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In article <> and about a dozen others,
Portland's shame, Dan Gannon, writes:



>2.  If the "Holocaust" is really "the most documented crime in human
>history", the fact that the "Holocaust deniers" ask for "proof that the gas
>chambers existed" should pose no problem whatsoever to Mr. Berenbaum.  Why
>can't he produce the requested proof?  Where is all of this "documentation"
>he speaks of?  If he refers to "eyewitness testimony", he should know that
>even Shmuel Krakowski -- director of archives at Israel's Yad Vashem
>Holocaust Documentation Center -- reports that over 10,000 "eyewitness
>testimonies" to Nazi atrocities have been found to be FALSE at Yad Vashem


>_Not Guilty at Nuremberg: The German Defense Case_.)  Many "eyewitness
>accounts" are simply demonstrably false.  Just ask Shmuel Krakowski at Yad
>Vashem -- they've identified over 10,000 such false testimonies!  Or read

Lie Alert! Gannon repeats Lie #12:

Spare us the repeated lie, Gannon.  Here's Krakowski's response to the
claim, which was based upon a newspaper account of an interview with
him...  the article containing this letter was originally published on
Oct.  15, 1993 - which was the last time you posted this particular
lie... it will come as absolutely no surprise to anyone, of course,
that you didn't have the balls to respond to the proof of your
prevarication then, either. 

Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Subject: More lies from Gannon: the "Krakowski quote"
Date: 15 Oct 1993 22:18:39 GMT
Organization: Brown University Department of Computer Science
Message-ID: <29n7jv$pdg@cat.cis.Brown.EDU>

One of the claims often posted by Gannon on the net is that Shmuel
Krakowski, who used to be the director of the archives at Yad-Vashem
(Holocaust memorial center in Jerusalem), had said that "over half of
the testimonies given to us by Holocaust survivors are inaccurate"
(often, this changes to "over half of the survivors lied to us",
etc - all in the true spirit of "revisionist scholarship").

As usual, Gannon and his Fuehrers are lying through their teeth.
As usual, all we have to do is spend a little time to expose their
lies and slanders.

Krakowski was blatantly misquoted in the interview Gannon mentions;
on the same day it appeared in the "Jerusalem Post" (17.8.1986) he
sent an unequivocal protest, which appeared in the letters to the
editor section a few days later (unfortunately I have only a 
photocopy of the page in which it appears, and cannot tell it it's
August 21 1986 or August 22 1986; I'll check this out soon). The
letter is included below.

I should add that I spoke with Krakowski on the phone about this.
He is rather upset about being misrepresented and slandered by
Nazi propagandists. Unfortunately, he is not alone; other historians
have also been quoted by Holocaust deniers as saying things they
have never said.

To the Editor of the Jerusalem Post

Sir, - I was deeply astonished to read Barbara Amouyal's front-page
article of August 17, which is based in part on an interview with me.

Many hundreds of the 20,000 testimonies held in our archives were
extensively used in Nazi war criminal trials, contrary to what Amouyal

I told Amouyal that survivors wrote their accounts for the record of
history.  I cannot understand why she made of it that survivors wanted
"to be part of history".

I said there are some - fortunately very few - testimonies, which
proved to be inaccurate.  Why did Amouyal make them out to be a large

Regarding the final remark, I did not receive any "orders" not to
discuss the Demjanjuk case.  I simply refused to discuss it with

		Shumel Krakowski,
		Yad Vashem Archives

[End of Krakowski's letter, and proof for Lie #12]

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