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Subject: Re: Focusing  only on to  the Holocaust...
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In article , "Jeffrey says...
>In article <>, "Lying Shit Knoll" 
> wrote:
>> The Jews wrote the books on the Holocaust.
>False. Many books regarding the Holocaust have been written by non-Jews.
>You're a clumsy and obvious liar, Kurtsie.

Surely, it is, in general true, that Jews wrote the story of the so-called
"H"olocaust, wrote most of the books and had them published by Jewish controlled

>> The Jews have helped passing laws in
>> various countries that make it illegal to talk about the holocaust or write
>> about the Holocaust in public.
>False. There is no country that has a law that "make[s] it illegal to talk about
>the holocaust or write about the Holocaust in public".
>You're a clumsy and obvious liar, Kurtsie.

Well, the language is not nailed down precisely enough but it is true that the
Jewish lobbies world-wide were behind the restrictions on free expression on
"H"olocaust issues. Who else?

>> I myself make it a point not do just listening to what the Jews or the news
>> says about a court case but try to find out what the Defense has to say.
>Then why are you so jaw-droppingly ignorant of the arguments presented by the 
>defense at trials of Nazi war criminals, imbecile?
>> [...deletia...]
>> We to hear sometimes hear about a case from various individuals. But the
>> proper way to go about is get the Court Transcript about a case.
>You've never done this, obviously. You keep repeating your lie that the defense
>was not allowed to cross-examine witnesses at the trials of  Nazi war

In many "trials" it is true that due process was not followed - particularly at
Nuremberg. As a consequence, many innocents were executed.

>How stupid do you want to appear, lying shit?

The above discussion underscores the fact that the "H"olocaust, as the stories
are enforced by Jews, is the most controversial continuing issue of our era -
just scan the Newsgroups and see what topics kep popping up even where they
should not.

From Wed Jan  9 19:03:50 EST 2002
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From: Kanuk 
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Subject: Re: David Irving Vs. Deborah Lipstadt
Date: 1 Jan 2002 11:38:35 -0800
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In article , "Jeffrey says...
>Wrong, imbecile. The claim that 'the Jews' somehow influenced the outcome of the
>Irving trial is unsupported speculation. If you have any actual "facts" that 
>support this claim, post them.

Jews influencing the outcome of the Lipstadt trial:

1) Edgar Bronfman and Steven Spielberg donated millions of dollars to the
Lipstadt defense. I'm told money has influence and that Bronfman and Spielberg
are Jews.

2) The Jewish controlled mass media blacked out coverage of the trial when
Irving was scoring points and spun coverage against him. Judge Gray admitted he
had read some of these stories.

3) The state of Israel, which I'm told is governed by Jews, intervened against
Irving by declassifying and releasing to Lipstadt some Eichmann documentation
near the end of the trial. It was used by the mass media but not at trial.

From Wed Jan  9 19:03:51 EST 2002
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From: Kanuk 
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Subject: More on the Jewish Soap Opera
Date: 1 Jan 2002 17:44:48 -0800
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I'm still chuckling at the absurdity of what passes for components of the Hoax
of the century.

David Irving's site today quotes from the Jewish
Journal of Greater Los Angeles ...

   Gurman is now distributing copies of his haunting documentary,
   Monuments of Soap, to all the branches of the Los Angeles Public
   Library. The film is a tour through the remnants of post-Holocaust
   European graveyards, examining the monuments that were erected to
   mark the burial of the soap that was made of Jewish flesh.

... and I thought this tall tale was a long ago abandoned embarrassment. From
Irving's Soap Index we find the following ...
   Raoul Hilberg, professor of political science at the University of
   Vermont and a pre-eminent historian of the Holocaust, agrees that the
   soap rumor, although widespread, was probably unfounded.

   "There were all kinds of rumors," he said, noting that a New York
   Times article during the war suggested that Jews were given lethal 
   injections before deportation and arrived at the extermination camps
   already dead.

   Other rumors speculated that Jews were killed in the Belzec camp
   by electrocution in water; some thought the Jews were gassed in the

   "All of these rumors are untrue, based on nothing at all," Hilberg
   said. "No evidence has turned up" to suggested that the Nazis used
   human fat to make soap.

   In Danzig, Germany (now Gdansk, Poland), pictures of dead, heavyset
   people cut into pieces and a recipe for soap were discovered in 1945
   at the Stutthof camp. "But we don't know that the bodies were of
   Jews, or that the pictures and recipe went together," said Hilberg.

... and for a light hearted read on more of the opera, see Mark Weber's _The
"Jewish Soap" Myth_

Mind you, if it hadn't been for the advent of DNA testing, the "H"olocaust
enforcers would still be making movies of the Jewish Soap Opera to cleans the
Gentiles of deniers.

From Wed Jan  9 19:03:51 EST 2002
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From: Kanuk 
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Subject: Re: David Irving Vs. Deborah Lipstadt
Date: 2 Jan 2002 09:04:30 -0800
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In article <>, Eugene says...
>In article , Kanuk
> wrote:
>> 2) The Jewish controlled mass media blacked out coverage of the trial when
>> Irving was scoring points and spun coverage against him. Judge Gray admitted
>> he
>> had read some of these stories.
>Those who were really interested in the trial followed the transcripts
>as they were published. The ones I read were posted at David Irving's
>own, hardly a Jewish controlled source of

My post referred to "Jewish controlled mass media". Irving's web site is not
massively accessed. The Jewish mass media turned on and off their coverage like
a spigot, to present the pro-"H"olocaust spin.

>Irving didn't really score any points. He was, in his own words, made
>to "eat humble pie" and admit, among other things, that all of the
>historical evidence points to the "systematic" use of exterminational
>gassings at Chelmno, Auschwitz, and elsewhere.

Irving didn't score any points? Come now. The huge defense team were worried
right up to the end. That is why they sought intervention by the state of Israel
in the eleventh hour release of the Eichmann documents. Judge Gray could not
have missed that.

>Irving really couldn't have scored any points. His was a lost cause
>before it started, and he, a person the size of whose ego is inversely
>proportionate to his degree of professional competence, made the doubly
>hare-brained mistake of taking on the acadermic history establishment
>and serving as his own defense lawyer.

Judge Gray did not agree with this smearing assessment of Irving's competence.
>From his findings, the following.

  13.7 My assessment is that, as a military historian, Irving has much
   to commend him. For his works of military history Irving has
   undertaken thorough and painstaking research into the archives. He
   has discovered and disclosed to historians and others many documents
   which, but for his efforts, might have remained unnoticed for years.
   It was plain from the way in which he conducted his case and dealt
   with a sustained and penetrating cross-examination that his knowledge
   of World War 2 is unparalleled. His mastery of the detail of the
   historical documents is remarkable. He is beyond question able and
   intelligent. He was invariably quick to spot the significance of
   documents which he had not previously seen. Moreover he writes his
   military history in a clear and vivid style. I accept the favourable
   assessment by Professor Watt and Sir John Keegan of the calibre of
   Irving's military history (mentioned in paragraph 3.4 above) and
   reject as too sweeping the negative assessment of Evans (quoted in
   paragraph 3.5).

Irving's problems with the "H"olocaust crowd began when he noted that there were
no documents linking Hitler to any plan to exterminate. When he wrote that, he
had not questioned the "H"olocaust. For that the Jews set out to discredit him
and only then did he take an interest in "H"olocaust history. I believe it was
at the Zundel trial, specifically the Leuchter report - showing no evidence of
cyanide residue in the Auschwitz "gas chamber" but lots in the de-lousing
chamber - that caused Irving to see the Auschwitz "gas chamber" tale as a hoax.

From Wed Jan  9 19:03:51 EST 2002
Article: 1300296 of alt.revisionism
From: Kanuk 
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Subject: Re: David Irving Vs. Deborah Lipstadt
Date: 2 Jan 2002 10:48:25 -0800
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In article <>, Eugene says...
>In article , Kanuk
> wrote:
>> I believe it was
>>at the Zundel trial, specifically the Leuchter report - showing no evidence of
>> cyanide residue in the Auschwitz "gas chamber" but lots in the de-lousing
>>chamber - that caused Irving to see the Auschwitz "gas chamber" tale as a hoax.
>Except that you are dead wrong. There was ample evidence of cyanide
>residue in the ruins of the gas chambers, but Irving was ignorant
>enough of the manner in which cyanide works to claim, counterfactually,
>that it takes "colossally higher" concentrations of cyanide to kill
>people than it does to kill lice.
>As to the relative amounts of the cyanide compounds found in the gas
>chambers and delausing facilities, I leave you to consider the
>following results from a competently implemented analysis:
>The IFRC found traces of cyanide at levels significantly above
>background in all 5 Kremas as well as bunker 11. They also measure
>concentrations in bath-house B1-A in Birkenau, which was used for
>delousing prisoners' clothing. Samples from the bath house did indeed
>have higher concentrations of cyanides, but it is not the case that
>every sample from the bath-house had higher concentrations than every
>sample in the Kremas. For example, sample number 25 from Krema II had
>measurements of 640, 592, and 620 ug/kg. Sample 46 from Krema V had
>measurements of 244, 248, and 232 ug/kg. In contrast sample 53 from the
>bath-house camp B1-A in Birkenau had measurements of 24, 20, and 24
>ug/kg. Overall concentrations for the fumigation chambers ranged from
>0-900 ug/kg. In the Kremas they ranged from 0-640 ug/kg. So it is true
>that the highest measurements were higher in fumigation chambers
>(discriminating against iron blues), but not by much. There is another
>important fact. Concentrations in control samples from dwelling
>accommodations were 0 +/- 1 ug/kg. In other words, there is no doubt
>that the Kremas were exposed to a source of HCN. If the intent is to
>prove that the Kremas could not have been homicidal gas chambers, it
>has failed.

Fun and games with numbers is what I recognize above. For example, quoting the
highest and lowest concentrations in the samples. More meaningful is the mean or
median or better yet, a graph showing the distribution of all the results to see
where most of them fell. In fact, it is a good statistical practice to eliminate
the extremes of the highest and lowest.

Indeed, the "H"olocaust enforcers went into shock on realizing how the Leuchter
report established that the crematoria could not have been used for gassing
Jews. The Auschwitz authorities immediately did their own sampling - but refused
to share the results (though they were leaked). Take a look at the chart
presented as Appendix 2 to the famous (but banned) Leuchter report.

From Thu Jan 10 03:02:21 EST 2002
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From: Kanuk 
Subject: Re: CBC Banner  * * * ISRAEL STRIKES BACK * * *
Date: 8 Dec 2001 09:59:24 -0800
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In article , No says...
>One of the funiest exchanges I missed taping lately occurred on CNN
>yesterday morning. CNN's token bubble head blonde Paula Zahn was
>interviewing Hafez Al-Mirazi of Al Jazeer in regards to media bias.
>After several minutes of whiney bravado by her and a few cheap shots
>I guess Al-Mirazi had finally had enough, took off the gloves and came
>out with one of the best, and most deserved put down lines ever delivered
>to a talking head. I don't recall the specific wording but basically:
>Some people confuse the difference between journalism and patriotism.
>I though Zahn was going to go into a state of apoplexy until she recovered
>her composure enough to go into several minutes of sputtering and
>confused denial and rhetoric, while Al-Mirazi sat there smirking.
>I hope that at some point it makes it to a Bloopers reel because IMHO
>it was absolutely priceless and the best example of just how sad CNN's
>coverage of events has become.

Found this at

Zahn on Jazeera – Cable Clash  
by Bill C Davis 
The former Fox personality, Paula Zahn, from her new fair and balanced desk at
CNN, was having an intense discussion with the anchorman from al-Jazeera. Paula
abandoned her journalistic cool, which she must have learned during her term at
Fox, and jumped on the al-Jazeera anchorman for saying that CNN basically
rubber-stamps whatever the US government policy is. She couldn’t believe her
ears and she could certainly not contain herself. She knew she had to defend the
honor of free press in America if she was going keep her ratings/job. One can
imagine, as I’m sure she did as she was speaking, the e-mails and faxes she must
have received – “Way to go Paula - you told him – don’t let them get away with
saying those things while our boys are fighting to protect their rights to say
whatever they want.” Paula actually had a more pragmatic view as she interrupted
the confrontation to break for a commercial, making it clear to the naïve Arab
journalists that, “Someone has to pay so we can have these discussions.”

It is the 50th anniversary of Radio Free Liberty and Radio Free Europe and on
this day, a new foreign media force accuses the American media, the father and
mother of free press in the world, of being a rubber stamp. That was hard to
hear and hard to take. Paula wasn’t going to let this upstart get away with
making such a reckless accusation. No time for “Examples please” – or “What
makes you say that?” – it was – "Wait one minute my Muslim brother – you’ve got
a nerve to malign the very airwaves that are letting you advertise your biased

There was so much interrupted discussion it felt a bit like Hardball or the old
Geraldo, who is now with fair and balanced Fox. Obviously the anchorman from
al-Jazeera hit a nerve and gave an opportunity for our gal in the trenches to
show the viewing public how patriotic and loyal she is.

I wonder if Paula thinks that al-Jazeera in Kabul was bombed accidentally – or
if she cares. She didn’t ask. Someone could ask the media darling, “Rummy,”
about this, even though he might make you stand in the back of the classroom for
asking such an inflammatory question in a time of war. Maybe Paula, to prove she
is not a rubber stamp, should ask the secretary of defense about al-Jazeera’s
accusation that their Kabul station was bombed intentionally. Maybe she should
give him a chance to say what he feels about any network that shows Afghan
civilian casualties in the middle of a war and how counterproductive that can be
to a worthy cause.

If she is lucky she could get a sit down one-on-one with the maestro Rumsfeld,
who basically asks and answers questions on his own anyway: “Do we want the
Taliban to surrender? Maybe. Do we wish they’d die instead of surrendering?
Perhaps. Did we bomb al-Jazeera in Kabul intentionally? No. Do I think you
should ask me questions that will make you look good? Sure – why not. Will I
give you answers that will have anything to do with reality? We’ll see.”
Thank-you Mr. Secretary – as usual – we all feel assured.

Paula could then send the tape of that interview to al-Jazeera and show them
what free press really looks like. She should also send the statement that every
CNN reporter makes immediately after they show civilian casualties in
Afghanistan. Disclaimer first – it’s going to be gruesome – and after the horror
is shown – a fair and balanced network will say that these civilians have been
killed as a direct result of what happened on September 11th and the
perpetrators of that act bear full responsibility for the consequences of our

History begins on September 11th. The principle of cause and effect begins on
that day as well. No one is allowed to look at civilian casualties in
Afghanistan and say, “Nothing justifies this” or even be allowed their own
thoughts. It is incumbent upon CNN, which is not a rubber stamp, to justify,
explain or give a context for the civilian deaths in Afghanistan. Nothing can
explain September 11th except evil, and September 11th explains all ensuing
intended and unintended carnage.

It has been said that September 11th was a wake up call. The question then is
who and what had put us to sleep? Paula? Any thoughts on this?

Bill C. Davis is a playwright 


From Thu Jan 10 03:02:21 EST 2002
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From: Kanuk 
Subject: Re: CBC Banner  * * * ISRAEL STRIKES BACK * * *
Date: 9 Dec 2001 10:16:35 -0800
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In article <>, Mudpie says...
> wrote:
>> Of course, the usual suspects will just 'raise the bar' and demand some kind
>> of further evidence... I wouldn't bother jumping through hoops to satisfy
>> their demands.
>Sheesh, Mcvay's ability to respond, if at all, to actually proof, statistics,
>statement and judgements is lacking.  He will deny the facts unless he 
>has the documents and even then he will worm himself out usually with a 
>variety of attacks against the source.  I satisfy myself by knowing that 
>he's being defensive and shifting the point.  I.e., he mentions that a 
>CEO stepped down from a media company, and instead of questioning who 
>might have taken over the job or more importantly, where this former CEO
>is now( I suggest this former CEO have an even more powerful position, 
>working with George Soros in using their wealth to bankrupt small 
>Mcvay also demostates his misguided life by siding with abnormal people
>and sliming up issues.  He constantly mis-quotes, and puts statements out of
>No longer will I attempt to satisfy his dizzle, but rather put forth the
>truth and let him defend "red herrings".  Since the any lies will 
>eventually show themselves as truths no matter how hard Mcvay and his 
>cronies try to deny them.
>"The more educated you are the more you are prejudice"

Generally I avoid discussing the poster and stick to the issues ... but here is
an exception.

Kenneth McVay's messages must be read with the knowledge that he is paid for his
work and B'nai Brith Canada are the paymasters. That does dot disqualify his
opinions but it taints them.

McVay's style defeats his effectiveness. It just does not work with the typical
reader of newsgroups. Some of his posting techniques and messages are so
deceptive that I assume the Nizkor material is the same and I don't bother going
there when he posts a link. That means that even when he has some useful
material on his website I'm so turned off by his style that I don't get to
evaluate it.

I know I'm effective when McVay reads and responds in his usual way. I rather
hope he continues. He assists me in my goal of persuading readers to adopt my

From Thu Jan 10 03:02:22 EST 2002
Article: 234337 of can.general
From: Kanuk 
Subject: Voice of Israel Broadcasts to Canada
Date: 14 Dec 2001 11:06:19 -0800
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The Zionist movement has made long strides toward their goals since Islam stuck
back on 9/11. While this was not a pleasant event for the USA it was, as an
Israeli cabinet minister blurted out, the best thing that happened for Israel in
years. The power of the Israel lobby is based on something that no other can
only dream of - media control.

The principal goal of Zionist Jews is the taking of Palestine. Canada's Jews
routinely use "our" CBC to advance that goal. CBC is presided over by the Jew,
Robert Rabinovich. Jean Chretien appointed him. Rabinovich maintains a string of
Jews in key editorial positions throughout the broadcasting network. Chretien
goes along with the goals of the Jewish Lobbies and the Jewish media assist with
the goals of Chretien's Liberals.

In the Israel/Palestine propaganda war, Israel's message for us is Palestinian
terrorist and defending her citizens. Palestine's message is the military and
settler occupation. The propaganda war in Canada will be won by Israel because
of Jewish media control. The CBC is the most influential of the lot. See how
this morning's CBC radio broadcast of _World Report_ was used by Canada's Jews
to get out Israel's message but not that of Palestine.

In today's broadcast, the editors worked into the text exactly the phraseology
that Israel wanted and completely avoided the word "occupation". Here are a few
propaganda quotes and [my comments]:

   "... Israeli tanks are on the move ..." - [sounds like our boys in action]
   "... Israel's crackdown ..." - [who can object to cracking down?]
   "... on suspected Palestinian terrorist groups." -[Palestinian are
   "... Israeli soldiers are making scores of arrests ..." [just like nice
   "... six Palestinians have been killed in the operations." - [Jews never
    kill Palestinians - they just get killed]
   "... Israel's military operation ..." - [an operation is OK]
   "... tanks rolled in ... beginning sweeps" - [great action - three cheers
    for the boys]
   "... to round up Palestinian militants - [Palestinians are militants as well]
   "We are in the midst of a campaign of self defense and prevention. We
    would like to prevent the next suicidal attack. ... We are arresting
    the terrorists. We are arresting the ticking bombs." [free air time for
    a government spokeswoman]
   "... another five Palestinians died in clashes ..." - [see, Jews didn't
    kill them - they just died - and in clashes - with whom?]
   "... as the operations got under way". - [more operations]

Any ideas how be might free our media from this misrepresentation and deceit
that plays its roll in molding public opinion and corrupting Chretien, Manley
and the rest?

From Thu Jan 10 03:02:22 EST 2002
Article: 234350 of can.general
From: Kanuk 
Subject: Re: Voice of Israel Broadcasts to Canada
Date: 14 Dec 2001 15:39:07 -0800
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In article <>, Mudpie says...
>Our federal goverment has a investigative panel looking into the media 
>falling into fewer hands.  I am researching the findings but have had 
>some problems finding the results(no doubt to some lobbying jews 
>claiming bias and prejucice).
>I will post the transcripts.

This issue is often confused - sometimes deliberately.

The objection is to control falling in the hands of a tiny minority with a big

The issue is not how many corporations own the media. Indeed I suspect that each
of Israel Asper's major metropolitan dailies is a separate corporate entity. Yet
editorial control of them all ultimately lies with the Aspers.

Nor is the issue of concern the ownership. For example, the Gentile, Conrad
Black used to control the ownership voting shares of a lot of the world's media
but he placed editorial control of all of them in the hands of Jews ... for his
own reasons.

It would still be a dangerous situation if 95% of Canada's mass media was owned
by 20 corporations if a tiny minority controlled content of most of them.

From Thu Jan 10 03:02:23 EST 2002
Article: 234562 of can.general
From: Kanuk 
Subject: Re: Voice of Israel Broadcasts to Canada
Date: 16 Dec 2001 08:34:44 -0800
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In article , "tim says...
>Same ole bullshit from Kanuk.  I guess it was the Jews exercising their
>supposed media control that lead to those two JDL loonies in LA getting all
>that press, right?

The Jews were indeed exercising their real media control again this morning on
CBC radio's morning news. The "top story" was another opportunity to ram down
our throats Israel's message of Palestinian violence completely ignoring
Palestine's message of the violence of occupation.

Here are some direct quotes and [my comments].

"... Arafat cracks down on militant groups ..." [resistance is militant]

"... to crack down on terrorists ..." [resistance is terrorism]

"... suicide bombings in Israel." [deception: Jerusalem and West Bank
     settlements are not in Israel]

"... confront Islamic militant groups ..." [Islam is militant, negative 
     religious profiling]

"... to stop terrorist attacks on Israelis." [Islamists are terrorists -
     "Israelis" meaning "Jews" are victims.]

"... wave of suicide bombings and ambush attacks." [reinforcing
     Palestinian violence.]

"... efforts to mediate between the two sides." [presenting the issue as
     something to be mediated rather than enforcement of international

No! I did not omit any quotes of Israeli violence. The Jews in "our" CBC made
not a mention of any. Do you think Jewish dominance of the West's media is a
good thing?

From Thu Jan 10 03:02:23 EST 2002
Article: 234702 of can.general
From: Kanuk 
Subject: Re: Voice of Israel Broadcasts to Canada
Date: 17 Dec 2001 11:15:20 -0800
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In article , "tim says...
>Note the evasion.  Kanuk claims that Jews manipulate the news, yet won't
>explain to us why they were more than willing to publicise the terrorist
>plans of some of their co-religionists, including having soundbites from
>local Muslims that would have been effected.

Yes, the Jewish media did mention that a couple of west coast Jews were arrested
for some planned violence but they did not dwell on it long enough for me to
remember many details.

Compare that with "our" CBC radio. It was yesterday's top story that Arafat was
broadcasting to his people so the CBC Jews highlighted the bit about stopping
suicide attacks. Over 24 hours later CBC still keeps this in the news because of
its propaganda value in presenting the Palestinians as the problem.

Quotes from this morning's _World Report_ and [my comments].

"... Israeli forces killed a Hamas militant ..." - [must be OK then if CBC
     says he was a militant. Do you suppose the "Israeli forces" are

"... Israeli police detained two senior Palestinian leaders in East
     Jerusalem ..." - {that must be OK too because "policemen" did it.
     What were Israeli policemen doing in East Jerusalem?]

"... Under tremendous pressure from Israel and the international
     community ..." - [CBC's way of saying the world is with Israel so
     we should also agree to be fashionable]

"... Yasser Arafat made an unequivocal statement to his people ..."  -
     ["unequivocal" used to add emphasis]

"... "He called on them to end suicide bombings and other attacks on
     Israelis." - [yesterday's news rehashed for repetition]

"... His police have been rounding up militants ..." - [Israel's boys
     are "police" and the others are "militants" you are reminded again]

"... Israeli troops shot and killed a Hamas militant as he tried to
     evade arrest" - [another militant and he was evading arrest so the
     Israelis must have done the right thing]

"... the so-called right of return for Palestinian refugees." - 
     ["so-called" say the Jewish script writers. The UN says otherwise.]

"   They will make stopping the suicide bombers that much harder." -
    [the closing punch line telling us that this is the issue]

Once again, no, I did not omit quotes linking the violence to military and
settler occupation or any quotes explaining why the resistance targets
"Israelis". CBC did not give this side of the story. In fact they never even
mentioned the word "Jew" - even though it is the Jewish theft of Palestinian
families' land that is the root cause of the "dispute" - as the CBC would
categorize it.

From Thu Jan 10 03:02:23 EST 2002
Article: 234768 of can.general
From: Kanuk 
Subject: Re: Voice of Israel Broadcasts to Canada
Date: 17 Dec 2001 19:59:48 -0800
Organization: Newsguy News Service []
Lines: 37
Message-ID: <>
References: <>  <>  <>
X-Newsreader: Direct Read News 2.91
Xref: can.politics:618367 can.general:234768 soc.culture.canada:292262

In article <>, Kanuk quotes the jewish
dominated CBC misleading Canadians with these words:
>"... the so-called right of return for Palestinian refugees." - 
>     ["so-called" say the Jewish script writers. The UN says otherwise.]

Way back on 11 December 1948 the UN resolved by Resolution 194:

    11. Resolves that the refugees wishing to return to their homes
        and live at peace with their neighbours should be permitted to
        do so at the earliest practicable date, and that compensation
        should be paid for the property of those choosing not to return
        and for loss of or damage to property which, under principles
        of international law or in equity, should be made good by the
        Governments or authorities responsible;

... and as recently as 7 November 2001 with respect to 1967 and subsequent land

    1. Reaffirms the right of all persons displaced as a result of the
       June 1967 and subsequent hostilities to return to their homes or
       former places of residence in the territories occupied by Israel
       since 1967;
       [Vote 117 to 2 - Canada in favour, Israel, USA against]

... and further expresses its regret at the failure to get the refugees home:

   1. Notes with regret that repatriation or compensation of the refugees,
      as provided for in paragraph 11 of its resolution 194 (III), has not
      yet been effected and that, therefore, the situation of the refugees
      continues to be a matter of concern;
     [Vote: 116 to 1 - Canada in favour, Israel against, USA abstains]

Perhaps Tim might be able to explain why his co-religionists in the CBC
categorize this as the "so-called" right of return. for all of the above FACTS.

From Thu Jan 10 03:02:24 EST 2002
Article: 234822 of can.general
From: Kanuk 
Newsgroups: can.politics,can.general,soc.culture.canada
Subject: ObL Tape doesn't Prove Guilt - Dershowitz
Date: 18 Dec 2001 10:22:20 -0800
Organization: Newsguy News Service []
Lines: 48
Message-ID: <>
X-Newsreader: Direct Read News 2.91
Xref: can.politics:618539 can.general:234822 soc.culture.canada:292344

Alan M. Dershowitz, wrote _Tape doesn't prove bin Laden's guilt_ in the National
Post on December 15,
(paste together if split) or find it at

It is interesting to see how the media couch this mildly dissident article in
the framework of political correctness - as enforced by the Jews. I don't know
whether Dershowitz is Jewish but the National Post is. What Dershowitz is
allowed to write is sandwiched within the rough crusts of the usual mindless

His opening sentence is the mandatory disclaimer with the usual anti-Islam

   "Now that the world has seen and heard Osama bin Laden and his
   fellow Islamic extremists taking credit and praising Allah for the
   mass murder of thousands of innocent people, few reasonable people
   will doubt the moral culpability, despicability and dangerousness of
   these misguided Muslims. ..."

And his second last sentence includes,
   "... reasonable viewers and listeners  ... must also remember bin
    Laden is almost certainly a liar and he may have had a corrupt
    motive to lie ..."

My own observations of bin Laden and those allied against him are that ObL is
the more truthful and less corrupt of the lot. What is there more corrupt than
the leaderships of USA and UK waging a devastating war based on the Israel
lobby's line that 9/11 was unprovoked terror - just to benefit their own
political careers? What could be fundamentally more truthful than ObL saying,

   "Millions of innocent children are being killed as I speak. They are
    being killed in Iraq without committing any sins, ... Israeli tanks
   infest Palestine — in Jenin, Ramallah, Rafah, Beit Jalla, and other
   places in the land of Islam, ..."

A little exageration from Obl but true in essence and, of course, politically
unacceptable to the boys arranging the new world order.

Here is ObL message to America which our corrupt leaders do not seem to consider
to be a lie as they prepare for the next counter-strike.

   "To America, I say only a few words to it and its people. I swear by
    God, who has elevated the skies without pillars, neither America nor
    the people who live in it will dream of security before we live it
    in Palestine, and not before all the infidel armies leave the land of
    Muhammad, peace be upon him."

From Thu Jan 10 03:02:24 EST 2002
Article: 235377 of can.general
From: Kanuk 
Subject: As Long as Jews Control our Media ....
Date: 21 Dec 2001 13:48:17 -0800
Organization: Newsguy News Service []
Lines: 59
X-Newsreader: Direct Read News 2.91
Xref: soc.culture.canada:292804 can.general:235377 can.politics:620019

The Government of Israel is Zionist. That is its policy is to take Palestine for
the Jews. In this endeavor it engages the Zionist's most powerful tool - control
over the mass media in the West. That includes public broadcasters like "our"

How is it possible for the Jews to hijack the CBC? Israeli operative are able to
corrupt our politicians. Those with political power give the Jews what they want
- like control over the public broadcasters - and they in turn give the
politicians favourable media coverage. So, a good deal for Chretien, Manley and
the Jews but a swindle for Canadian listeners and viewers and injustice for
Israel's many enemies.

This morning's _World Report_ could have been produced by the Sharon PR
consultants. From beginning to end it was a master propaganda exercise to garner
public support for Israel at the expense of the Palestinians ... as I shall

Hamas is an acronym for Islamic Resistance Movement. The CBC Jews convert this
to "Islamic Militant Group". Look! Summary of this morning's opening news

DONNA TRANQUADA  "The Islamic militant group Hamas says ..."

and the wrap up statement at the end of the news:

TRANQUADA  "The militant Islamic group Hamas announces ..."

That's twice. Now let's check the body of this news story. Here are a few quotes
on that point and the repetition of Israel's message that the violence is from
the Palestinians.

TRANQUADA  "And now to our top story. The militant Islamic group Hamas
            has declared it is suspending mortar and suicide attacks ..."

HORNBROOK  "... the militant Islamic group Hamas is backing off - for now."

HORNBROOK  "Hamas bombers have killed scores of Israelis, many of them
            teenagers ..."

then the CBC editors allow the use of "resistance" and "occupation" but
immediately stifle any thoughts of listeners that might wander off in the
"wrong" direction.

HORNBROOK  "Hamas calls this legitimate resistance to occupation. Others
            call it crimes against humanity.

HORNBROOK  "Canada, the US and other states have recently declared Hamas
            a terrorist organization."

HORNBROOK  "It's not clear yet whether other militant groups such as
            Islamic Jihad ..."

TRANQUADA  "More evidence of Yasser Arafats crackdown on Islamic
            militants ..."

I don't know why Canada's Arabs, Palestinians and Muslims don't go afer the CBC
for this negative profiling. I believe the Jews in the CBC are vulnerable for
this practice.

From Thu Jan 10 03:02:25 EST 2002
Article: 235415 of can.general
From: Kanuk 
Subject: Re: As Long as Jews Control our Media ....
Date: 21 Dec 2001 22:01:13 -0800
Organization: Newsguy News Service []
Lines: 21
X-Newsreader: Direct Read News 2.91
Xref: soc.culture.canada:292846 can.general:235415 can.politics:620141

In article , "Jonsa" says...
>"Kanuk"  wrote in message
>> I don't know why Canada's Arabs, Palestinians and Muslims don't go afer
>the CBC
>> for this negative profiling. I believe the Jews in the CBC are vulnerable
>> this practice.
>Yo MORON. Hamas is Islamic. It is militant. It uses terror tactics. It
>deliberately kills innocent civilians. It perverts the teachings of Islam.
>But then anybody that doesn't call them heroic resistance fighters is a
>zionist jew - right?

Millions upon millions of intelligent and reasonable people disagree with that.
CBC provides no balance to reflect that fact. The Jews at CBC Toronto merely
presents the view of Hamas that the Zionists would have them do.

From Thu Jan 10 03:02:25 EST 2002
Article: 235441 of can.general
From: Kanuk 
Subject: CBC's Top Story - True or False?
Date: 22 Dec 2001 09:23:44 -0800
Organization: Newsguy News Service []
Lines: 19
X-Newsreader: Direct Read News 2.91
Xref: can.general:235441 can.politics:620255 soc.culture.canada:292879

Direct quotes from CBC radio's lead story on this morning's _World Report_ 
Is this true?
Is this carelessness?
Is this an attempt to justify the war?

SMITH:  "In the news today - The first peaceful hand over of power
         in Afghanistan in nearly 30 years."

SMITH:  "And now to our top story. ... Women are publicly shedding
         their burqas ..."

CORRESPONDENT:  "Afghanistan's new leaders. surrounded by heavily
         armed guards arrived ... This has been the first time in
         many decades that there has been a peaceful transition in
         government. In the past, new governments only came from
         coups and assassinations. ... peace has finally come to

From Thu Jan 10 03:02:25 EST 2002
Article: 235563 of can.general
From: Kanuk 
Subject: Chretien Puts Israel before Canada
Date: 23 Dec 2001 10:45:18 -0800
Organization: Newsguy News Service []
Lines: 46
X-Newsreader: Direct Read News 2.91
Xref: can.general:235563 soc.culture.canada:292981

On 20 December 2001 the UN General Assembly dealt with a two part resolution
brought after the US vetoed a similar one a few days earlier. Part A dealt with
the "Illegal Israeli actions in occupied East Jerusalem and the rest of the
occupied Palestinian territory".

The Chretien administration is increasingly caving in to the influential Israel
lobby - putting the wishes of that foreign power ahead of Canadian values.
Canada disgustingly abstained in the vote. The resolution is Document
A/ES-10/L.7 but it is not yet posted at the UNISPAL site.

However, here is the UN's description of what we abstained from supporting. Read
it and decide if Chretien and his appointed UN delegate, Paul Heinbecker, have
reflected Canadian values or are they quietly caving in to the Jews. Did you see
or hear any mass media reports on this treachery?

   The resumed tenth emergency special session of the General Assembly
   this afternoon, meeting to consider illegal Israeli actions in
   occupied East Jerusalem and the rest of the occupied Palestinian
   territory, demanded the immediate cessation of all acts of violence,
   provocation and destruction, as well as the return to the positions
   and arrangements that existed prior to September 2000. 

   Through adoption of a resolution by a recorded vote of 124 in favor to
   6 against (Israel, Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia,
   Nauru, Tuvalu, United States), with 25 abstentions, the Assembly also
   condemned all acts of terror, in particular those targeting civilians,
   as well as all acts of extrajudiciary executions, excessive use of
   force and wide destruction of properties.  (For details of the vote
   see Annex I.)

   The Assembly, adopting a text essentially the same as the draft
   resolution rejected by the Security Council last Friday because of
   the negative vote of the United States, also called on the two sides
   to start the comprehensive and immediate implementation of the
   recommendations made in the report of the Sharm El-Sheikh Fact-
   Finding Committee (Mitchell report) in a speedy manner, and encouraged
   all concerned to establish a monitoring mechanism to help the parties
   implement those recommendations.

Every statement in that description deserves the support of Canada. As long as
Chretien and other politicians in the West, allow themselves to be corrupted by
the Jews the atrocities in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere will
continue and probably get worse until there is a catastrophe. And the likes of
Chretien *will* put their careers before principles as long as the Jewish mass
media conceal these actions from our scrutiny.

From Thu Jan 10 03:02:26 EST 2002
Article: 235967 of can.general
From: Kanuk 
Newsgroups: can.general,mtl.general,qc.general
Subject: Re: Does Canada need to spend more money on security?
Date: 29 Dec 2001 09:26:27 -0800
Organization: Newsguy News Service []
Lines: 14
References: <>
X-Newsreader: Direct Read News 2.91
Xref: can.general:235967 mtl.general:89958 qc.general:71923

In article <>, says...
>The short answer is NO.
>First, nobody threatens Canada.  ...

Agreed. There is little - but not no - evidence demanding the extra security
expenditures, or the new restrictive legislation or our military involvement.
These decisions are taken at the executive level based on lobbying pressure.
King Chretien then imposes them on us. He can do so only if the media is on
side. All three measures listed above were objectives of the Israel lobby ... so
the Jewish media is on side.

From Thu Jan 10 03:02:26 EST 2002
Article: 236329 of can.general
From: Kanuk 
Newsgroups: soc.culture.australian,,can.general,alt.politics.usa.misc
Subject: Pentagon Deception - Media Plays Along
Date: 2 Jan 2002 20:03:04 -0800
Organization: Newsguy News Service []
Lines: 93
X-Newsreader: Direct Read News 2.91
Xref: soc.culture.australian:168753 can.general:236329 alt.politics.usa.misc:226842

German TV reveals how the Pentagon used its imagination in translating that
mysterious ObL video in a vain attempt to find a smoking gun ... and the media
just play along, not wanting the masses to learn of the deception.

Mistranslated Osama bin Laden Video - the German Press Investigates 

by Craig Morris

ON December 20, 2001, German TV channel "Das Erste" broadcast its analysis of
the White House's translation of the OBL video that George Bush has called a
"confession of guilt". On the show Monitor, two independent translators and an
expert on oriental studies found the White House's translation not only to be
inaccurate, but "manipulative".

Arabist Dr. Abdel El M. Husseini, one of the translators, states,

"I have carefully examined the Pentagon's translation. This translation is very
problematic. At the most important places where it is held to prove the guilt of
Bin Laden, it is not identical with the Arabic."
Whereas the White House would have us believe that OBL admits that "We
calculated in advance the number of casualties from the enemy…", translator Dr.
Murad Alami finds that:

"'In advance' is not said. The translation is wrong. At least when we look at
the original Arabic, and there are no misunderstandings to allow us to read it
into the original."
At another point, the White House translation reads: "We had notification since
the previous Thursday that the event would take place that day." Dr. Murad

"'Previous' is never said. The subsequent statement that this event would take
place on that day cannot be heard in the original Arabic version."
The White House's version also included the sentence "we asked each of them to
go to America", but Alami says the original formulation is in the passive along
the lines of "they were required to go". He also say that the sentence
afterwards - "they didn't know anything about the operation" - cannot be

Prof. Gernot Rotter, professor of Islamic and Arabic Studies at the Asia-Africa
Institute at the University of Hamburg sums it up:

"The American translators who listened to the tapes and transcribed them
apparently wrote a lot of things in that they wanted to hear but that cannot be
heard on the tape no matter how many times you listen to it."
Meanwhile the US press has not picked up on this story at all, reporting instead
that a new translation has revealed that OBL even mentions the names of some of
those involved. But the item is all over the German press, from Germany's
Channel One ("Das Erste" - the ones who broke the story, equivalent to NBC or
the BBC) to ZDF (Channel Two) to Der Spiegel (the equivalent of Time or The
Economist. More surprisingly, as I write the following site appears on Lycos in
German: - but
nothing under in English.

Instead, we read in The Washington Post of Friday, December 21, 2001 (the day
after the German TV show was broadcast) that a new translation done in the US
"also indicates bin Laden had even more knowledge of the Sept. 11 attacks on the
World Trade Center and the Pentagon than was apparent in the original Defense
Department translation.... Although the expanded version does not change the
substance of what was released, it provides added details and color to what has
been disclosed."

I'll say. Aren't there any reporters in the US who speak German (or Arabic, for
that matter)? An article in USA Today of December 20, 2001 sheds some light on
why the original translation might not be accurate: "The first translation was
rushed in 12 hours, in a room in the Pentagon".

So why didn't the new US translation find the same discrepancies as the German
translators did? Read the article in USA Today against the grain:

"Michael, who is originally Lebanese, translated the tape with Kassem Wahba, an
Egyptian. Both men had difficulties with the Saudi dialect bin Laden and his
guest use in the tape, Michael said."
Why can a Saudi translator not be found in a multicultural country like the US,
especially with the close business relations between the US and Saudi Arabia?
[George] Bush Sr. probably knows any number of them himself.

Of course, if we ever hear about the German analysis in the US press, the
reactions will be that some will never believe that OBL is behind the attacks no
matter what you tell them. But actually, Americans are just as stubborn in
refusing to face facts.

One moderator on Fox News complained to his interviewee that the European media
were focusing too much on civilian casualties in Afghanistan. (I wondered which
European languages this moderator could speak; a few weeks later, he happened to
say on his show that he had had "three years of German". This, he claimed, would
allow him to "do the show in German.")

His interviewee responded that, yes, the Taliban were very savvy manipulators of
the media. So there we have it: Europeans get their information straight from
the Taliban Ministry of Propaganda.

From Thu Jan 10 03:02:26 EST 2002
Article: 236478 of can.general
From: Kanuk 
Subject: Radio Ariel Sharon for Canadians
Date: 3 Jan 2002 20:04:30 -0800
Organization: Newsguy News Service []
Lines: 39
X-Newsreader: Direct Read News 2.91
Xref: can.general:236478 can.politics:624874

"Our" CBC continues to do what all other mass media do in N. America - deliver
Israel's propaganda message as if it were honest news. This morning, CBC Radio's
_World Report_, which "reaches a million Canadians" presented a news story which
could have been written by Israel's PR agents. Here is part of the transcript.

Notice how the violence is associated with the Palestinians by gratuitously
referencing events of weeks ago. Israel is not linked to violence. We are
supposed to believe the "Israelis" are peace-loving "security officials" looking
after the Palestinians.

   MIKE HORNBROOK: Zinny's First peace mission collapsed after wave of
   Palestinian suicide bombings. ...  One encouraging sign, the level
   of violence has  dropped dramatically in recent weeks. This follows
   Yasser Arafat's calls for an end to the bombings and mortar attacks.
   But other signs are less encouraging. Israeli security officials have
   reported an increase of weapons smuggling into Palestinian areas.
   These include heavy weapons such as katusha rockets, anti-tank
   and shoulder launched anti-aircraft missiles.  All are banned under
   the Oslo peace accords. Israeli analyst Gerald Steinberg says that
   the heavy investment rather than desperately needed social programs
   for Palestinians shows that Arafat is still not serious about making

... and there was the bit for gullible Canadians that the Palestinians are for
violence and Israel is for peace. Now some more on that theme from a chosen one:

   STEINBERG: Arafat is now pulling in under the pressure, waiting for
   the pressure to subside and then coming in with the same approach
   whether it's going to be in six weeks or six months from now.

   HORNBROOK: Israeli prime minister, Ariel Sharon, continues to insist
   on seven days of absolute quiet from the Palestinians before any
   talks begin. If and when they do, the issue of weapons collection
   will be high on Israel's list.

... Canadians would never suspect that Sharon is aka the Butcher of Beirut. Come
to think of it, I believe the Jews in CBC Toronto have steadfastly adhered to
their news blackout of the Butcher's troubles with Belgium's war crimes court.

From Thu Jan 10 03:02:27 EST 2002
Article: 236524 of can.general
From: Kanuk 
Subject: Re: Radio Ariel Sharon for Canadians
Date: 4 Jan 2002 10:46:41 -0800
Organization: Newsguy News Service []
Lines: 34
X-Newsreader: Direct Read News 2.91
Xref: can.general:236524 can.politics:625140

In article , says...
>In can.general tim gueguen  wrote:
>> An amusing statement coming from someone who continually refers to Nazi
>> sites for information.
>Was the information true?

Don't expect these posters to deal with the issues. When they have no case to
make on content they typically resort to name calling and attempts to smear and
discredit the messenger.

Again this morning, CBC's message to a million Canadians is one of pro-Israel
propaganda. The Middle East was their top story on _World Report_ although there
is little newsworthy in Zinni talking to the Butcher. But it is the excuse for
inserting more reinforcing messages to fool Canadians. I quote only the words
>from the wrap-up summary from today's broadcast.

   JUDY MADRIN: Israeli troops enter a West Bank village and kill a
   member of the militant group Hamas. [...]

So, that tells Canadians that the deed was sort of justified. It was not a
*person* who was killed, a human with a name, a family or an occupation. The
Israelis killed someone who held a membership in the "militant group Hamas".
Hamas is an acronym for Islamic Resistance Movement which is involved in
political, charity and military activities - but the Jews in CBC Toronto want
the "military Hamas" label to stick with us. Note the daily repetition.

Now if a Jew should be killed, CBC would present sympathetic characterizations,
such as teenager, father of two, market gardener ... but never mention
membership in a Zionist militant group.

From Thu Jan 10 03:02:27 EST 2002
Article: 236596 of can.general
From: Kanuk 
Newsgroups: can.politics,can.general,,soc.culture.canada
Subject: Journalists and Canadians
Date: 5 Jan 2002 19:12:23 -0800
Organization: Newsguy News Service []
Lines: 80
X-Newsreader: Direct Read News 2.91
Xref: can.politics:625801 can.general:236596 soc.culture.canada:294583

This week's _American Dissidents Voices_ broadcast features Canada. It can be
found in audio and text at This is the mirror site set up to
avoid attacks on the main site by the Jews who hate free speech.

Before you read or listen to this Canadian content you should understand that it
is anti-establishment and that pro-Zionist posters will attempt to smear and
discredit this poster, the Natvan site or its staff. So, a good reation to this
is to go there to find out what they don't want you to know.

Here are a few extracts copied from the text version:-

   As you may be aware, the mass media in Canada are as much under
   Jewish control as in the United States. The undisputed top media
   mogul in Canada is Israel Asper, who is commonly known by his
   nickname "Izzy." With his sons Leonard and David and other family
   members, Izzy Asper owns CanWest Global Communications Corporation.

   A Gentile, Conrad Black, also used to be a major player in the
   Canadian media, but a little over a year ago Black's Southam News,
   Inc., was bought out by Izzy. CanWest now owns more than 60 per
   cent of Canada's newspapers and other media outlets. That's more
   than 60 per cent of all of Canada's mass media in the hands of one
   Jew. Included are 14 metropolitan dailies and 128 local newspapers
   across the country, including the Vancouver Sun, the Vancouver
   Province, the Calgary Herald, and the Montreal Gazette. CanWest
   also owns the National Post, which is distributed throughout Canada.
   In addition Izzy owns media in the United States, Australia, New
   Zealand, and Northern Ireland.

   Last month Izzy issued a written directive to his newspapers,
   instructing them that from now on they must print nothing critical
   of Israel or of Israeli actions or policies. This is a rare thing.
   Usually directives of this sort are oral only, and great care is
   taken to keep them from coming to the attention of the public. [...]

   [...] A group of reporters and writers at the Montreal Gazette have
   rebelled, at least for the moment. One of them, Bill Marsden, an
   investigative reporter, revealed on a Canadian Broadcasting
   Corporation radio program called "As It Happens" that his editor at
   the Gazette had instructed him never to report anything that might
   reflect badly on Israel. [...]

   [...] Izzy thinks that he is entitled to set the editorial policy
   for all of Canada's newspapers and determine what all Canadians think.

   The man chosen by the Aspers to write the editorials for all of their
   newspapers is Murdoch Davis. When asked by "As It Happens" whether or
   not one of CanWest's newspapers would be permitted to buck the party
   line on Israel, Davis replied, and I quote: "No. It is clearly the
   intent that the newspapers will speak with one voice on certain issues
   of overarching national or international importance." -- end of quote
   -- When asked specifically whether or not one of the Asper newspapers
   would be permitted to raise the question of Israel's long-standing
   violation of international law and its defiance of UN resolutions
   calling for withdrawal from illegally occupied Palestinian territory,
   Davis again responded in the negative.

   So that's the present situation with freedom of the press in Canada:
   not really very different from the situation in the United States. [...]

   [...] it also brings out into the open not only the monopoly Jewish
   control of the Canadian mass media but also the way in which that
   control is used to slant the news and Canadian public opinion so as to
   serve Jewish interests to the detriment of Canadian interests. [...]

   [...] I think that there's not a politician in Canada who will dare go
   up against Izzy Asper. [...]

   Controlling a country's mass media doesn't mean just being able to
   exert a decisive influence on a country's foreign policy, as Izzy Asper
   is doing in Canada, and as his fellow Jews long have done in the United
   States. It doesn't mean just getting a country involved in unnecessary
   wars and subjecting its citizens to retaliatory terrorist attacks. It
   means influencing immigration policy. It means influencing educational
   policy. It means influencing social policy. It means being able to
   control the way most of a country's people think about everything: about
   race and morality and lifestyles and other countries and freedom and the
   meaning of life. [...]

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