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From: Joe Lockhart 
Subject: Leave Zundel alone (just for you McOyVay)
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McVay, can you ever be honest?
I asked you to print my original letter to the editor. You have refused
Possibly there is good reason for it.
1) You don't have it. 
2) Or you don't want to post it, which is it?

Here it is for you verbatim.

Winnipeg Sun March 28,1996 Page 16

Leave Zundel alone

Re: Bob Holliday March 24, Is this 1996 or 1984?
     Can you believe that in this day and age of so-call freedoms, the
government of Canada at the behest of minority special interest groups,
want to deport a man because they don't like his opinion? What ever
happen to freedom of expression? What about our Constitutional
guaranteed freedom of thought, or opinion? Does this only apply to certain
groups, or does it apply to all of us?
     Can you fathom that a country like Canada, which is flooded with
immigrant reprobates whom have come here under the guise of "refugee
status,"  wants to deport a man who has committed no crime other than not
believing the victors' version of  the Second World War?
     How can anyone consider him a threat to national security just
because he has an unpopular opinion? What about the opinions of
Communist , or homosexuals, why can they spew their drivel with
impunity? Why are they not a threat to national security?
     The government of Canada has for over a decade been harassing
this man for nothing more than politically incorrect thoughts. Twice at tax-
payers expense they have persecuted him, and now because they  have lost,
they want to deport him.
     Is Zndel a threat to national security because he doesn't believe the
Jewish story called holocaust? Is the government of Canada admitting that if
you're a threat to the Jewish community, then you're a threat to the national
security of Canada? What does that say about the power of the Jewish
lobby groups?
     If we deport a man for what Bob Holliday says is "hating Jews,"
why do we not then deport people who hate Christians? If you don't like
this man's opinion, don't listen, or as the famous Jewish lawyer Allen
Dershowitz said, counter it. Until then, leave the man alone!

Joe Lockhart
Research Director

The European Christian Defence League

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