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"ADC ONLINE" - Vol.2, No.5, August 2001

An online journal for discussion, news and
analysis of far-right activity in Australia,
New Zealand and the world.
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* Racist parties gear for federal election
* Mantra of hate: 14-18-88
* Whitewashing history, Toben style


The looming federal election has drawn a number of racist groups out into
the open in their attempts to gain political legitimacy:

* The Melbourne-based neo-Nazi group, National Action, has announced plans
to register as a federal party in time for the election. Currently, the
party is only registered in South Australia, where it fielded two candidates
in the 1997 State election. The group has been plagued by severe problems,
including financial difficulties, a failure to attract members and serious
infighting between its Melbourne and Sydney arms. In addition, its South
Australian branch is in disarray after the trial of several National Action
members for their alleged involvement in the Snowtown murders. The group has
not yet applied for registration and it is doubtful whether it will succeed
in time for the election, given the election's proximity and the requirement
for there to be 500 members to register.

* Edwin John Woodger, the former NSW secretary of the xenophobic party,
Australians Against Further Immigration (AAFI), has submitted an application
to re-register the party federally. It was deregistered in early 2000 by the
Electoral Commission for having failed to update its membership roll after
joining forces with One Nation. AAFI founders Rodney and Robyn Spencer have
become active in One Nation in Victoria and the federal party has
effectively disintegrated. This latest application for federal registration
is an attempt by the (sole remaining) NSW branch of the group to attract
former supporters who have since fled to One Nation.

* In recent media coverage, the B'nai B'rith Anti-Defamation Commission
exposed the fact that the Citizens Electoral Council (CEC), the Australian
arm of the US-based Lyndon LaRouche fascist political cult, has applied for
registration as a federal party under the deceptive name, "Curtin Labor
Alliance". As documented in ADC ONLINE in November 2000, the Alliance was
originally formed by the CEC in Western Australia in early 2000 in
association with the Municipal Employees Union of WA, a maverick trade union
of blue-collar workers. Having failed to obtain the required 500 signatures
to register in time for the February 2001 WA State election, the Alliance
backed several independent candidates (see ADC ONLINE February 2001). In an
objection lodged with the Electoral Commission to the application for
federal registration of the Alliance, the Australian Labor Party (ALP),
wrote: "The attempt by the CEC to register a political party using the name
'Curtin Labor' seems to have been made solely for the purpose of encouraging
genuine ALP supporters to vote for an unrelated, extreme right-wing front

***  MANTRA OF HATE: 14-18-88

A Sydney-based neo-Nazi group has launched a campaign promoting a key
doctrine of "The Order", America’s most violent and notorious domestic
terrorist organisation, using the mantra “14-18-88”.

Australian Strikeforce Guards for Aryan Resistance and Defence (ASGARD) is
one of Sydney's most active neo-Nazi groups. Previously profiled in ADC
ONLINE in October 2000, in recent months the group has sought to influence a
young and impressionable audience by disseminating its literature in public
libraries throughout the city. The literature seeks to promote the primacy
of the numbers 14, 18 and 88 as a mantra for white supremacists.

These seemingly innocuous numbers represent central phrases and names in
neo-Nazi thought. The 18 stands for the first and eighth letter of the
alphabet, "A" and "H" - the initials for "Adolf Hitler". 88 is the eighth
letter of the alphabet twice over - "HH", which is short for "Heil Hitler".
The 14 represents the phrase "14 words", the number of words in an
expression which has become the rallying cry for the white supremacist
movement in the US: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future
for white children". This phrase was coined by David Lane (currently serving
a 190-year sentence in a US Federal jail) of the now-defunct US racist
domestic terrorist group "The Order", which, in the 1980s, was responsible
for a series of bank robberies, the bombings of a theatre and synagogue, and
the murders of several people, including the Jewish host of a radio program.

Despite the fact that ASGARD is a small group with only a handful of
members, through its importation of the ideas of an American domestic
terrorist organisation it is able to contribute to the incitement of racist
violence locally.


This month saw the publication of a 500-page racist tract by Fredrick Toben,
the Director of the Holocaust-denying Adelaide Institute. Entitled, "Where
truth is no defence, I want to break free", the self-published book is a
compilation of Toben’s diary entries from his trip to Germany in 1999, where
he had travelled to challenge the German law against denying the Holocaust,
and his subsequent seven-month incarceration in a German jail. The book
features numerous statements denying the Holocaust and champions the
concomitant rehabilitation of Nazism.

The picture on the front cover of the book depicts Toben in front of the
Aboriginal site of Uluru (Ayers Rock). This is ironic given that Toben has
also sought to deny Aboriginal history, claiming that: "Australia's
Aborigines originally came from southern India - thereby short-circuiting
the silly story that their origin lies in some 40,000 year dream-time
mythology". By suggesting that the Aborigines were not Australia’s true
indigenous people, Toben seeks to portray them not as the victims of
European arrival, but rather as the perpetrators themselves of an invasion.

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