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Subject: Re: The Jew-free A.S.T.
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bones725 ( wrote:
: > Introducing the 
: > Anointed Standard Translation of the 
: > New Testament

: Please don't take this the wrong way, but as the jews who helped write 
: the KJV did not bother to copyright the thang, I assume something as 
: judaic as a copyright on the Holy word of YHWH does not exist on the
: AST? One of the big problems of the NVs has been copyrights that make
: quotations a moral bitch.

     In a perfect world copyrights wouldn't need to exist.
     Copyrights are to protect the work from being reproduced and edited 
by malicious interests who wish to pervert or profit illicitly from a 
work they didn't produce.  Noah Webster was a champion of copyright law 
in earlier America.  I guess the KJV-only fanatics should dig up his 
bones and crucify him.  
     Why the KJV-only proponents insist that the KJV is somehow morally 
superior because it is copyright free by the simple fact that the 
original interests that produced it are so far removed from today to have 
any interest in preserving their rights to it is a non-issue.  The 
KJV-only fanatics today will seek any excuse to baptize the "Authorized 
Standard" as divine when it was nothing but a translation of MEN who were 
not perfect.  
     Anyone supporting any one version as perfect has a problem becuase 
they are holding up men instead of God.  We should be thankful that we 
have many different translations to contrast against each other.  The 
mere fact that there are so many proves the imperfection of ALL 
     The AST is another such translation that gives us more contrast on 
the origianl Word of God by offering another perspective with extensive 
footnotes and apendixes for learning about the flaws in many of our 
modern translations today and especially the KJV>
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Subject: Re: ISREAL-Identity FAQ
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FreshAgain ( wrote:
: Hey Dick, I said $100 for proof from an MA in linguistics or anthropology
: whose degree I can verify.

    Degree?  hahaha...   Facts determine truth, not degrees.  When the 
mind-numbing politically correct institutions set out to obscure reality 
and truth they censor ideas that don't fit the conclusions they have set 
out to prove as true.  Evolution being a prime example.  After decades of 
this lie, it is beginning to be exploded from with the very institutions 
that gave it life.

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From Wed Mar 13 23:08:31 PST 1996
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Subject: Re: $300 Dollars for Christian Identity Folks
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Date: Thu, 14 Mar 1996 02:18:44 GMT
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FreshAgain ( wrote:
: 2. Ron Schoedel claims on his home page that the Babylonian Talmud permits
: sex with three year olds.  I will give him $100 if he can cite Tractate,
: Section, Line and Verse.  I will not require him to provide the original
: Aramaic; a translation will suffice.

    Facts are Facts quotes this.  It can be found at:   (in the Library)

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From Mon Mar 18 17:53:54 PST 1996
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From: (Rick Savage)
Subject: Picking at SCABS...Judeo-style
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   -- Our Judeo-Fiction Heritage
        "If a man cannot forget, he will never amount to much" 
             --Soren Kierkegaard

     A recurring theme in Instauration is the judaization of America 
or words to that effect.  I suspect that most of us have some pretty 
vivid notions of what that means.  We could point to Jewish 
control of the media and finance (and degradation of same), Israeli 
influence on foreign policy, Holocaust sanctification, the 
predictable yammering of the ACLU and the ADL and Clinton's 
cabinet appointments and Supreme Court nominees.  
     More important are Jewish influences that are not just "alien" 
to us, but infect and transform us so completely we start to exhibit 
Jewish behavior.  Here we could mention hucksterism and fast 
bucksterism, the mounting rudeness and abrasiveness of daily life, 
an intolerable increase in conspicuous consumption while taste 
and restraint are nose-diving, the collapse of ethics, the 
proliferation of lawsuits and the over-emphasis on groins and 
loins in popular culture.  Jews may have blazed the trails, but all 
too many of us have followed them, almost oblivious to the fact 
that the aforementioned trails are anathema to an advanced 
     Another Jewish trait that permeates American society is the 
"Never Forget Syndrome."  I like to call it picking at scabs.
     There's a reason why your mother told you to leave your scabs 
alone.  First of all, it isn't polite to pick, your scabs in public.  
More importantly, if you leave the scabs alone, they eventually fall 
off.  In time, you'll never know a scab used to be there.  (Note that 
Melville's Captain Ahab -- a sorely wounded Gentile who suffered 
>from  the "Never Forget" syndrome -- was named after a Hebrew 
king.)  But no matter how big the scab, if you pick at it, it will 
never heal -- worse yet, it may become infected.  By choosing to 
pick scabs, the Chosen render themselves as pustulous as they are 
pushy.  And the contagion has spread to the Majority.
     From Freud to the latest Jewish headshrinker on the nonfiction 
bestseller list, Jews have achieved fame and fortune by convincing 
us to pick at every scab -- real or imaginary -- long after the injury 
-- real or imaginary.
     There is a two-step process at work here.  First you convince 
'em they're sick, then you sell 'em the cure!  It's an unbeatable 
     The Holocaust survivor is an all-too-familiar figure reaching 
back 50 years or more into his memory bank and bringing out 
atrocity after atrocity.  Ah, but now the Holocaust survivor has 
company -- lots of it.  And most of it belongs to the Majority.  
The semitized bestsellers and TV talk shows allow even the most 
seemingly normal person to major in victimology.  We have 
people claiming to have witnessed hundreds of murders during 
satanic rituals, though no remains are ever found.  Alien 
abductions are a real problem, but I'm referring to Latino 
carjacking, rap and murder, not abductions of the "Beam me up, 
Jose'" variety.
     The thousand and one shocks the flesh was heir to in Hamlet's 
time have grown apace.  Today we must be up to at least a million 
and one.  But you wouldn't have a clue as to what they are if you 
stuck to the TV talk shows that specialize in victim/survivors 
picking their scabs in public:
     - They called me fatso and hurt my feelings!
     - My dad never told me he loved me!
     - My parents use racial slurs when no one else is around.
     - They said I wasn't pretty enough to make the cheerleading 
     - My mother wouldn't accept my black boyfriend.
     - My supervisor fondled my buttocks!

     And the scabs of the fathers are visited upon the sons.  Note 
how we now have not only Holocaust victims but children and 
grandchildren of Holocaust victims -- perhaps not so surprising 
considering Yahweh's wrath toward not just evildoers but their 
offspring.  In the year 2025 will we tun in holograph sets and sit 
among a solemn talk show gathering of great-grandchildren of 
Auschwitz inmates?
     Don't bet against it.  Multi-generational whining is all the rage.  
We not only have Alcoholics Anonymous but organizations for 
the spouses and teenage children of boozers.  The gays and 
lesbians not only have their own organizations, so do their parents 
and children.
     One of the sorriest trends in pop psychology is the concept of 
pain sharing.  "I feel your pain," is now the equivalent of "I'm so 
sorry."  This is the height of idiocy.  Pain is to be RELIEVED, 
not shared, just as a disease is to be cured, not spread.  Would 
you want to share someone else's HIV virus or E. coli?  Perhaps 
this trend explains why we haven't quarantined AIDS victims.  We 
want to share their pain.
     Hard to believe that we used to be a hearty people.  Ask 
yourself if you or anyone you know would even attempt to cross 
North America in a wagon train.  AT the first broken wheel, we 
would sue the wheelwright.  Indian attack?  Sue the wagonmaster 
for not protecting us.  
     Have you ever noticed how that as Gentiles age they start to 
resemble Jews?  As the body ages and loses its tone, it assumes a 
wizened, shriveled look.  Many elderly people are complainers, 
evoking good old days when they had their health, before they 
made a lifetime of mistakes of the "If I knew then what I know 
now" variety.
     Catholics will literally light a candle rather than curse the 
darkness but Jews prefer the histrionics of the wailing wall.  
Curiously, they seem to do so not for the purpose of catharsis but 
for the perverse joy of wallowing in pain.  But Jews aren't the only 
ones with a wailing wall these days.  Have you seen those TV 
news stories of Vietnam vets at their own wailing wall -- the 
Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C.?  Is there anything more 
pathetic than the sight of a middle-aged white man in fatigues, 
blubbering away about his war experiences of a quarter century 
ago.   (Note that relatively few blacks are videotaped visiting the 
wall -- even though it's in the heart of D.C.!)
     Now I can hear someone objecting that the Vietnam Memorial 
is just the latest in a long line of war memorials.  Not so.  A 
generation after WWII, you didn't see veterans lingering around 
memorials to their war and bawling their eyes out.  You didn't see 
the mothers of dead soldiers still grieving.  Actually, it's not so 
much that the memorials have changed.  WE have changed.  
Generations ago people got on with their lives.  Now we're too 
busy picking at scabs.
     Thanks to a student deferment and a high draft lottery number, 
I was spared the Vietnam experience, so I may not be qualified to 
pronounce judgment on lachrymose vets.  Still, it strikes me their 
response is not normal.  Here I defer to a recently deceased 
WWII veteran who once described to me the three stages of 
combat grief:
     The first time you see a buddy get killed, it's "Oh, my God!  
My best friend!  He's dead!"
     The second time, it's "Oh, geez, too bad." 
     And the third time, it's "Whew, glad it wasn't me."
     Throughout the vast charnel house of history -- of wars, 
famines, plagues, natural disasters and changing neighborhoods -- 
there's mores than enough heartache to go around.  Most cultures 
provide a specified period of mourning, but in semitized America, 
we can never forget.  (We are, however, constantly advised to 
deep-six the Old South and the Stars and Bars, even though "Old 
times there are not forgotten.")  Too many of us have become 
emotionally disabled for life.  Note the terms "incest survivor" or 
"rape survivor" as opposed to "incest victim" or "rape victim."  
Well, why wouldn't you survive?  As brutal and repulsive as these 
activities may be, they are not usually life-threatening.  But the 
term "survivor" magnifies the seriousness of the wound and the 
deadliness of the perpetrator.  Anything to maximize sympathy.
     So let's look at the Holocaust afresh.  Forget the body count 
and let the Jews assert that Six Million Jews died in concentration 
camps.  Then let us utter the time-honored words, "So what?"
     Insensitive?  Maybe so, but the next time you're in a crowd, say 
at a stadium, a shopping mall, a subway concourse at rush hour or 
a beach on a holiday weekend, take a look at all the people within 
your field of view.  Out of the thousands that you see, every one 
will feel pain at various stages of his life -- guaranteed!  And every 
one will die -- guaranteed!  Black and white, Jew and Gentile, 
homo and hetero, male and female -- every last one of them.  But 
once the dead have been buried, it's time to abandon funeral dirges 
and funeral urges.  Listen, Hymie, they've made great progress in 
tattoo removal since you were in that camp.  You could at least 
cover it up with another tattoo, say, a heart with "My Yiddische 
Momma" emblazoned on it.  Whether the body count is 6 or 
6,000,000, they've been gone for almost 50 years.  So enough of 
those bladder-buster feature films (Swindler's List is a mere 195 
minutes.  The Sorrow and the Pity (1970) ran 260 minutes.  
Shoah (1985) lasted 503 minutes).  Of course, all three movies are 
routinely given four stars by the reviewers.  Could any group of 
people on this planet render abject misery in such wall-to-wall 
detail?  What other group would even try?
     As time goes by, it becomes all too easy to stockpile 
resentments and disappointments.  Some may be profound, others 
trivial.  But they mount up relentlessly and inevitably.  You can't 
totally ignore them but you can, in the current parlance, "Get a 
life!"  It is not that unusual to find people who operate under dire 
handicaps yet still remain cheerful and productive.  On the other 
hand, the chronic complainer usually has it no worse than 
anybody else.
     All females are victims/survivors to a large degree.  They 
surpass men in rote memory and have an uncanny ability to recall 
every slight, every insult.  Men tend to have more selective 
memories.  Women bruise easier than men -- emotionally as well 
as physically.  They are too thin-skinned, literally and figuratively.  
Men, with thicker skins (and thicker skulls, I can hear the distaff 
reader adding) can withstand pain better.  But you better not say, 
"Be a man!" to a male today.  That exhortation can get you in big 
trouble in some circles.
    The white man, at least if he is of Northern European descent, 
constantly derided by those of darker hue because he is too 
restrained, too repressed, too uptight, too anal retentive.  (Thank 
you, Sigmund, what would we do without such colorfully 
descriptive phrases.)  In view of the link between light-colored 
eyes and hesitation and inhibition, Nordics are constitutionally 
able to suffer pain in silence.  This may be the cause of our 
greatest failing.  Look at how patient we are with the depredations 
of minorities.  Ironically, despite Instauration's exaltation of 
Nordics, a serious white consciousness movement will probably 
have brown-eyed foot soldiers!
     Until recently, we didn't burden others with our tales of woe.  
The "stiff upper lip" used to denote courage.  Now the trembling 
lower lip is more common, as the worst examples of human 
wreckage are congratulated for their "courage" when they appear 
on talk shows and rip apart their old wounds on national 
television.  "Well," gushes the talk show host, "it certainly took 
COURAGE for you to come on our show and tell us how you 
were anally raped by inmates for twenty years at Leavenworth."
     The talk show circuit is heavily semitized, but the damage to 
Majority sensibilities doesn't stop with this kind of 
"entertainment."  Do you think we would have been treated to so 
many instant replays of Rodney King getting his comeuppance if 
the TV networks weren't run by the Chosen?  Would the rabble 
have responded so rabidly if the images in that famous blow-by-
blow videotape hadn't been seared into their collective 
consciousness?  If Rodney King had been Shlomo Schwartz, the 
videotape would still be running.
     The Jew is an emotional hypochondriac.  As he exerts more 
and more influence over our popular culture, the unique character 
of his tribe becomes more and more evident.  Originally, Woody 
Allen was going to call "Annie Hall" by another name:  
"Anhedonia."  This is a clinical term for an affliction in which an 
individual is unable to feel pleasure.  A born scab-picker, that 
     Whatever their accomplishments as scientists, Jews are not 
known as outstanding naturalists.  Too bad, because they could 
learn something.  Snakes shed their skin, birds moult, trees lose 
their leaves, cells die and are replaced by more dead skin.  This is 
renewal.  This is normal.  This is life.
     Note that blisters eventually give way to calluses if friction 
continues.  This is the normal course of events.  However, this 
does not mean that the subject must become callous.  The callus is 
designed to protect the blister from further injury.  The callous 
individual, despite the linguistic similarity, is generally someone 
who INFLICTS pain in others.  His best defense is offensive 
     Perhaps now we can see the unbridgeable chasm between 
Christianity and Judaism.  Christianity is life.  Judaism is death.  
We can argue forever about whether Christ was a Jew.  Either 
way, his teachings were aimed at Jews -- the people who needed it 
most.  "Look, you Jews, life doesn't have to be like this.  There's 
another way."  Perhaps this is the most compelling reason to 
believe that Christ was not a Jew.  If he had been, he would have 
picked at those Crucifixion wounds and they never would have 
     There is a long tradition of healing in Christianity and 
paganism.  I'm no Biblical scholar, but from what I remember in 
my readings, healing didn't play a big part in the Old Testament.  
Gnashing of teeth, rending of garments, beating of breasts, 
lamentations, and imprecations were common behavior patterns.  
Of course, in the New Testament, the Jews had a lot to complain 
about, since they were living under Roman occupation.  But since 
they weren't buying Christ's message, his apostles took it to the 
Gentiles.  Lazarus was literally brought back from the dead; the 
"live" Jews weren't so lucky.  The scales had to fall from Saul's 
eyes before he saw the light.  Then came the Diaspora, when Jews 
packed their bags and picked their scabs -- and they still haven't 
stopped.  Christianity, when transplanted to pagan cultures, 
frequently blends with the local beliefs.  Judaism and those who 
espouse it are unassimilable.
     The normal organism tries to avoid bodily distress.  Picking at 
scabs prolongs bodily distress.  It is an unnatural attempt to 
reverse the out-with-the-old, in-with-the-new process.  Worse, it 
increases the possibility of infection.  And infection, if not treated 
or held in check by a strong immune system, will eventually kill 
the organism.
     You have been warned.

- Judson Hammond, INSTAURATION, September 1994
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  Box 76, Cape Canaveral, FL 32920
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Racial Diversity 
(From the book: The Racial Compact -- A Call for Racial Rights, 
Preservation, and Independence, by Richard McCulloch) 

     There are different kinds of human variation.  Some 
differences are biological or genetic, others are cultural or 
environmental.  There are also different levels of human variation.  
Some differences are at the individual level, others are at the 
population or racial level.  The first distinguished us as separate 
individuals, the second distinguish a population of individuals as a 
separate race.
     In the system of biological classification called taxonomy a 
race is a subdivision or branch of a species, and a species in turn 
is a subdivision or branch of a genus.  All populations which are 
capable of interbreeding with each other and producing fertile 
offspring are considered to be members of the same species, 
regardless how great their differences or how distinct their 
relationship.  (Edward O. Wilson, _The Diversity of Life_ 
(Harvard University Press, 1992), p.38).
     A race is a population that can be distinguished as a distinct 
subgroup within a species by genetically transmitted physical 
characteristics.  It possesses a unique and distinct ensemble of 
genes, and is identified by the traits (both mental and physical) 
produced by this genetic ensemble.  Members of the same race 
share distinguishing genetic characteristics because they share a 
common genetic ancestry and a consequently similar genetic 
ensemble.  They are capable not only of producing offspring but 
of producing offspring who also share and continue their racially 
unique genetic ensemble and its distinctive traits and 
     Among non-human animal populations the degree of genetic 
differences between many species is far less than the degree of 
genetic difference between human races, and many of these 
species are biologically capable of interbreeding, but as they do 
not interbreed under natural conditions -- instinctively 
discriminating in selecting mates of their own kind -- they are 
classified as separate species.  
     There is variation among individuals in the degree of racial 
discrimination in selecting a mate.  Only a minority of 
INDIVIDUALS in any given generation interbreed with other 
races under conditions of extensive contact.  Over the course of 
generations all POPULATIONS end up mixed as the cumulative 
effect of a minority in each generation adds up to a majority -- and 
eventually a total population -- over a space of generations.)
     Traditionally, species and races have been identified by their 
morphological (external physical) traits and characteristics, and 
this is still the primary determinant, generally taking priority over 
others in the even of disagreement.  Other determinants of racial 
identity -- such as biochemical and molecular genetic analysis -- 
are usually consistent with the morphological identification when 
one allows for the extent of individual variation one can expect to 
find for these traits within a race.  
    The human genome or genetic code consists of about 100,000 
genes, each consisting of many thousands of "genetic letters," or 
nucleotide pairs of DNA (DioxyriboNucleicAcid), numbering 
three billion base pairs in total.  The interaction of these genes in 
producing genetic traits is often complex.  At least five different 
genes work together to determine skin color, and as many as 100 
work together to determine skin texture.)  All the human races 
share at least 99.5% of their three billion genetic letters in 
common, their genetic differences being limited to .5%, a 
proportion which represent about FIFTEEN MILLION genetic 
differences or mutations.  (Humans also share 98.4% of their 
DNA in common with Chimpanzees)
     This rich racial diversity of modern humanity owes its 
existence to geographic separation and the reproductive isolation 
this separation has preserved.
     In racial classification there is often a tendency to group a wide 
range of diverse racial types together into one race, attempting to 
contain all human racial variation within a few very broadly 
defined racial categories.  As a rule, what these broad racial 
categories gain in simplicity they lose in accuracy.  They can be 
regarded as useful only if they are recognized as a first level 
subdivision of species, or subspecies.
     Based on the nuclear DNA studies of Luigi Luca 
CarvalliSforza and his colleagues we can define 7 further 
branches of racial grouping or divisions.  The CONGOID 
subspecies of subSaharan Africa; CAUCASOID of Europe, Asia 
west of the Himalayas and Africa north of the Sahara; the 
NORTHEAST ASIAN of Mongolia, China, Korea and Japan; the 
AMERINDIAN, which branches from the Northeast Asians and 
migrated to the Americas; the SOUTHEAST ASIAN of 
Indochina, Burma, Malaya, Indonesia, and the Philippines; the 
PACIFIC ISLANDERS of Polynesia; and the AUSTRALOID of 
Australia, Melanesia and New Guinea.
    A branch of humanity can be regarded as a race only when its 
different genetic elements are sufficiently homogenous -- or 
genetically compatible -- that they can freely intermix without 
negating or diminishing their unique genetic ensemble and racial 
traits.  For example, the Caucasoid group includes such distinctly 
different and separate peoples as those of Sweden, Italy, Armenia, 
Egypt, Iran and India) it is clear that these groupings are too broad 
to be accurately defined as races, but should properly be regarded 
as subspecies -- or groupings of more or less related, but still 
distinctly separate, races within a species.
     Reproductive isolation, provided by geographic separation, 
made human racial diversity possible.  Reproductive isolation 
assures that those individuals who do reproduce will reproduce 
their own racial type, as it effectively limits their choice of partners 
to their own racial type.  This condition is required for the 
preservation of racial diversity.
     Even without considering the effects of interbreeding, 
geographic separation is required for the continued existence of 
all the different races in the long term.  If different races occupied 
the same territory the resulting competition between the races in 
the multiracial environment would have different effects on the 
races involved.  Some races might thrive in the multiracial 
environment while others would suffer a decline in population, not 
only in the relative terms of population share but also in absolute 
    (Note:  Gause’s law of Exclusion states that multiple animal 
species with the same requirements cannot coexist for any length 
of time in the same habitat.  All but one will eventually become 
extinct.  This law can also be applied to human races occupying 
the same territory, where the more successful race (usually 
measured by rate of population growth) eventually assimilates or 
replaces its competitors.)
     Thus the racial changes that occur in a multiracial environment 
tend toward a decrease in overall human racial diversity.  It is 
therefore misleading to identify a multiracial environment or 
society with racial diversity, as the long term effects of such a 
multiracial condition are actually to reduce and negate diversity.
     The ideology (or system of beliefs and values) that favors a 
multiracial social condition, or multiracialism, often describes this 
condition as "racial diversity."  It is a type of racial diversity, but a 
type which consists of mixing together in the same territory 
diverse races which previously were geographically separated, and 
whose diversity -- and existence -- was preserved by separation.  
This type of racial diversity that violates the conditions 
(reproductive isolation) required for continued preservation, 
creates the conditions (extensive contact) that promote 
interbreeding and the consequent destruction of racial diversity.  It 
is really a form of social diversity or racial diversity in a social 
sense.  But it in the biological or genetic sense it is anti-diversity, 
as its effects are destructive of the racial diversity.
     The two types of racial diversity (social & biological) should 
not be confused, as they are in fact incompatible opposites.  In the 
long term one cannot have both, as the social type is destructive of 
the biological type, nor can one be for both, as the promotion of 
biological racial diversity requires opposition to multiracial 
     The racial interbreeding that is an unavoidable consequence of 
a multiracial society does add a new element to social racial 
diversity in the form of the racially-mixed or hybrid offspring of 
different parent racial stocks.  But this hybrid element does not 
add to biological racial diversity.  It takes existing genetic 
characteristics from the different parent racial stocks and either 
mixes them into a new combination, blends them together into an 
intermediate form or, if they are recessive, diminishes or negates 
their occurrence.  These hybridized recombinations of racial-
genetic traits actually reduce, and are destructive of, biological 
racial diversity to the extent that they replace or deplete the parent 
racial stocks.
     The two opposing forces in the existence of races are the 
forces of life and death, or creation and destruction.  While there 
is only one creation of a race, there are many ways by which a 
race can die, many forces of racial destruction.  The racial 
destructive force of intermixture undoes, destroys or decreates the 
diversity of creation by blending different races together in a 
multiracial social condition descriptively and accurately referred to 
as a "melting pot."  The racially unique and distinct ensembles of 
genes are dissolved in the common blend and all distinctive traits 
and differences are destroyed and lost in a racial melt-down.
    The migration of vast numbers of people around the world, 
made possible by modern advances in transportation, has 
facilitated the development of multiracial societies and the 
transformation of many previously monoracial countries into 
multiracial ones.  As in many other areas of technology, 
transportation technology has advanced much more rapidly than 
our understanding of its effects, or the development of 
philosophical and moral concepts to deal with those effects and 
avoid those that are harmful.
    The implications of this vast bringing together of different races 
that had been preserved under conditions of geographic separation 
-- replacing reproductive isolation with its antithetical opposite, 
extensive contact -- are profound.  Yet these implications have 
received little attention or consideration.  If geographic separation 
of the races is replaced by multiracial social conditions it can be 
expected that racial diversity will be replaced by racial intermixture 
and result in a diminishment and loss in racial diversity.
     If those races which are most vulnerable to the effects of racial 
intermixture -- because of recessiveness of their genetic 
characteristics or the sensitivity of their reproductive behavior -- 
are subjected to multiracial conditions on a sufficient scale it is 
likely that they will become extinct, and their distinctive traits will 
be lost.  They will exist only in submersion with the  traits of 
other races, submerged in the multiracial blend or mixture  of the 
"melting pot."  The preservation of racial diversity requires  the 
preservation of the conditions of geographic separation that made 
and makes diversity possible.
     Under the impetus of two factors, modern transportation 
systems and a dominant destructive ideology, the age-old 
conditions of geographic separation are being destroyed.  The 
dominant ideology that promotes multiracialization of previously 
monoracial societies perceives the continued existence of different 
races as a matter of little or now value, importance or concern, or 
even with outright hostility as something to oppose.
     The Senegalese conservationist Baba Dioum said, "In the end, 
we will conserve only what we love."  If the world is to be made 
safe for racial diversity -- or safe AGAIN for racial diversity - its 
preservation will first have to be regarded as a matter of great 
value, importance and concern.  As we begin to have a sense of 
reverence for life in general, we should develop a reverence for the 
diversity of life, and particularly the diversity of human life.  As 
we have learned to regard that which promotes life as good, and 
that which destroys life as evil, so we should learn to regard that 
which promotes the diversity of life as good, and that which 
destroys that diversity as evil.  
     An effective racial conservation movement would depend upon 
a sense of appreciation and reverence for that which it sought to 
conserve.  Only under the protection of the ethical concept of 
rights -- in this case racial rights -- can racial diversity, the 
existence of different races, be protected and preserved in an age 
when this former protector, geographic distance, is no longer 
effective in preserving the condition of geographic separation 
racial diversity requires for its continued existence.  An ethical 
philosophy or racial preservation is needed to provide the diverse 
races with the protected habitats - the geographic separation which 
is the only effective barrier to interbreeding - that the fallen 
barriers can no longer provide. -- 

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