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From Wed Jan  3 08:48:12 PST 1996
Article: 69666 of alt.politics.correct
From: Malcolm Anderson )
Newsgroups: soc.culture.british,,,uk.misc,uk.politics,alt.mens-rights,,alt.feminazis,alt.politics.correct,alt.discrimination
Subject: Re: BBC World TV's usual anti-male bias
Date: 3 Jan 1996 02:49:13 GMT
Organization: Netcom
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In <> Christine Boulby

>  I personally get entirely fed up with objectivity on tv.  There's no
>such thing anyway, its just a myth.

 It's a lie. The mass media are very biased in favor of preserving
patronarchist stereotypes.

  So if we have one woman presenter >who has a woman's eye view of
international events, I *will* watch it >if I know  its on.  Too bad I
missed it!
>  Sorry if my opinion doesn't dovetail with yours...

 The _key_ word here should be "_a_ woman's eye view of international
events". Repeat: _a_ woman's view. As an individualist feminist, I must
stress this: that there is _never_ "the" woman's view of _anything_ --
always _a_ woman's view. To speak of "the" female perspective (or "the"
male perspective) on anything only perpetuates patronarchist
stereotypes. And I'm against that! 

>  Chris Boulby
> in a gardener's world.

"The concept of 'greatness' entails being noble,
 wanting to be by oneself,
 being capable of being different, standing alone..." -Friedrich Nietzsche
"Identity is shaped through confict and opposition." -Camille Paglia

From Sun Jan 21 09:20:30 PST 1996
Article: 27859 of alt.conspiracy
From: Malcolm Anderson )
Newsgroups: alt.politics.libertarian,alt.feminazis,alt.slack,alt.discordia,alt.memetics,talk.philosophy.misc,cruzio.general,,alt.illuminati,alt.conspiracy
Subject: Re: Gestapo Bans Alt.Conspiracy
Date: 21 Jan 1996 08:20:32 GMT
Organization: Netcom
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>>>From: The Washington Times
>>page: A5
>>Date: January 11, 1996
>>Wiesenthal Center seeks Internet limits

 I will state my view of censorship in language that the Wiesenthal
Center can relate to:
 Big Brother is double-plus ungood.
"The concept of 'greatness' entails being noble,
 wanting to be by oneself,
 being capable of being different, standing alone..." -Friedrich Nietzsche
"Identity is shaped through confict and opposition." -Camille Paglia

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