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From Tue Dec  3 08:45:14 PST 1996
Article: 115608 of alt.conspiracy
From: (Dan Sale)
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Subject: Re: Illuminati/Freemasons behind OJ murders!
Date: Sun, 01 Dec 1996 05:42:11 GMT
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>They are hiding Jesus' bones?  But Jesus rose from the grave, leaving no bones
>behind.  Please clarify!

I'm sorry. Again, I will clarify that this whole ordeal is to govern
the world with ancient stories, parables and myths, thus resulting in
metaphoric events. They are hiding SOMEONEs bones. I have reason to
believe that when they reveal them they will be presented to the world
as the bones of Jesus. But they will not be.


From Tue Dec  3 08:45:15 PST 1996
Article: 115609 of alt.conspiracy
From: (Dan Sale)
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Subject: Re: Illuminati/Freemasons behind OJ murders!
Date: Sun, 01 Dec 1996 05:46:16 GMT
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>ROFL...  Does he actually believe this?  ROFL....  

Note which part you don't believe and I will prove it beyond a shadow
of a doubt.

From Tue Dec  3 08:45:16 PST 1996
Article: 115752 of alt.conspiracy
From: (Dan Sale)
Newsgroups: alt.illuminati,alt.freemasonry,alt.conspiracy
Subject: Re: Illuminati/Freemasons behind OJ murders!
Date: Sat, 30 Nov 1996 03:03:20 GMT
Organization: Uknown
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>Any you are??? You know this stuff because, and if you are in a position to
>know this stuff, you are sharing it with us because what??? Not accepted as
>a member of the Masons? or better yet, not illuminati or probably just not

Nicole Brown Simpson was killed by the Japanese mafia. All of her drug
money from her restraunts etc. flushed through the Yakuza banks, all
of which are drug front operations. OJ owned a part in all of them and
Nicole owed money. There is a video filmed by agents who were already
monitoring the home that clearly shows people of oriental origin
killing Nicole Brown Simpson.
The DEA has California under foreign jurisdiction, thus making
California part of Japan. Ito's wife is Margaret York, the person
responsible for investigating police corruption in California. Is it
coincidence that Ito is Japanese? no. It is spitting in his face. They
kill his wife, he goes to court, sees the judge and sais "I'm
screwed."  And his new trial, who is the judge? Judge Huji Fuji Saki
(or whatever.)

The only freemason connection would be if there was any connection
between the italian mafia and japanese mafia..and I'm sure there
is..and the Italian mafia answers to the Pope, who is the Freemason
leader of the commandery known as the Knights of Malta, whom all have
taken a blood oathe to this man. They meet in masonic lodges all
around the world, sometimes with the Templars, who are hiding the Holy
Grail, the robe of Jesus,  Jesus's bones, etc. from the world.


From Tue Dec  3 08:45:16 PST 1996
Article: 115760 of alt.conspiracy
From: (Dan Sale)
Newsgroups: alt.illuminati,alt.freemasonry,alt.conspiracy
Subject: Re: Illuminati/Freemasons behind OJ murders!
Date: Sun, 01 Dec 1996 20:58:03 GMT
Organization: Uknown
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>those positions. If your basis in fact for these other claims are any
>where near as flawed, please do not call them fact. Speculation yes,
>but not fact. 

The Knights of Malta all carry diplomatic passes which exempt them
>from  the laws of all nations and clear them from undergoing customs
checks. The degree of Knight of Malta is one of the highest degrees of
Freemasonry and is endowed in the U.S. as an appendant order in a
Commandery of Knights Templar.  There is a ritual fastened to the
degree, but few hold the secrets of it. It is bestowed after the
candidate has been made a Knights Templar. The Knights Templar survive
both as a portion of the Illuminati and a degree within Freemasonry.
They are hiding the robe of Jesus, the Holy Grail, pieces of the Cross
of Crucifixion and someone's bones from the world. I know the
location. The Knights of Malta are the army of the Pope, and are sworn
to absolute compliance by a blood oath which is taken to the death.
The Pope, as the head of the Vatican, is also the head of a foreign
national power. This has nothing  to do with the Roman Catholic
religion, and everything to do with being a contestant in one of the
four major "player-organizations" for world authority -- those
contestants being British Freemasonry, French Freemasonry,
International Zionism, and the Vatican. As a member of the Knights of
Malta, and by virtue of  blood oath of compliance to the Pope, it is
obligated to uphold to the death the requests of the head of the Order
of the Knights of Malta --  Pope John Paul II -- over and above any
other allegience you may feel or pretend to feel toward any other
devotion -- such as a loyalty to the Constitution for the United
States of America. Those who are presently members of the Knights of
Malta must on punishment of death uphold those policies advocated by
the Vatican.  The polices which are espoused and proclaimed by Pope
John Paul II are as follows:

1.  End of sovereignty for the United States and other countries.
2.  End of absolute property rights.
3.  End of all gun rights.
4.  The new international economic Order (world government).
5.  The redistribution of wealth and jobs.
6.  Calls for nations to trust the United Nations.
7.  Total disarmament.
8.  Promote the United Nations as the hope for peace.
9.  Promote UNESCO, the deadly educational and cultural arm of the
10. Promote interdependence.
11. Support sanctions honoring Father Pierre Teilhard de Chardin --
the New
Age Humanist Priest.
12.  Support the belief that the economic principle of traditional
or Catholic social doctrine is the economic principle of communism.
13.  Promote the Pope as the acting go-between for the United States
and the
Soviet Union.

From Tue Dec  3 08:45:17 PST 1996
Article: 115907 of alt.conspiracy
From: (Dan Sale)
Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy
Subject: Knights templar/malta
Date: Mon, 02 Dec 1996 07:02:52 GMT
Organization: Uknown
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>apologize in advance.  Also some illumination on how you link yourselves
>with the Templar Knights would be nice.

The Knights of Malta have for almost a thousand years financed
military operations against countries and ideas determined to be a
threat to its power. It is a powerful reactionary organization who
were the actuality behind Henry Kissingers "The Meaning
of History", his current manifesto and tribute to the Knights ofMalta.
You may be suprised to learn that both Henry Kissinger and the Knights
of Malta financed the importation of Nazis into American central
intelligence, the military, and many industries, and this included
medical researchers, military scientists, some of these are the
founders of NASA ; 900 Nazis, including Hitler's top biological
weapons developer Eric Traub, were also sent to South America to work
on CIA projects. The Knights of Malta all carry diplomatic passes
which exempt them from the laws of all nations and clear them from
undergoing customs checks. The degree of Knight of Malta is one of the
highest degrees of Freemasonry and is endowed in the U.S. as an
appendant order in a Commandery of Knights Templar.  There is a ritual
fastened to the degree, but few hold the secrets of it. It is bestowed
after the candidate has been made a Knights Templar. The Knights
Templar survive both as a portion of the Illuminati and a degree
within Freemasonry. They are hiding the robe of Jesus, the Holy Grail,
pieces of the Cross of Crucifixion and someone's bones from the world.
I know the location. The Knights of Malta are the army of the Pope,
and are sworn to absolute compliance by a blood oath which is taken to
the death. The Pope, as the head of the Vatican, is also the head of a
foreign national power. This has nothing  to do with the Roman
Catholic religion, and everything to do with being a contestant in one
of the four major "player-organizations" for world authority -- those
contestants being British Freemasonry, French Freemasonry,
International Zionism, and the Vatican. As a member of the Knights of
Malta, and by virtue of  blood oath of compliance to the Pope, it is
obligated to uphold to the death the requests of the head of the Order
of the Knights of Malta --  Pope John Paul II -- over and above any
other allegience you may feel or pretend to feel toward any other
devotion -- such as a loyalty to the Constitution for the United
States of America. Those who are presently members of the Knights of
Malta must on punishment of death uphold those policies advocated by
the Vatican.  The polices which are espoused and proclaimed by Pope
John Paul II are as follows:

1.  End of sovereignty for the United States and other countries.
2.  End of absolute property rights.
3.  End of all gun rights.
4.  The new international economic Order (world government).
5.  The redistribution of wealth and jobs.
6.  Calls for nations to trust the United Nations.
7.  Total disarmament.
8.  Promote the United Nations as the hope for peace.
9.  Promote UNESCO, the deadly educational and cultural arm of the
10. Promote interdependence.
11. Support sanctions honoring Father Pierre Teilhard de Chardin --
the New
Age Humanist Priest.
12.  Support the belief that the economic principle of traditional
or Catholic social doctrine is the economic principle of communism.
13.  Promote the Pope as the acting go-between for the United States
and the
Soviet Union.

From Wed Dec  4 05:35:41 PST 1996
Article: 116520 of alt.conspiracy
From: (Dan Sale)
Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy,alt.politics.correct,,alt.politics.usa.constitution
Subject: Re: The Government is Coming!?
Date: Tue, 03 Dec 1996 21:48:47 GMT
Organization: Uknown
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>use against the citizens of the U.S.  He further stated that this will
>be to confiscate all guns and to imprison dissidents, the politically
>incorrect, and those that refuse to surrender their guns.  He said that
>some 130 concentration camps are being/have been built on active and 
>closed military bases.  He referred to these camps as slave labor camps.

You are correct. It will go something like this:
A terrorist tries to enter the U.S. with a nuclear weapon with plans
to blow up a city. Martial Law is declared. All
patriots/dissidents/etc. will be rounded up and taken to the
concentration camps.
As you may know, Bill Clinton signed the terrorist bill 1 year after
the Oklahoma City bombing. I predict that this will take place in
1997, near the anniversary of the Olympic park bombing.

From Wed Dec  4 16:17:05 PST 1996
Article: 116714 of alt.conspiracy
From: (Dan Sale)
Subject: Re: Masonic Lodge in Heinlein Novel??
Date: Tue, 03 Dec 1996 04:49:54 GMT
Organization: Uknown
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>: The Nature of Freemasonry does not permit the overthrowing of any
>: governments, organizations or especially religious organizations.

Incorrect. The degree of Knight of Malta is one of the highest degrees
of Freemasonry and is endowed in the U.S. as an appendant order in a
Commandery of Knights Templar.  The Knights of Malta have for almost a
thousand years financed military operations against countries and
ideas determined to be a threat to its power. It is a powerful
reactionary organization who were the actuality behind Henry
Kissingers "The Meaning of History", his current manifesto and tribute
to the Knights of Malta. You may be suprised to learn that both Henry
Kissinger and the Knights of Malta financed the importation of Nazis
into American central intelligence, the military, and many industries,
and this included medical researchers, military scientists, some of
these are the founders of NASA ; 900 Nazis, including Hitler's top
biological weapons developer Eric Traub, were also sent to South
America to work on CIA projects. 

From Sat Dec  7 10:59:25 PST 1996
Article: 117225 of alt.conspiracy
From: (Dan Sale)
Subject: Re: Masonic Lodge in Heinlein Novel??
Date: Fri, 06 Dec 1996 01:30:22 GMT
Organization: Uknown
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>Like I said before: Amonamon. 

That is a hideous name.

From Sun Dec  8 12:14:39 PST 1996
Article: 118058 of alt.conspiracy
From: (Dan Sale)
Newsgroups: alt.prophecies.nostradamus,alt.conspiracy,alt.illuminati,,alt.apocalypse,,alt.future.millennium
Subject: Galileo + Jupiter = New Star named 'lucifer'
Date: Sun, 08 Dec 1996 18:35:24 GMT
Organization: Uknown
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[The following may provide answers to those questioning
 the Galileo / Jupiter / new star thing..-DS]

From: "T Morgen" 
Subject: Re: 
Date sent: Fri, 6 Dec 1996 17:10:21 -0700

Thanks, Danny, I will check this out.
Is there a plan to 'land' or enter Jupiters' atmosphere?
If this was launched in 89, I would not be too concerned
about plutonium



> From: Danny Sale 
> To: T Morgen 
> Subject: Re: 
> Date: Friday, December 06, 1996 10:42 AM
> > Danny, I just read a message involving plutonium and the spacecraft
> > Galileo.  Could you tell me when Galileo was launched?  I don't 
> > remember that launch date.
> > Plutonium decays rather rapidly and more so in space into Amerisium
> > which will not detonate, yet is a very dangerous material. 
> > Please give me the launch date.
> > Thanks, Ted 
>  Launched in 1989, the Galileo spacecraft arrived at Jupiter on 
>  December 7, 1995 for a successful orbit capture around Jupiter.
>  You can get a view of Jupiter via Galileo at "Galileo Countdown",  


From: "Danny Sale" 
To: "T Morgen" 
Date sent: Fri, 6 Dec 1996 19:23:31 +0000
Subject: CAJI! Re: 

> Is there a plan to 'land' or enter Jupiters' atmosphere?

The following is the official word  from the Galileo FAQ - "General 
Questions" and was found under the term of "payload."  Location is: 
and again the official page is


What will Galileo do (or where will it go) after the two year mission
over? Will its power run out at that point? 

There are two possibilities for what will happen to Galileo after the
years of our primary mission are over in December of 1997. The first
is that
we will go into an "extended" mission and will continue observing
atmosphere, magnetosphere, and moons. For this to happen, the
must remain healthy with all critical parts working, we must have
propellant left to control our trajectory and keep the communications 
antenna pointed at Earth, and the project must be funded. 

If this is not possible, the spacecraft will be turned off and left in

orbit around Jupiter. 

In the past, many missions have been continued after their primary 
missions have ended (e.g. the Magellan mission to Venus, which
some exciting science well after its primary mission was over. Maybe
excellent scientific ideas can be planned for Galileo at the end
of 1998! 

Eventually, Galileo will run out of propellant, or the electronics on 
board the spacecraft will stop functioning because of damage from the
radiation around Jupiter, or NASA will choose to stop funding the
But Galileo will continue to orbit Jupiter for a very long time after
mission ends. Eventually, sometime between several hundred to a
years in the future (these things are very hard to predict), Galileo
suffer one of the following fates: 

   1.The spacecraft will impact one of Jupiter's satellites (most
   2.The spacecraft will impact Jupiter (less likely) 
   3.The spacecraft will escape Jupiter and go into solar orbit (much


#2 is suppose to occur I believe (NOT in several hundred to a thousand
years, rather December, 1999) thus creating the new star.


From: "Danny Sale" 
To: "T Morgen" 
Date sent: Fri, 6 Dec 1996 21:46:44 +0000
Subject: CAJI! More on Galileo / Jupiter

> Even if #2 were to occur, I don't understand how this would create a
> star?....
> Ted 

Galileo delivers the payload, igniting Jupiter. The Plutonium is
pulled in towards the center by gravity. The plutonium commences to
get smaller and compact, and begins to rotate because of conservation
of angular momentum. The plutonium forms into a disk. The disk
configuration keeps gas cloudlets from hitting each other. This is
known as a "protoplanetary disk." As the contral part of the disk
continues to contract, it gets warmer - when plutonium is compressed,
it gets warmer. Gravitational potential energy is turned into heat
energy. As the temperature goes up to several thousand K,
the protostar starts to radiate. The inside continues to heat up as it
contracts. When the center gets dense enough and hot enough ( a few x
106K), nuclear fusion begins. The central heat source stabilizes the
pressure, halting further contraction. Now the energy radiated is
supplied by nuclear fusion instead of further contraction. A star has
been born. 


From: "T Morgen" 
Subject: Re: More on Galileo / Jupiter
Date sent: Fri, 6 Dec 1996 21:02:15 -0700

Jupiter has 1400 times the volume of earth but is only 318 times more
massive. Thus, the mean density of Jupiter is about one-fourth that of
earth, indicating that the giant planet must consist of gas rather
than the metals and rocks of which the earth and other inner planets
are composed.
Spectroscopic observations from earth had demonstrated that most of
Jupiter's atmosphere is molecular hydrogen, H2. Infrared studies from
the Voyager spacecraft indicated that 87 percent of Jupiter's
atmosphere is H2, with helium, He, constituting most of the remaining
13 percent. Theinterior must have essentially the same composition as
the atmosphere in order to yield the low observed density. Apparently,
then, this huge world is made mostly from the two lightest and most
abundant elements in the universe, a composition similar to that of
the sun and other stars. Scientists collected a large amount of
information about Jupiter when fragments of the dying Comet
Shoemaker-Levy 9 crashed into the planet in July 1994. The collisions
stirred up the planet's atmosphere, heating interior gases to
incandescence and bringing them to the surface. Scientists captured
detailed images of these gases with telescopes located on the Earth
and in space. They used spectroscopy to analyze the gases inorder to
verify and expand knowledge about the composition of the  planet's
atmosphere. Jupiter radiates about twice as much energy as it 
receives from the sun. The source of this energy is apparently a very 
slow gravitational contraction of the entire planet, rather than the 
nuclear fusion that powers the sun. Jupiter would have to be almost 
100 times larger to have enough mass to ignite a nuclear furnace.
Plutonium decays into a substance that has no properties that would
cause such a reaction as you describe. Where did you get that
information from? 
Color me curious, for sure.


From: "Danny Sale" 
To: "T Morgen" 
Date sent: Sat, 7 Dec 1996 08:03:12 +0000
Subject: CAJI! Re: More on Galileo / Jupiter

> Danny,
> Jupiter has 1400 times the volume of earth but is only 318 times more
> massive. Thus, the mean density of Jupiter is about one-fourth that of
> earth, indicating that the giant planet must consist of gas rather than the
> metals and rocks of which the earth and other inner planets are composed.

Correct. It is these gases, as I stated, that will be warmed.. I
believe I made a mistake in the last message.. The plutonium creates
the protoplanetary disk and as it continues to contract the gasses
will be warmed. The second part of your message is the easiest part to


> fragments of the dying Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 crashed into the planet in
> July 1994.

This wasn't powered by plutonium...earlier you said that I shouldn't
have too much to worry about in regards to plutonium if Galileo was
launched in '89, and then proceeded to claim it has already turned
into some inactive non-property substance. The official claim by NASA
is that the plutonium is the BATTERIES of the craft .. If the
plutonium has changed into a non-property substance, then how is
Galileo even still in orbit?

From: "Harvest Trust" 
Subject: CAJI! Gallileo - what will happen?
Date sent: Thu, 5 Dec 1996 08:28:50 -0700
Send reply to: "Harvest Trust" 

In 1989 I queried NASA as to the fate of the Gallileo spacecraft at
the end of its mission... NASA replied that the last task of Gallileo
will be to photograph IO the closest moon to Jupiters surface.  After
that task is completed Gallileo will orbit Jupiter in a continual
decaying orbit until it finally plunges into Jupiter and is emploded
by the tremendous atmospheric pressure sometime in December 1999.

William Cooper
Director, Intelligence Service

> From: Danny Sale 
> To: T Morgen 
> Cc:


From: "Harvest Trust" 
Subject: Re: CAJI! More on Galileo / Jupiter
Date sent: Thu, 5 Dec 1996 08:22:01 -0700

I saw the Top Secret proposed plans for "Project Gallileo" in 1972
while a member of ONI.  I wrote about it in my book 'Behold A Pale

William Cooper


From: "T Morgen" 
Subject: Re: More on Galileo / Jupiter
Date sent: Sat, 7 Dec 1996 08:10:33 -0700

Dear Danny,

Galileo would remain in orbit as long as nothing disturbed it. And,
the way our government relays truthful information to us, perhaps it
already gone.  They don't care too much for letting us know about our
multi-million dollar experierments crashing into gaseous balls of
Plutonium decays into amerisium in a short time, while it can still 
provide some reactive power, the properties have changed in that you
longer have a nuclear device. The "maintenance"  on these warheads is 
what caused the end of the cold war. The soviet union ran out of money

before we did. Maintaining a nuclear arsonal is very expensive due the

above and there is nothing that can be done to change these physical 
facts.  This is the real reason the U.S. is willing to cut down on our
arsonal. We simply can't afford it either.
There was a time when the plutonium decay was so rapid, that the 
devices were not on the warhead for very long. That time has been 
extended some, but not by very long.  Back to Jupiter for a sec.....
Due to the lack of any real mass, even if Jupiter flashed off into a
of flames (due to some hydrogen compaction) all you would obtain from
it is a flash that would probably be seen for a few days or weeks, but
without any lasting effects of a sun. Our sun has a mass that supports
the continual generation of it's nuclear furnace and will eventually
of that necessary mass and become a dead star.  
Regards, Ted


From: "Danny Sale" 
To: "T Morgen" 
Date sent: Sat, 7 Dec 1996 17:06:28 +0000
Subject: Re: More on Galileo / Jupiter

> Galileo would remain in orbit as long as nothing disturbed it. 

This may be correct.. BUT.. the fact remains that Galileo was 
launched in 1989 and will not be "decaying in orbit'' until its last 
mission..which is yet to be completed. 

> Due to the lack of any real mass, even if Jupiter flashed off into a giant
> ball
> of flames (due to some hydrogen compaction) all you would obtain from
> it is a flash that would probably be seen for a few days or weeks, but
> without any lasting effects of a sun.

Someone recently speculated that we would be fried from the exposure. 
There is no way to tell, but, the intended outcome of the Galileo
project is
clear.  I'll email you January, 2000, if possible, and we'll see :)



From Mon Dec  9 16:42:21 PST 1996
Article: 118417 of alt.conspiracy
From: (Dan Sale)
Subject: Re: Masonic Lodge in Heinlein Novel??
Date: Mon, 09 Dec 1996 21:13:50 GMT
Organization: Uknown
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>I am glad others recognized this mans buffonery and had already made
>comment.  What a moron.  And last time I checked.... Knights of Malta
>aren't include in the Masonic order, neither in Blue Lodge, York Rite,
>Scottish Rite nor in Shriners.  

HAHA! woowoo!
keep it comin'..

From Tue Dec 10 06:57:39 PST 1996
Article: 118734 of alt.conspiracy
From: (Dan Sale)
Subject: Re: Masonic Lodge in Heinlein Novel??
Date: Sun, 08 Dec 1996 18:22:38 GMT
Organization: Uknown
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>Uh, Karl?  Howsabout we tell you that you're absolutely right and
>*you* move on, eh?  We have no more need for newsgroups idiots; those
>positions are being ably-filled by the like of Danny Sale, 

As I said, I can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt any information
contained within any post I have ever made.
You run from facts. That is your only problem.

From Thu Dec 12 06:05:41 PST 1996
Article: 119414 of alt.conspiracy
From: (Dan Sale)
Newsgroups: alt.freemasonry,alt.conspiracy,alt.illuminati
Subject: Top Secret Bilderberger Document?
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 05:26:04 GMT
Organization: Uknown
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Recieved the following e-mail today. Take it however, probably a fake,
I do NOT endorse it so don't put nothing on me - Im saving it to
determine it real or fake in the future. If all this occurs, well,
"stop the world, I wanna get off.."


Dan, I'm a hacker and found this on
 server (a local one).. 
Saw the word 'Bilderberger' on your page and thought I'd send this to
you .. I haven't read the information you have on your site but this
looks like a bunch of B.S.! Will send more if found.

>>Jim - We have already expressed a need for more plane crashes ; one 
>>MUST occur on August 18th, 1997. Anyhow, a quick rundown, no specific
>>order: -
>>1997 %%
>  %The sea will be greatly poisoned >% Hollywood will be completely 
>   remapped % many actors will 'commit suicide'   
>    % major accident at sea during television filming will kill over 
>    6 people (actors) - will be done by chinese triads 
>   % Major race boat tragedy, 5 killed in televised race (atleast 5) 
>//    % Michael Jackson 
>>  % Family member will be killed by George Bush - Michael will suffer
>      mental problems. %Chelsae Clinton presented with no self esteem. 
>    % Pope dies. % 50 people killed and 45 churches burn in religious war.
>%     2 major oil 
>   companies merge % Exxon merges with another due to strikes.
>  %New 'sexual disease' emerges. It will effect the skin/brain.
>  %serious accident with a nuclear submarine occurs.
>  %flowers will be cloned. 
>  %Top US and Japanese auto manufactures merge ; will produce electric
>   cars.  
> I already had this, David, and it was discussed in the meeting. I'll
> talk to you tomorrow night.

From Sun Dec 15 11:49:11 PST 1996
Article: 120532 of alt.conspiracy
From: (Dan Sale)
Newsgroups: alt.freemasonry,alt.conspiracy,alt.illuminati
Subject: Re: Top Secret Bilderberger Document?
Date: Sat, 14 Dec 1996 03:00:41 GMT
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>Uh, Danny?  You're not failing to live up to _my_ expectations of _you_; 
>_you_ are failing to live up to _your_ own capabilities!  

Who assigned these expectations? I NEVER fail at ANYTHING that *I*
attempt - in fact,  'ATTEMPT'  cannot exist when one has a goal - I
figured that out long ago. So, if I am not ATTEMPTING to do anything,
rather doing everything to the best of my abilities - why do you want
to re-write what is expected of me and what my capabilities are? 

>p.s.  "Socialist"?  *Moi*?  ROFLMAO!  You have no idea how absolutely
>ludicrous your comment is.  Maybe someday I'll explain it to you once you
>get a little older and wiser. 

You don't even see it. I give up.

From Tue Dec 17 10:10:46 PST 1996
Article: 524335 of talk.politics.misc
From: (Dan Sale)
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Subject: Re: Conspiracy Nuts WRONG AGAIN - TWA-800 an ACCIDENT, BOARD FINDS
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 1996 02:55:57 GMT
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>you are saying with anything and only a handful of nuts believe it's
>some mysterious streak of light that took the plane out. 

If all 100 people who viewed it were nuts, than thats a conspiracy in
itself.. who placed them there? You are so wrong.. so pathetic..
ANYONE who looks into it will come to no other conclusion. You
obviously are working with/for the elite in an effort to find people
who disagree with you and add them to a list.

>Considering you have put yourself voluntarily with the nut brigade I would suggest
>it is you that have little or no voice.

I just deal with facts. You bend things around your agenda and run
>from  facts like a dog being chased by a water hose with legs.
Furthermore,  Your lies are like wheat grains laying upon a fence
before a great flood. They will wash away with research.

From Tue Dec 17 11:28:45 PST 1996
Article: 121187 of alt.conspiracy
From: (Dan Sale)
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Subject: Re: Conspiracy Nuts WRONG AGAIN - TWA-800 an ACCIDENT, BOARD FINDS
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 1996 02:57:27 GMT
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>The investigator went on to say that the piping/fuel tank was hypothetical
>and not based on any evidence.
>Looked like you jumped the gun on this one....

As he always does. He has mind made up, let him live in his fantasy

From Wed Dec 18 15:48:12 PST 1996
Article: 121628 of alt.conspiracy
From: (Dan Sale)
Newsgroups: alt.current-events.usa,alt.conspiracy,,talk.politics.misc,alt.politics.usa.constitution,talk.politics.libertarian,talk.politics.guns,alt.politics.reform,alt.journalism,
Subject: Re: Conspiracy Nuts WRONG AGAIN - TWA-800 an ACCIDENT, BOARD FINDS
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 1996 00:54:50 GMT
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>My all time favorite theory was the friendly fire theory, I still get
>a good laugh on that one....braaaaaa-haaaaaa-haaaaaa

Well, there you go again. Again, Bob, 150 people saw a missle launch
off a boat and ram INTO TWA800. That is THEIR words ... Now, how is
that an unrelated incident?
The fact that you went out of your way to say the above tells me you
are a government agent who is singling out internet users who know the
truth. Facts keep getting pushed in your face, and you run - like a
little slobber baby - to your bed to throw the covers over your head -
you can't HANDLE the amount of truth coming from your monitor.

From Wed Dec 18 17:04:32 PST 1996
Article: 121685 of alt.conspiracy
From: (Dan Sale)
Newsgroups: alt.current-events.usa,alt.conspiracy,,talk.politics.misc,alt.politics.usa.constitution,talk.politics.libertarian,talk.politics.guns,alt.politics.reform,alt.journalism,
Subject: Re: Conspiracy Nuts WRONG AGAIN - TWA-800 an ACCIDENT, BOARD FINDS
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 1996 02:01:21 GMT
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>3 people at best made a comment to that effect, most said they saw a
>streak of light and did not say they saw it hit the plane. I notice
>you add a little detail with each iteration, now they saw the boat

   "We saw what appeared to be a flare going straight-up.
     As a matter of fact, we thought it was from a boat..."
 ABC World News, 07/21/96

   "Several witnesses...saw a bright, flare-like object streaking
     toward the jumbo jet seconds before it blew up. ABC News
     said yesterday that the investigators had more than 100
     eyewitness accounts supporting the missle theory."
The Washington Times, 07/24/96
    "Law-enforcement sources said the hardest evidence
      gathered so far overwhelmingly suggests a surface-to-
The New York Post, 09/22/96

There... That alone proves everything I've said and shows you to be
the liar you are. These quotes and much more are available via the
excellent research of Ian Goddard at

>ROTFLMAO - That is the greatest Dan!, thanks I have not had a solid
>belly laugh like that in a while. You must really feel yourself as
>important to think that the Government is taking time out to dispute
>your "truths" hahahahahaha, it's just too funny,Dan hehehhehe

Keep it coming,  Agent X.

From Thu Dec 19 06:10:55 PST 1996
Article: 121725 of alt.conspiracy
From: (Dan Sale)
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Subject: Re: Conspiracy Nuts WRONG AGAIN - TWA-800 an ACCIDENT, BOARD FINDS
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 1996 02:02:51 GMT
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>No one is saying that it is a major design flaw, this was an old plane
>it would be good to catch an age related failure now then have to lose
>another plane. 

Sorry, no evidence to support this. You are invalid. I have 150+
witnesses backing my theory up. You have nothing. Absolutely,
postiively nothing. I suggest you quit dealing with fabrication and
start dealing with fact. Then and only then will you get to the truth.

From Thu Dec 19 06:10:58 PST 1996
Article: 121808 of alt.conspiracy
From: (Dan Sale)
Newsgroups: alt.current-events.usa,alt.conspiracy,,talk.politics.misc,alt.politics.usa.constitution,talk.politics.libertarian,talk.politics.guns,alt.politics.reform,alt.journalism,
Subject: Re: Conspiracy Nuts WRONG AGAIN - TWA-800 an ACCIDENT, BOARD FINDS
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 1996 01:54:05 GMT
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>And I'm tickled that you take anonymous FBI sources so seriously,
>especially when they happen to coincide with your preformed point
>of view.

I am just saying that that is the ONLY evidence as to the cause of the
explosion. And, yes, when it is all over with, it will be the only

From Thu Dec 19 10:19:08 PST 1996
Article: 121986 of alt.conspiracy
From: (Dan Sale)
Newsgroups: alt.current-events.usa,alt.conspiracy,,,,alt.politics.correct,,alt.politics.clinton,alt.president.clinton,,talk.environment,talk.politics.misc,alt.politics.usa.misc,alt.politics.libertarian,alt.politics.usa.congress,alt.politics.usa.constitution,alt.politics.usa.newt-gingrich,talk.politics.libertarian,talk.politics.guns,alt.politics.democrats.d,alt.politics.reform,talk.environment,alt.journalism,
Subject: Re: Conspiracy Nuts WRONG AGAIN - TWA-800 an ACCIDENT, BOARD FINDS
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 1996 01:51:49 GMT
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>   I am getting the feeling that people are telling the same story, blowing
>it up each time to make it more convincing. 

My quotes come from the FBI. 

"The FBI sais it has received 150+ calls from eyewitnesses who saw a
flare rise up into the air and into TWA800, causing it to explode. The
FBI does not have any evidence towards the rumors.."

Ha. What a quote. 
I honestly hope they come to the conclusion that they 'will never know
what caused the crash of TWA.." because it will display the ultimate
amount of crap they dish out ; "We have no evidence.. EXCEPT for the
witnesses. So we don't know what happened."

From Thu Dec 19 15:24:01 PST 1996
Article: 122064 of alt.conspiracy
From: (Dan Sale)
Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy,alt.disasters.aviation
Subject: Re: Boeing and TWA join the plot!
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 1996 02:19:51 GMT
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>This simply adds more evidence of a huge conspiracy involving
>hundreds or thousands of people.  Boeing and TWA were more than
>willing to take the fall so that the Navy would not have to
>admit a mistake.  In fact, they were each clamering to be
>seen as more at fault.

Definately. They knew it was going to happen. All of those in the
cockpit, including the pilot, and all those who WORKED on the plane
knew it was going to happen and knew they were going to die days
before it occured. Ian Goddard has an amazing FACT file on TWA which
basically proves beyond a shadow of a doubt a missle blew up TWA ..
and it's pretty much in the NWO's words. I don't understand how they
can deny it.

From Fri Dec 20 18:50:04 PST 1996
Article: 122542 of alt.conspiracy
From: (Dan Sale)
Newsgroups: alt.current-events.usa,alt.conspiracy,,,,alt.politics.correct,,alt.politics.clinton,alt.president.clinton,,talk.environment,talk.politics.misc,alt.politics.usa.misc,alt.politics.libertarian,alt.politics.usa.congress,alt.politics.usa.constitution,alt.politics.usa.newt-gingrich,talk.politics.libertarian,talk.politics.guns,alt.politics.democrats.d,alt.politics.reform,talk.environment,alt.journalism,
Subject: Re: Conspiracy Nuts WRONG AGAIN - TWA-800 an ACCIDENT, BOARD FINDS
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 1996 03:16:58 GMT
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>Look at the Atlanta bombing situation.  Months after the event, the FBI is asking
> for photos and other information that might show the bomber. 

More complete disinformation from the online socialist agents who are
hell bent on bringing up irrelevant events and circumstances in order
to shape their new world orderist agendas..  2 ATF paid agents (Danny
and Kevin Barker) have already gone to court and testified that the
ATF had a plan to set a bomb off at the OIympics and frame the Georgia
Militia. Despite the 2 agents failed attempts to plant pipe-bombs on
the properties of the militia members, the bomb still went off. MANY
were already awaiting this bomb to go off and it had absolutely
positively nothing to do with domestic terrorism. It has to do with
trading freedom for security. NOBODY - not the milita, nor the right
wing, nor the christians, nor the nazis,  nor anyone you may want to
blame it on - would benefit or EVER CLAIM to benefit from terrorist
acts. Why?- the only result of these acts are more laws pushing us
further and further into marshall law. Wake up and find out what the
reason for all these events are.
On the one-year anniversary of the Olympic Park bombing, a terrorist
will threaten to blow up a city with a nuclear weapon. Marshall law
will be declared. 

From Sat Dec 21 11:54:29 PST 1996
Article: 122616 of alt.conspiracy
From: (Dan Sale)
Newsgroups: alt.freemasonry,alt.conspiracy,alt.conspiracy.jfk
Subject: Re: JFK on secret societies
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 1996 02:45:42 GMT
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>Now read the second version again and remember the People's Temple in
>Guiana, The millions killed in the Crusades by Torquemada and his
>henchmen, Medical clinics blown up and Doctors butchered, and other
>"holy wars" and "Christian acts" that have caused untold death and
>suffering at the hands of those calling themselves Christians.

Yeah, there you go again citing Jim Jones, ex-CIA agent and leader of
the People's Temple as a Christian. As I said before, noone is allowed
to launch any enterprise - including the likes of a commune - in
Guyana without Prime Minster Forbes Burnham's approval. Burnham was
openly put into power with the CIA's money and that is why the commune
was moved there, to monitor Burnham. People laugh about this until I
ultimately shake their world up by proving beyond a shadow of a doubt
that the 'person formally known as Jim Jones' is still alive.

(2 Tim 4:3 KJV) "For the time will come when they will not endure
sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to
themselves teachers, having itching ears;" 
(2 Tim 4:4 KJV) "And they shall turn away their ears from the truth,
and shall be turned unto fables." 
(1 Tim 1:4 KJV) "Neither give heed to fables and endless genealogies,
which minister questions, rather than godly edifying which is in
faith: so do." 

From Sun Dec 22 11:35:36 PST 1996
Article: 123025 of alt.conspiracy
From: (Dan Sale)
Subject: Re: ID4 = Sick Propoganda?
Date: Sat, 21 Dec 1996 03:03:24 GMT
Organization: Uknown
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>I got to see the movie on video last night and I think it is the worst 
>piece of Hollywood garbage ever. The whole concept of the USA defeating 
>an aliens of super-technology just beacuse 'hey we are Americans dude' 
>would be funny, if it was not so sick. 

Did you notice the American flag at the end? It had no stars. The film
is a documentary of what is going to happen. Millions of spaceships,
sooner or later, will invade. When it is over with, one man will be
credited to 'saving the world' - he will be the antichrist. Remember,
everyone is going to like the antichrist. My guess is that this will
happen soon, because the next Pope will be a 'tool' of the antichrist
- and the current Pope is suppose to die next year, according to
prophecy. If my research is correct - and it is - close to the one
year anniversery of the Olympic Park bombing, the Pope will die. Soon
after, a terrorist will threaten to blow up a city with a nuclear
weapon. Martial law will be declared. Patriots will be rounded up and
put in concentration camps. Spaceships will land, and one man will be
credited to 'saving the world' and will be crowned 'king of the
world.' The world will then be ready to deal with the unveiling of
(false) hidden documents within the Great Pyramids and they will be
unearthed at the beginning of the year 2000. Simutaneously, NASA's
spaceship GALILEO will deposit it's 40 something % payload of
plutonium into Jupiter's gaseous atmosphere and will create a second
sun - the same second sun many new agers who follow prophecies under
false-pretenses are awaiting. The new sun will deter the coming
ice-age and possibly cook us like french fries.

>Are we Americans so sad and devoid of culture and sophistication that we 
>wrap our hopes and aspirations around a piece of garbage like ID4? What 
>is wrong with our society that we cannoot see that our nation is now a 
>totalitarian state controlled by two ultra-right wing political parties 
>using Hollywood, Wall Street and the defense indutry to turn us into a 
>society of docile sheep? How did we let his happen?

It has nothing to do with ultra-right wing political parties and
everything to do with the governing and indoctrination of man through
the use of mysteries, fables, parables, myths and stories. When one
reads into secret societies and the dramas they embody, one can
correctly predict the outcome and results of current events, because
they follow a very distinct pattern.


From Mon Dec 23 08:20:56 PST 1996
Article: 123387 of alt.conspiracy
From: (Dan Sale)
Subject: Re: ID4 = Sick Propoganda?
Date: Sun, 22 Dec 1996 02:47:24 GMT
Organization: Uknown
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>>10 to 1 says you're wrong.

>Careful there..."Soon" is a relative term.   If this guy thinks "soon"
>is a hundred years, he may have a shot at it.

Let me be more specific. The Pope will die soon before or after Hale
Bopp makes its appearance in the skies. It WILL be in 1997 that
martial law is declared. Spaceships will land and someone will save
the world. In 1999, a madman will reak havok upon the world and the
coming of the Empire of Mars will put a damper on all (or most)
millenium festivities..

>>Sorry... not enough mass. 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 to 1 against.

Your wrong - and, I have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that there
is no way that Galileo WOULDN'T create a new star, or, second sun,
when it slams into Jupiter. But, as I said, the second sun is going to
oscillate the coming ice-age and possibly fry us all. So even if we
aren't fried, we may be frozen.

>>Well, Mr. Correct-predictor-of-outcomes, I look forward to seeing you
>>put your money where your mouth is.  I'd really like to take you up on
>>that Jupiter into a sun thing... heh, heh, heh.

I already have two thousand-dollar bets on it. The proof of the plan
can be obtained via the Freedom of Information Act. The above
predictions are highly feasible and will be the ONLY way 'New World
Order' will be pulled off for this coming millenium. I will write a
complete essay on the future and upload it to site mentioned above.


From Wed Dec 25 15:43:43 PST 1996
Article: 123582 of alt.conspiracy
From: (Dan Sale)
Newsgroups: alt.illuminati,alt.conspiracy
Subject: U.S. Tri-colored Money
Date: Sun, 22 Dec 1996 18:13:28 GMT
Organization: Uknown
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Message-ID: <59jk9i$>
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Xref: alt.illuminati:20957 alt.conspiracy:123582

I heard that green money is about to be done away with and tri-colored
money is going to be put into circulation soon. Anyone else hear this?

From Wed Dec 25 15:43:44 PST 1996
Article: 123648 of alt.conspiracy
From: (Dan Sale)
Newsgroups: alt.politics.usa.misc,alt.conspiracy,alt.current-events.usa,alt.politics.reform,,alt.politics.democrats.d,talk.politics.misc,talk.politics.guns,,alt.politics.usa.constitution,alt.politics.usa.congress
Subject: Re: Govt. Terrorists Continue to Burn Churches
Date: Tue, 24 Dec 1996 06:09:52 GMT
Organization: Uknown
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>Our anti-American government needs to quit burning those
>churches, in their efforts to divide and conquer us.  If they
>continue they should at least burn some synagogues, inorder to
>make it appear racially motivated.

The burning and re-constructing of churches is symbolic of the death
and the renewal/rebirth of the gods of the hidden Mystery religion so
that the new churches (or, 'childs') can be properly placed into
Global status. Sounds wierd, but the fact that CNN stated this ('As a
symbol of renewal, and rebirth..') using PRECISE DIALOGUE from The
Mysteries in advertisement of a television special regarding the
subject tells me way more than I need to know... Somebody is studying
it, believing it, and applying it..


From Wed Dec 25 15:43:44 PST 1996
Article: 123878 of alt.conspiracy
From: (Dan Sale)
Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy
Date: Tue, 24 Dec 1996 06:11:55 GMT
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>     No,  but she's naked on my web page along with Anna Nicole Smith,
>Claudia Schiffer and more.


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Subject: TWA Explosion was a Display of Greek Mythology
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1996 - The year we were ruled by Greek Mythology.

       Athens, the capital of Greece, was the first site of the first
modern Olympic Games.The second site was Paris. In Greek Mythology, a
tournament took place in which Zeus chose a man by the name of Paris
to select who was to be goddess. TWA800 came from Athens, Greece and
was enroute to Paris, France...
This godess in Greek Mythology was an 'inaugurated by  the flame' as a
torch was delivered to her and held at '45' degrees instead of
directly upward. She was then considered godess over the "Apple of
Discord."... TWA 800 was downed minutes after taking off from New York
City, the "Big Apple", where at 40.5 degrees the Statue of Liberty
holds a huge burning torch.... Athens, Greece and Atlanta battled to
become the site of the 1996 Olympic games... Atlanta won, and is
located 45 degrees below the Big Apple, New York City, or, the 'Apple
of Discord.'

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>Seriously, why not? It certainly could very well been hit by a meteor. 

Incorrect...The reason WHY it was done will clearly tell you it was
done on purpose.. the TWA 800 explosion was a re-inactment of an
ancient story delivered to you to explain why ATLANTA was chosen to be
the site of the 1996 Olympic games... 

Athens, the capital of Greece, was the first site of the first Olympic
games. The second site was Paris. In Greek Mythology, a tournament
took place in which Zeus chose a man by the name of 'Paris' to select
who was to win and be proclaimed goddess.. A torch was given to this
goddess and held at '45' degrees instead of directly upward.. She was
then considered godess over the "Apple of Discord."

TWA 800 came from Athens, Greece and was enroute to Paris, France. It
was downed minutes after taking off from New York City, the 'Big
Apple,' where at 40.5 degrees the Statue of Liberty holds a huge
burning torch... Athens, Greece and Atlanta battled to become the
location of the 1996 Olympic games... ATLANTA WON...

The explosion of TWA 800 was the delivering of the burning torch to
the winning candidate, Atlanta, which resides 45 degrees below the
'Big Apple,' New York.

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>> : Illuminati? There is no such organization. The offending poster shall be
>> : eliminated.

"Illuminati" refers to all secret societies collectively - Freemasons,
Eastern Star, Golden Dawn, Sovereign Military Order of Malta, etc.

The Bavarian 'illuminati' was just a group alloud to flourish within
Freemasonry in the 1700's. Nothing more. They are gone.

>> They exist, but I don't think that they run the country.  

Secret societies throughout all of time have governed man by applying
ancient stories, fables and dramas to every-day occurances in order to
appease Osiris, Zeus, etc.. etc,,

>America is run by the Masonic conspiracy. They're also in cahoots with the Trilateral 
>Commission and the Federal Reserve.

America is not RUN by the Masonic conspiracy. MAN is GOVERNED -
socially, politically and religiously - by stories (myths) from The
Mysteries - and those who practice it (The masonic lodge is but one
repository) create the correct climates necessary to work towards 'The
Plan'. Don't call it a conspiracy - it's all being done right in front
of your eyes, out in the open - and, you are paying for it!


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Subject: "The Lion King"
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More at


	Tape No. 466:  "The Lion King"
	Friday, October 21, 1994
        [Originally Broadcast September 27, 1994]

ANNOUNCER:	Lights out on the hour!  It is the hour of the time!
Lights out
for the curfew of your body, soul, and mind!

COOPER:	You're listening to "The Hour of the Time".  I'm your host,

Something's going wrong here, folks.  I don't really....  There we go.
I know what it is.  OK.  So I can put this back up here.

Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, make sure you have pen and paper
because I'm
going to explain to you something that you weren't aware of, but that
should be aware of.  It will demonstrate the degree of propaganda and
preparation that those who are bringing about the New World Order are
engaged in, in order to prepare the public.  And a good portion of it,
ladies and gentlemen, is aimed directly at the children of the world.

If you took your children to see "The Lion King", you will be
interested in tonight's broadcast; for tonight I'm going to give you
true meaning of that movie.  And I'm going to tell you exactly what
taught to your children.  Even though they may not realize it, even
they may not understand it at their tender age, and even though most
of the
parents in the world who have attended the showing of "The Lion King"
had no
idea whatsoever what it was that they were watching, tonight you're
going to
out.  And when you do find out, I can assure you most of you will be

Walt Disney was a 33rd Degree Freemason of the Scottish Rite.
Disneyland in
Anaheim, California has an address of 1313 Anaheim Blvd. [sic - Harbor

Unless you understand the symbolic meaning of The Mysteries and the
symbology of Revenge of the Templars, you may may not give
much importance to that address.  But those of us who know, do. 

Walt Disney was a very famous Anglophile who was in bed with the FBI
and the
intelligence community, and spied for most of his life on his fellow
movie-makers in Hollywood.  

We know that in 1958, for one year, there was a colloquium of the
scientific minds in the United States gathered over several meetings
that year to discuss the exploration and colonization of the moon and
At every one of those meetings were representatives of the Walt Disney

Now, you may not really understand what this is all about yet.  But I
assure you, before tonight is over, you'll understand at least a part
of it.


COOPER:	I'll get this right sooner or later.  I'm going to read some
to you, ladies and gentlemen, from Genesis, Chapter 4.  

I want you to pay close attention, and I want you to understand that I
necessarily subscribe to everything that you're going to hear tonight
as my
personal beliefs.  I'm just going to tell you the message in "The Lion
King".  Whether you believe it or not is up to you.  But the people
who are
bringing about the New World Order believe it, I can assure you.  

The opposing forces engaged in this battle all agree that they will
have a
one-world government.  The only point of contention is which one of
opposing forces will sit upon the throne of the world.

One believes that they are protecting, and will hold forth, a king
>from  the House of David and thus related directly by blood to Jesus
He will hold the titles of the King of Jerusalem and Holy Roman
Emperor.  He
will be a direct descendant of the Merovingian bloodline of the kings
of France.

One of the others is to believe to be the direct bloodline descendants
Cain.  And they plan to seat their king upon the throne of the world.

And then, of course, there is the Vatican which, I guarantee you, will
one or the other of the first two when all the dust has settled.

I read from Chapter 4 of Genesis.  And, just so you'll understand the
difference in names, this is from the "Restoration of Original Sacred
Bible"--not because I think this Bible is any better than any other,
because, in preparation for this show, this was the Bible that I
grabbed off
the shelf, and it's exactly the same as every other Bible that most of
are familiar with except for one thing:  it has revised the names to
the original pronunciation and meaning.

I'm going to start in Chapter 4, Genesis, Verse 8.

	[Genesis 4:8-16]

	Verse 8:	And Cain said unto Abel his brother:  Let us go into the
And it came to pass when they were in the field that Cain rose up
Abel his brother, and slew him.

	Verse 9:	Then said Yahweh unto Cain, Where is Abel thy brother?  And he
said, I know not:  the keeper of my brother am I?

	Verse 10:	And he said, What hast thou done?  With a voice the
shed blood of
thy brother is crying out to me from the ground.

	Verse 11:	Now therefore cursed art thou from the ground which
hath opened
her mouth to receive the shed blood of thy brother at thy hand.

	Verse 12:	Though thou till the ground, it shall not go on to
give its vigor
to thee.  A wanderer and a fugitive shalt thou be in the earth.

	Verse 13:	And Cain said unto Yahweh, Greater is my punishment
than I can

	Verse 14:	Lo, thou hast driven me out this day from off the face
of the
ground and from thy face shall I be hid; so shall I become a wanderer
and a
fugitive in the earth, and it shall come to pass whosoever findeth me
slay me.

	Verse 15:	And Yahweh said to him, Not so.  Whosoever slayeth
sevenfold shall it be avenged.  So Yahweh set for Cain a sign that
finding him should smite him.

	Verse 16:	So Cain went forth from the presence of Yahweh and
dwelt in the
land of Nod, eastward of Eden.

And that's where I stop at this portion and I, in the interest of
time, will
explain to you some of the rest of the story.

According to the Bible, one of the direct descendants of Cain was a
named Nimrod.  A man named Nimrod.  Nimrod, ladies and gentlemen, set
up the
first civilization, became the first king in what was known as the
Age.  He built the Tower of Babel.  He brought together all the
religions and melded them with politics.  He was indeed the first

He had a college in Babylon--for that was the city that he built.
college was the first Lodge of what is now known as Freemasonry.
Indeed, if
you read the books written by prominent Freemasons throughout the
history of
Freemasonry, they refer to Nimrod as the first Grand Master of the
Lodge, and that he loved Freemasons, and had many hundred Freemasons
his rule.

In Genesis, Chapter 49, Verse 9, listen carefully as I quote:

	[Genesis 49:9-12]

	Verse 9:	A lion's whelp is Judah:  from the prey, my son, hast thou
up.  He hath stooped, hath crouched as a lion or as a lioness:  who
rouse him?  

	Verse 10:	The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor the
staff from between his feet, until that he come in as a Shiloh, and
his be
the obedience of the peoples.

	Verse 11:	Binding to the vine his ass; unto the choice vines his
colt.  He hath washed in wine his raiment, and in the blood of grapes

	Verse 12:	Darker his eyes than wine, whiter his teeth than milk.

And that is where I stop reading there.

In "The Lion King", the first scene is the rising sun in the east.
rising sun in the east.  And the sky is golden, setting the stage for
Golden Age for the ancient peoples--the ancient city, the ancient
kingdom--which all the secret societies say they will return the world
very shortly.  The Golden Age:  the age that, in reality, ladies and
gentlemen, never existed.  But it exists in their minds, and it is a
way to
manipulate these people to work toward that worldly utopian dream.

And you see, all the animals are coming from everywhere.  All the
animals--denoting the different races--to pay homage at Pride Rock.
throughout the history of all the religions, there is the rock that
present at the foundation of the world.

	"...upon this rock I build my church;...." 
	[Matthew 16:18]

Under the throne of the Queen of England there is a rock.  The
importance of
Pride Rock is evident.  

Pride Rock is in the east, for indeed, the sun rises behind it.  In
east, sits the Master of the Lodge.  Pride Rock is in the shape of a
pyramid.  It also represents the Ziggurat, or Tower of Babel.

And a great commotion is heard:  something is happening.  And all of
animals from the plains of Africa gather around this rock. Remember at
Mecca:  all of the Islamic followers go to Mecca to march in circles,
circumambulate around a rock.

It seems that a baby is born, a new prince, a Lion Cub that will
become the King.  This Lion Cub is handed over to what appears to be a
baboon or a monkey, but it is not, I assure you.  And this baboon or
monkey does not represent the black race, but rather represents the
influence in religion.  

In this case, as in all cases with these people, it is very akin to
theosophy.  And this is borne out later in the movie, as you shall
soon see.

The King, the Lion King, does not take his newly-born Cub and hold it
up for
all to see.  Instead, he hands the King, the new-born Cub, the new
King--who, of course, will not be King until the old lion is
dead--over to
this monkey who represents the priesthood.  

And this is significant.  What they are saying is that the King really
not hold the power, for he handed his son to the Priest.  The monkey,
course, is the Priest. The Priest is the one who marches to the end of
rock and holds the Lion Cub up for all to see.  

And remember, the Priest represents the religions of the east.  

One of the recognition keys to Freemasons is if someone suspects
you're a
Freemason, they might ask you if you are a traveling man:  do you do
traveling?  If you don't know the proper response, they'll know that
not a Freemason, or a member of the Rose Cross Order, or many of the
who exist under many different names, but at the top, all are the

But if you are, you would answer:  "Yes, as a matter of fact, I have
some traveling in the east."  

And you might be asked at that point, "What is it that you seek?  Why
you traveling in the east?"  

And the answer would be:  "To find the source of illumination."

So, this is significant.  You then realize that the brother of the
King did
not attend this ceremony, and he is to be admonished for this.  Who is

Well, you notice that the Lion King--not the Cub, but the older
golden, beautiful, magnificent, strong.  

His brother is dark, weak, cowardly, and impotent.  His brother also
something very significant in this film:  a scar over his left eye.
indeed, it is the mark of Cain, according to these people who believe
all of
these things.

And Cain is jealous of his brother, who is the King, saying that he
have been the King.  He has all the brains.  His brother, the King,
has all
the brawn and doesn't deserve it.  Is that correct?  Well, it doesn't
matter.  That's what the movie portrays.

If you know anything about the Arthurian legends, the legends of the
Grail, you know that this Dark Lion also represents the Fisher King,
who was
wounded in the thigh--or, as some accounts have it, between the
thighs.  And
you know that he is doomed if he ever takes the seat.  

Oh, yes.  This movie is full of symbolism and it tells the old story,
and it
tells what's happening in the world today, and what is to come, and is
message.  And it's being taught to your children, and you're the ones
took them to see it.

Now remember, Pride Rock is in the east, for the sun rose behind it.
It is
the seat of the Master of the Lodge.  

And we quickly learn that the land in the north is barren and no one
there--or at least we are led to believe--for it is an evil place.
And in
the Lodge, no one sits in the north, for the north is said to be the
of darkness. And in the movie, this land in the north is the place of

Now, ladies and gentlemen, I'm not reading from a script.  I'm telling
what I know from out of my head.  

Scar, the Dark Lion, the lion which represents Cain, sends the
new-born Cub,
by deception and trickery, off into the north where he almost loses
life.  For the north, indeed, is fearful and evil.  It is the land
dwells the hyenas.

The hyenas are the enemies of the lions, and indeed, of the entire
And when you hear these hyenas talking, you immediately discern that
represent the black and hispanic races.  There's no doubt about it,
and gentlemen.  And the intent is clear.  They represent the black and
hispanic races, and because they dwell in the north, the place of
the movie conveys to your children that they are evil, and bad, and
dangerous, and ignorant, and stupid--as they are portrayed in this

The Young Lion barely escapes with his life, but he does escape.  And
makes a pact with the hyenas.  He tells them that if they will side
him, he will kill the King, his brother, and he will rule in his
stead.  And
the hyenas, of course, agree to this, because he promises them that
will never be hungry again.

Now, one of the things that you must understand is that the Golden Age
portrayed brilliantly here.  The kingdom is full of lush growth,
all of the animals are happy and fat.  There is no strife in the
except the ill will between the Lion King and his brother, Scar--which
is to
say that as the world existed then was the best that has ever
is another lie.  For this nation, the United States of America, is--or
I should say, until recently--the best that had ever been.

I hope you understand the significance of what you're learning, and
significance of what was taught to your children as they sat watching
Lion King".

You see a romance blossom between the Young Lion and a Young Lioness
promises fulfillment, promises a fertile kingdom, promises that the
will be just as good as the present. 

Indeed, the birth of the Young Lion in the beginning of the movie is
expression of the overabundance, the cornucopia, of Babylon, the
of the land and of the kingdom.  Plenty for all.  And what happens?  

What happens, ladies and gentlemen, is incredible; for it follows
the same old story that has existed throughout the history of the
that has been used over and over again to manipulate peoples, and
and kingdoms; and divide and conquer.  And to promise things that
cannot be
delivered to those who will faithfully follow the manipulators--the
masters--those who pull the strings.  

This is all being taught to your children.

The hyenas and Scar set up the situation that will result in the death
the Lion King and, as Scar has planned it, the death of the Young Lion

Under a pretext--another lie, another deception--Scar takes the Young
out into a gorge and sets him on a rock--again, there is the
rock--sets him
upon a rock under a tree.  Under a tree.

You see, in those days, all sacrifices were performed upon a rock
under a
tree.  Sometimes it was an elm; sometimes it was an oak; sometimes it
something else.  And if you know the old story of Isis and Osiris,
then you
know that the acacia tree was one of them.

But the Young Lion is placed upon a rock under a tree.  And the hyenas
assembled the herds at the head of the gorge, and of course, there is
no way

Scar then goes to tell the Lion King that his son is in danger and
tells him
where he's at.  And the Lion King runs off to save his son from
danger there is.  And then the stampede is started.  Up the gorge
comes the
huge herd of the plains animals, back into this box canyon with no way

Don't go away.  You'll hear the rest soon.


		I can see what's happening -- What?
		And they don't have a clue -- Who?
		They'll fall in love and here's the bottom line
		Our trio's down to two -- Oh.
		The sweet caress at twilight
		There's magic everywhere
		And with all this romantic atmosphere
		Disaster's in the air

		Can you feel the love tonight?
		The peace the evening brings?
		For earth, for us, in perfect harmony
		With all its living things

		So many things to tell her
		But how to make her see
		The truth about my past--impossible
		She'd turn away from me

		He's holding back, he's hiding
		But what I can't decide
		Why won't he be the king I know he is
		The king I see inside?

		Can you feel the love tonight?
	[END OF SIDE ONE OF THE TAPE] perfect harmony
		With all its living things
		Can you feel the love tonight?
		Two reasons not to __________
		The night comes searching
		Love is where they are

		And if he falls in love tonight
		It can be assumed
		His carefree days with us are history
		In short, our pal is doomed.

	[End of music break]

[Continued in "The Lion King" - 2 of 2]

[Continuation of "The Lion King" - part 2 of 2]


	Tape No. 466:  "The Lion King"
	Friday, October 21, 1994
        [Originally Broadcast September 27, 1994]

	[End of music break]

COOPER:	Well, what was that all about?  Well, you'll find out in a few


		Lions are growing like yellow roses on the wind
		We turn gracefully waiting 
		In gardens of roaring blossoms
		Of their roaring
		Oh, I want to turn
		Oh, I am turning
		Oh, I have turned
		Oh, I have turned
		Thank you

COOPER:	Yes, lions are growing.  It's about time you understood the
significance of all of this.  

It wasn't too long ago that I told you that you would begin to see
more and
more pyramids, more and more obelisks, more and more triangles
cropping up
everywhere.  And of course, that has happened.  

Now, after tonight, you will know why the lion, the magnificent lion,
its paws over the entrance of the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas faces
directly the Luxor; for the two are part of the same Mystery.

And now you will begin to see more and more lions cropping up, lions
rampant.  Lions lying.  Lions this, lions that, lions everything.  

But let us go back to the gorge where the Lion King is rushing madly
rescue his son, and is caught up in the stampede.

The Lion, at this point, represents the sun which dies at sunset.
Osiris who
was killed by his brother Tiphon , also called Set, Osiris
the sun.  The Lion also represents Abel.  He represents the sacrificed

He represents John F. Kennedy who was slain at the point where the sun
at the most high point in the Temple of the Sun in Dealey Plaza, in
presence of an obelisk in a reflecting pool in the four corners of an
architectural rendering similar to Stonehenge.  Dealey Plaza:  shaped
the truncated pyramid with the capstone missing.  The eye, indeed, is
underpass under the railroad overpass.  All of these things have been
portrayed, and represented, and foretold throughout the history of the
by every different people and every different religion.  It is the old

The Lion King is trampled to death, just about.  His son escapes.  And
son watches as the Lion King valiantly tries one last time to escape
the stampede, and as he is hanging by his claws, literally, from the
edge of
the gorge, his brother, Scar, knocks him off.  

Cain slays Abel.  

The sun sets.  

Osiris is killed by his brother, Tiphon --the august body of The

Have you ever heard a senator stand up and talk about "this august
Anyone who makes that statement represents the lineage in this story,
if you
believe it.  

Remember, I'm telling you the meaning of all this.  It does not
mean that I believe it, or that you should believe it.  It's just what
believe.  And if they believe it and they have the power, it will
affect us,
I can assure you.

The Lion King falls down and is trampled by the herd.  

The Young Lion, thinking that he is the cause of his father's death,
realizing that there is no way he can explain this to his mother, The
Widow--and he is the Widow's Son--he leaves the kingdom.

In the Bible and in history, it's represented by Seth, who conquers
with an army and scatters Nimrod's college across the world.  Across

It is also represented by the scattering of the tribes of Israel.

The slain King represents the Lost Word--that which was lost, the

The Widow represents the Church--the Church.  

The Young Lion, who leaves the kingdom, represents the scattered
He is, in fact, the full body of initiates.

Where does he go, folks?  

He goes out into the world:  lonely, without companions, without a
place to
go, without anyone to belong to.  And he wanders until he finds two
outcasts:  one, a little lemur--if you don't know what a lemur is,
look it
up in an animal book or an encyclopedia and you'll see a picture of
little lemur that talks exactly--exactly--like a Jewish man from New
York is
imagined to talk, and is parodied in many different ways.  And I'm not
saying that it's a correct parody, but it is the way this little lemur

And the other is a warthog, which represents all the down-trodden,
outcasts, the nerds, the people that have no place in the world, the
handicapped.  And they form a union.  They come together.  

Of course, the little Jewish lemur represents the Cabala influence on

The Young Lion King represents the full body of initiates.  He is the

And the warthog represents all those who do not feel any allegiance or
loyalty to any other body who have joined this union, hoping that, in
end, they will be vindicated and will have their place in the sun.  In
the sun.

And they wander about in the wilderness, seeking the Promised
Land--oh, yes,
ladies and gentlemen, this is really something. And of course, they
persecuted and attacked.  And the Young Lion fights off the attackers
protects the other two.  

This, traditionally, has been the Kingdom of England--Great
is represented by a lion.  

This outcast trio represents British Israelism.  

The Queen of England is called by The Mysteries "The Queen of
it's about time you knew that also.  

And they come across the Young Lioness and he falls in love, this
Lion, and she keeps telling him:  "Remember who you are." 

And the monkey shows up and keeps telling him:  "Remember who you

And you hear it every night on WWCR following this broadcast and on
other broadcasts where some rabid preacher is exhorting to the white
"Remember who you are.  You are the real Israelites.  The world
belongs to you."

Listen after I sign off tonight.  You will hear it, ladies and
gentlemen, I
assure you.  "Remember who you are."

And this monkey Priest and the Young Lioness keep urging him to go
back and
claim his rightful kingship, for he is the True King, they tell him.
He is
the descendant of the Dead King.  And they tell him that the Dead King
on in him.  And they tell him to look into a reflecting pool to see,
there he is looking back at the Young Lion--his father in himself--for
he is
the genetic duplication, representing the white race.

And what's being taught to your children, ladies and gentlemen--and
shame on
you for taking them to see these things which you have not assessed
meaning of prior.

And the King says, "No, I cannot because of my past.  I cannot.  I'm
They'll know who I am and they'll know what I did," --talking about
the bad
things that existed in Babylon.  He does not want to reveal who he is.

And the monkey Priest, representing the religious philosophy of the
smacks him upside the head with his staff.  And the Lion King says,
Ouch!  Why did you do that?"  

He says, "It doesn't matter.  It's in your past."  

And all of a sudden the Young King understands.  And so he says he
will go

Meanwhile, back at the ranch--and remember, when this pact was made
Scar, the Dark Lion, and the hyenas--the Dark Lion representing Cain,
the hyenas representing the race of Cain--when they made this pact,
and when
the Dark Lion ascends to the throne of the kingdom, it happens on the
pinnacle of an obelisk.  And the crescent moon surrounds his head.  

And this branch of The Mysteries, ladies and gentlemen, represents
Communism, the Soviet Union, all of these things.  The French Grand
Lodge of Freemasonry.

And while this Young Lion was out wandering in the wilderness with his
friends, representing the Jewish people and the warthog--it actually
represent the Jewish people because the Jewish people don't know any
than the Protestant people or anyone else, but it does represent the
branch of The Mysteries which is B'nai B'rith and the Cabala--don't go
an persecute Jews because they're no different than any of you,
believe me.

Back at the ranch, the kingdom is dying.  All of the green trees die,
all of
the grass dies.  

The Dark Lion--representing Cain, also representing the Fisher King
who is
wounded between the thighs--has laid waste to the kingdom.  

What was his sin, ladies and gentlemen?  His sin was the mixing of the
races, according to these people.  

Remember, Walt Disney was a very famous Anglophile.  It was many years
before a black person was ever hired by Disneyland, or any of Walt
organizations, or businesses.  

There was no food.  The pastures dried up.  The trees died.  The
became as the north--barren and wasted.  Barren and wasted.  And the
Lion King sings a song about he cannot wait to become the King, and
everything straight.  

And he goes back and there is a tremendous battle between the Young
King and
Scar, and the hyenas, and the young Jewish lemur, and the warthog, and
other allies that showed up at the last moment.  And there you see the
raging, burning everywhere. 

That is why you saw fire in Waco.

That is why you saw fire with the Move Group in Philadelphia. 

That is why you saw fire with the Symbionese Liberation Army when they

That's why you saw fire during the Inquisition years as they burned
enemies at the stake.

What is represented here is evil on all sides involved.  The poor,
sheeple of the world who don't know what this means, or how the battle
being raged, or what it's all about are always the casualties.  

But the Young Lion wins.  And when he wins, he marries the Lioness
that he
fell in love with.  And the trees sprout, and the plain is lush with
and all the animals are happy and have the food.  

And you can see they are all separated according to kind.  They are no
longer mixed.  

And the kingdom blossoms.  The sun rises again and the New Age is
reborn as
the old Golden Age returned to the earth.

And the warthog and the little lemur, representing the Jews, are happy
finally and have their place in the sun.  They're exalted. 

And it's teaching the children that there is looming before them the
dawn of
a New Age, a return to the Golden Age, where the races will once again
separated, and the Tower of Babel, represented by Pride Rock, will be
rebuilt in the east.  

And all of this under your noses.

You took your children to see this movie, not understanding exactly
what it
was that you were watching.  But now you know, and now there is no
and you should explain all this to your children and explain to them
what a
terrible thing it is.  

I don't care which side of this you're on.  

Both sides represent evil.  Evil incarnate.  They are liars; they are
deceivers; they are manipulators.  And they manipulate with old
stories made
up many, many years ago to pacify wandering tribes in the desert and
their lineage pure; because in those days it was necessary.  Ladies
gentlemen, it is no longer necessary.  But it is used as a tool of

No one was around in those ancient days to tell who killed who, or
what, or who's descended from where.  And I'm not telling you that
Bible is wrong.  I am telling you that all of this has been used to
manipulate and control people throughout the history of the world.  

And that's what you need to understand.  And until you understand it
stop being manipulated by it, you will always be one of the innocent
in this battle.  For you are not part of the power structure, and you
are of
no consequence to any of these people on either side.  They care not
you live or die, or what your suffering is.  They only care that they
the throne of power; that they destroy all existing nations, all
religions, and create a one-world, totalitarian, socialist government
they will rule.  To you, it is known as the Beast.  

The number of the Beast is 666, which represents all those initiates
have gone through the three degrees in six acts:  the three degrees of
Mysteries, The Mystery Religion of Babylon.  The wars between the
between Scarlet, and between the Beast.  

And they all agree there will be a one-world government.  The only
point of
contention is who will sit upon the throne of the world.  

If you want to play their game, and buy into their deceptions, and
help them
achieve this, you will always be their slave, no matter what side you
are on
and no matter who is the victor.  And you will make their shoes, and
will plow their fields, and you will play their football games for
amusement.  And you will keep your mouth shut on certain subjects, and
will do as you are told or you will just, very simply, ladies and
cease to exist.  

The brainwashing of your children has been going on for quite some
right under your nose, and you don't even know it.  And it's about
time you
learned it, and it's about time you do something about it.

And understand this--the brainwashing is strong.  It is strong.  And
plays on the emotions.  And it feels good.  It is such a great
that even the elect shall be deceived.  Don't fall for it.

Good night, ladies and gentlemen.  

I hope you can sleep well tonight, though I doubt it.

God bless you, and God save this Republic.

Pay attention to what you hear now.

	[CLOSING MUSIC:	"The Golden Age"]

		There's a calm surrender to the rush of day
		When the heat of a rolling wind
		Can't be turned away
		An enchanted moment and it sees me through
		It's enough for this restless warrior
		Just to be with you

		And can you feel the love tonight?
		It is where we are
		It's enough for this wide-eyed wanderer
		That we got this far

		And can you feel the love tonight?
		I was led to rest
		It's enough to make kings and vagabonds
		Believe the very best

		There's a time for everyone if they only learn
		Lots of twists in the kaleidoscope
		Moves us all in turn
		There's a rhyme and reason to the wild outdoors
		When the heart of this star-crossed voyager
		Beats in time with yours

		And can you feel the love tonight?
		It is where we are
		It's enough for this wide-eyed wanderer
		That we got this far

		And can you feel the love tonight?
		I was led to rest
		It's enough to make kings and vagabonds
		Believe the very best

		It's enough to make kings and vagabonds
		Believe the very best

COOPER:	[off mic]  History was made tonight!


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>And some people have  too much time on their hands! Notice, I read 
>the same thing about the Wizard of Oz  Star Wars.

The Star Wars Trilogy is a documentary.

From Sat Dec 28 10:11:15 PST 1996
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From: (Dan Sale)
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>Perhaps *you'd* better puchase a clue, son.  That was obviously a
>rather clever parody of the nonsense spread by Hoagie and his pals.

Incorrect. Anyone who can see the big picture will only come to the
conclusion...That the explosion of TWA 800 was the delivering of the
burning torch to the winning candidate, Atlanta, which resides 45
degrees below the 'Big Apple,' New York..

From Sun Dec 29 02:26:12 PST 1996
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From: (Dan Sale)
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>Actually, the racism would hardly seem to be "so-called" in Coop's case.
>This is, after all, the guy who reprinted the infamous "Protocols of
>Zion" in his book. He offered some excuse about how the real villains
>were the Illuminati, not the Jews, but that line of malarky was pretty
>transparent, and it hasn't stopped the neo-Nazis from embracing Uncle

INCORRECT.. SORRY.. You can't get away with that..  

What evidence do you have that 'That line was pretty transparent.' ?!?
In other words, explain, and quit mixing racists with people who have
nothing at all to do with Racism.

 See, I and anyone else who has looked into it possess evidence that
the Prieure De Sion (Sion, not Zion)..Who have nothing to do w/Jews...
were behind the birth of the protocols.. and that zion should, infact
be replaced with Sion.

But I guess the fact that Cooper 'brought it up' makes him a racist.
Give me a break. That is the kind of crap which renders you voiceless.
Furthermore,  Cooper is married to a chinese woman..  That rules out
the racist part. He has absolutely positively NOTHING to do with
Neo-Nazis and race-hate and did MANY radio shows AGAINST race-hate.
They are all typed out, recorded and documented. You are tagging
groups/people together just like the media does. Who do you work for?

>In THAT light, why is friend Cooper 

A non-established light. Wow.

>right-wing crazies -- so vociferous in his attack on the Disney Company?

Because Disney is playing the part of the Knights Templar revenge on
the Church. That was including in the original Lion King transcript..
Where have you been?!?! 

>(Let's see if someone can run this question by Uncle Miltie himself. I
>always enjoy watching him do his "I-am'not-an-antiSemite" jig.)

I dont understand... You haven't proven that he is an antiSemite,
because quite simply he isn't.  What are you trying to do here?

Anyone who has read his material knows you are lying, why even

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Subject: Re: "Aliens Attack Earth" Movies:  New Form of Diversity Propaganda
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>the common bonds neccessary for a true or enduring community.  It is
>therefore necessary to fabricate bogey-men to portray as "united."

I am starting to believe Mars IS going to play a role in the New World
Order..  Mars is known as 'Victory Over Rage and Anger' in the 23rd
degree (Chief of the Tabernacle) of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish
Rite of Freemasonry.. Nostradamus predicted the Empire of Mars would
reign (I believe 1999, can't remember..must look up the quatrain..) 
furthermore, we have been bombarded by the whole idea of 'martians'
since the beginning of television. 
My point, the story is told in the Masonic lodge, Nostradamus
prophecies, etc. and they are aligning the world with this hogcrap.

>There will
>be no "alien invasion" to unite America, even temporarily.  


From Sun Dec 29 13:32:26 PST 1996
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"Kissinger and Rockefeller Connections to American Central 
Intelligence and the Origins of AIDS and Ebola"
A Speech Before the Citizens Against Legal Loopholes Rally

The Capitol Mall, Washington, D.C.
Labor Day Weekend, 1996

By Leonard G. Horowitz
President, Tetrahedron Incorporated, a nonprofit educational
P. O. Box 402, Rockport, Massachusetts 01966

Copyright © 1996, Leonard G. Horowitz. All rights reserved.
Dear Friends and Patriots,

My name is Dr. Len Horowitz, and some time ago, probably 
like many of you, I considered myself a lifelong liberal democrat.
Fortunately, or unfortunately, that part of me died. When 
I realized the forces behind so-called liberal democracy were 
the flip side of the same corrupt coin as the republican political
establishment, that is, I opened my eyes to witness a shadow 
government of military-medical-industrial dictators, the naive 
person I was had a stroke, keeled over, and praise the lord, died. 
And I didn’t need to call Dr. Jack Kevorkian in to let it rest in 
peace. What brought me to this realization and this meeting today 
is a unique story.
Six years ago, most of you can recall, the highly publicized 
case of the Florida dentist who infected his patients with AIDS--
the case of, the beautiful teenager, Kimberly Bergalis, who died 
shortly after testifying before Congress in a wheel-chair. At the 
time I was serving as the chief professional advisor to the largest 
dental and medical catalog supply company in the world. The day the 
story broke I was assigned to develop patient and professional 
educational materials to help allay the public’s growing fear 
of visiting dental and medical offices in the age of AIDS. You 
may recall how terrified most people became about a routine trip 
to the dentist at that time. So I began by investigating the 
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDCs) official 
investigation reports on the case. And to make a long story 
short, I found the reports to be scientifically bogus. I later 
learned that the government had covered-up key evidence in the 
tragedy in an effort the maintain the case a “unsolvable mystery.” 
In essence they had committed scientific fraud and misconduct 
and, in the process, concealed the most incriminating evidence 
against the dentist--a very bright, scientifically trained, 
ex-military dentist, who believed he was dying of a virus 
that the government had created. Yes, you heard me correctly, 
a virus that the government had created.
        Now, the problem I had was reconciling the fact that 
the dentist, though a psychopath, was no fool. And he held in 
his possession one of the most incriminating documents I had 
ever seen. A 1970 Department of Defense Appropriations request 
for $10 million for the development of immune system ravaging 
viruses for germ warfare. In fact, the document, which I lay 
before you today, reads like this: 

	“Within the next 5 to 10 years, it would probably be possible 
to make a new infective microorganism which could differ in 
certain important aspects from any known disease-causing 
organisms. Most important of these is that it might be 
refractory to the immunological and therapeutic processes 
upon which we depend to maintain our relative freedom from 
infectious disease. . .  A research program to explore the 
feasibility of this could be completed in approximately 5 years 
at a total cost of $10 million. . . . It is a highly controversial 
issue and there are many who believe such research should not be 
undertaken lest it lead to yet another method of massive killing 
of large populations."

	In fact it was the National Academy of Sciences-National Research 
Council (NAS-NRC) that had informed the Defense Department that 
this research was possible.
Now, according to legal testimony given to government officals, 
this knowledge enraged the Florida dentist so much it moved him 
to intentionally inject his patients with HIV-tainted anesthetics. 
In essence, he did what all organized serial killers love to do, 
express a vendetta, like the mail-bomber, play games with the 
authorities, trap them in a catch-22, whereby they'd be damned 
if they told the truth, and called him a serial killer, because 
the whole world would want to know motive, and every reporter 
would ultimately find out as I did, what drove him crazy and 
who he really hated and ultimately attacked. And if they told 
a lie, or maintained the case, as they did, a mystery, it would 
hold America and all of health care hostage to irrational fear 
of routine health care in the age of AIDS. 
Now all of this I documented in three published scientific reports 
and my last book "Deadly Innocence: The Kimberly Bergalis Case--
Solving the Greatest Murder Mystery in the History of American 
Medicine." I present these publications and documents here for 
your critical examination.

	So Dr. Acer created a crime, a mystery, that couldn’t be solved, 
without implicating the government and causing a larger mystery 
to be investigated. That is, the origin of AIDS and Ebola--the 
subject of my last three years of research, and why I have come 
before you today. In fact, I investigated the Department of 
Defense's germ warfare appropriations request and learned that 
the option to develop synthetic biological agents--bioweapons 
as alternatives to nuclear weapons--came from Dr. Henry Kissinger, 
who was gradually placed in his position of authority as National 
Security Advisor under Richard Nixon, the most powerful man in 
government, by Nelson Rockefeller and his affiliates at the Council 
on Foreign Relations.

	Moreover, I traced where the money went. It went, in fact, to a 
firm called Litton Bionetics, a subsidiary of the mega-military 
contractor Litton Industries, whose President, Roy Ash, was 
being considered as an alternate to Henry Kissinger for the 
National Security Advisor post. Instead, Roy Ash became 
Richard Nixon’s chairman of the Presidents Advisory Council 
on Executive Organizations, and “Assistant to the President 
of the United States.” And Litton Industries was given over 
$5 billion in military contracts during the first term of the 
Nixon administration, $10 million of which went towards the 
development of AIDS-like viruses. A mere drop in the bucket.

But before I tell you exactly what was done with your $10 million 
of taxpayer money, some background on Kissinger and Rockefeller's 
influence is in order. 

Among Henry Kissinger’s most influential patrons as he worked his 
way up the ladder of success to become Nixon’s “Deputy to the 
President for National Security,” was Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller, 
the son of Standard Oil, that is Exxon, heir John D. Rockefeller, Jr.

The Rockefeller family’s involvement in the medical–industrial 
complex, health science research, and American politics is 
clearly important. 

Before World War II, major administration of medical research, 
or financing by federal agencies, had been generally opposed 
by America’s scientific community. In fact, it was only during 
times of war that organizations like the NAS or the NRC received 
major funding. Both the NAS, established during the Civil War, 
and the NRC, set up during the First World War, were largely 
ignored in times of peace.

Between 1900 and 1940, private foundations and universities 
financed most medical research. According to Paul Starr, author 
of The Social Transformation of American Medicine: The rise of a 
sovereign profession and the making of a vast industry, “the most 
richly endowed research center, the Rockefeller Institute for 
Medical Research was established in New York in 1902 and by 
1928 had received from John D. Rockefeller $65 million in 
endowment funds.” In contrast, as late as 1938, as little as 
$2.8 million in federal funding was budgeted for the entire 
U.S. Public Health Service. Therefore, it is easy to see that 
Rockefeller family investment in health science research 
predated, and far surpassed, even the federal government’s.

More than the New Deal, the Second World War created the greatest 
boom in federal government and private industry support for 
medical research. Prior to the war, American science and medicine 
was heavily influenced by German models. This precedent was 
bolstered during the 1930s when the Nazis purged Jewish scientists 
>from  German universities and biological laboratories. These 
changes, according to Starr, significantly altered the course 
of American health science and medicine. Many of Germany’s most 
brilliant Jewish researchers emigrated to the United States 
just as the movement burgeoned to privatize war related biological 
and medical research.

At this time, the Rockefeller led medical–industrial complex was 
fully poised to influence, and take advantage of, Congress’s 
“first series of measures to promote cancer research and cancer 
control.” In 1937, the new federal legislation authorized the 
establishment of the National Cancer Institute under the 
National Institutes of Health, and, for the first time, “the 
Public Health Service to make grants to outside researchers.”  
The Rockefellers exercised significant control over the 
outcomes of these grants and research efforts through the 
foundations they established. 

Following the war, Henry Kissinger, who had become General 
Alexander Bolling’s German translator and principle assistant 
(Bolling, of course, was the “Godfather” to the Joint 
Intelligence Objectives Agency that ran "Project Paperclip," 
the secret exfiltration of approximately 2,000 high level 
Nazi’s, about 900 of whom were military scientists and 
medical researchers, including Erich Traub, Hitler’s top 
biological weapons developer and virus expert. Bolling 
also served as a high ranking member of the Inter-American 
Defense Board, a Washington based group that delivered 
Walter Emil Schreiber, Hitler’s chief medical scientist, 
the "Angel of Death" Joseph Mengele, and his assistant, 
"the butcher of Lyon," Klaus Barbie, among others, to safe 
havens in South America where they worked on CIA projects.) 
In fact it was Henry Kissinger’s job to seek and find such 
Nazi’s that might be of service to America, and Kissinger 
became the chief of Army Counter-Intelligence in this regard. 
He trained other agents to hunt down Nazi’s at the European 
Command Intelligence School in Oberammergau, not to be tried 
for war crimes necessarily, but rather to serve U.S. military 
rather than Russian interests. 

It was this operation that principally spirited the creation of 
the CIA as a cover agency for the powerful Gehlen Org, the 
German intelligence agency run by Reinhard Gehlen--an 
organization whose power superseded even the Nazi SS because 
of its prewar connections with German military intelligence. 

After Hitler, Gehlen served Allen Welsh Dulles, whose "Operation 
Sunshine" brought Nazis into the U.S. spy service.

You may be interested to know who paid for the importation of 
Nazis into American central intelligence, the military, and 
industry? Three groups: The first was "The Sovereign Military 
Order of Malta" (SMOM), perhaps the most powerful reactionary 
segment of European aristocracy, that for almost a thousand 
years, starting with the crusades in the Twelfth Century, funded 
military operations against countries and ideas considered a 
threat to its power; Second was the Nazi war chest that was 
largely funneled through the Vatican and the Rockefeller owned 
Chase Manhattan Bank, whose Paris branch conducted business 
as usual throughout the Nazi occupation of France, and thirdly, 
some of us and our parents--American taxpayers.

Moreover, during this period, the Council on Foreign Relations, 
along with the CIA, grew in power under the leadership of 
Nelson Rockefeller, and in 1955, while serving as President 
Eisenhower’s assistant for international affairs, Rockefeller 
invited Kissinger to discuss national security issues at the 
Quantico (Virginia) Marine Base. Following their meeting, 
according to Walter Isaacson’s biography of Kissinger, the 
diplomat became Rockefeller’s “closest intellectual associate,” 
and soon after, Kissinger authored several military proposals 
for Eisenhower to consider. Unimpressed, Eisenhower turned 
them down.

As a result, Rockefeller sent Eisenhower his resignation and 
then launched a Special Studies Project that explored the 
“critical choices” America faced militarily in the coming 
years. Kissinger agreed to direct this new project and 
published a 468-page book on his findings. The treatise 
proposed that tactical nuclear weapons be developed and 
“a bomb shelter [be built] in every house” in preparation 
for limited thermonuclear war. “The willingness to engage 
in nuclear war when necessary is part of the price of our 
freedom,” Kissinger argued.

So those of you my age can recall the anxiety grade school 
students felt while drilling for possible nuclear attacks. 
You can thank Kissinger and the Rockefeller-led military-
industrialists for this "price for freedom."

Eisenhower, you may remember, warned America that the gravest 
threat to world security, democracy, and even spirituality, 
was the growing military–industrial complex. And the 
Rockefellers and Kissinger played leading roles in its evil 
expansion. Bent on creating what President Bush openly 
heralded as a "New World Order," few people realize the 
current international alignment of economic powers is a 
direct result of actualizing Henry Kissinger’s contemporary 
manifesto--a tribute to the Sovereign Military Order of 
Malta--entitled "The Meaning of History." In this Kissinger 
1955 Harvard doctoral thesis he argues that the concept of 
peace on earth is naive. Peace must be secured by the 
creation of small wars around the planet on a continuing 
basis so as to maintain an international order of economic 
powers, and of course, keep the military industrialists happy.

In my latest book, "Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola--Nature, 
Accident, or Intentional?", I traced Dr. Erich Traub's movements 
to the U.S. Naval Medical Research Institute, where he conducted 
experiments on animals to determine the lethal doses of more 
than forty strains of highly infectious viruses. Within ten years, 
the Navy's Biomedical Research Laboratory, in association with 
the University of California, along with Litton Bionetics, 
became a chief supplier of viruses and cell cultures for 
NCI researchers throughout the world. Funding for this work 
was largely controlled by the NCI, Rockefeller and Sloan 

A search through Sloan Foundation’s annual reports, on file in 
Manhattan’s New York Public Library, revealed nine ghastly and 
incriminating reasons that, most incredibly, tied all the elements 
of my "Emerging Viruses" investigation together. The Sloan Foundation:

(1) supported black educational initiatives consistent with the 
COINTELPRO Black Nationalist Hate Group campaign (you may recall 
reports last year that in surveys of 1,000 Southern Christian 
African Americans, two-thirds reported their belief that the 
AIDS epidemic may be genocide, while one-third was convinced 
it was; (2) the Sloan Foundation administered mass-media-
public-persuasion experiments completely consistent with the 
CIA’s Project MKULTRA—efforts to develop brainwashing technologies 
and drugs to affect large populations; (3) funded much of the 
earliest cancer research involving the genetic engineering of 
mutant viruses; (4) began major funding of the National 
Academy of Sciences, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (for 
“neuroscience” and molecular genetics research), the Salk Institute 
(for viral research), and the Scientists’ Institute for Public 
Information between 1968 and 1970; (5) funded population control 
studies by Planned Parenthood-World Population, New York, N.Y.;
(6) funded the Community Blood Council of Greater New York, Inc., 
the “council of doctors” who established the infamous New York 
City Blood Bank which allowed more than 10,000 hemophiliacs and 
countless others to become infected with HIV because they 
allegedly didn't want to spend $150 million to screen the blood; 
(7) maintained Laurence S. Rockefeller, the director of the 
Community Blood Council of Greater New York—the international 
blood bankers—and the president of the Rockefeller Brothers 
Fund, as chairman of the board of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering 
Cancer Center, and a trustee for the Sloan Foundation; (8) gave 
in excess of $20,000 annually to the Council on Foreign Relations; 
and (9) maintained among its “marketable securities,” 16,505 
shares of Chase Manhattan Bank stock (in 1967, which it 
apparently sold by 1970 probably to avoid conflict of 
interest charges) along with 24,400–53,000 shares issued by 
Merck & Co., Inc. (the company whose President, George W. Merck, 
was director of America’s biological weapons industry, and whose 
hepatitis B and polio vaccines most plausibly transmitted AIDS 
throughout the world).

Also in "Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola," you will learn exactly 
what was done with the $10 million Congress gave the DOD for the 
development of AIDS-like viruses, because I published the relevant 
contracts. You will learn that Dr. Robert Gallo, the famous NCI 
molecular biologist, pardoned by President Clinton last year for 
scientific fraud and misconduct, and credited with the discovery 
of the AIDS virus, set about to develop immune system ravaging, 
AIDS-like viruses, along with other Litton Bionetics researchers. 
You will learn that they took monkey viruses that were humanly 
benign, recombined them with DNA, RNA, and enzymes from other 
animal viruses that caused leukemias, lymphomas, and sarcomas, 
and then to get them to jump species, they cultured these new 
mutant viruses in human white blood cells in some studies, and 
human fetal tissue cells in other studies, to produce
immune-system-destroying, cancer-causing viruses that could 
enter humans and produce virtually identical effects to what 
the AIDS virus is currently doing in people around the world. 

Indeed, it was contaminated live viral vaccines that spread this 
disease and likely others, including chronic fatigue, certain 
leukemias, and possibly Gulf War Syndrome as well, to vast 
populations. In fact, today's live viral vaccines, including 
the oral polio vaccine required by law be given to our children, 
are still litered with simian (monkey) virus contaminants since 
they are developed in monkey kidney cells, and the U.S. Food and 
Drug Administration turns a blind eye to as many as 100 live monkey 
virus contaminants per vaccine dose, and is barred from telling 
health professionals and even health scientists this truth because 
of pharmaceutical industry dictated proprietary laws and
non-disclosure agreements.

In the end, the research question I asked, "Did these viruses, AIDS 
and Ebola, evolve naturally, were they accidentally produced, or 
were they intentionally created and deployed?" I conclude,
unquestionably, they are not natural. I leave you the reader, and
concerned citizens 
of America and the world, to decide whether it was a horrible accident

or treacherous covert population control experiment. 

I ask all of you to consider the pain and cost of the current and
coming plagues,including the escalating rates of virus-linked cancers
like prostate 
and breast cancer, certain leukemias and lymphomas, and other vaccine
contaminant related illnesses including hyperactivity disorders in 
children and escalating sudden infant death rates. I believe you 
will realize that the pain and cost of denial and indifference to 
this horrible reality is far greater than the toll your political 
action might cost. I therefore urge you to join our growing grassroots

network of health consumers, professionals, scientists, patriots, 
and concerned citizens in our search for answers and solutions. I urge

you to help us pressure Congress for a full investigation 
of these published facts, and to allocate the funding needed to effect
appropriate solutions to these urgent health care problems.

Let me end by giving you, and our home viewers, two resources to
contact in this effort. The first is Tetrahedron's toll free citizen
action and document order hotline 800-336-9266. And the other is our
Internet web site address where you can link to various supporting
organizations and individuals. That address is 
Thank you very much, and God bless.

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    Excerpted from THE MESSIANIC LEGACY
    By Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln
    Published by Henry Holt and Company, Inc
    Pages 353 - 361

    The Sovereign and Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem dates,
    in its present form, from 1804, when it announced itself publicly
    and was officially acknowledged by various other institutions.  It
    claims a much older pedigree, however. According to its own
    assertations, Jacques de Molay, last Grand Master of the Templars,
    left, on his execution in 1314, a charter designating his
    successor.  Although officially dissolved by the Papacy, the
    Templars, acting on this charter, are said to have perpetuated
    themselves through the centuries.  The authenticity of the charter
    remains a source of contention among historians, though there is a
    certain body of evidence in its favor.  The issue has never been
    one of pressing importance because the Sovereign and Military
    Order has never made any explicit bid for power of any kind, never
    has actively endeavoured to wrest back the preogatives, privileges
    and holdings of the Knights it claims as its predecessors.  Today,
    it is devoted largely to antiquarian research and charitable
    works.  Its internal procedures are reminiscent, at times, of
    certain rites of Freemasonry, at times of other heraldic orders
    such as those of the Golden Fleece, The Holy Sepulchre and Saint
    Maurice.  Its current Grand Master is the Portuguese Count Antonio
    de Fontes.

    In 1982, we had the first of several meetings with an official of
    the Sovereign and Military Order of the Temple.  During the course
    of our conversations, he described to us the factional strife and
    schism which, during the last decade, had obtained within the
    institution he represented.  One faction of the membership had
    broken away to form its own separate neo-Templar body in
    Switzerland.  This faction had, in turn, spawned yet another
    'renegade' faction, which, under the leadership of one Anton
    Zapelli, had adopted a new, higher profile and a more aggressively
    ambitious programme.  The membership of Zapelli's organisation was
    said to include a number of people associated with the Swiss Grand
    Lodge Alpina, whose name had previously appeared on a number of
    Prieure de Sion documents.

    None of this would have been of any particular significance to us
    had it not been for the fact that we had already encountered
    Zapelli's name in another context.  In 1979, when we were first
    attempting to establish contact with the Prieure de Sion and with
    M. Plantard, an informant in Paris had cited Zapelli.  He was
    said, on that occasion, to be the real power behind the Prieure de
    Sion -- although this assertation may well have resulted from
    simple confusion, Zapelli's Templar organisation being based in
    Sion and bearing the name of Grand Prieure de Suisse.

    Struck by the reappearance of Zapelli's name in connection with
    the Sovereign and Military Order of the Temple, we asked whether
    he was indeed associated with the Prieure.  The representative of
    the Sovereign and Military Order did not know.  He was aware, he
    said, of the Prieure de Sion.  Within his own organisation, the
    Prieure was known to have been active in the French Resistance
    during the war.  But he had no idea whether Zapelli was in any way
    affiliated with it.  In fact, he declared, he would be very
    grateful if we could find out and let him know.  He seemed to fear
    that the Prieure, working through Zapelli, might perhaps be
    attempting to hijack his own Order.

    When we asked M. Plantard whether he knew Zapelli, he only smirked
    cryptically and said, "I know everybody." Subsequently, however,
    we were given a document produced for circulation within
    Zapelli's organisation.  Two themes emerged as of paramount
    concern.  One was banking and international finance.  By 1982,
    Zapelli's organisation had apparently established its own bank or
    'mutual society'.  The other principal theme was a united Europe
    and 'the role of modern Templars in the unification of Europe.'
    The original Templars, Zapelli's document argued, had sought to
    create a united Europe.  Their latter-day successors were now
    urged to emerge from the shadows, embrace something more important
    than purely antiquarian interests, involve themselves in politics,
    work for European unity and promote 'the European idea'.  The
    structure Zapelli advocated was roughly similar to that of the
    Swiss Confederation.  Europe was defined as stretching from the
    Atlantic and Mediterranean to the Urals.

    We found no reliable evidence linking Zapelli to the Prieure de
    Sion.  Neither have we found evidence linking Zapelli to Licio
    Gelli or other members of P2.  Like them, however, he appears to
    be functioning in a kind of twilight region, where secret
    societies link with high finance and Pan-European politics, where
    national frontiers do not constitute an obstacle and where no
    established legal guidelines obtain.  And the fact that the index
    to Licio Gelli's files betrays an interest, on the part of P2, in
    the Sovereign and Military Order of the Temple.

    The precise role, and the effective power, of the modern Templars
    remains uncertain.  On the other hand, there is another
    organisation, closely associated with the Templars historically,
    whose role and power are much more thoroughly documented and
    tangible.  This organisation is the original Templars' traditional
    rival, the Knights Hospitaller of Saint John--or, as their primary
    offshoot is known today, the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

    The Order of Saint John originated with a hospital dedicated to
    Saint John in Jerusalem and established around 1070, some thirty
    years before the First Crusade, by Italian merchants to minister
    to pilgrims.  It seems to have constituted itself officially as an
    order around 1100, just after the First Crusade, when it took its
    first Grand Master.  The Hospitallers thus pre-dated the Templars,
    but they were not initially involved in military activity, only in
    hospital work.  By 1126, however, some eight years after the
    Templars appeared publicly on the scene, the Knights of Saint John
    had begun to assume an increasingly military character, which was
    soon to eclipse, though not altogether supplant, their hospitaller
    services.  In the years that followed, they came to comprise,
    along with the Templars and subsequently the Teutonic Knights, the
    major military and financial power in the Holy Land and one of the
    major such powers in all Christendom.  Like the Templars, they
    became immensely wealthy.  Their Order developed into a vast
    military, ecclesiastic and administrative edifice with hundreds of
    knights, a standing army, numerous ancillary services, a network
    of castles and fortresses and enormous holdings of land not only
    in Palestine, but across the Christian world.  At the same time,
    the Order remained loyal to its hospitaller origins, maintaining
    well run and clean hospitals staffed by its own surgeons.

    In 1307, the Templars were charged with a catalogue of offences
    against the Catholic orthodoxy, and by 1314 they had been
    officially suppressed. Between 1309 and their secularisation in
    1525, the Teutonic Knights were periodically subjected to similar
    charges -- though their primary theatre of operations, in Prussia
    and along the Baltic coast, placed them safely beyond the reach of
    any authority disposed to act against them.  In contrast, the
    Knights Hospitaller of Saint John never incurred any such stigma.
    They continued to enjoy the favour of the Papacy.  In England and,
    to a lesser extent elsewhere, former Templar holdings were turned
    over to them.

    After the fall of the Holy Land in 1291, the Knights of Saint John
    retired for a time to Cyprus.  Then, in 1309, they proceeded to
    establish their seat and headquarters on the island of Rhodes,
    which they governed as their private principality.  Here they
    remained for more than two centuries, withstanding two major
    sieges by the Turks.  At last, in 1522, a third siege forced them
    to abandon the island, and in 1530 they re-established themselves
    in Malta.  In 1565, Malta in turn was besieged by the Turks in one
    of the most ambitious such operations in military history.  In an
    epic defence, 541 Knights Hospitaller and sergeants, aided by a
    garrison of some 9000 men-at-arms, repelled the repeated assaults
    of between 30,000 to 40,000 attackers.  Six years later, in 1571,
    the Order's fleet, together with warships from Austria, Italy and
    Spain, won a decisive victory at the naval Battle of Lepanto,
    definitively shattering Turkish maritime power in the

    The sieges of Rhodes and Malta and the Battle of Lepanto, were the
    high points of the Hospitaller's history, exceeding even their
    exploits in the Holy Land during the Crusades.  In the mid
    sixteenth century, they were still one of the supreme military and
    naval powers of the Christian world, with strength and financial
    resources comparable to most kingdoms.  Already, however, the
    seeds of decline had been planted.  In Germany, Switzerland,
    Holland, Scotland and England, the Protestant Reformation had
    begun to fracture the unity of Catholic Europe; and the fissures
    erupting throughout Western Christendom were mirrored, in
    microcosm, within the Order of Saint John.  English and German
    brethren of the Order proceeded to defect and create their own
    rival institutions.  By the seventeenth century, the Knights still
    resident on Malta had been left behind by the tide of history, a
    staunch Catholic enclave still adhering to obsolete chivalric
    tenets while the rest of Europe moved on into a new age of
    mercantilism, industrialisation and middle-class hegemony.

    In 1798, however, the Knights were still on Malta, albeit reduced
    to the status of a quaint anachronism, impotent, led by an inept
    Grand Master and with their Catholic allegiances eroded by
    Freemasonry.  Then Napoleon swept through the Mediterranean, en
    route to his disastrous campaign in Egypt.  The Knights who had
    withstood the Turks two and a quarter centuries before were unable
    to offer resistance.  They were summarily expelled by Napoleon who
    claimed Malta for France, only to lose it again to the British
    fleet under Horatio Nelson.  For the Order of Saint John, a
    period of confusion ensued.  At last, in 1834, the Knights were
    able to establish a new base for themselves in Rome.  Despite the
    loss of their island home, they adopted the title of Order of
    Malta to differentiate themselves from the Protestant Orders of
    Saint John then being formed in Britain and Germany.  They devoted
    themselves once again to hospital work which, during the century
    and a half that followed, earned them increasing prestige.  In the
    immediate aftermath of the Second World War, before the creation
    of the state of Israel, there was actually some talk of entrusting
    the Knights of Malta with sovereignty over Jerusalem.

    In 1979, the Order numbered 9,562 full Knights, a thousand of whom
    were American and more than three thousand Italian.  Today, from
    their headquarters at Palazzo Malta on the Via Condotti in Rome,
    the Knights of Malta maintain a world-wide hospitaller
    organisation.  There is an emergency aid section to provide help
    in cases of natural disasters.  There are hospitals and leper
    camps run by the Order in many countries.  And, like their kindred
    Protestant Orders of Saint John in Britain, Germany, Holland and
    Sweden, the Knights of Malta have their own ambulance service.  In
    Northern Ireland, ambulances of the English Order of Saint John
    and the Knights of Malta are on the streets simultaneously,
    ministering to the needs of their respective denominations and

    In international law, the current status of the Knights of Malta
    is that of an independent sovereign principality.  The Grand
    Master is recognised as a head of state, with a secular rank
    equivalent to a prince and an ecclesiastical rank equivalent to a
    cardinal.  The Order maintains formal diplomatic relations with a
    number of countries, especially in Africa and in Latin America,
    and in those countries its ministers enjoy standard diplomatic
    privileges.  The upper grades of the Order are still fastidiously
    aristocratic.  The highest Knights must be able to display a coat
    of arms dating back at least three hundred years, in unbroken
    succession from father to son.

    The twentieth-century Order of Malta, is needless to say, ideally
    placed for intelligence work.  Its network of membership is
    international and at the same time well organised.  Its hospital
    and medical services often place it strategically at points of
    crisis--as in Northern Ireland.  Its membership extends from
    medical staff and ambulance drivers to important figures in
    politics, business and finance who have access to spheres that
    ordinary priests would not.  In consequence, the Knights of Malta
    became closely associated with the Vatican's own intelligence
    department.  The Order seems not to have been hostile to such an
    association.  On the contrary, it seems to have welcomed the
    opportunity to resume, on a clandestine level, the role it had
    first begun to perform during the twelfth century--that of
    spearheading a crusade.

    Today, the Order of Malta is believed to be one of the primary
    channels of communication between the Vatican and the CIA.  There
    is ample evidence for such an assertion.  In 1946, James
    Angleton -- former OSS and then CIA station chief in Rome, who
    filtered millions of dollars from his agency to the Italian
    Christian Democrats - received a decoration from the Order of
    Malta for counter-intelligence work.  So, too, did Dr. Luigi
    Gedda, the head of the group called Catholic Action, who served as
    a liaison between the CIA, Joseph Retinger's European Movement and
    future Pope Paul VI.  In 1948, the Knights awarded their highest
    decoration, the Grand Cross of Merit, to General Reinhard Gehlen,
    head of the West German secret service, which at that time was
    little more than a department of the CIA.  Previously, Gehlen had
    been in charge of Hitler's intelligence services for Russia.  As
    early as the late 1940's, then, the Order of Malta was becoming
    involved in the secret war against Communism beginning to escalate
    across Europe.

    The Order's work in intelligence would naturally have been
    facilitated by the number of highly placed American officials in
    its ranks.  As the 'Cold War' gained momentum, the American
    contingent of the Order increased substantially.  The most
    influential figure in this contingent was, again, Cardinal Francis
    Spellman of New York -- who had worked for the CIA in Guatemala
    and whose network of personal associates led directly to P2.
    Spellman became 'Protector and Spiritual Advisor' of the American
    Knights.  He also became their effective de facto head.  In this
    capacity, he raised immense sums of money, each of the many
    Knights created annually having to pay tens of thousands of
    dollars as an enrollment fee.  It has been alleged that only a
    portion of this revenue ever found its way back to the Order in
    Rome, the bulk of it being deployed for other purposes.  Spellman
    was also in league with a cardinal who, during the 1950's, made an
    attempt to hijack the Order and use it for his own political ends.

    It is not uncommon for CIA directors to be Knights of Malta.  John
    McCone, for example was a Knight.  The agency's current Director,
    William Casey, is also a Knight.  Former Directory William Colby
    was reportedly offered a membership in the Order but is said to
    have declined with the words 'I'm a little lower key.' The Order's
    membership at present includes William Wilson (United States
    ambassador to the Vatican), Clair Booth Luce (former United States
    ambassador to Italy), George Rocca (former deputy chief of CIA
    counter-intelligence) and Alexander Haig.

    It would, of course, be erroneous and unfair to regard the Order
    of Malta as nothing more than 'a CIA front'.  The Order remains an
    autonomous institution pursuing charitable and diplomatic work of
    its own, much of which is laudable.  Nevertheless, there is a
    persuasive body of evidence attesting to its involvement in
    intelligence activity.  Some of this activity need not necessarily
    even be the Order's official policy.  Thus, for example, a
    cardinal, say, and a high-ranking intelligence officer, both of
    whom happen to be Knights, may come together at one or another of
    the Order's social functions.  Each may introduce the other to an
    influential banker, or a prominent politician.  In this way, a
    project may be implemented and co-ordinated at the highest level
    without official directives, written instructions or formal
    procedures that might ultimately demand accountability.  There
    would be no telltale paperwork to be discovered afterwards --
    paperwork which can often be compromising and is notoriously
    difficult to dispose of without trace.  Like the Lodge in
    Freemasonry, the Order of Malta, by its very nature, conduces to
    such procedures.  It functions, in effect, as an ideal conduit.
    And its freedom of maneoeuvre is facilitated by its diplomatic
    prestige, its relatively low profile, its international network
    and respect accorded its humanitarian endeavors.

    The current situation in Central America is regarded by a number
    of commentators as indicative of the way in which the Order of
    Malta can be utilised--indicative, indeed, of the way any such
    organisation can be suborned to the aims of one or another
    political ideology.  The present head of the Order in the United
    States is a prominent businessman, J. Peter Grace.  Prior to 1971,
    Grace was associated with Radio Liberty and Radio Free Europe,
    both of which had been established by Reinhard Gehlen and funded
    by the CIA.  Today, Grace, whose aides include another Knight of
    Malta, former United States Treasury Secretary William Simon, runs
    a organisation called Americares, of which he is chairman.  A
    primary objective of Americares is to raise money for aid to
    Central America.  The agency in charge of distributing this aid is
    the Order of Malta, working through its field organisation in El
    Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

    At the same time, Americares seems to share certain interests with
    the World Anti-Communist League (WACL), now directed by ex-Major
    General John Singlaub, who in 1978 was required to resign for
    defying the President.  When the White House failed to win
    Congressional support for funding the Contras in Nicaragua, Ronald
    Reagan enlisted the support of WACL and others.  Singlaub's
    organisation openly undertook to supply the Contras with money and
    material.  American journalists have legitimately wondered how
    much of this money and material is in fact being provided by Peter
    Grace's Americares organisation and distributed through the
    Knights of Malta.  If any of it is, there remains the question of
    whether Grace and Americares are simply exploiting the Knights of
    Malta, or whether the entire Order, as a matter of its own policy,
    is involved.


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Subject: BO GRITZ & Jonestown MASS-MURDER
Date: Sat, 28 Dec 1996 17:48:29 GMT
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by "One Who Knows"

PART 20:


The officer in charge of all U.S. Army Special Forces for Latin
America at
the time of the Jonestown holocaust was Lt. Col. James "Bo" Gritz.
was the original soldier after which the movie character "Rambo" was
patterned. Gritz was the most decorated soldier to come out of the

The Guyana massacre was carried out by Bo Gritz' men (along with
SAS troops). *Flatland* (#10) magazine, in an interview with Gritz,

Question: You trained Special Forces that went into Jonestown? What
was the
precise nature of the operation?

"I don't know precisely because it was a compartmentalized operation.
only thing that I do know for certain is what the Sergeant I quote
out of Jonestown, he was insistent because he was disgusted, on
this book. He was, without compromise, going to call it *All the
Are Dead.* I asked him, 'Why would you want to entitle anything such
offensive way?' 'It doesn't make a difference what your color, your
your sex,' he said, 'when you are treated the way they were, that's
you are; you're a nigger, you're nothing else.' I think that those
saw things that affected them and made them very angry. I've seen
things like that in combat where there have been abuses. I wrote about
of them in my book where the Captain tortured the young severely and
young Sergeant put on a swastika and said, "If I'm going to act like a
I'm going to look like one.' I think that the same kind of negative
occurred in Jonestown."

Gritz has more about Jonestown in his autobiography, *Called to
Perhaps you simply cannot believe what I am telling you. Will you
it if told to you by the Green Beret officer in charge of the men who
the killing? He admits that the information was "compartmentalized"
and it
was not until later that he learned what his men were actually doing.
following information is from pages 584-587 of his book:

"The true story of the Jonestown camp in Guyana has been brought to
through an extensive investigation conducted by John Judge, from
Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., and other dedicated researchers and
investigators. The truth, which was thoroughly suppressed by the
media, is that it was actually a slave-labor camp run by Jones with
assistance of the CIA. Most of the information which follows is from
Judge's summary of the investigation, supplemented with information
provided by Special Forces teams I had earlier trained and commanded,
were sent in to 'clean up the remains of Jonestown.'

"Most of the black and Hispanic poor people and social activists who
the inmates of the camp were brought there either by force or
coercion, or
lured under false pretenses, where extensive experiments of
mind control were performed on them. Even before they were moved to
reports of beatings, kidnappings, sexual abuse and mysterious deaths
leaked out to the press about the earlier Peoples' Temple in Ukiah,

"Jim Jones had a very interesting past which was overlooked by the
During the time his friend Dan Mitrione was teaching torture
techniques to
the Brazilian and Argentineans, Jones was also sent to Brazil where
house, transportation and groceries were provided to  him by the U.S.
Embassy, and he frequently traveled to Belo Horizonte, the CIA
in Brazil.

"Jones had been contacted in Ukiah by 'Christian missionaries' from
Vision (World Vision is a CIA controlled front operation), an
order which had performed espionage work for the CIA in Southeast
Most of Jones' top lieutenants were from wealthy, educated
many with connections to the military or intelligence agencies. These
the people who were involved in setting up the bank accounts, complex
transactions and financial agreements which put people under the
control of
the Peoples' Temple.

"Some of Jones' Lieutenants were: Dr. Lawrence Layton was chief of
and Biological Warfare Research at Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah for
years and later worked as Director of Missile and Satellite
Development at
the Navy Propellant Division at Indian Head, Maryland. His wife, Lisa,
the daughter of Hugo Phillips, who had represented the huge Nazi
manufacturing cartel, I.G. Farben, as a stockbroker. Their daughter,
Debbie, met and married George Philip Blakey, whose parents had
stock holdings in Solve Drugs, a division of I.G. Farben.

"Blakey was reputed to be training mercenaries in Jonestown who were
to work with CIA-backed UNITA forces in Angola. Terri Buford's father,
Admiral Charles T. Buford, worked with Naval Intelligence. Marie
father was minister with the Greek Orthodox Church, thought to be a
of CIA funding, and she claimed she had proof he was a CIA agent. The
'official survivors' were represented upon their return to the U.S. by
Joseph Blatchford, an attorney who had been named in a prior scandal
involving CIA infiltration of the Peace Corps.

"The people who were taken from San Francisco to begin their 'new
life' in
Guyana were bussed to Florida and arrived in Guyana bound and gagged,
they were forced to work 16 hours or more daily, and were fed on
rations. As more and more rumors began to filter back to the United
of druggings, beatings, torture, sexual humiliations and coercion at
Guyana site, Congressman Leo Ryan decided to go to Guyana and verify
situation for himself.

"Ryan had challenged the CIA's overseas operations before, as a member
the House Committee responsible for oversight on intelligence. He was
co-author of the controversial Hughes-Ryan Amendment, which would have
required advance CIA disclosure to the congressional committees of all
planned covert operations. The amendment would be defeated shortly
his death in Jonestown.

"With Ryan on the way to Jonestown, the secrecy surrounding the camp
be broken and desperate measures would need to be taken to keep the
>from  escaping, much less the inmates. In a futile attempt to test
conditioning methods, the leaders at Jonestown apparently tried to
implement an actual suicide drill, but it was obviously ignored.
stories first numbered the victims at 408, but later revised the toll
upward to 913. It was claimed that some 505 bodies had been covered by
those of the first 408 who had fallen directly on top of them,
those who had been counting from aerial photographs. - a blatant and
ridiculous attempt at cover-up.

"However, the first reports were true - 408 had died, and 700 fled to
jungle where British Black Watch troops and American Special Forces
conducting 'training exercises.' Of the 700, 505 who had been
shot in the jungle were added to the count of those who had supposedly
committed suicide by drinking cyanide-laced Kool Aid.

"The truth is that nearly 400 inmates were forced to die by injection,
according to the Chief Guyanese medical examiner, Dr. Mootoo, who
at Jonestown within hours of the massacre. He found needle marks on
left shoulder blades of 80-90% of the victims, and the others had been
or strangled.

"As Chief Medical Examiner, Mootoo's testimony to the Guyanese Grand
led to their conclusion that all but three of the people who had died
Jonestown were murdered by 'persons unknown.' Several pictures show
gunshot wounds on the bodies as well. The U.S. Army spokesman, Lt.
Schuler, told the press, 'No autopsies are needed. The cause of death
not an issue here,' and the forensic doctors who later performed the
autopsies at Dover, Delaware, were never made aware of Dr. Mootoo's

"Guyanese troops discovered a large cache of drugs, enough to control
entire population of Georgetown, Guyana (pop. 200,000), for over a
One footlocker contained 11,000 doses of Thorazine, a dangerous
tranquilizer, and others such as sodium pentothal (truth serum),
hydrate (a hypnotic), demerol, Thallium (confuses thinking),
and Largatil (powerful tranquilizers) and many others. It was very
that Jonestown was a tightly-run concentration camp, complete with
and psychiatric experimentation.

"Direct orders to cover up the cause of death came from the top levels
the American Government. Zbigniew Brzezinski, President Carter's
security advisor, authorized Robert Pastor to order Lt. Col. Gordon
to strip the bodies of the medical bracelets they had been forced to
for identification. Pastor later served as Deputy Director of the CIA.

"One of the Special Forces sergeants assigned to the Jonestown
massacre was
so outraged about what he had witnessed that he had decided  to
the events in a book. While the Secrecy Act prevented him from
all that went on, SFC Inman carefully hid the entire story within his
title: *All The Niggers Are Dead!* When I asked that he explain the
crudeness of so naming his report, he replied, 'Sir, that's what they
Both blacks and whites were niggers; that's what any slave is; that's
they were. That was our final radio message when the job we were
was finished.' I could tell by his bitterness that the government had
fear that the book would ever be printed. He just needed someone to
his anger on.

"Guyanese Prime Minister Forbes Burnham rose to power as the result of
CIA-inspired coup against the recalcitrant Guyanese leader Cheddi
Richard Dwyer, a CIA agent working as Deputy Chief of Mission at the
Embassy in Guyana, was shown to have been at the scene at the time of
massacre and at the airport strip, where he failed to order Guyanese
troops, armed with machine guns, to defend Ryan and his staff.

"Chief Consular Officer Richard McCoy, who was described as 'close to
Jones,' worked for military intelligence and was 'on loan' from the
Department at the time of the massacre. Dan Webber, who was sent to
Jonestown site the day after, was also named as a CIA agent.

"U.S. Ambassador John Burke, who had served in the CIA since 1963 and
worked with Dwyer in Thailand, according to Philip Agee, tried to stop
Ryan's investigation. The State Department concealed all reports of
violations at Jonestown from Congressman Leo Ryan, while the Embassy
regularly provided Jones with copies of all congressional inquiries
the Freedom of Information Act.

"According to current reports, Jonestown has been 're-populated' with
1,000 Laotion Hmong people who grew opium and served under General
Vang Pao
during our 'secret war' in Laos and Cambodia. According to these
World Vision was also attempting to move the population from the
island of
Dominica to Jonestown.

"In addition to the already mentioned torture camp, Colonia Dignidad,
another is reported to be located at Pisgua, Chile. Inside Guyana
itself is
another 'religious community,' named Hilltown, also operated under
discipline, with 8,000 blacks from Guyana and the U.S. They were
allowed to
clear the Jonestown site of shoes and weapons, both of which are in
supply in Guyana. It may only be a matter of time before another
is exposed. It is sad to know that what started out to be an
gathering organization has turned into an instrument of the dragon."

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Dr. Beter AUDIO LETTER #40 of 80

Digitized by Jon Volkoff, email address

"AUDIO LETTER(R)" is a registered trademark of Audio Books,
Inc., a Texas corporation, which originally produced this tape
recording.  Reproduced under open license granted by Audio
Books, Inc.


This is the Dr. Beter Audioletter, Box 16428, Ft. Worth, Texas 

   Hello, my friends, this is Dr. Beter.  Today is November 30,
1978, and this is my Audioletter No. 40.

   On November 24, 1978, the day after Thanksgiving, the
Washington Post here in Washington, D.C. published a full-page
memorial to the late Congressman Leo J. Ryan of California.  A
sketch of Ryan in tones of gray took up the entire page, and
against that background a brief eulogy was printed in bold type. 
It began, "In Memoriam, to our good friend Leo J. Ryan,
Congressman from California.  We will miss him.  He saw hope that
right would prevail."  The timing of this memorial page was
ironic.  Congressman Ryan had been killed in Guyana nearly one
week earlier, and his funeral had taken place two days earlier. 
But Congressman Ryan had been deliberately sacrificed in order to
launch a covert military operation in Guyana; and as it turned
out, the Washington Post memorial to Ryan was printed immediately
after the successful completion of this military operation.  In a
display of courage that is practically unknown today in the
United States Congress, Ryan had gone to Guyana knowing that it
might be dangerous.  But what he did not know was that he had
been lured into making a trip whose tragic outcome was planned
well ahead of time.  Congressman Ryan and those who died with him
at Port Kaituma Airport were casualties in the secret war that is
leading to NUCLEAR WAR ONE.  And so were the hundreds of other
American civilians who died in the so-called 'mass suicide' at
Jonestown, Guyana.

   For more than two years now the United States and Russia have
been embroiled in secret hostilities in preparation for Nuclear
War One.  It began in earnest during the summer of 1976 when the
still secret Underwater Missile Crisis erupted.  Then it expanded
into wholesale nuclear sabotage of the United States with weapons
now planted at literally thousands of locations nation-wide. 
These range from mammoth hydrogen bombs ready to destroy our
largest dams and reservoirs down to tiny nuclear devices called
'micronukes' by the Russians.  For some time now the Russians
have been detonating micronukes in a steady drum beat of
explosions all over America.  In September 1977 the secret war
took a decisive new turn.  In the still secret Battle of the
Harvest Moon in space, America's Secret Rulers lost their
supposed ace in the hole for the coming war.  In a shocking
upset, Russia knocked out America's secret Moon beam-weapons Base
in Copernicus Crater, and since that time Russia has seized the
dominant position militarily in space.

   In past Audioletters I have kept my listeners abreast of these
developments, and for the past year I have also been calling
attention to the drastic changes taking place in the leadership
of both Russia and the United States.  In Russia, the original
ruling faction after 1917, the atheistic Bolsheviks, have been
overthrown after a progressive struggle for six decades.  The
Kremlin is now under the absolute control of a tough band of
native Russians, a Christian sect who consider the Bolsheviks to
be evil incarnate.  As a result, the Bolsheviks are being
expelled from Russia and they are flocking mostly to the United
States.  They are joining the many Bolsheviks already in powerful
positions here in a sophisticated new Bolshevik revolution!  In
the process, they are gradually pre-empting much of the power
that was once exercised by their Secret Allies, the third
generation Rockefeller brothers.  As Bolshevik power becomes
greater and greater in the United States, the Satanic fruits of
that power are becoming increasingly visible.

   Seven months ago in April 1978, the lives of over one hundred
unsuspecting civilians were deliberately put in great danger for
the sake of an intelligence mission.  This was the case of Korean
Airlines Flight 902 which invaded super-sensitive Russian air
space and was shot down.  As I explained in detail that month in
Audioletter No. 33, there was nothing accidental about the Korean
airliner episode, and the threat of death to all the innocent
passengers was the key ingredient in the episode.  It would have
been far easier for the Russian fighters to blow the Boeing 707
out of the air in a ball of flame than to force it down with only
a few casualties, as was done.

   Today the Bolshevik grip on America is even greater than it
was last April, and human life is growing cheaper by the day. 
This time it was not a hundred but nearly a thousand civilian
lives, and this time they did die because nothing was left to
chance.  The gruesome tragedy at Jonestown, Guyana is only a pale
shadow of what lies ahead for the entire United States if the
cancer of Bolshevism is not stopped.  Those who are seized by the
Bolshevik way of thinking are schizophrenic and Satanic and
unable to tell right from wrong.  When these tendencies are
allowed to go unchecked and the Bolsheviks acquire power, the
consequences for society as a whole are tragic.  Both murderous
and suicidal actions take place on a scale beyond comprehension. 
It happened 60 years ago in Russia as the Bolsheviks took over
there; and now, as the Bolsheviks are taking over, it is
beginning to happen here too in the United States of America.

   My three topics for this month are:




Topic #1--It is now nearly two weeks since the November 18
slaughter of Congressman Ryan and four other Americans at the
Port Kaituma Airport, Guyana.  During most of that time, the
State Department has been under heavy fire from the friends and
staff of the late Congressman, and with good reason.  Over a
period of a year and more, the State Department received bushels
of mail from American citizens concerned about friends and
relatives at Jonestown.  Congressman Ryan, too, kept urging an
investigation, but the State Department never did carry out an
investigation worthy of the name.  It was only after Congressman
Ryan received what amounted to a whitewash report on Jonestown
that he made his ill-fated decision to go see for himself. 
Congressman Ryan, my friends, was the victim of deliberate
entrapment, for reasons which I will explain shortly.  Careful
analysis of his psychological profile had revealed that he could
be provoked into going to Jonestown by denying him hard
information through normal channels.  Intelligence operatives
within the State Department made sure that any reports to Ryan
about Jonestown would not meet with his satisfaction.  Right now
State Department spokesmen are trying to act dumb about their
role in the grizzly events of recent days.  They wave their hands
and try to look foolish as they explain why they somehow failed
to spot the dangers at Jonestown; but the Jonestown disaster was
actually spawned by a military situation in Guyana which I first
made public over four years ago.  And then, as now, the only
response of the Government was cover-up.

   As my older listeners all know, I am referring to the Russian
nuclear missile base in Guyana.  Beginning in June 1974, I
revealed the presence of the Guyana missile base on radio
programs all across America; and in October 1974 I repeated this
warning in my very first talking tape, Audio Book No. 1 entitled:
WORLD WAR."  The following words are a direct quote from that
first tape of more than four years ago: "According to my very
reliable intelligence sources on this matter, the Republic of
Guyana (next to Venezuela in South America) has already been
turned into another Cuba with Atomic Missiles aimed at the Gatun
Locks of the Panama Canal and at our cities here in the United
States.  Of course our government, which dances to the tune
called by the Dynasty, refuses even to investigate seriously my
charges on this score."  (End of quotation from Audio Book No. 1) 
Since then I've repeated my warnings about these Russian missiles
in Guyana in my Audioletters, as you well know; but when I first
made these charges on radio, many of you sent letters and
telegrams to the State Department, mostly by way of your
Congressmen and the Pentagon.  You demanded to know if my charges
were true, and for your effort you got gobbledygook and denials. 
And many of you sent me these letters saying that you did not
believe the Government.  Well, my friends, you were right.

   The developments which were destined to culminate in tragedy
at Jonestown began some 13 years ago in 1965.  Guyana was a newly
independent country, the former British colony of British Guiana. 
At that time the secret Rockefeller-Soviet alliance was in full
swing, and the long range joint plans for a controlled Nuclear
War were moving right along.  Both sides were looking ahead
toward an eventual double-cross, but that still lay far in the
future at that time.  As I've explained in past Audioletters, the
deliberate strengthening of Russia at America's expense was part
of their joint plan for WORLD GOVERNMENT and conquest.  The Cuban
Missile Crisis of 1962 threw a temporary monkey wrench into the
program when President John F. Kennedy intervened personally and
stopped the nuclear arming of Cuba; and for doing that, he lost
his life in Dallas barely a year later.  His successor, Lyndon
Johnson, made sure that he followed the script more carefully. 
In the wake of the Cuban crisis, Russia needed a new forward base
in the Caribbean area for strategic purposes until the heat was
off in Cuba.  To accommodate Russia, Guyana was selected for this
purpose; and David Rockefeller saw to it that a Marxist named
Forbes Burnham became Prime Minister.  In return, the Chase
Manhattan Bank became fiscal agent for Guyana, giving Rockefeller
access to the gold produced in Guyana; and as a key factor in all
this, then President Lyndon Johnson in 1965 turned over the
formerly American Air Base, Atkinson Field, to Guyana.  America's
right to retain control over the Base for several more decades
was simply thrown away without excuse.  Atkinson Field, which was
renamed Temehri Airfield, is south of Georgetown, the capital
city.  This is the airfield to which American helicopters carried
bodies to be airlifted to America after the Jonestown disaster
this month.  When Johnson gave the Temehri Airfield to Marxist
Guyana, he handed Russia a very large plum indeed.  The Temehri
Airfield is the largest in all of Latin America, larger even than
New York's largest airport, the John F. Kennedy Airport; and its
location makes it ideal for ferrying Cuban troops and supplies to
Africa.  As a result, Johnson's action on behalf of the
Rockefellers robbed the United States of an important logistic
connection to Africa while opening the door for Cuban troops. 
Our troubles years later with the Cuban troops in Angola and
elsewhere in Africa are partly the result.

   For a number of years, Russian military activity in Guyana was
heavily concentrated around the vicinity of the Temehri Airfield. 
In fact, when I first reported the Russian missiles in Guyana in
1974, they were emplaced in sites that ringed the Airfield. 
Within the past two years, however, the missiles were pulled out
>from  these locations and moved to a separate missile complex west
of Georgetown.  In this new complex, the missiles were deployed
at sites scattered over an area some 30 miles across.  In the
approximate center was a Command and Control installation
commanded by Russian personnel.  After this missile base
relocation was completed, the missile complex was centered at a
point about 70 miles northwest of Temehri Airfield; and roughly
another 70 miles to the northwest lay the Peoples Temple Commune
at Jonestown, an Israeli-type kibbutz.  So the missile base ended
up about midway between the Jonestown commune and Temehri
Airfield.  It was no accident, my friends, that the Peoples
Temple kibbutz was located so close to the missile base.  But the
origins of the Peoples Temple in the 1950s had nothing to do with
government intrigue.  It was not until about 1970 that certain
elements of the United States Intelligence community began to
infiltrate and subvert the Peoples Temple.  As I have explained
in the past, it's always been standard practice by the
Rockefeller brothers to support not only the faction in power but
also spies and opponents to that faction.  In this way they are
always in a position, at least in theory, to cut down anyone who
tries to break free of their control.  In the case of Guyana, the
Rockefellers wanted to have such a tool in Guyana as a check on
Forbes Burnham, the Prime Minister, whom they had put in power
with their money.  Certain elements within the United States
Intelligence community under general coordination by the CIA were
given the task of finding ways of accomplishing this.

   In the course of evaluating various options, it was concluded
that the Peoples Temple would prove ideal.  The psychological
profile of the leader, Jim Jones, indicated that he could be
converted into a powerful tool of our Unseen Rulers.  Contrary to
reports in the controlled major media, Jim Jones was born a Jew,
and he already exhibited tendencies toward kibbutz-style
organization that could be channeled into useful directions. 
This would be brought about through a combination of both
conscious and unconscious factors.  At the conscious level, money
and powerful political support would be channeled in his
direction; at the unconscious level, the technique of
psychological programming, which I described in some of my early
Audioletters, would be employed.  Gradually, Jim Jones would lose
control of his own personality and become what our Unseen Rulers
wanted him to be.  The process would inevitably create tremendous
internal conflicts and turn Jim Jones into a troubled and
dangerous man--and that my friends, was what was done.

   By 1973 changes in Jones' behavior began to be noticed by his
friends and followers.  His conversion into a semiconscious agent
of death and intrigue was underway in earnest.  That same year
the mushrooming funds of the Peoples Temple were used to launch
the agricultural kibbutz at Jonestown, Guyana, though only a few
people went there at that time.  Guyana is a rigid Marxist police
state, and no one could have launched a new enterprise like the
Commune without its approval by Forbes Burnham; but David
Rockefeller agents made sure that Burnham received all the
assurances he needed that the Jones compound would fit neatly
into the Marxist environment of Guyana.  And at the same time,
Forbes Burnham had begun double-crossing David Rockefeller,
exactly as feared.  He was playing ball politically but he was
hiding much of Guyana's gold production in caves in the
mountains.  David Rockefeller found this out some time later, but
by then the much bigger problem was developing of a double-cross
by Russia so Burnham was left untouched in order to make way for
bigger things.

   When I began warning radio listeners all across America about
the Guyana missiles during the summer of 1974, the Rockefeller
brothers were still in bed with the Kremlin.  There were already
ominous signs that something was happening in Russia which they
did not understand; but they simply could not imagine that their
old Kremlin allies, the Bolsheviks, were being overthrown.  And
so my public warnings about Guyana missiles were denied and
ridiculed by Government spokesmen, who were lying.  A carefully
programmed Nuclear War was being planned for the late 1970s and
they did not want the plan to be spoiled by public awareness; but
two years later Russia's all-out military double-cross of America
began with the Underwater Missile Crisis of 1976.  Most of you
know about that crisis, which the Government kept silent about,
but which I detailed in Audioletters 14 through 16.  Our Unseen
Rulers were badly shaken by that surprise and initially tried to
reinstate their secret alliance with the Kremlin rulers.  After
all, they had succeeded in doing so once before after President
Kennedy broke the rules and made an issue of the Cuban missiles;
but meanwhile they also began setting in motion contingency plans
to gear up for a possible real war.

   The Guyana missile base was one of the major targets of this
revised planning.  When this planning began more than two years
ago, the Space Battle of the Harvest Moon still lay a year in the
future.  It seemed inconceivable that America could lose its
secret beam-weapons base which was soon to be operational on the
moon; and so long as they had this Moon Base to depend on, our
Unseen Rulers thought they could not lose.  But in light of the
Underwater Missile double-cross, they wanted to be able to pull
as many of Russia's military teeth as possible.  In this way,
their destruction of Russia would be even more complete than
originally planned.

   The planners of Operation Guyana were given a difficult
problem to solve.  The objective was to wipe out the Russian
missile base in Guyana thereby removing the threat it posed to
the Panama Canal and southern American cities; but this was to be
a pre-war operation carried out covertly and with complete
surprise.  It had to be covert, because neither the United States
nor Russia could afford to have it known that the base ever
existed; and the surprise had to be complete, because with even
the briefest warning the base could be reinforced and defended by
Cuban troops.  From these requirements it was concluded that a
commando-style raid would be necessary, something like the
Israeli raid at Entebbe Airport in Uganda in July 1976.  Any
other kind of attack would have required that our leaders do what
President Kennedy did in 1962, and that is: Tell the American
people what was afoot and ask for our support.  And at all cost,
the one thing our Unseen Rulers were determined not to do was to
tell you and me anything.  The problem then arose--how to get the
joint attacking forces into Guyana in a force large enough and
fast enough to do the job.  Wiping out a major missile base like
that in Guyana after all is no small task and it takes
experience.  It was concluded that somehow some very sudden,
massive, compelling excuse would have to be provided in order to
enable the secret joint military forces to enter Guyana
temporarily.  The excuse, whatever it was, would have to be so
visible as to tie Russia's hands so that Russia could not
retaliate in Guyana without giving away what she had been up to
there; and the excuse, whatever it was, would have to appear
non-military yet require military expertise.  Furthermore, some
provision would have to be made for all casualties in the
missile-base attack to be removed from Guyana after the raid,
otherwise their presence in Guyana could have been made the basis
of an international incident trumped up around some different
story unrelated to the secret missile base.  For example, the
government of Guyana, following Russian dictates, might have
publicly displayed the bodies of the joint military forces killed
in the attack and said they were killed in an attempted coup
d'etat against Forbes Burnham.  It was a very big order, but the
Jonestown kibbutz proved to be the answer.  All that was
necessary was to arrange for many hundreds of American citizens
to die suddenly in Guyana and under conditions guaranteeing
instant massive publicity.

   The sheer enormity of the tragedy would require military
involvement, and the location of Jonestown was made to order. 
Helicopters commuting between the Temehri Airfield and Jonestown
would naturally fly over the missile complex--whose details were
known in spite of expert camouflage.  This meant that joint
special armed forces could be set down near the perimeters of the
missile base and later recovered, along with casualties, with
relative ease.  And as the reporters at the Temehri Airfield
watched helicopters leaving to the northwest and return from the
same direction, they were led to assume that all were going to
and from Jonestown 150 miles away.  They had no way of knowing
that many of the flights were to and from the Russian missile
base, which lay in the same direction but only half as far away.

   When it was decided to use mass deaths at Jonestown as a cover
for the missile-base attack, Jonestown was functioning only as an
outpost of the Peoples Temple.  There were not enough people
there to provide a sufficiently major incident to serve the
intended purpose, and so through both direct and indirect means
Jim Jones was persuaded to go to the Guyana kibbutz himself,
taking as many of his flock as would follow him.  That turned out
to be about 25 to 30%, and by following him they automatically
identified themselves as the group most highly dependent upon
Jones personally.  They were also most susceptible to the
combined influences of exhaustion, intimidation, and isolation
>from  outside help--in other words, right for brainwashing.  And
ever since the days of the Korean war, it's been known
conclusively that brainwashing techniques can force many people
to do all kinds of things.  Even hardened American GI's in Korea
fell victim to brainwashing in surprising numbers because they
did not understand what they were up against.  But of course the
Jonestown victims were anything but hardened soldiers.

   In August 1977 Jim Jones left for Guyana with his large
sacrificial flock.  That same month, United Nations Ambassador
Andrew Young carried a message to Prime Minister Forbes Burnham
of Guyana.  He said that under certain conditions the United
States and the World Bank would increase its aid to Guyana--that
is, line Burnham's pockets by a factor of ten times more than
previous levels.  And so the key disaster of Jonestown was set in
motion in a day shortly before the Battle of the Harvest Moon
last year.

   To trigger the whole tragedy in the glare of publicity, the
interest of late Congressman Leo J. Ryan was developed and
programmed; and as the time approached for Congressman Ryan to
make his anticipated trip to Guyana, other activities were set in
motion on the diplomatic and military stage.  It was essential
that Russia's attention be diverted away from Guyana until too
late to take action to protect the missile base.  Russia's prize
in the Western Hemisphere, of course, is Cuba; and so in the
final days before the Battle of Guyana on Thanksgiving Day 1978,
the trumped up MiG-23 crisis--remember that?--was used to divert
Russian attention to Cuba.  Only too late did the Kremlin
discover that the real target was not Cuba but Guyana.

Topic #2--Close aides of the late Congressman Leo Ryan have
reported publicly that his ill-fated decision to go to Guyana was
triggered by a State Department report to him that he found
unsatisfactory.  As I have mentioned already, this reaction of
Ryan's had been predicted and, in fact, deliberately encouraged. 
With elections coming up, Congressman Ryan decided to schedule
the trip after the election during the Congressional recess. 
This was a natural decision, and had also been anticipated by the
planners behind the scenes.  And as the time approached for his
trip, the false issue of the Cuban MiG-23 crisis erupted.  The
Carter Administration had learned nearly one year ago that the
Russians were going to send the MiG-23s to Cuba and decided that
it would be the perfect pretext for a fake crisis.  The MiG-23,
my friends, can carry certain types of nuclear weapons as
claimed; but even in this role it is a tactical weapon best
suited for support of ground or naval forces.  The MiG-23 in and
of itself does not threaten America in the same way that the 1962
Cuban missiles did; and so when the United States began playing
up the MiG-23s, it was very obvious to the Kremlin that this was
a deliberate effort to stir up public tension over Cuba.  The
question was: Exactly what was the United States up to?  Would
the Carter Administration be so crazy as to invade Cuba?  Such a
thing sounded irrational, but America's Unseen Rulers are
behaving more and more irrationally.  Partly this is deliberate
and is intended to keep the chess players in the Kremlin off
balance, but it is also partly a result of the increasing degree
of control over America by those Satanic schizophrenics, the

   Cuba is, after all, very important to Russia, for Russia is
looking ahead to world domination after Nuclear War I; and for
that, Cuba is Russia's main beachhead in the Western Hemisphere. 
Even more urgently, Cuba is the unadmitted home of Russia's
Caribbean Submarine Fleet.  This fleet has repeatedly moved into
attack positions in the Gulf of Mexico over the past two years
and more during periods of tension.  And as if that were not
enough, there are concentrations of nuclear weapons in at least
four land locations in Cuba.  One is near the north coast roughly
10 miles inland southeast of Cardenas.  This location is 150
miles due south of Cape Sable, Florida.  A second site is about
150 miles to the east-southeast of that and about 10 miles inland
>from  the north coast.  A hundred twenty-five miles farther to the
southeast is a third concentration 15 miles northeast of Marti,
well inland.  And the fourth nuclear site is near the eastern tip
of Cuba, 28 miles north-northwest of the United States Naval Base
at Guantanamo Bay.  With all this at stake, American publicity
over the MiG-23s caused worry in the Kremlin.  And in early
November the tension increased when the United States began
sending SR-71 reconnaissance flights over Cuba--shades of 1962. 
In response, massive formations from the Atlantic, Pacific, and
Caribbean Submarine Fleets of the Russian Navy began fanning out
along America's east, west, and gulf coasts on November 6.  They
did not deploy into attack formations but their sheer numbers
signaled a clear warning to Washington.  At this very moment they
are still on station, many with neutron weaponry.  Then during
the week immediately preceding the tragedies in Guyana the MiG-23
pseudo crisis built to a climax.  Beginning on Tuesday, November
14, a huge combined American and British Naval Task Force began
heading toward Cuba.  By midweek, Cuban defense forces were on
full alert, and on Thursday November 16 a group of twelve United
States Senators in Moscow--supposedly to discuss the SALT
talks--met with Russia's Kosygin.  There they pressed the alleged
issue of the Cuban MiG-23s, and Kosygin flew into a rage.  He
shouted, "I thought you were here to discuss Peace!"  According
to James Reston's New York Times article of November 26, 1978,
one Senator, John Glenn of Ohio, reportedly tried to defuse the
MiG-23 argument, calling it a "false issue."  As a former test
pilot and America's first astronaut in orbit, Senator Glenn knew
what he was talking about, but Kosygin's anger over the other
comments about the MiGs provided the United States Intelligence
community with valuable proof that the decoy action toward Cuba
was working.  The next day, November 17, Russia publicly admitted
sending MiG-23s to Cuba, calling them strictly defensive weapons. 
The same day an editorial in the Washington Post typified the
crescendo of media attention to the Cuban MiG-23s.  It was
titled: "A New Cuban Missile Crisis?"

   The very next day, Saturday November 18, Congressman Leo Ryan,
three newsmen, and a woman seeking to escape from Jonestown were
slaughtered at the Port Kaituma Airport.  At least a dozen other
people were also wounded, but there was no effort to destroy the
airplane filled with terrified escapees from Jonestown.  Instead,
many witnesses were left alive, and a smaller plane managed to
take off right after the airport massacre and report the attack
in the capital, Georgetown.  Immediately world attention was
focused on Guyana, and meanwhile the mass murder at
Jonestown--wrongly called a mass suicide--was underway.  At this
point, the elaborate decoy action toward Cuba was no longer
needed, so the Pentagon announced that a routine naval exercise
was in progress which would approach no closer to Cuba than 50
miles.  Cuban defense forces relaxed, but the real action was
only beginning in Guyana.  The methodical executions of
Congressman Ryan and three prominent newsmen had guaranteed that
Jonestown would shortly be in the glare of publicity.  Having
guaranteed this publicity, Jim Jones then ordered the mass
executions at the Jonestown kibbutz.

   The complete details of the Jonestown disaster may never be
known publicly.  I can tell you though that of those who died
there, very few willingly and deliberately took their own
lives--and that is what suicide is.  Many were tricked, not
realizing that the death rites were real.  Many more resisted,
but they were weak, helpless, and confronted with armed execution
squads.  So by various means, several hundred people were
poisoned with potassium cyanide.  However there were many others
who did try to escape and who resisted more effectively.  Many of
these people were herded off into the jungle and shot without
mercy.  Finally, when the mass murder was completed, the
executioners performed their final task of stage-managing the
horrible death scene.  In order to achieve the surprise needed in
attacking the Russian missile base, it was critically important
that the first reports from Jonestown described the scene as a
mass suicide.  Only in this way could its actual military
significance be hidden long enough to fool the Russians.  So all
of the bodies that were free of gunshot wounds were carefully
arranged in neat rows and other groupings, suggesting at first
sight that everyone died willingly and deliberately.  This was
the scene that greeted Guyanese troops late the following day,
Sunday November 19.  It was more than 24 hours after the kibbutz
victims died and the executioners, including the real Jim Jones,
were long gone.  I will return to the matter of Jones himself

   The Guyanese troops were afraid of possible disease but
counted the bodies as accurately as possible.  The total they
reported was 409 Sunday night.  The initial impression of a mass
suicide was seized upon by the controlled major media of the
United States.  Without waiting for an investigation, the media
drummed away at the suicide image of Jonestown as if it were a
proven fact.  After a few days a few people did begin to raise
questions, but by then the initial image of suicide had served
its purpose of opening Guyana's doors to the United States.  For
example, on Tuesday November 21, Jim Jones' surviving son Steven
said in a Georgetown press conference, "There's no way it could
have been mass suicide."  And the same day, according to the
Washington Star, a Guyanese source pointed out a serious medical
discrepancy in the Jonestown kibbutz death scene.  He said, "If
you die of cyanide, which seems to have been the poison, your
body goes into spasm and contortion death, but at Jonestown
everyone looked relaxed."  The reason for this discrepancy, my
friends, was that by the time the Guyanese troops arrived, all of
the bodies had been rearranged, as I have stated.  They were also
placed face down for the most part.  This was so that the widely
publicized news photos would not ruin the desired impression of
calm by letting us see the victims' final expressions of agony.

   To continue the nightmare charade to fool the Russians, the
United States at first publicly urged Guyana to collect and bury
the hundreds of bodies.  As arranged, Guyana replied in effect
that it was America's problem and that America should take the
bodies back to the United States.  To facilitate this huge and
hideous task, Guyana obligingly agreed to waive the usual
Guyanese law that requires any body to be autopsied before
removal from the country.  With this arrangement, the United
States achieved the carte blanche military access to Guyana that
was needed.  Russian intelligence realized what was afoot by
early Monday, November 20, but it was already too late to stop
it.  Russia could hardly announce to the world: "We have a secret
nuclear missile base in Guyana and the United States is getting
ready to destroy it."  That would have rallied world opinion
behind America; and although Russian Cosmospheres quickly
converged over Guyana, they too were useless in the covert
conditions of battle there.  Their Charged Particle Beam Weapons
could have made short work of the commando-style forces, but in
the process they would have wiped out the Russian base itself. 
The Guyana missiles have become only a minor factor in Russia's
military power since the Battle of the Harvest Moon last year. 
They were not valuable enough to Russia to declare open war on
their account.  And so under these conditions, Russia was
powerless to act once the Jonestown tragedy had been staged.

   As Thanksgiving Day approached, huge American transports,
helicopters, troops, and medical teams swarmed into Guyana.  In a
remote corner of the huge Temehri Airfield a command post was
established for the twin operations at Jonestown and at the
Russian missile base.  As some of the troops began the nauseating
task of cleaning up the Jonestown kibbutz, other joint attack
forces were taking up positions around the missile base in
preparations for the surprise raid.  Meanwhile, day after day the
death count reported at Jonestown remained unchanged at 409. 
Then on Thanksgiving Day itself, the Battle of Guyana took place. 
Crack military forces experienced in jungle and surprise warfare
moved in on the Russian complex, striking all the dispersed sites
simultaneously.  Like the Entebbe raid, the battle itself did not
last long.  It had to be over quickly to be successful.  First
the small crews on site near each missile were overwhelmed, and
then killed.  The missiles themselves were quickly disabled. 
Next the military forces converged on the Missile Command and
Control Center, where a bloody pitched battle took place.  When
the smoke cleared, every single person manning the missile base
had been killed, including the Russian commanders.

   When the battle was over, American helicopters from Temehri
Airfield began landing within the ruined missile complex and
flying out the wounded.  Then the remaining attackers were left
with two more jobs before they could retire from the area. 
First, they were under strict orders to leave no bodies of the
attacking forces on Guyanese soil, and so the entire area was
scoured until every single member of the attacking force had been
accounted for.  Their bodies, like those of the victims at
Jonestown, were sealed in Vietnam-type body bags and collected in
clearings where helicopters could land to pick them up.  Finally,
the combined forces were under orders to remove the nuclear
warheads from the missiles and take them back to Georgetown for
airlift to the United States.  Specially trained members of the
attacking force had set to work on this task immediately after
the initial attacks on the missile crews.  By early Friday,
November 24, all the warheads had been removed.  They, too, were
placed in body bags, one per bag, with some jungle foliage
stuffed in to give the bag a reasonable appearance.  Of course,
none of this was apparent to the reporters at Temehri Airfield,
whose access to the American Command Post there was carefully
controlled.  When wounded members of the joint forces were flown
back to the Airfield after the Battle of Guyana on Thanksgiving
afternoon, they were kept out of sight of the reporters. 
Otherwise when reporters occasionally saw body bags being moved
>from  place to place they naturally assumed that all contained
victims from Jonestown.  They had no way of knowing that some
contained slain Commandoes and that others contained Russian
nuclear warheads.  The continual cargo of death from the
Jonestown kibbutz made the perfect cover for the aftermath of the
Battle of Guyana.

   Some reporters have been puzzled at the choice of Dover Air
Force Base in Delaware for the Guyana airlift.  Most of the
Jonestown victims were from California, and there is a mortuary
facility similar to the Dover facility at Oakland Air Force Base
in California.  Dover was chosen, my friends, to facilitate
transfer of the Russian nuclear warheads to the nearby Aberdeen
Proving Ground and Arsenal.  This was done by means of shuttle
flights from Dover to Phillips Air Force Base.

   Originally the Guyanese count of 409 had been accepted as firm
by United States officials in Guyana.  That had raised questions
as to where the rest of the one thousand or so residents reported
to be in Jonestown had gone.  Finally, on Thanksgiving Day, with
the body clean-up operation well under way, a military spokesman
told reporters, "The evaluation that we have made is simply that
there were not many more people in Jonestown at the time of the
suicide."  But even as he spoke, the Battle of Guyana was raging
at the Russian missile base.  By midday on Friday, the day after
Thanksgiving, 485 body bags had already arrived at the Temehri
Airfield.  The 'bodies' of warheads from the Russian missile base
were destined to raise the total far beyond the total of 409
bodies originally counted by the Guyanese at the kibbutz.  It was
a bad mistake, the kind of thing that happens in the heat of
battle.  Something had to be done, and fast.  So, on that Friday
after Thanksgiving, a breathless and nervous Pentagon spokesman
at the Temehri Airfield made a stunning announcement over CBS
television: "The original count of persons found dead at the
Jonestown site has been found to be seriously in error.  It now
appears there may be as many as 780 bodies, total, found at the
site.  They were found simply buried under other bodies.  There
were larger adults that were grouped together, and under their
bodies were found the bodies of smaller adults and children." 
Badgered by incredulous reporters, the Government embellished the
cover story later on.  The Washington Star quoted the same
spokesman as saying Friday night: "Near the center of the pile of
bodies near the assembly hall they were three deep in some areas. 
They were in layers with blankets between them."  This story was
so unbelievable that within two days the United States Government
dismissed its own story about the blankets as a "rumor."  Still
the basic idea of bodies on top of bodies had to be maintained,
so on Saturday November 25 another Air Force spokesman tried to
make it all sound plausible in the following words: "From what I
observed, the people when they committed suicide would line up in
nice neat little circles, children in front of them, and as they
died they folded into the interior of the circle."

   The Guyana cover-up is world-wide in its dimensions.  In
Guyana, Deputy Prime Minister Reid made the first public
announcement to the Guyanese people about Jonestown on Friday
afternoon, November 24, in Parliament.  Then he refused to answer
questions, and rushed out to cries of "Shame. Shame" and
"Cover-up" from Parliament members.  And here in the United
States on Thanksgiving Day, FBI Director William Webster said
that the: "FBI Disaster Squad has positively identified the body
of James Warren Jones through fingerprint identification
records."  But, my friends, they fingerprinted a look-alike. 
Jones himself was at that very moment making good his escape from

   All of the preparations for Jones to make his escape had been
made well in advance.  An ocean-going boat well stocked with
supplies and money was waiting for him near the river town of
Bartica, 35 miles southwest of Georgetown.  In order to make his
way to Bartica from Jonestown, Jones had a Safe Conduct Pass.  In
the early morning of Thanksgiving Day as the Battle of Guyana was
beginning, Jones headed down stream toward Georgetown.  Shortly
after noon Guyana time his boat left the mouth of the Essequibo
River into the Atlantic Ocean.  From there Jones followed a
complicated itinerary which was designed to prevent his being
followed; but in spite of that, my friends, he was followed. 
>From  Guyana Jones headed due east for about 330 miles and then
turned south, landing near Ramere, French Guiana, about 5:30 A.M.
local time November 27.  From there he traveled by land to the
capital, Cayenne, and took an airplane across the Atlantic Ocean
to Freetown, Sierra Leone, in West Africa.  From Freetown he
headed north along the coast to Guinea-Bissau Airport, arriving
at approximately 7:00 P.M. local time November 28.  There, less
than two hours later, he boarded a DC-3 and took off.  His route
took him eastward to Tambacounda, Senegal; from there onward into
Mali with stops at Segou, Mopti, and Gao; then onward to Agadez,
Niger, and Largeau, Chad.  From there his plane continued to
Atbara, Sudan, and then a short final hop to Port Sudan where he
arrived shortly after 4:00 o'clock this morning, November 30,
local time.  When he arrived at Port Sudan, Jones found a
Turboprop Executive Transport waiting for him, owned and operated
by Israeli Intelligence.  Within 20 minutes the plane took off
with Jones and headed up the middle of the Red Sea toward the
Gulf of Aqaba.  At 6:30 A.M. local time this morning, November
30, Jones' plane landed briefly at Elath, the back door to
Israel; then on to a private airport outside of Jerusalem,
arriving at 7:20 A.M. local time.  From there he headed to a
nearby location for an intelligence debriefing.

   After being transformed gradually into a conscious agent of
the Intelligence Community over the past half dozen years, Jones
has taken part in a joint operation by American and Israeli
Intelligence in Guyana.  The Israelis had contributed valuable
expertise and even key lieutenants for Jones in showing how the
Jonestown kibbutz could be set up and used for the intended
purposes.  One has only to look at an encyclopedia to see that
Jonestown was, in fact, a kibbutz.  For example, the World Book
Encyclopedia under the topic "ISRAEL" says: "In a collective
community called a kibbutz, the farmers share all the property
and combine their labor.  The village administration provides all
their needs.  The adults eat together in a dining hall, but
married couples and single persons have private sleeping
quarters.  All children are raised together in a separate home. 
Parents visit their children for an hour or two before supper."

   My friends, the word "Communism", which has been domesticated
here in America, means living in a commune.  There is no purer
form of commune than the Israeli kibbutz.  When a commune is run
by persons with Satanic, schizophrenic characteristics like those
of Jim Jones, murderous and suicidal behavior are forced upon the
people, as happened at Jonestown.  And when this example is
expanded to include an entire nation, one has a nation in the
grip of Bolshevism.  It is happening now to America, and we
ourselves are being led and forced into national suicide against
our will.

Topic #3--Many Americans today tend to think of World War II as
having started on December 7, 1941.  That was the day when open
warfare came to America at Pearl Harbor.  But World War II really
began over two years before Pearl Harbor on September 1, 1939. 
On that day Hitler's troops marched into Poland unleashing a tide
of events that swept Germany and Japan crashing into ruins.  So
>from  that day onward it made no sense to talk about preventing
World War II.  The question became instead: How to end the war. 
In the same way, my friends, it no longer makes any sense to
speak of preventing Nuclear War One, because it has already
begun.  It began secretly on Thanksgiving Day, November 23, 1978,
with the Battle of Guyana.  And while America's nation-wide Pearl
Harbor still lies in the future, all evidence indicates that this
time we do not have two years to wait!  As this secret war
continues prior to open, all-out war, we must now brace ourselves
for Russian retaliation against the United States.  By destroying
their missile base in Guyana, America and Israel wiped out an
overseas Russian military installation and killed Russian
personnel; and they did so in a way that made any public protest
by Russia impossible.  In the past, Russia has often retaliated
in kind whenever injured, and may well do so again this time.  If
so, geophysical warfare could well be the ideal tool, destroying
a military installation seemingly by natural disaster.

   In the Battle of the Harvest Moon 14 months ago, America lost;
and the very rules of war were altered.  Russia then tried to
force America to surrender through SALT II disarmament, but our
Unseen Rulers instead stepped up preparations for a suicidal
nuclear war.  Now, in Guyana, the opening scenes of nuclear war
have already given a preview for the entire war.  By the
standards of those who planned it, the Battle of Guyana was a
brilliant success--and yet, at what cost!  Many times more
American lives were deliberately sacrificed than were lost by the
enemy in the battle itself.  In the same way, the American
first-strike strategy which I detailed three months ago will
cause American deaths to dwarf those inflicted on Russia.

   The Battle of Guyana was an exercise in futility, a mere
scratch on the arm for Russia.  It was planned before the Battle
of the Harvest Moon, which rendered this month's battle in Guyana
obsolete before it happened.  Perhaps the lessons for all of us
were best summarized in the ironic sign that hung over Jim Jones'
throne in the grizzly silence at Jonestown: "THOSE WHO DO NOT

   Until next month, God willing, this is Dr. Beter.  Thank you,
and may God bless each and every one of you.

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 British psychiatry: from eugenics to assassination

by Anton Chaitkin

A behavior control research project was begun in the 1950s,
coordinated by the British psychological warfare unit called the
Tavistock Institute, with the Scottish Rite Masons, the Central
Intelligence Agency, and other British, U.S., Canadian, and
United Nations agencies. The project became famous in the 1970s
under a CIA code name, ``MK-Ultra.'' Its notoriety for
brainwashing by drugs, hypnosis, electroshock, and other tortures
caused many books to be written about the project, and the U.S.
Senate conducted hearings which exposed many of its abusive
features. President Gerald Ford appointed a commission headed by
Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, to correct the CIA's
misconduct. There was a widespread anti-establishment view at the
time, that here was the fox appointed to guard the hen house.
    The intelligence agencies offered a public rationale for the
project: the need to counteract and compete with the mind-control
capabilities of the communists. This was largely based on the
fact that U.S. personnel held prisoner by the enemy in the Korean
War had signed false confessions of crimes, and some had defected
to North Korea, the apparent result of brainwashing.
    {The Manchurian Candidate,} a 1959 book which was made into a
popular movie in 1962, reflected this rationale. It told the
story of a communist plot to use a U.S. soldier brainwashed in
Manchuria as a zombie-assassin, to kill the leading U.S.
presidential candidate. A central theme of MK-Ultra was to
attempt to control the human mind in a similar way.
    Threatened and accomplished assassination of political
leaders has become increasingly frequent in public life since the
1960s. Just since the 1992 election campaign, for example,
President Bill Clinton has been the target of at least 15
assassination threats. Many of these would-be killers, and many
of the assassins of past years, had been in destructive
psychiatric programs, or were members of psychiatrically
manipulated cults. The present threats are the more meaningful,
in the context of the British-led Whitewater scandal directed
against the presidency.
    It is long past time for a thorough public inquiry into the
assassination epidemic, whereby its relationship to the official
project to {create assassins} would be fully explored. A great
obstacle to clear thinking in this area has been the assumption
that the U.S. government would not sponsor programs for the
murder of American leaders. This logical assumption misses the
point, that the overall project, including ``MK-Ultra,'' has been
foreign-sponsored and anti-American in its purposes.
    We shall outline here the British background of this deeply
criminal enterprise, with its roots in the political and
psychiatric movement called eugenics.

          - 1909-13: the buildup to World War I -

    John D. Rockefeller created the family-run {{Rockefeller
Foundation,}} in parallel with the birth of the British-inspired
Federal Reserve, the Internal Revenue Service, and the Federal
Bureau of Investigation. In 1909-13 and subsequent years,
Rockefeller transferred blocs of the family-owned Standard Oil
Co. worth more than $300 million to the account of the foundation
under its trustees who were family members, and their employees.
    Thus was established a global instrument for radical social
change, using American money and British strategy.
    John D. Rockefeller had begun his oil business in the 1860s
with British capital. The family's relationship to the British
Empire a half-century later was centered in the person of John D.
's brother {{William Rockefeller,}} the president of Standard Oil
of New York (later Mobil) and the founder of National City Bank
(later Citibank).
    In 1911, brother William employed, in a private capacity
through his elite social club, a high-ranking British secret
intelligence service officer named Claude Dansey. As the United
States prepared to ally itself in World War I with its old enemy
Britain, Dansey personally reorganized the U.S. Army intelligence
service into an adjunct of the British secret service. Dansey's
loyal U.S. follower, {{Gen. Marlborough Churchill}} (a distant
relative of Britain's Winston Churchill) soon became director of
U.S. military intelligence. After World War I, General Churchill
headed up the ``Black Chamber,'' a New York-based espionage group
serving the State Department, the U.S. Army, and private New York
financiers loyal to Great Britain. This same General Churchill
would soon launch a medical research organization, the Macy
Foundation, for the Rockefellers and British intelligence.

         - 1920s: the pre-Hitler era in Germany -

    The Rockefeller Foundation poured money into the occupied
German republic for a medical specialty known as {psychiatric
genetics.} This field applied to psychiatry the concepts of
eugenics (otherwise known as race purification, race hygiene, or
race betterment) developed in London's Galton Laboratory and its
offshoot Eugenics Societies in England and America.
    The Rockefeller Foundation created, and foundation executives
thenceforth continuously directed, the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute
for Psychiatry in Munich (before Rockefeller sponsorship it was
known as the Kraepelin Institute), and the Kaiser Wilhelm
Institute for Anthropology, Eugenics, and Human Heredity. The
Rockefellers' chief in both these institutions was the fascist
Swiss psychiatrist {{Ernst Ru@audin,}} assisted by his
prote@aage@aas, Rockefeller functionaries {{Otmar Freiherr von
Verschuer}} and {{Franz J. Kallmann.}}
    A British medical historian friendly to the Rockefellers
recently explained how the family was introduced into this field
in Germany@s1:
    The foundation's ``German centers combined the search for
organic signs of mental illness with eugenic projects.... The
[Kraepelin] institute had initially been endowed with 11 million
marks, contributed by Gustav Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach [head
of the Krupp steel and arms family] and James Loeb [Paul
Warburg's brother-in-law], an expatriate American of the Kuhn-
Loeb banking family. Loeb mobilized his American-Jewish friends
to support the institute,'' and they invited the foundation to
reorganize and expand the Munich enterprise. Loeb also continued
financing the institute.
    Loeb's relatives, the Warburgs, owners of Kuhn Loeb bank,
were the intimate banking partners of William Rockefeller.
Together with him they had set up the Harriman family in big
business, using capital supplied by the British royal family's
personal banker, Sir Ernst Cassell. The three families,
Rockefeller, Warburg, and Harriman, together with British Crown
agencies, jointly sponsored much of the social engineering
enterprise we shall describe here.
    The Rockefeller Foundation made an initial grant of $2.5
million in 1925 to the Psychiatric Institute in Munich, gave it
$325,000 for a new building in 1928, and continuously sponsored
the institute and its Nazi chief Ru@audin through the Hitler era.
The foundation paid for a 1930-35 anthropological survey of the
``eugenically worthwhile population'' by Nazi eugenicists
Ru@audin, Verschuer, Eugen Fischer, and others.

             - 1930: a New Age in psychiatry -

    Rockefeller family psychologists and race purification
experts created a medical research financing conduit, the {{
Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation,}} directed by former Black Chamber
and military intelligence chief Gen. Marlborough Churchill. The
Macy group would manage London's most advanced experiments in
mind-control and social engineering.

         - 1932: Ru@audin heads Eugenics Federation -

    The British-led eugenics movement met at the American Museum
of Natural History in New York City, and designated the
Rockefellers' Dr. Ernst Ru@audin as the president of the
worldwide Eugenics Federation. The eugenics movement at the time
called for the killing or sterilization of people whose heredity
made them a public burden or a national scapegoat.

         - Mid-1930s: Nazi eugenics in practice -

    Adolf Hitler was given Germany's chancellorship in 1933, and
was soon absolute dictator. {{Montagu Norman,}} the occultist
governor of the Bank of England, propped up Hitler's credit,
arranged the armament of Nazi Germany, and guided the strategies
of Hitler's powerful supporters--the Rockefellers, Warburgs, and
    Only a few months after the meeting at the American Museum of
Natural History, the Rockefeller-Ru@audin apparatus became a
section of the Nazi state. The regime appointed Ru@audin head of
the Racial Hygiene Society. Ru@audin and his staff, as part of
the Task Force of Heredity Experts chaired by SS chief Heinrich
Himmler, drew up the sterilization law. Described as an American
model law, it was adopted in July 1933 and proudly printed in the
September 1933 {Eugenical News} (U.S.A.), with Hitler's
signature. The Rockefeller group drew up other race laws, based,
as was the sterilization law, on existing statutes from the
Commonwealth of Virginia. Otmar Verschuer and his assistant Dr.
Josef Mengele together wrote reports for special courts which
enforced Ru@audin's racial purity law against the illegal
cohabitation of Aryans and non-Aryans.
    The ``T4'' unit of the Hitler Chancery, based on
psychiatrists led by Ru@audin and his staff, cooperated in
creating propaganda films to sell mercy-killing (euthanasia) to
German citizens. The public reacted antagonistically: Hitler had
to withdraw a tear-jerker right-to-die film from the movie
theaters. The proper groundwork had not yet been laid.

          - 1934: The Freemasons study madness -

    The {{Scottish Rite of Freemasonry}} joined the Rockefellers
in sponsoring psychiatric genetics beginning in 1934, under the
rubric of research into dementia praecox (schizophrenia).
    The highest level of U.S. masonry, the Scottish Rite was the
instrument through which the British Crown had reestablished the
loyalty of American masons after the American Revolution. The
northern section of the Rite had rallied the Copperheads against
Abraham Lincoln's Civil War efforts, aiding the Rite's southern
chief Albert Pike in secession and in other British white
supremacy projects, such as the Ku Klux Klan.
    For eugenics, the British royal family itself was the Rite's
point of reference. The {{Duke of Connaught,}} son of Queen
Victoria and brother of King Edward VII, had been grand master of
the United Grand Lodge of England since 1901. American masonic
leaders referred to the duke as ``grand master of the Mother
Grand Lodge of Masons of the World.''
    The son of a German father (Victoria's husband, the Coburg
Prince Albert), the Duke of Connaught was deeply involved in
German affairs and was a patron of Britain's ``New Dark Ages''
ultra-racialist elite group based in South Africa. Late in 1932,
negotiations for Hitler's takeover of Germany took place at the
home of Joachim von Ribbentrop, who, as a traveling teenager, had
been adopted into the household of the Duke of Connaught.
Ribbentrop then became the head of Hitler's foreign intelligence
service. As Hitler's ambassador to England, Ribbentrop worked in
tandem with the leadership of the clique which employed Hitler as
a British surrogate to smash up Europe: the masonic grand master
duke and his nephew, the openly Nazi Edward VIII; Bank of England
Governor Montagu Norman; and Lord Halifax, Neville Chamberlain's
foreign minister.

   - 1936-38: Columbia University's chamber of horrors -

    In 1936, the Scottish Rite's Field Representative of Research
on Dementia Praecox, Dr. Nolan D.C. Lewis, director of the {{New
York State Psychiatric Institute,}} reported to the Scottish Rite
Northern Supreme Council ``on the progress of the fourteen
research projects being financed by the Supreme Council.''
Scottish Rite strategist {{Winfred Overholser,}} the
superintendent of St. Elizabeth's Hospital, a federal mental
hospital in Washington D.C., provided overall leadership for the
Rite's psychiatric research.
    Though these projects are shrouded in mystery, one of them
with particularly gruesome results has come to light.
    The study of hereditary degeneracy was proceeding in the
Rockefeller Foundation's German enclaves when it hit a snag.
Psychiatrist Franz J. Kallmann, prote@aage@aa of Nazi race
science chief Ernst Ru@audin, was forced to leave his job--
Kallmann was ``half-Jewish.'' This was a big blow for Kallmann,
who had proved his Nazi credentials at the International Congress
for Population Science in Berlin in 1935. At that British-led
meeting hosted by Hitler's Interior Ministry, Kallmann had argued
for the sterilization of {even the apparently healthy relatives}
of schizophrenics, along with the schizophrenics themselves, to
securely eliminate all the defective germ plasm.
    Without missing a step, Kallmann emigrated to America and
became director of research in the New York State Psychiatric
Institute, attached to Columbia University in Manhattan. The
Scottish Rite's Dr. Lewis was the director of the institute.
    Kallmann simply continued in New York the Nazi propaganda
work he had been doing for Rockefeller in Germany. The Scottish
Rite of Freemasonry paid Kallmann to conduct a study of over 1,
000 cases of schizophrenia, in order to assert the claim that the
mental disorder was inherited. Kallmann's study was published
simultaneously in the United States and Nazi Germany in 1938.
    In the preface, Kallmann thanked the Scottish Rite and his
mentor Ru@audin. He called schizophrenics a ``source of
maladjusted crooks ... and the lowest types of criminal
offenders. Even the faithful believer in liberty ... would be
happier without those.'' He declared sarcastically, ``I am
reluctant to admit the necessity of different eugenic programs
for democratic and fascistic communities.... There are neither
biological nor sociological differences between a democratic and
a totalitarian schizophrenic.''
    Kallmann's scholarly American study was used by the Nazi
government's T4 unit as a part of its pretext to begin in 1939
the murder of mental patients and various other ``defective''
people, many or most of them children. Lethal gas and lethal
injections were used to kill 200-250,000 under this program, in
which the staffs for a broader program of mass murder were
desensitized and trained.

            - 1939-40: the deal for Auschwitz -

    The German chemical company IG Farben and Rockefeller's
Standard Oil of New Jersey were effectively a single firm, merged
in hundreds of cartel arrangements. IG Farben was led, up until
1937 by the Warburg family, Rockefeller's partners in banking and
in the design of Nazi German eugenics.
    Following the Nazi invasion of Poland in September 1939,
Britain and Germany declared war on each other and World War II
began. But later that month, Standard Oil executives flew to the
Netherlands on a British Royal Air Force bomber and met with IG
Farben executives. Standard Oil pledged to keep the merger with
IG Farben going even if the United States entered the war. This
was exposed in 1942 by Sen. Harry Truman's investigating
committee, and President Franklin Roosevelt took hundreds of
legal measures during the war to counter the Standard Oil-IG
Farben cartel's supply operation for the enemy war machine.
    In 1940-41, IG Farben built a gigantic factory at Auschwitz
in Poland, to utilize the Standard Oil-IG Farben patents with
concentration camp slave labor to make gasoline from coal. The SS
guarded the Jewish and other inmates and selected for killing
those who were unfit for IG Farben slave labor. Standard-Germany
President Emil Helfferich testified after the war that Standard
Oil funds helped pay for the SS guards at Auschwitz.
    On March 26, 1940, six months after the Standard Oil-IG
Farben meeting, European Rockefeller Foundation official Daniel
O'Brian wrote to the foundation's chief medical officer Alan
Gregg that ``it would be unfortunate if it was chosen to stop
research which has no relation to war issues.'' The ``non-war-
related'' research continued. {The Rockefeller Foundation defends
its record by claiming that its funding of Nazi German programs
during World War II was limited to psychiatric research.}

        - 1943: research in Nazi-occupied Poland -

    In 1943, Otmar Verschuer's assistant Josef Mengele was made
medical commandant of Auschwitz.
    As wartime director of Rockefeller's Kaiser Wilhelm Institute
for Anthropology, Eugenics, and Human Heredity in Berlin,
Verschuer secured funds for Mengele's experiments at Auschwitz
>from  the German Research council. Verschuer wrote a progress
report to the Council: ``My co-researcher in this research is my
assistant, the anthropologist and physician Mengele. He is
serving as Hauptstu@aurmfu@auhrer and camp doctor in the
concentration camp Auschwitz.... With the permission of the
Reichsfu@auhrer SS Himmler, anthropological research is being
undertaken on the various racial groups in the concentration
camps and blood samples will be sent to my laboratory for
    Mengele prowled the railroad cars coming into Auschwitz,
looking for twin children--a favorite research subject of
Frankenstein-type psychiatric geneticists. On arrival at
Mengele's experimental station, twins filled out ``a detailed
questionnaire from the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute.'' There were
daily drawings of blood for Verschuer's ``specific protein''
research. Needles were injected into eyes for work on eye color.
There were experimental blood transfusions and experimental
infections. Organs and limbs were removed, sometimes without
anesthetics. Sex changes were attempted. Females were sterilized,
males were castrated. Thousands were murdered, and their organs,
eyeballs, heads, and limbs were sent to Verschuer and the
Rockefeller group at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute.
    After the war, Mengele was a famous target of Nazi-hunters
pursuing him to South America. But his boss, Verschuer, was
regarded in a different light: He was a high-level Rockefeller
    In 1946, Verschuer wrote to the Bureau of Human Heredity in
London, asking for help in continuing his ``scientific research.
'' In 1947, the Bureau of Human Heredity moved from London to
Copenhagen, and Verschuer moved to Denmark to join the British
group there. The new Danish building for this group was erected
with Rockefeller money. The first International Congress in Human
Genetics following World War II was held at this Danish institute
in 1956.
    Dr. Kallmann helped save Verschuer by testifying at his
denazification proceedings. Kallmann, a director of the American
Eugenics Society, became an icon at the New York State
Psychiatric Institute, which remains to this day a nest of the
Eugenics Society. With Verschuer and other Nazi notables, Dr.
Kallmann also created the American Society of Human Genetics,
which organized the ``Human Genome Project''--a current $3
billion physical multiculturalism effort.

            - 1943: research in North America -

    With the war on, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Canadian
military joined their psychiatric forces. Canadian Army medical
director Dr. George Brock Chisholm had been trained as a
psychiatrist at the {{Tavistock Psychiatric Clinic}} in London,
and Tavistock--the British Crown's central mind-bending agency--
was a major Rockefeller Foundation beneficiary.
    In 1943, the Rockefeller Foundation created the Allen
Memorial Institute at McGill University in Montreal. Eugenics-
oriented psychiatrist {{Donald Ewen Cameron,}} a Scottish
immigrant to the United States, was placed in charge of the
institute's psychiatry. Experiments in coercive interrogation and
brainwashing would be conducted at Allen Institute under the
auspices of the Canadian military, the Rockefeller Foundation,
and the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. Dr. Cameron's
``terminal'' use of electric shock as a brain-burning torture,
psychosurgery, and brainwashing with drugs and hypnosis would
make the Canadian program the most famous apsect of the CIA's MK-
    Meanwhile, in Washington, D.C., a new odor, that of
marijuana, could be detected inside St. Elizabeth's Hospital in
Washington, D.C. (St. Elizabeth's is the mental hospital where
presidential assailants or other federal cases are kept.) The
superintendent, Scottish Rite chief psychiatrist Winfred
Overholser, was in 1943 the chairman of the misnamed ``truth
drug'' committee for the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). The
criminal underworld was systematically being brought into
official but secret joint activities with the government, under
the pretext of fighting fascism.
    Overholser's crew administered the hallucinogen mescaline to
various test subjects. Then in the spring of 1943, they perfected
the right mix of marijuana and tobacco to produce a ``state of
irresponsibility'' in the subject.
    The official OSS story is that New York mafia hitman August
Del Gracio began smoking Overholser's ``joints'' on May 27, 1943,
in order to loosen his tongue. Federal agents were thus
supposedly to learn the inside secrets of drug trafficking--but
not to stop it. This was part of an ongoing federal program,
which organized crime czar Meyer Lansky boasts (in his authorized
biography) that he personally arranged. Mafia thugs were brought
in to work in Naval Intelligence offices, and jointly with U.S.
agents in U.S. ports and shipping, to more effectively intimidate
our national enemies.
    Former CIA staff member John Marks writes in {The Search for
the Manchurian Candidate} that Overholser's working group
included counterintelligence agents inside the Manhattan Project
atomic bomb project, and the FBI, which was under the direction
of Dr. Overholser's Scottish Rite comrade, FBI director J. Edgar
Hoover. The Overholser group gave marijuana to U.S. soldiers at
Army bases throughout the country, supposedly to aid in the
search for subversives.
    Later, during the 1950s and 1960s, the strategists of the MK-
Ultra project would utilize the same channels of influence with
U.S. security agencies to let them transform a generation of
youth into dope users.

    1944-48: after Nazism, the International Congress on Mental

    In 1944, with the concentration camps in full swing and
Europe burning, Montagu Norman resigned from the Bank of England.
He immediately began a new project, ironically related to his own
repeated mental breakdowns and hospitalizations. Norman organized
the British {{National Association for Mental Health.}} In its
formative stages the group was based at Thorpe Lodge, Norman's
London home, where he had met with Nazi Economics Minister
Hjalmar Schacht to plan the Hitler regime's 1930s budgets.
    Montagu Norman's Bank of England assistant Otto Niemeyer was
made treasurer of the National Association of Mental Health.
Niemeyer's niece, Mary Appleby, became general secretary of the
association. She previously worked in the German Section of the
British Foreign Office.
    The president of Norman's association was to be Richard
Austen (``RAB'') Butler. He had been deputy foreign minister to
Lord Halifax and the spokesman in the British Parliament for the
pro-Nazi policy. The chairman of the association was to be be
Lord Halifax's son-in-law, the Earl of Feversham. The vice
chairman was Lord Montagu Norman's wife, eugenics activist
Priscilla Reyntiens Worsthorne Norman.
    Norman's British group would soon expand and to take over
management of the world psychiatric profession.
    When the war ended, the exposure and punishment of those
responsible for the Nazi barbarities was a rather delicate
matter. Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron interrupted his Canadian brain
butchery to go help the British Crown's Tavistock psychological
warfare unit evaluate the sanity of Nazi official Rudolph Hess.
Cameron's unique insights into the Nazi mentality had made him a
valued part of a secret wartime psychiatric committee in
Washington to assess the trends in the Nazi leadership's
thinking. Cameron now testified as an expert at the Nuremberg war
crimes trials. His old OSS colleague {{Allen Dulles,}} later the
CIA director, was reportedly pleased by Cameron's suggestion that
each surviving German over the age of 12 should be given
electroshock treatment to burn out remaining vestiges of Nazism.
    That part of the Nuremberg Code dealing with scientific
research was drafted by Boston psychiatrist Leo Alexander; he
soon afterward joined with Auschwitz experimental mastermind
Otmar Verschuer in Franz Kallmann's American Society of Human
    In 1948, Montagu Norman's National Association for Mental
Health gathered the world psychiatric and psychological leaders
together at an {{International Congress on Mental Health}} at the
United Kingdom's Ministry of Health in London. At this congress,
a {{World Federation for Mental Health}} was formed, to run the
planet's psychological services. Lady Norman, the hostess of the
congress, was named to the executive board. Norman picked as
president of the World Federation the chief of the British
military's psychological warfare department, Tavistock Institute
chief {{Brig. Gen. Dr. John Rawlings Rees.}}
    In connection with the founding of the World Federation for
Mental Health, a New York agent of Montagu Norman named Clarence
G. Michalis was made chairman of the board of the Josiah Macy,
Jr. Foundation. That foundation, in turn, would pay for much of
what the World Federation and Tavistock were to do to the United
States--supplying dope and otherwise subverting western ideals.
The Macy Foundation's chief medical officer, Dr. Frank Fremont-
Smith, would be the permanent co-director of the World Federation
with J.R. Rees.
    The technical coordinator of the U.S. delegation to the 1948
congress, Nina Ridenour, later wrote in {Mental Health in the
United States: A Fifty Year History,} that ``the World Federation
for Mental Health ... had been created upon the recommendation of
the United Nations' {{World Health Organization}} and {{Unesco}},
because they needed a non-governmental [i.e., not accountable to
any check of law or constitution--ed.] mental health organization
with which they could cooperate.''
    Ridenour alluded to the fact that the British psychological
warfare executive had itself created the heart of the U.N.
    ``Having official consultive status with the United Nations
and several of its specialized agencies, the World Federation for
Mental Health is in a position to influence some of the U.N.'s
decisions and some aspects of its program. The two U.N. agencies
with which the World Federation works most closely are the World
Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Educational,
Scientific and Cultural Organzation (Unesco).
    ``The first director of WHO, and indeed quite literally its
`creator,' was a prominent Canadian psychiatrist, Brock Chisholm,
M.D., formerly director general of the Canadian Army Medical
Services. Since its inception, WHO has made significant
contributions to world mental health through the reports of its
various Expert Committees; through some of its other special
reports, such as the notable monograph {Mental Health and
Maternal Care} by [Tavistock's] John Bowlby, M.D.; and through
the widespread activities of its Mental Health Division, of which
the British psychiatrist Ronald C. Hargreaves was the first
    Unesco's partnership with Rees was guided by Unesco's
founding secretary general, eugenics strategist {{Sir Julian
Huxley,}} and by Unesco social sciences chief Dr. Otto Klineberg,
a Tavistock-affiliated psychologist specializing in the
supposedly racial characteristics of the American Negro.
    The congress, which in effect founded the modern ``mental
health'' profession, brought together one of the most exotic
collection of enemies of humanity in recent centuries. Its vice
presidents included:
    {{Prof. Cyril Burt:}} Tavistock psychiatrist, eugenics
activist, a leader of the ``psychical research'' movement
(seances, ESP, ghosts), who was notorious for fraudulent
``twins'' research;
    {{Dr. Hugh Chrichton-Miller:}} founder of the Tavistock
Clinic; vice president of the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich; vice
president, National Association for Mental Health;
    {{Dame Evelyn Fox:}} a longtime leader of the British
eugenics movement (Lady Norman was a disciple of Dame Evelyn);
    {{Sir David Henderson:}} psychiatrist in London, Munich, and
New York; author of {Psychiatry and Race Betterment};
    {{Lord Thomas Jeeves Horder:}} president of the Eugenics
Society of Great Britain; president of the Family Planning
Association; president of the Anglo-Soviet Public Relations
Association; former physician to King Edward VIII;
    {{Carl G. Jung:}} occultist; psychiatrist to Montagu Norman,
Paul Mellon, and the Dulles family; representative of German
psychiatry under the Nazis, co-editor of the Nazis' {Journal for
    {{Dr. Winfred Overholser:}} representative of the Scottish
Rite Masons; chairman of the American delegation to the
International Congress on Mental Health;
    {{Alan Ker Stout:}} University of Sydney, Australia,
philosophy professor, president of the New South Wales Film
Society, officer of Unesco for films;
    {{Dr. Alfred Frank Tredgold:}} member of Britain's Ministry
of Health Committee on Sterilization and a leading expert on
mental defectives.
    The congress was run by the host British ``National
Association,'' whose patron was the Duchess of Kent, widow of the
Grand Master of Masons (1939-42) and mother of the Grand Master
of Masons (1967 to the present), and whose vice presidents were
eugenics and masonic officials.
    The general conference at the congress was on the subject of
{guilt,} including the crucial plenary session on alleged German
collective guilt for the crimes of Nazism.
    The first speaker was {{Margaret Mead,}} anthropologist,
occultist, who would be president of the World Federation for
Mental Health in 1956 and 1957, during the MK-Ultra crimes.
    The ``Chairman for Discussion'' of this plenary was Scottish
Rite strategist Winfred Overholser. In his opening remarks,
Overholser said: ``I understand that a vocal minority in the
press does not agree with the wisdom of having such a meeting,
but we feel there is great hope for the future if the principles
of mental hygiene can be translated into terms of international


1.^``The Rockefeller Foundation and German Biomedical Sciences,
1920-1940: Educational Philanthropy to International Science
Policy'' by Paul Weindling in the book {Science, Politics and the
Public Good: Essays in Honour of Margaret Gowing,} London,
Macmillan Press, 1988.

 1950s: MK-Ultra

    The outrages perpetrated by Ewen Cameron became the most
notorious aspect of the postwar Anglo-American mind-control
program. Cameron had trained at the Royal Mental Hospital in
Glasgow, under eugenicist Sir David Henderson, and founded the
Canadian branch of his friend John R. Rees's World Federation for
Mental Health. In the various member countries and subdivisions,
these channels of British intelligence operations are known as
the national, provincial, or state {{Mental Health Associations.}
} Cameron was also elected president of the Canadian, American,
and world psychiatric associations. He became famous after the
CIA was sued by some survivors of his work--because the CIA had
financed the tortures.
    Cameron would drug his victims to sleep for weeks on end,
waking them daily only to administer violent electric shocks to
the brain. He used the British Page-Russell electroconvulsive
method, an initial one-second shock, then five to nine additional
shocks, administered while the patient was in seizure. But he
increased the normal voltage and the number of sequences from one
to two or three times per day. Patients lost all or part of their
memories, and some lost the ability to control their bodily
functions and to speak. At least one patient was reduced almost
to a vegetable; then Cameron had the coginitve centers of her
brain surgically cut apart, while keeping her alive. Some
subjects were deposited permanently in institutions for the
hopelessly insane.
    For the CIA, Cameron tested the South American poison called
curare, which kills a victim while simulating natural heart
failure. But Cameron claims to have used it only in non-lethal
doses to further immobilize his subjects while they were kept in
sensory deprivation tortures for as long as 65 days. Then they
would be given lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) for
``programmable'' hallucinations.
    When the subject was sufficiently devastated, Cameron and his
assistant, a veteran of the British Royal Signals Corps, would
begin ``Psychic Driving'': Through a loudspeaker hidden under the
pillow, or through unremovable earphones, they would play a tape
over and over again to burn certain phrases into what was left of
the victim's memory.
    The CIA was found to have financed these horrors, as well as
ghastly experiments in other locations, using a front called the
Society for the Study of Human Ecology. (The society gave a grant
for a study of the effects of circumcision on young Turkish boys,
the grantees to be in Istanbul, studying five to seven year olds
and their problems with their genitals. It is claimed that this
was intended to give a cover to the CIA front as a real academic

              - The question of sponsorship -

    But the authorship of this enterprise cannot reasonably be
assigned to the CIA, per se. Even before we review other
agencies' direct involvement, we must understand that the CIA
chief during MK-Ultra, Allen Dulles, was thoroughly attached to
British Empire geopolitical aims.
    Introduced to British spies by his uncle Robert Lansing,
Woodrow Wilson's secretary of state, Dulles had had a strong
personal identification since childhood with the British Secret
Intelligence Service. The Dulles family's upper class-status in
America began when ancestor William Dulles arrived in South
Carolina from India. With a fortune made in India by providing
financial and security services for the British East India
Company army, he bought a slave plantation which the family held
through the American Civil War. The family's mental life was
always that of the British Empire and its American colonial
    Allen Dulles's main corporate activity was as a director of
the J. Henry Schroder banking company in London, a prime
instrument in Montagu Norman's nazification of Germany. As
partners in the Sullivan and Cromwell firm, Allen Dulles and his
brother John Foster Dulles represented the Rockefeller-Harriman-
Warburg combination, I.G. Farben, and virtully every other Nazi
corporate organization that danced on London's marionette
    It was disclosed that for MK-Ultra, particularly for the
experimental use and distribution of LSD, the CIA operated
through another front, the Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation. But the
geometry of the ``front'' really worked the other way around. The
Macy Foundation represented the British psychological warfare
executive, as extended into U.S. and related institutions. In the
midst of launching MK-Ultra, during 1954-55, the Macy
Foundation's medical director Frank Fremont-Smith was president
of British General Rees's World Federation of Mental Health.
Under Rees as the director, the two together ``made a journey to
a number of countries in Asia and Africa to establish contacts
and seek ways in which the organziation may extend its activities
in those regions.''
    Through official military and intelligence conferences over
which it presided, and through various informal and secret
operations, the Macy Foundation directed the spread of LSD by U.
S. agencies during the 1950s.
    The Macy Foundation's chief LSD executive, {{Harold Abramson,
}} was a psychiatric researcher at Columbia University and at the
eugenics center in Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island, New York. It
was Abramson who first ``turned on'' Frank Fremont-Smith.
Abramson also gave LSD for the first time to British
anthropologist Gregory Bateson, sometime husband of Margaret
Mead. Then in 1959, Bateson gave LSD to Beat poet Alan Ginsburg
at Stanford University, under controlled experimental conditions.
Following this, Dr. Leo Hollister at Stanford gave LSD to mental
patient turned author Ken Kesey and others, and thus it was said
to have spread ``out of the CIA's realm.''

                   - Masonic `charity' -

    Other parts of the U.S. government participated in the
project exposed as MK-Ultra.
    The Army Chemical Center paid for LSD and related drug
brainwashing experiments by {{Dr. Paul Hoch.}} Along with Nazi
eugenics leader Franz Kallmann, Hoch co-directed the research at
Columbia University's New York State Psychiatric Institute. Dr.
Hoch was a member of the American Eugenics Society, in Kallmann's
eugenics cell at the institute. Hoch was simultaneously appointed
State Mental Hygiene Commissioner by New York Gov. Averell
Harriman, and was reappointed by the next governor, Nelson
    Dr. Hoch's forced injections of a mescaline derivative
brought about the 1953 death of New York tennis player Harold
Blauer. Hoch's colleague Dr. James Cattell later told
investigators, ``We didn't know whether it was dog piss or what
it was we were giving him.'' When Hoch died, British brain
butcher Ewen Cameron directed his funeral.
    Dr. Hoch, a Scottish Rite masonic strategist, worked with Dr.
Kallman under the direction of Scottish Rite Freemasonry's Field
Representative of Research on Dementia Praecox, Dr. Nolan D.C.
Lewis, the superintendent of the New York State Psychiatric
    As the Ku Klux Klan has been the defining project for the
Scottish Rite's Southern Jurisdiction, the Rite's Northern
Jurisdiction left its official mark on the world through MK-
Ultra--its most important ``charity.'' Much of the psychiatric
dirty work, though, has been done inside the Rite's KKK-spawning
Southern Jurisdiction, which includes all southern states and
everything west of the Mississippi River.
    {{Robert Hanna Felix,}} 33rd degree mason, was a director of
the Scottish Rite's psychiatric research. He ran a spectacularly
lawless brainwashing establishment. The exposure of the MK-Ultra
scandal revealed that the CIA had funded one Dr. Harris Isbell to
carry out barbarous experiments using slave subjects, nearly all
of them black drug addicts, at the {{Addiction Research Center}}
in Lexington, Kentucky. Isbell was the director of the center
>from  the 1940s until 1963. His boss was masonic master
psychiatrist Felix, who founded the {{National Institute of
Mental Health}} and was NIMH director from 1949 to 1964. The
Lexington facility had been Dr. Felix's personal project since he
had been its clinical director in the 1930s, and he put it under
the jurisdiction of the NIMH.
    The Felix-Isbell slave experiments involved LSD and a wide
variety of other hallucinogens and exotic poisons. In one case,
seven prisoners were kept hallucinating on LSD for 77
consecutive days.
    The torture at Lexington followed the pattern developed by
Cameron in Montreal: Drug-induced sleep was interrupted by
electroconvulsive shock. Cooperative subjects were rewarded with
shots of heroin or any other drug of their choice. And for mental
health, the masonic administration encouraged the prisoners to
participate in synthetic religious and political cults.
    Felix's program was not simply to make humans into
controllable beasts, but to decentralize the zombie-
manufacturing. A 1993 report to the Scottish Rite Supreme Council
by its current psychiatric research director, Steven Matthysse,
    ``Thirty years ago, a massive program began, which has
continued unabated to this day: the deinstitutionalization of the
mentally ill.... My predecessor as research director of the
Schizophrenia Research Program, Dr. Robert H. Felix, 33 Degree,
Gourgas medalist and the founding director of the National
Institute of Mental Health, was one of the chief architects of
this program. `We are entering a new era,' he wrote, `of
community-centered, comprehensive psychiatric care.'... Dr. Felix
predicted that, in 25 years, `State mental hospitals as we know
them would no longer exist.' He was right.... During the years
>from  1955 to 1992, the state mental hospital census went down by
    The strategists of MK-Ultra succeeded in moving the mentally
ill out of costly mental hospitals, onto the streets, where they
now consitute a large proportion of America's homeless. We shall
now see what kind of ``community-centered psychiatric care''
these strategists did in fact implement, as Britain's MK-Ultra
poured drugs into the country and worked to fabricate the drug-
sex youth culture.
    {{Seymour Solomon Kety}} was both an executive of the
Scottish Rite's psychiatry experiments, and a Scottish Rite-
funded clinical experimenter. He was chief of NIMH clinical
sciences from 1957 through 1967, and continued as the NIMH
``senior scientist'' into the 1990s. A close associate of the
Kallmann Nazi-eugenics cell at Columbia, Kety was a national
director of the American Eugenics Society, under its 1980s name,
the Society for the Study of Social Biology.
    Kety helped lead the masons' U.S. agency, the NIMH, beyond
the Kentucky experiments, to the brink of Hell.

               - Manchuria in California? -

    As Carol Greene has demonstrated in her 1992 book {Mo@aurder
aus der Retorte: Der Fall Charles Manson,} ({Test-Tube Murder:
The Case of Charles Manson}) {{Charles Manson,}} before he
committed mass murder, was himself an NIMH ``research subject.''
    Manson was released from a California prison in March 1967.
He was required by law to report regularly to a parole officer
named Roger Smith, who was based at the Haight-Ashbury Medical
Clinic in San Francisco. This was an NIMH project designed to
observe and in effect supervise the first large-scale drug
addiction of white teenagers, thousands of whom were the clinic's
    Clinic director David E. Smith was also the publisher of the
{Journal of Psychedelic Drugs,} and a leading national advocate
for the legalized use of narcotics. Within the clinic
arrangement, Charles Manson's parole officer was officially
commissioned to scientifically investigate the effects that
various kinds drugs had on addicts served by the NIMH clinic.
    David Smith also collaborated with another NIMH project: a
behavioral study of children in communes. He was an expert on the
breeding of violent anti-social characters in the mind-crushing
environment of the hippie or cult commune.
    Parole officer Roger Smith remained on Manson's case after he
was no longer his parole officer, as an adviser and observer of
the increasingly insane man.
    Charles Manson took up with a British-origin satanic killer
cult called {{The Process--Church of the Final Judgment,}} a
spin-off from Scientology. When he started with The Process is
not clear, but there are some reports that it was in that summer
of 1967. Its British founders had put the U.S. headquarters of
the cult into the Haight-Ashbury section, two blocks from where
Manson was living, and they recruited from among the ``flower
children'' for the jobs of drug-running, assassination, and race
riots. {{David Berkowitz,}} convicted in the New York ``Son of
Sam'' serial murders, was an initiate of The Process.
    Manson is most widely known for his communal Family, which
carried out the satanic Tate-LaBianca murders. But here we note
that Lynette ``Squeaky'' Fromme, who became the head of the
Family after Manson was arrested in October 1969, was herself
imprisoned for the 1975 attempted assassination of U.S. President
Gerald Ford. Another associate of the Manson Family, Sarah Jane
Moore, was also imprisoned for a failed assassination attempt on
President Ford. Had either been successful, Nelson Rockefeller
would have become President.
    There is a certain psychiatric agency, the {{American Family
Foundation,}} which exists officially to guard the public from
injurious cults. AFF is the mother organization for the so-called
{{Cult Awareness Network}} (CAN).
    {{Dr. Louis Jolyon West}} is a director of AFF. An expert in
brainwashing for the Air Force and the CIA, West first achieved
fame from his MK-Ultra feat--he injected LSD-25 into an elephant
and killed it. West researched ``the psychology of dissociated
states'' for the CIA, using LSD and hypnosis. His friend {{Aldous
Huxley}} suggested to Dr. West during an MK-Ultra experiment that
West hypnotize his subjects prior to administering LSD, in order
to give them ``post-hypnotic suggestions aimed at orienting the
drug-induced experience in some desired direction.''
    Dr. West was called upon by the government to examine Jack
Ruby, who had killed Lee Harvey Oswald before Oswald could stand
trial for his alleged role in the assassination of President John
Kennedy. West declared Ruby to be in a ``paranoid state
manifested by delusions, visual and auditory hallucinations, and
suicidal impulses.'' Ruby was convicted in 1964, but conveniently
died in 1967 while awaiting what could have been a revealing re-
    Dr. West lived in Haight-Ashbury during the summer of 1967,
to study the hippies.
    In the 1970s, West became famous again for his plans to
create a Center for the Study and Reduction of Violence. Its
staff was to investigate the genetics and biochemistry of their
prisoners, including ``hyperkinetic children,'' whose every
motion would be electronically monitored by Orwellian guards.
Though backed by Gov. Ronald Reagan, the plan was defeated.
    {{Rabbi Maurice Davis}} is another ``expert'' guarding
America from cults as a director of the American Family
Foundation. Davis worked at the NIMH Lexington Addiction Research
Center as a chaplain, serving the slave victims of the MK-Ultra
drug experiments as they were brought into cult participation.
Rabbi Davis then moved to Indianapolis and sponsored the career
of {{Rev. Jim Jones,}} whose followers were murdered with
poisoned Kool-Aid in Guyana.
    The bulk of the start-up financing for the American Family
Foundation was channelled through a New York law firm running two
funding satellites of the Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation. The same
law firm was the legal representative of The Process--Church of
the Final Judgment.
    The Process Church employs neo-Nazi themes, as do other
British-origin movements such as the Satanists associated with
California's Anton Lavey and Col. Michael Aquino. Charles
Manson's swastika tatoo attests to this. Many of the psychotic
potential presidential assassins have been ``neo-Nazis.'' These
include Ronald Reagan's deeply brainwashed assailant John
Hinckley, and some of those who have threatened President
    To help turn up the possible source for this curious zombie
pattern, we review the case of NIMH leader Seymour Kety--as of
recent report the chairman of the Professional Advisory Section
of the Scottish Rite Masons' Schizophrenia Research program. This
is the Dr. Kety who, with his NIMH predecessor Dr. Felix, helped
shape the programs that made Charles Manson a satanic beast.
    A Scottish Rite brochure reports on the meetings of the
Rite's Grand Commander and Supreme Council with their
psychiatrists to plan for the future. The brochure explains that
Dr. Kety ``can trace his interest in the genetics of
schizophrenia to a report by Dr. Franz Kallmann at one of these
meetings years ago. Dr. Kety's own genetic studies have become
landmarks in the field, as the first convincing demonstration of
an inherited factor.'' Not the first, perhaps, because Kallmann
provided Adolf Hitler with ``convincing'' pretexts to exterminate
mental patients.

          - The official assassination program -

    The ambiguous rationale for the MK-Ultra program was the
search for the Manchurian Candidate: to study, emulate, and
counterbalance communist programs which brainwash people who
could be dangerous to our national security. These programs were
secret, and masses of MK-Ultra records were destroyed. But some
aspects of the program's direct testing have been divulged.
    CIA executive Morse Allen worked at creating killers under
hypnosis on and around Feb. 19, 1954. The CIA planned early in
1954 to hypnotize a man they considered disposable, to get him to
make an assassination attempt, be arrested for attempted murder,
and be ``thereby disposed of.'' A CIA hypnosis study was done by
Alden Sears at the University of Minnesota and was moved by Sears
to the University of Denver, Colorado. Sears worked to answer the
question, ``Could a hypnotist induce a totally separate
    CIA counterintelligence chief {{James Jesus Angleton,}} a
leader of the British intelligence faction in the American
intelligence community, established three goals for the hypnosis
program: 1) to induce hypnosis very rapidly in unwitting
subjects; 2) to create durable amnesia; and 3) to implant durable
and operationally useful post-hypnotic suggestion. A test of
rapid hypnosis took place in July 1963. The counterintelligence
staff in Washington, D.C. asked the CIA station in Mexico City to
find a suitable candidate for a rapid induction experiment. The
station proposed a low-level agent, whom the Soviets had
apparently doubled. A counterintelligence man flew in from
Washington and a hypnotic consultant arrived from California. The
experiment was said to have misfired.
    According to CIA hypnosis expert Milton Klein, creating a
hypnotized ``patsy'' is easier than making a totally controlled
Manchurian Candidate. The patsy can be induced by hypnosis to do
things which later show up as circumstantial evidence that will
get him falsely blamed for a crime. Klein has claimed he can
create a patsy in three months; a full-scale Manchurian Candidate
takes six months.

    - Strange deaths: Frank Olson and Philip Graham -

    An important part of the MK-Ultra story was the violent death
of Dr. Frank Olson.
    In November 1953, the project's CIA personnel gave LSD to
Olson, an executive of the Army Chemical Corps' Special
Operations Division, without warning him. Olson became psychotic
and paranoid, so the agency took Olson to New York to see Harold
Abramson, the British Crown's LSD pusher, who had ``top secret''
CIA clearance. When Abramson was no help, Olson agreed to enter {
{Chestnut Lodge,}} a Rockville, Maryland sanitarium whose
psychiatrists were in Abramson's category for the security of the
MK-Ultra project--``top secret'' cleared. But the night before he
was to enter Chestnut Lodge, Olson allegedly jumped to his death
>from  a hotel window. Olson's death eventually became a scandal
which helped break open of the entire MK-Ultra scandal.
    A decade later, President John F. Kennedy was pressing ahead
with the Apollo space program, which he promised would put a man
on the Moon within a decade. Philip Graham, the owner/publisher
of the {Washington Post} and {Newsweek,} met as an adviser and
friend every week with the President and his brother, Attorney
General Bobby Kennedy. Graham was an ardent champion and
strategist of the space program, and of the President's policy of
achieving peace by developing overwhelming technological
superiority. Graham wrote a {Newsweek} column defending French
President Charles de Gaulle and attacking Britain and elements in
the U.S. government who took the British line. Graham's wife
Katharine and her Anglophile family despised and mocked Kennedy's
emphasis on progress, and demanded U.S. disarmament. Graham
separated from his wife and sued for divorce.
    In January 1963, Graham delivered a speech to a national
publishers' meeting in Arizona, attacking the news media as
toadies and sycophants. Leslie Farber, a New Age psychiatrist
>from  MK-Ultra's Chestnut Lodge, flew out on a military jet.
Graham was wrestled to the ground, drugged into a stupor, and
flown back to Maryland, where his wife had obtained a court order
for his commitment to Chestnut Lodge. He was apparently released
after 10 days or so. In June 1963, Graham was somehow put back
into Chestnut Lodge. On Aug. 3, he was released into the custody
of his estranged wife. That afternoon, he was found shot to
death. His will was declared void on the grounds of insanity, and
his widow, Katharine Graham, gained control of the {Washington
Post} and {Newsweek.}
    Three months later, President Kennedy was assassinated. The {
Washington Post,} the main newspaper in the national capital, did
not pursue the question of who had murdered the U.S. President,
but left it to the Warren Commission to decide.                  

                 - The assassins' goals -

    Back in 1961, at the height of MK-Ultra, the NIMH, led by
masonic high priest Robert Felix, had created an elite group of
biologists, behavioral psychologists, chemists, pharmacologists,
neuropsychologists, and psychiatrists. This 150-member {{American
College of Neuropsychopharmacology}} comprised many of most
important MK-Ultra participants.
    An inner group of the college, the Study Group for the
Effects of Psychotropic Drugs on Normal Humans, held a conference
in 1967 to outline the desired course for the United States to
the year 2000.
    This conference was reported on by two MK-Ultra leaders: {{
Dr. Wayne O. Evans,}} director of the U.S. Army Military Stress
Laboratory in Natick, Massachusetts; and {{Nathan Kline,}} a
eugenics fanatic and research psychiatrist for Columbia
University, who had set up voodoo-oriented psychological clinics
in Haiti in conjunction with ``Papa Doc'' Duvalier.
    The preface to the Evans-Kline report said the group
``concluded that the present breadth of drug use may be almost
trivial when we compare it to the possible numbers of chemical
substances that will be available for the control of selective
aspects of man's life in the year 2000....
    ``The American culture ... [is] moving toward a `sensate
society.'... A greater emphasis is being placed on sensory
experience and less upon rational or work-oriented philosophies.
Such a philosophical view, coupled with the means to separate
sexual behavior from reproduction or disease, will undoubtedly
enhance sexual freedom....
    ``It seems ... obvious that the youth of today are no longer
afraid of either drugs or sex. Again, the philosophers and
spokesmen for the avant-garde advocate the personal sensory
experience as the {raison d'e@aftre} of the coming generation.
Finally, we are moving into an age in which meaningful work will
be possible only for a minority: In such an age, chemical
aphrodisiacs may be accepted as a commonplace means to occupy
one's time. It will be interesting to see if the public morality
of the next 30 years will change as much as it has in the last
    ``If we accept the position that human mood, motivation, and
emotion are reflections of a neurochemical state of the brain,
then drugs can provide a simple, rapid, expedient means to
produce any desired neurochemical state that we wish.
    ``The sooner that we cease to confuse scientific and moral
statements about drug use, the sooner we can rationally consider
the types of neurochemical states that we wish to be able to
provide for people.''
    This is the historical thinking of the British strategists
who want to destroy the U.S. presidency and the American
republic. And this is the criminal apparatus with which they have
equipped themselves to do it.

{For further reading

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