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Subject: Laulicht, Gordie McFee and NJ Comm - Auschwitz not bombed?
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Laulicht, Gordie McFee and NJ Comm - Auschwitz not bombed?   Commentary #2

Gordie recently complained that the group no longer contained enough
debate about the Holyhoax to satisfy him. So, okay Gordie, tackle this one
and Iım looking forward to it, you Arschloch (I didnıt forget that one).

Murray J. Laulicht
K-8 Curriculum Outlines
7-12 Curriculum Outlines
The following outlines were initially developed by the New Jersey
Commission on Holocaust Education and finalized with input from the
Department of Education, the New Jersey School Boards Association, the New
Jersey Teachers Associations, and the Principals, Supervisors
and Administrator Organizations. These outlines provide the basis for the
teaching of a Holocaust and Genocide Curriculum in the elementary and
secondary schools of New Jersey in accordance with chapter 13 of the New
Jersey Laws of 1994.
7th Grade - 12th Grade

IV. Persecution to Mass Murder:  The Holocaust

10.  Examine the war plans and priorities of the United States
         during the World War II as they relate to the Holocaust,
         including:  (a) the Evian Conference; (b) the St. Louis,
         (c) the Bermuda Conference;

Our attention here is on (D), which is a complete, 100% and total lie.
John C. Ball in his book, ³Air Photo Evidence: Auschwitz, Treblinka,
Majdanek, Sobibor, Bergen Belsen, Belzec, Babi Yar, Katyn Forest. World
War II photos of alleged mass murder camps! Does evidence confirm or
dismiss eye witness stories? Were gas chamber marks put on by C.I.A.
workers?,² objectively analyzes aerial photographs taken during WW II of
detention camps in Poland. Leaving aside the reams of proof these aerial
photos of Auschwitz-Birkenau taken by American and British air photo
reconnaissance provide for the revisionist position, that there were no
homicidal gas chambers or program to exterminate the Jews of Europe by
Germany in WWII, the discussion here concerns the American bombing of the
I.G. Farben industrial complex located in Birkenau on Sept. 13, 1944. 

On Sept. 13, 1944, 96 American bombers flew at 7,500 meters elevation
directly over Birkenau and from 11:17 to 11:20 a.m. dropped 943 five
hundred kilogram high explosive bombs on the I.G. Farben Industrial plant.

Photo 2 of Chapter 5 in Ballıs book (p. 73) says: ³As the planes (Allied
TM) flew west to east they released their bombs directly over Birkenau in
order to hit the industrial plant. Here (in the picture TM) 9 bombs are
released travelling 320 kilometers per hour. Because no anti-aircraft guns
are firing from this area, either larger bombers of smaller Mosquito
fighter bombers could have bombed the crematoriums with a minimum of
danger.²  In this picture, one can clearly see the Birkenau crematoria at
the corner of the industrial area. 

So, not only was Birkenau bombed, the crematoria could have been bombed
but were not. Why? Because the Allied photo interpeters knew that no mass
exterminations were or had recently occurred there, because evidence would
have been detectable in the photographs and the crematoria would have been
bombed. On pages 76-77, Ball puts the ³reasons² the hoaxers give on why
the crematoria were not bombed versus what the 1944 air photos reveal. 
Laulicht, Gordie and the rest of the Canucks and whoever else, Iım

John Ballıs ³Air Photo Evidence² (116 pages on glossy photopaper, dozens
of photos, maps, bibliography, index) is available for $12.00 plus $3.00
shipping from:

Jack Wikoff-Editor
c/o Remarks
PO Box 234
Aurora, NY 13026

Tim McCarthy

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