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From Thu Jan  2 16:00:21 PST 1997
Article: 93371 of soc.culture.german
Newsgroups: soc.culture.german
From: (George F. Hardy)
Subject: Re: Is Most of Prussia Part of Poland or Germany Now?
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Date: Thu, 02 Jan 1997 16:32:13 GMT
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In article <>, says:
>Bannerman  wrote:
>>Just wondering---Are the lands of the former Prussia under German or 
>>Polish juridiction now? Thanks!
>Actually, very little, if any, of the former Prussia, is under current
>German jurisdiction. Almost all of the lands have gone to Poland, with
>some still retained under Russian control (the current Russian town of
>Kaliningrad was once Königsberg)


>What West Germany regained after the fall of the wall was really only
>central (or middle) Germany. Chancellor Kohl sold out the interests of
>the true Eastern Germans in order to get German Democratic Republic
>(sic!) back into the western fold.

Not a very helpful view of the overall issue.  After the Franco
Prussian War the German Empire was too large for France, Great
Britain and Russia.  So, we had W.W.I.  The loss of land was not
accpetable to Germany AND Germany was still too large for
France and Great Britain.  So, we had W.W.II.  (Only a few
people actually beilieve that Great Britain gave two pence for
what was happening to Poland.  Like the Serbian "crisis" before
W.W.I, the triggering event was only an excuse to start the
war.)  Germany is now as large as is acceptable to France and
Great Britain.  Unless you want to fight it out again.

>I guess hindsight is 20/20, but the Federal Republic of Germany has
>formally renounced all claims to former German territories east of the
>Oder/Neiße River lines.

A very wise decision.


From Fri Jan  3 08:51:08 PST 1997
Article: 93413 of soc.culture.german
Newsgroups: soc.culture.netherlands,soc.culture.belgium,soc.culture.europe,soc.culture.german,soc.culture.french,soc.culture.british
From: (George F. Hardy)
Subject: Re: European Heaven vs. European Hell
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Date: Thu, 02 Jan 1997 22:11:19 GMT
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>=>> =>European Hell is a place where:

Having driven in many European countries, I suggest that
you reconsider the accusation.  Hell is were all
drivers are Taiwanese.

Lines on the road are mear decorations.  One way street
signs and stop lights are only recommendations, not to
be taken seriously.


From Sun Jan  5 13:05:06 PST 1997
Article: 93582 of soc.culture.german
Newsgroups: soc.culture.german
From: (George F. Hardy)
Subject: Re: Please help me
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Date: Sat, 04 Jan 1997 13:45:00 GMT
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In article <>, (Pahlevan) says:
>Hi, I am desperately seeking a book on Windows 95 written in German,

It won't help.  The program's limitations are the
problem, not the language.  Stick with WinW 3.1.1


From Sat Jan 11 20:22:48 PST 1997
Article: 93963 of soc.culture.german
Newsgroups: soc.culture.german
From: (George F. Hardy)
Subject: Re: The Trial against the former East German borderguards
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Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997 13:24:07 GMT
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In article , (Ole Kreiberg) says:

> Aren't you trying to make them scapegoats for acts ordered or at least
>accepted by an unpopular regime? To me it is still kangaroo justice
>to judge people in this retrospective way. If their acts were ordered and 
>sanctioned by their superiors and other authorities they had good reason 
>to believe that what they were doing were legal. 

Quite true.  What these guards did, where and when they did
it, was legal.  So no civilized country would put them on
trial.  Yes, the USA did at Nuremberg, but we have had
real regrets over those legal precedents.

As with former DDR officials, the BRD should remember that
the Wende was reunification, not military victory.

Why not try the BRD officials who committed crimes against
DDR laws?

From Sun Jan 12 19:25:49 PST 1997
Article: 93993 of soc.culture.german
Newsgroups: soc.culture.taiwan,alt.war,soc.culture.usa,soc.history,soc.culture.british,soc.culture.russian,soc.culture.german,soc.culture.canada
From: (George F. Hardy)
Subject: Re: Was the USSR mainly stopped and crushed Hitler in WW2? To Jennifer
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Date: Sat, 11 Jan 1997 21:25:03 GMT
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In article , (Rich Rostrom) says:
>In article <>, Richie  wrote:
>> Of the eleven million German military personnel killed during 
>>WW II; nine million were killed in the Soviet Union.
>One presumes that what is meant was "in action", not "killed".
>The Simon and Schuster Encyclopedia of WW II states that the Wehrmacht
>(all arms) mobilized 12.5 million men, of which 3 to 3.5 million were

Yes, about 7 million Germans were killed, 3M in the military, 0.8M
be Allied (US and UK) bombing, the rest civilians killed by the SU
armies as the advanced through the eastern portions of Germany.
(Keep in mind that the SU lost about 26M, excluding 5M calssified
as Holocaust victims.)


From Sun Jan 12 19:25:51 PST 1997
Article: 94014 of soc.culture.german
Newsgroups: soc.culture.netherlands,soc.culture.belgium,soc.culture.europe,soc.culture.german,soc.culture.french,soc.culture.british
From: (George F. Hardy)
Subject: Re: European Heaven vs. European Hell
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Date: Thu, 09 Jan 1997 21:41:56 GMT
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In article <>, "M. Harmon"  says:

>I still have no idea exactly what Belgium is.   It may well be a very
>nice place, with good beer and all, but I just don't get it.  Thanks
>anyway.  Vive La France.

I was there.  Like the Netherlands, except dirty.


From Sun Jan 12 19:25:52 PST 1997
Article: 94019 of soc.culture.german
Newsgroups: soc.culture.taiwan,alt.war,rec.aviation.military,soc.culture.usa,soc.history,soc.culture.british,soc.culture.russian,soc.culture.german,
From: (George F. Hardy)
Subject: Re: Was the USSR mainly stopped and crushed Hitler in WW2? *** And Yak-3 was the BEST fighter during WW2! ***
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Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997 13:25:34 GMT
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In article <>, Al Sumrall  says:

>It is my understanding the western allies returned POW's to the 
>Russians that had run from the to be Russian zones in hopes of 
>surrendering to western troops.

The USA did, the British did not.


From Wed Jan 15 11:10:57 PST 1997
Article: 94277 of soc.culture.german
Newsgroups: soc.culture.taiwan,alt.war,soc.culture.usa,soc.history,soc.culture.british,soc.culture.russian,soc.culture.german,soc.culture.canada
From: (George F. Hardy)
Subject: Re: Was the USSR mainly stopped and crushed Hitler in WW2? To Jennifer
Message-ID: <1d7cd$>
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 1997 15:18:25 GMT
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In article <5bck4v$>, (Tingli Pan) says:
>In article <>, M. Rogers  wrote:
>|George F. Hardy wrote:

>|> No, the war was lost before then.  It was lost when Japan decided
>|> to attack south in December, 1941.  If Japan had attacked the SU
>|> instead, the combined pressure of the two fronts would have
>|> defeated the SU.
>|> GFH

>|       I have to disagree with this.  I highly doubt that, even with the USSR
>|fighting on two fronts, that the USSR would have been defeated.  

We will never know.  But if the two front attack against the SU had not
worked, then there was no way that the Germans could have won.  The
USA's entry was not even needed.


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