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From: Joseph Lockhart 
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Subject: The victory for the anus worshipers is only short lived
Date: Thu, 02 Apr 1998 15:31:52 -0800
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Subject: Vreind wins, Alberta bigots weep and snivel
Date: 2 Apr 1998 12:45:38 -0500
From: conlonkt@mcmail.cis.McMaster.CA (Kelly T. Conlon)
Organization: McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
 Newsgroups:  can.politics

Kelly T. Conlon writes:

Vreind wins, Alberta bigots weep and snivel Read it and weep, bigots:

"The exclusion of sexual orientation from the IRPA does not meet the 
requirements of the Oakes test and accordingly cannot be saved under s.
of the Charter."


I hope you realize the silliness of your statement.  Vriend didn't win,
society lost. 
Once again the Supreme Court of Canada place the values of Sodomites
above that of religious ones. This means Christian schools who have a
firmly held religious belief that sodomy is wrong must now hire teachers
who are as the Bible describes as "having a reprobate mind." 

The Christian fabric that built this once great country is now being
pulled apart tread by tread, by gender-feminist, who destroy the natural
order of the family, and who promote the murder of babies under the
guise of ‘choice'. Humanist, who through materialism have promoted the
yuppie cultural of me-ism, and homosexuals who through there twisted
lifestyle have as the Bible stated they would, "...change the truth of
God into a lie,..." 

And now thanks to 9 unelected individuals, we must embrace sodomites in
our private Christian schools. How sad it is indeed.  Even in the public
fool system, homosexuals themselves admit to being a disproportionate
amount of teachers.  According to Chris Vogal a self-styled Winnipeg Gay
activist he stated in the Winnipeg Free Press Oct 19,1982 p1 about Gay
teachers that: 

" Winnipeg, teaching constitutes the numerically largest
profession for gay men and women... it is my opinion that if every
homosexual teacher in Manitoba was to be sick on the  same day, I doubt
the schools could find enough substitutes to stay open." 

	In June 1994 in the Winnipeg Sun on page 7, the government funded gay
and lesbian resource centre was accused of stocking books on pedophilia,
one book entitled Teardrops on my drum depicts an 11-year-old boy in a
sexual relationship with an adult. The same Chris Vogal who admits the
largest numerical profession for gay men and women is teaching,  was
quoted in the article as  saying he can't see what the fuss is about. He
says the autobiography isn't about pedophilia because the boy is an
adolescent. Mr. Vogel goes on to say "He was a keen and eager
participant. It's a cheerful friendly, upbeat book. We're not talking
pedophilia here. This person has reached sexual maturity."

How many parents have sent their kids off to school hoping that they
would come home with a good education, only to find out they did not
come home with an education, but with a condom and a homosexual lover. 

If you're happy with knowing sodomites are elevated above the religious
values of many Christians, under the guise of ‘equality,' that only
shows how ignorant you are of the facts.

Remember that just because 9 justices write into law (which is not there
job) that discrimination against sodomites is illegal under the Charter
(sic) the same court also refuses to protect the rights of the unborn
baby. So, it's not OK to descriminat against sodomites, but it's OK to
murder unborn babies.

So feel good today that Vriend and his friends won a small victory in
this world. Let's hope that they all head to a bath house and indulge
into the perversion that the laws of nature (God's Laws) have ruled
against. The ultimate ruler is God and He sent an AIDS plague among
sodomites (and their supporters.)  The victory for the anus worshipers
is only short lived, for God will not be mocked. You can write all the
laws of man you want that say sodomy is legal, but you will never make
it fact. 

The Euro-Christian Defence League
P.O. Box 345 
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
R3C 2H6

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