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                   From Marches to Modems:
                A Report on Organized Hate In
                        Metro Toronto
Edited by: Bernie M. Farber
           Canadian Jewish Congress
           Ontario Region

January 1997

                      Table of Contents

Acknowledgments & Preface                                [mtm-000]

1 A HISTORY OF HATE 1933 - 1989                          [mtm-001]

2 THE LEADERS                                            [mtm-002]
2.1 Wolfgang Droege
2.2 Paul Fromm
2.3 Ernst Zundel
2.4 George Burdi
2.5 Marc Lemire

3 THE TOOLS                                              [mtm-003]
3.1 The Internet - Hate in Cyberspace
3.2 The Recruits: Elizabeth Moore, Her Story in Her Own Words

4 THE CRIMES: TWO CASE STUDIES                           [mtm-004]
4.1 Hate Music and Racist Violence
4.2 A Synagogue Desecration

5 THE LAW                                                [mtm-005]
5.1 Hate Activity and the Law, an Introduction
5.2 Criminal Code Provisions
5.3 The Canadian Human Rights Act
5.4 The Ontario Human Rights Code and civil remedies
5.5 Customs and Immigration
5.6 Conclusions

6 RECOMMENDATIONS AND CONCLUSIONS                        [mtm-006]

[not archived]


A. The Zundel Affair


B. Holocaust Denial Today


C. Don't ignore the victims of hatred

D. Venom as destructive as a bomb

E. Aug. 2, 1996 Letter from Canadian Human Rights Commission (to Ernst Zundel)


F. Table of Contents from Marc Lemire's Freedom Site web page, Jan. 1997

G. Criminal Code sections 318, 319 and 320 (anti-hate laws)

H. Sentence enhancement for hate crimes

I. Canadian Human Rights Act

J. The Immigration Act


From Marches to Modems: A Report on Organized Hate in
Metropolitan Toronto was in fact the work of numerous
individuals all of whom had one goal in mind - to provide
credible and easy to understand information on hatemongers,
hate groups and their impact on Metropolitan Toronto.

On behalf of the Canadian Jewish Congress Ontario Region, I
would like to thank Charles Smith, Manager of the Access And
Equity Centre for the Municipality of Metro Toronto for the
opportunity of putting together what we consider to be a
very important report on organized hate groups in Metro

A debt of gratitude must be paid to Bill Dunphy, who is by
anybody's measure, one of the most knowledgeable journalists
in Canada on issues dealing with white supremacy, neo-Nazism
and the extreme right. Mr. Dunphy helped not only in the
editing of the report but in the organizing and
"brainstorming" necessary for accuracy and completion. Mr.
Dunphy is also the author of chapter 2.5 dealing with Marc

Thanks as well to Steven H. Shulman, Associate Director of
Community Relations and Assistant Legal Counsel, Canadian
Jewish Congress, Ontario Region. Mr. Shulrnan, a lawyer by
training, wrote section 5 "The Law". It provides a
comprehensive look at the law, its implications and the
manner in which it could and should be used.

A special thank you to Elizabeth Moore. Elizabeth who was
formerly a leading luminary of the Heritage Front
demonstrated courage that in many ways is beyond our own
understanding. The ability to remove herself from the
clutches of the neo-Nazi movement in Toronto, and become an
active anti-racist is a testament to her bravery. Her story
contained in this report is unique and poignant.

I would also like to thank my friends and colleagues at the
Canadian Jewish Congress Ontario Region: Pauline Pont,
Glenda David, Beverley Livshitz, and Mary Anne Ryzman for
their administrative skills in this endeavor.

Thanks to Manuel Prutschi, Canadian Jewish Congress Ontario
Region Executive Director for reading the entire manuscript
and for his many valuable editorial suggestions. He also
wrote the early history of Paul Fromm, which I updated for
this report as chapter 2.2, as well as the articles in the
appendices. Mr. Prutschi's seminal work in the field, long-
term insights, historical analytical acumen and keen mind
have been a guiding light not only for this project but for
the work we have been able to accomplish together over many

And finally to my wife Karyn and my three children thanks
for putting up with my endless hours before the computer and
understanding the need to help create a better and safer
world for our children in the 21st century.

Bernie M. Farber
January, 1997


On July 30, 1996, Canadian Jewish Congress Ontario Region
was commissioned by the Access And Equity Centre of the
Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto to prepare a report on
the Perpetrators of Hate Activities Within Metropolitan

The purpose of such a report was to provide information and
the tools necessary for Metro Government, law enforcement,
education officials and the citizens of Metropolitan Toronto
to understand the history of hate movements in this city,
their development, and finally to offer a means by which to
cope and effectively deal with expressions of hatred however
they may manifest themselves in the future.

The report is divided into 7 sections. The first deals with
the early history of hate and its "guiding lights" from 1933
to 1989.

Section 2 looks at the key leaders of hate movements in
Metropolitan Toronto and how they have intersected with hate-
motivated activities, and the methods they use to accomplish
their goals.

Section 3 details the tools used by white supremacists: the
use of the internet and most importantly recruitment. In a
rare and unique opportunity, we have asked Elizabeth Moore,
a former leading member of a white supremacist organization
- the Heritage Front - to focus on what happened to her and
how she was recruited into one of the most notorious
organizations in Canada.

Section 4 delves into two case studies of crimes motivated
by hatred. It demonstrates how individuals are manipulated
by hate groups to commit crimes as well as the role played
by hatred in perpetuating violence.

Section 5 is an intense look at our present jurisprudence in
the area and how best to apply the law to meet the need.

Section 6 lists recommendations that we believe are
necessary and important for Metro Toronto, as the country's
leading multicultural jurisdiction, to control hate and the
hate movement.

Section 7 are useful appendices for those seeking greater

We have also included an index so that this report might be
a useful instrument for Metro Councillors and city
professionals to use on an ongoing basis as a work of

Toronto has historically been a principal feeding ground for
those who would foment hatred. It is for this reason that
elected municipal officials must assume a leadership role in
confronting and defeating hate. This report will hopefully
add to the armour necessary in providing that 'fence of
protection' for the citizens of Toronto.

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