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"ADC ONLINE" - Vol.2, No.6, September 2001

An online journal of the
B'nai B'rith Anti-Defamation Commission,
presenting news and analysis of far-right
activity in Australia and the world.
ISSN 1445-0402

* Attacks on the US - the far-right response
* Neo-Nazi punch-up in Sydney
* Refugee issue resuscitates racist novel

This issue of ADC ONLINE honours the memory of the victims of the terrorist
attacks in the US - and salutes the work of those dedicated to combatting
terrorism, racism and intolerance.


People and nations across the world have united to condemn the terrorist
attacks on the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in
Washington. The response of the Australian far-right has included:

* The Citizens Electoral Council (CEC) - the Australian arm of the US-based
Lyndon LaRouche fascist political cult - has suggested the attacks are the
work of a cabal of Jewish bankers based in London. Cult leader Lyndon
LaRouche has implied that the attacks are an "oligarchical" plot (the
"oligarchy" is LaRouche's code term for the Jews) stating, "This is not some
dumb guy with a turban some place in the world, trying to get revenge for
what's going on in the Middle East". He suggests that the attacks aimed to
"create a programmed reaction from the institutions of the United States".
(One should note that the group has also accused a prominent Melbourne
Jewish lawyer of issuing the orders for the Waco siege.)

* A statement by American Matt Hale, the leader of the white supremacist
World Church of the Creator - which has branches in Victoria, Queensland and
South Australia - contends that the terrorist attacks "are in need of a
fervent and immediate response by White Racial Loyalists everywhere". The
time is at hand to "preach to people everywhere" that the cause of the
attacks is "the control of the United States government by International
Jewry and its lackeys. Perhaps never before have our people been so
receptive to our message."

* The man behind the theory of the "Port Arthur Conspiracy", Western
Australian Joe Vialls, has published the following on his website: "Though
our hearts and minds must go out to the thousands of dead and injured and
their families, it is important that we act swiftly in determining the
nature and origin of the synchronised attacks on New York and Washington,
before the media once again leads us down its well-trodden path of innuendo,
circumstantial 'evidence' and plain old lies. Manifestly this was *not*
[italicised] the work of Osama bin Laden, or Libya or Iraq or Iran". Vialls'
"Port Arthur Conspiracy" theory suggests that the 1996 massacre of 35 people
was a Government plot to disarm Australians to facilitate a "New World
Order" takeover.

* On another level, on the day after the attack, Neil Baird, the NSW
treasurer of the One Nation Party, issued a special notice to subscribers of
his far-right email forum, "The News Report", which included a claim by a
Cliff Kadmon that the attacks have facilitated the suppression of freedoms.
These include the implementation of emergency legislation, which could
eventually lead to the "registration of every man, woman and child to report
to his local post office with car keys, mortgage, bank book and cheque book"
and the "military invasion" of 120 major cities.


On 28 August, the annual general meeting in Sydney of Australia’s oldest
racist group, the Australian League of Rights, became the scene of a
punch-up between the city's two main neo-Nazi groups, as each sought
dominance over the event.

A report of the incident has been issued by the violent white supremacist
group, the Australian Nationalists Movement. It details how David Palmer,
the "Führer" of the neo-Nazi group, Australian Strikeforce Guards for Aryan
Resistance and Defence (ASGARD), sought entry to the Australian League of
Rights AGM at the Estonian Club in Sydney, with three of his supporters.
Palmer was allegedly confronted by Jim Saleam, the NSW leader of the
neo-Nazi National Action group, with ten or twelve of his followers.
According to the report, Saleam accused Palmer of being an ASIO spy and
Special Branch informant, and a resulting fistfight developed between the
two groups.

The punch-up overshadowed the keynote speaker at the AGM, Welf Herfurth, a
former German neo-Nazi who was recently appointed the president of the
Riverstone, NSW, branch of the One Nation Party. Previously profiled in ADC
ONLINE in July 2001, Herfurth is a former executive member of Germany's most
active neo-Nazi group, the Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands (NPD),
in Bavaria, Germany, and was involved in its youth arm (the German
Government is currently applying to the courts to have the NPD outlawed). He
is also a principal organiser of Australian Friends of Europe, the
Australian arm of the extreme-right British National Party, which has close
ties to British neo-Nazi groups, including Combat 18 and the National Front.
The report of the AGM also describes Herfurth as being associated with
National Action.

Notwithstanding recent media revelations linking Herfurth to neo-Nazi
groups, One Nation has not publicly disassociated itself from Herfurth or
prevented him from holding a senior leadership position in the party.


Not surprisingly, the Australian racist right vociferously attacked any
suggestion that the boat people on the MSS Tampa be allowed into Australia.
Of interest however is the attempt by Australia's oldest racist group, the
Australian League of Rights, to resuscitate the 1973 French racist tract,
"Le Camps des Saints" (translated into English in 1975 as "The Camp of the
Saints"). It is a racist fantasy about an invasion of France and the white
Western world by a fleet of starving, dark-skinned refugees. It has become a
bible of anti-immigrant hate, particularly amongst American white

In the light of recent events, Phillip Butler, the son of League of Rights'
founder Eric Butler, has heralded the book as "prophetic", for it "dissects
the erosion of Western civilisation as a direct result of the character of
the small-l liberal thought and sentiment".

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Prepared by Mr Benseon Apple, Director of Research & Public Affairs.

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