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The below is a list of nyms which Matt Giwer appears to have used in
the newsgroup alt.revisionism.

This list is not complete.  Neither is it claimed to be exclusively
nyms belonging to Matt Giwer.  Because of the nature of forgeries, it
is next to impossible to assure total accuracy with any algorithmic
check (such as the one that compiled this list).  There may,
therefore, be two or three nyms which are not actually Matt Giwer's.
This does not detract from the accuracy of the other entries.

Mr. Giwer's actual email addresses, as of April 15, 1997, are believed
to be  and .

*@*.* (* *)
10@11.12 (doc benway)
10@11.12 (john bigboote)
10@11.12 (john yaya) (doctor detroit) (doctor detroit)  (captain spaulding) (alex roman)
all@american.boy (roger armstrong) (allen quatermain) (doc benway) (angus scrimm) (the first one)
bob@the.helm (brian oblivion) (doc savage) (halsey) (nizkor's handler)
delorean@cobble.frie (trunksated)
destroyer@navy.water (arleigh burke)
destroyer@navy.water (halsey) (general bullmoose) (jubilation t. cornpone)
email@add.ress (full name) (no one) (prince)
fred@frog.not (doc savage)
freddie@pizza.slice (freddie)
freedom@speech.forreal (mad max) (elothem) (elother)
gruppenfueher@jerusalem.verycom (bb)
hilfen@sie.mir (doc marten) (treblinka veggie garden)
himmelfarbe@treblinka.fake (tickle me adolph)
himmelfarbe@treblinka.fake (tickle me grabner) (holo hugger) (general bullmoose) (leo farigno) (swiss bank billions)
jimmy@jaimie.mcc (jimmy)
kavaliers@hong.kong (sammy li)
leprechan@is.back (pjo) (luke gopherstomper) (luke gopherstomper)
minesweeper@navy.water (endurance)
minesweeper@navy.water (force) (mean green) (caine)
octagon@septa.gon (up front)
p@q.r (advance) (angus scrimm) (kruger)
pj@o.rourke (leprechaun)
pjo@is.back (leprechan)
planet@1.0 (emilio lizardo)
port@everglades.gator (dock side) (doctor benway)
premed@itated.ued (doc tor)
r@s.t (r)
rbs@arches.ogre (rbs)
sid@yid.verycom (sidney the yid)
somewhere@sometime.soon (real soon!) (aborning) (madison maxwell) (madison maxwell) (doc tavish) (angus scrimm) (inveigh the kenneth)
who@what.why (invictus)
whoknows@dot.tod (elevated)
rarmstrong@fred.not (roger armstrong) (age old)
hong@kong.dunedin (buckaroo banzai mctavish)
forever@knight.dunedin (adrienne lacroix mctavish)
the@real.dunedin (angus scrimm mctavish) (the bok) (cansignore)

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