>  still exist, so that the revulsion that decent folks have 
TP>  when faced with apologists for inhuman assholes doesn't 
TP>  diminish.

     As do I want you to keep posting so people can see how 
freely your kind lies when they have no rational position to 
support.  Thank you for your assistance in this matter.  You 
should have taken Roger Armstrong's advice more seriously.

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From:    Matt Giwer                             Area: Debate - (1589)
To:      Lester Garrett                          1 Mar 95 13:56:54
Subject: THE HOLOCAUST                          

LG>  Nope, sorry, Pete, but you've missed it's significance.  
LG>  See my message posted a few days back on the subject (I 
LG>  believe it was to All and ran under the AUSCHWITZ subject 
LG>  line.  If you didn't get it, I'll be only too happy to 
LG>  repost it for you.  Matt is so caught up in his anti-Jewish 
LG>  thingy that he has completely missed the boat on the 
LG>  signficance of the Holocaust and why we must *_NEVER_* be 
LG>  allowed to forget it.)

     You might wish to repost it because it did not arrive here.

     But as to being allowed to forget it, does that mean it is 
those who are bored to tears with it against those who are going 
to continue force fitting it into every possible context?

     Now for those folks, have I got a Holocaust.

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From:    Matt Giwer                             Area: Debate - (1847)
To:      John Clifton                            2 Mar 95 11:32:58
Subject: MATT GIWER'S TROUBLES                  

JC> JC>      Matt is having his problems these days after getting
JC> JC> booted off CompuServe for getting upset when he was
JC> JC> challenged on his bogus claims the Holocaust didn't happen.
JC> JC> Cut him some slack.

JC> > Odd! I've never seen any posting of Matt's that said that the
JC> > Holocaust didn't happen!

JC>      Actually, Matt claims that Jews were never gassed.

     I have said the evidence is not credible.  I have invited 
people to post credible evidence.  I never appear to get any.  I 
do get a lot of what people think is evidence but which is 
contrary to known reality.

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