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From: "Jane Quantrill" 
To: "Ken McVay" 
Subject: Holocaust and Revisionism
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2000 13:55:10 -0700
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Jane Quantrill
 Personal E-mail:
June 15, 2000

Dear Mr.McVay,

Before I start this letter, it would be only proper for me to tell you a =
little about myself...You'll understand why momentarily.

I guess I'm what you'd call "the Enemy"~In other words, a =
Revisionist....Please don't hit the 'delete' button on me?!  Not quite =
yet, in any case!  Because, in truth, I am not your enemy.

I have little doubt that there are many Revisionists out there who are =
really:  "Nazis in Revisionist's Clothing".  No doubt!  Even if they =
don't outrightly admit it.  It can easy be ascertained by what they =
write, if one is educated enough to be able to find such things.

I never doubted anything about the Holocaust when I was at school, =
university, and in my early adulthood.  It wasn't until 1987, when my =
(now ex-) husband took me along to a lecture David Irving was giving in =
Sydney, that October.  As I was already 'reasonably' knowledgeable on =
the subject~(though studies at uni etc.).  I could pick up the =
discrepencies between the (I didn't even know there was) two 'sides'.

So, I did alot of reading and researching Revisionist and Jewish =
material, and have been doing so for a long time.  I was 26 when I =
attended that Irving lecture - I am 39 now. Having only returned last =
year after living for three years in Everett, Washington...And I must =
say, Mr.McVay, there truly are a lot of dangerous 'basket cases' over =
there; especially in my neighboring state, Idaho.  Please excuse the =
following expletive, but they are total 'shit'.  They don't do it =
because they believe in whatever it is they're supposed to believe in, =
which they probably don't know themselves! They do it because they 'like =

I am the Founder of a WebSite which deals with the issues of the =
Holocaust and Revisionism.  But I made it clear in my Founder's Message, =
that no anti-Semites nor neo-Nazis are welcome and that if they post =
hatemail - it will be removed by me asap, as will they be from my Site!  =
And Mr.McVay...I MEAN it!  I have heard alot of nasty comments around =
the traps about yourself and Nizkor, so not just taking heresay as =
Gospel truth, I did some research. And this may sound strange coming =
from someone related to the "R" word.....But I have immense respect for =
all the work you have done.  There are certain Jewish organizations, who =
I see as the equivalent of the neo-Nutzi scum they scream about.  But =
you do not fit this description, Mr.McVay, and I am very perceptive when =
it comes to judging people's character.

That is a part of why I am writing this letter to you.  Because I have a =
great respect for you.  I guess I did not want you to think of me, as =
Founder of a Revisionist Site, as a demon!  I encourage debate and call =
it, "Debate Without Hate".  I only founded this Site on April 26 this =
year, and to my amazement, there are already over 100 messages posted on =
my Site.  But that's just it, Mr.McVay, they are from opposing sides!  =
Revisionists and Believers.  These are obviously not the braindead pond =
scum variety who can be found on certain other Sites.  They are being =
rational, calm, and courteous, and I have thanked them several times for =

My hope is that we can learn from eachother, and as I recently posted on =
my Site. If there comes the day when it is "beyond reasonable doubt", =
that the death camps existed. 6 million died etc.  I will be the first =
to admit I was wrong and apologize to anyone I may have offended!

In closing, Mr.McVay, I would like to tell you one last thing about =
myself.  I realize folks can look you straight in the eye and deny being =
a Nazi sympathizer - when in fact - they are.  So, I guess that rule has =
to apply to me too?!  But to cut a very long, tragic story short.  I was =
shot with an M1-Carbine by two neo-Nazi thugs, wearing ski-masks, on =
April 30, 1994, who I unfortunately opened the door to, as I was =
expecting friends half an hour later.  But these turds were most =
definitely not my friends!

They held the rifle at point-blank range, right against my lower right =
leg, fired, dropped the gun and ran.  Leaving me to hobble over to the =
phone - which they had tried to pull out, but failed, in excruciating =
pain and feeling like my leg was going to come off with every move I =

For cutting something short. "This ain't really short"!  Anyway the end =
result was:  A year on crutches, 8 operations, including a bonegraft and =
a tendon transfer.  My right leg is now an inch shorter than my left so =
I have to get elevated heels attached to my right side shoes. The exit =
wound makes me feel squeamish - And I'm not usually one to be squeamish. =
 My son, James, told me a few years back, "It looks like a shark bit =
you, Mum!"  It's funny because I'd thought the same thing myself.  My =
kids are only 10-James and 8-Anna, and there are certain activities I =
can no longer do with them, and that really hurts, Mr.McVay!

Well, I really will close here.  Thankyou for taking the time to read my =
letter.  And I hope you do not classify me as a demon too!  I would very =
much like to hear from you.  I will then tell you the story of why I =
copped a bullet!  If you wish to respond, and I assure you that if you =
do care to write me - It will be for my eyes only!  I shall give you my =
WebSite address together with my 2 e-mail addresses:
E-mail for WebSite:
Persnal E-mail:

PS: You would be most welcome to join my Site, Mr.McVay, using an alias =
or whatever, so as to enlighten Members with things they and indeed I, =
may not have been aware of - regarding the Holocaust.  I haven't looked =
up the Nizkor Site for a while now.  Could you advise me as to whether =
or not you have written any books on the subject, and if so which would =
be the best one for me to read first...And also how I'd go about =
obtaining a copy.  Which reminds me - I'm a published author, myself. =
Mainly fiction, my first was released in 1996 and was set in the =
American Civil War.  It is out of print now, but if you would be =
interested in taking a look at some of my work, I would be only too =
happy to mail you a copy, free-of-charge. =20

Best Wishes,
Jane Q.

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