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The following is section #2 in my BANNED MEDIA AND ORGANIZATIONS LIST 
contained on my:
                  WWW BANNED MEDIA PAGE

-There were NO gas chambers.  Mass gassings is part of the myth.
-Zyklon B was a commercially produced pesticide.
-Anne Frank died of Typhus as did most Jews in the camps.
-Six million Jews did NOT die.  Roughly 1 million did of 
  starvation and disease towards the end of the war.
-Thousands of German camp guards died of Typhus as well.
-There was no "Holocaust".  Germany had no program of genocide.
-Even after the Allies occupied the camps, many more thousands of 
 Jews died of disease.
-Heads were shaved to reduce lice infestation - the main cause of 
 Typhus. Clothing was deloused with Zyklon B.
-Cremation was the only safe way to dispose of a Typhus victims body.
-Jews the world over formally declared war on Germany in March of 1933.  
 Jews conducted an international trade boycott and attempted to wreck 
 the German economy.   
-When war broke out, Germany interred the Jews just as America did to
 the Japanese.  Had America been invaded and bombed to smitherines, many
 Japanese would also have died of starvation and disease.
-The "Holocaust" is the biggest propaganda coup ever fabricated. It is a lie.
 The reason the "Holocaust" was created was to prevent ANY and all criticism 
 of the Jewish theft of Palestine in the creation of Israel.  The 
 "Holy-Hoax" automatically made anyone who criticized Jews an "anti-Semite".  
-Anti-Jewish sentiment arose in Germany after World War I when it became 
 known that Jewish leaders had made a deal with Britian called the Balfour 
 Declaration.  With this agreement, England promised Palestine to the 
 Jews in exchange for Jewish guarantee to get the United States into
 the war.  Both are historical facts.  The "Holocaust" isn't.  
-It was claimed that 4 million Jews died at Auschwitz.  Then in the 1980's, 
 Jewish experts revised the number to 1.5 million, yet the 6 million myth
 was never changed!  With the fall of the Soviet empire, Russian archives 
 revealed that about 75 thousand perished at Auschwitz.  The lie about
 6 million remains!
-Not one reputable Jewish historian now claims that Jews were rendered into
 soap or made into lampshades.  In Atlanta GA at the Oakland Cemetery is a 
 tombstone with the inscription "Here lies four bars of soap, the only 
 remains of four Jews".  Total baloney! 
-The Holocaust never happened.  If you don't believe it, start reading.
WEB PAGES: These are the best www pages on revisionism.
Ernst Zundel's Voice of Freedom Page
Greg Raven's Revisionist Archive
Be Wise As Serpents (holocaust and anti-Gentile hatred)
This may be the only USENET group dealing with 
holocaust revisionism.
"Journal of Historical Review"  $40 yr - 6 issues
P.O.Box 2739  Newport Beach, CA 92659
Published by the Institute for Historical Review.  Highly touted.
(714) 631-1490.  Best revisionist publication extant.
Samisdat Publishers 206 Carlton St. Toronto, Ont. M5A 2L1  Canada
(ph) 1-416-922-9850  (fax);1-416-922-8614; Operated by Ernst
Zundel, the top holocaust revisionist in Canada. 
Books, Video tapes and radio/tv broadcasts.
"The Barnes Review"  130 Third Street SE Wash. DC 20003
Revisionist monthly. $38 yr/12 issues. Substantive.
CPA Books   PO Box 596   Boring, OR 97009
Send $3 for catalog. (503) 668-4941: inquiries. 
Liberty Bell Publications  PO Box 21   Ready, WV 25270
$1 for good book catalog with over 300 titles.
Sons of Liberty Book List  PO Box 449    Arabi, LA  70032
Christian Defense League. $2 for catalog.  
NS Publishers  PO Box 27486   Milwaukee, WI  53227
Send $1 for catalog. Excellent list of books.  
Noontide Press  P.O.Box 2719  Newport Beach, CA  92659 
(714) 631-1490.  $3 for a catalog. FAX:714-631-0981.
"Remarks Magazine"  P.O. Box 234  Aurora, NY  13026  
Edited by Jack Wikoff;
$20 for 6 issues/$3.50 copy. Published irregularly.
Wiswell Ruffin House   P.O. Box 236   Dresden, NY  14441
"Revisionist Researcher Magazine" $50 for 12 issues.  
Also:  books, Videos, and stickers.

Hoax of the Twentieth Century.............Arthur Butz
The Leuchter Report.......................Fred Leuchter
Did Six Million Really Die ?..............Barbara Kulaszka
Dissolution of European Jewry.............Walter N. Sanning
The Great Holocaust Trial.................Michael A. Hoffman II
Faurisson on the Holocaust................Robert Faurisson
The Holocaust on Trial....................Robert Lenski
Auschwitz: The End of a Legend............Carlo Mattogno
Innocent at Dachau........................Joseph Halow
Flashpoint................................Ingrid Weckert
Dachau: Reality and Myth..................John Cobden
The Man Who Invented Genocide.............James J. Martin
The Holocaust: 120 Questions & Answers....Charles E. Weber
Auschwitz.................................Wilhelm Staglich
Made in Russia: The Holocaust.............C.W. Porter
Six Million Lost and Found................Richard Harwood
The 'Confessions' of Kurt Gerstein........Henri Roque
The Holocaust Story - Lies of Ulysses.....Paul Rassinier
Auschwitz: Truth or Lie ?.................T. Christophersen
Forged War Crimes Malign Germany..........Udo Walendy

	Any additions or corrections or comments are welcomed.  Your 
thoughtfull input can help improve my page and my list.  Thanks.

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