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From Wed Sep  2 17:05:48 EDT 1998
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Subject: Boycott Poland due to  Auschwitz Death Camp - NO!!
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 14:01:16 GMT
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On Sat, 15 Aug 1998 20:20:49 -0400, "Miecz - Sławomir"

>Date: Sat, 15 Aug 1998 04:10:26 -0400
>Subject: Boycott Poland due to desecration and commercialism of Auschwitz Death
>Camp, world's largest Jewish Cemetery!

>Since our statement to the Polish Prime Minister Buzek (8/13/98), he's
>now supporting the 'crosses' now numbering over 100 on the very sights
>where Jewish children were burned alive and along the 'death wall' for
>many thousands of Jews.

>All done by 'Catholics' camping out at Auschwitz, our 'holyground' and
>world's larguest Jewish Cemetery for millions murdered there.

Since Oswiecim is POLISH, not JEW territory, why shouldn't Cardinal
Glemp of Poland, and the Polish people have to legal right to do what
they want, in their own country??!!!

>But this latest terrorist attack and blatant anti-Semitic attack from
>Cardinal Glemp, in spite of his false protestations, are designed to
>inflame more Jew hatred by both a government 

Considering the amditted EXTORTION on the banks of Swiytzerland to the
tune of 1.25 BILLION dollars, who are the real terrorists - the JEWS,
of course!!!

>Now added to this is the additional crass commercialism of fastfood,
>banking and postoffice, pharmacy, etc. to cash-in on the Holocaust and
>turn Auschwitz into another Disneyland.

Isn't making money the JEW mantra??

>Shalom Int'l. has already reached over 500 organizations in 16 countries
>in building support for our "Boycott" and to have Auschwitz returned to
>the Jewish people to show proper respect for all the victims of Nazi
>barbarianism, which today's outrage is an extension of.
>We have already written to 38 members of the U.S. Senate; To the Israeli
>Government; to the Anglican, and Catholic and Christian and Jewish
>Groups in England; to 100 media contacts.  
>Our contacts and outreach are already in all 50 U.S. States and all
>throughout Europe.

Support FREE POLAND against the JEWS and their commie associates!!!!

From Thu Sep  3 12:26:05 EDT 1998
Article: 111837 of
Subject: Re: Air Transat emergency landing,
Date: Sat, 29 Aug 1998 17:55:19 GMT
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One MUST wonder, were unauthorised personnel - passengers - in the
cockpit at the time?

The story below, makes one suspicious!!!

The incident occurred:
Flight 513 - Holguin Cuba to Toronto
Saturday 6th June 1998
In this flight, even though the cockpit door is clearly signposted -
CREW ONLY with the same in French,
the male flight steward deliberately took 4 females (attractive), as
well as 2 male passengers into the cockpit!!!

To add insult to injury, even after being advised of ther safety
infringments,  he deliberately took 2 of the females, 
as well as one male into the  cockpit during the last 30 minutes 
before landing, while the plane was in the landing approach at 
Toronto International Airport!!!

In view of the many recent accidents in final approaches, I consider
the cavalier attitude of Air Transat
a threat to the safety of everyone involved. 
Many of the other prominent passengers are so concerned, that
they mentioned switching airlines for their bulk group flights from

P.S. I tried advising the Montreal office of Philippe Sureau of Air
Transat, but was shrugged off by his secretary!!!

On Sat, 29 Aug 1998 15:51:29 GMT, (The Red Baron)

>*** Canada (CAT) 757 makes emergency landing
>A transatlantic jet carrying 229 people made an emergency landing at 
>Shannon after one of its engines shut down. The Boeing 757 is operated
>by Canada's Air Transat.  The 221 passengers and eight crew were
>evacuated , 
>which was en route to Toronto from  Newcastle. Fire crews had been
>by but were not needed. Technicians were working on the RB211 engines.

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