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From: (Jamie R. McCarthy)
Subject: Let's Summarize Mr. Gannon's Most Recent Lies
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Date: Thu, 3 Feb 1994 23:29:47 GMT
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Dan Gannon has recently been posting articles that suggest that the
nasty Jews tried to start a propaganda campaign declaring that they'd
been exterminated in World War I [sic].

He's posted this claim several times.  In my hands I've got a printout
of one such time, but unfortunately I failed to note the exact date.
I know it's on or before January 16th.  He spread this article again on
January 30th, and I believe once again before then as well.  So that
makes three times he's posted this claim in as many weeks, to each of
these seven newsgroups.

Please note that Mr. Gannon repeated the first part of this claim (the
six million part) no more than a week ago.  The second part (the
700,000 part) he has mysteriously dropped.  I'll type the whole thing
in verbatim, along with annotations explaining the myriad reasons why
Mr. Gannon is a liar.

Dan Gannon writes:
>         SIX MILLION JEWS exterminated during World War I, too?!?
>         --------------------------------------------------------
>     In a major speech in October, 1919, in Albany, New York, Martin Glenn
>(a past governor of New York)

Two mistakes already, and we're not even halfway through the first
sentence.  First of all, Martin's last name is Glynn.  I'll assume
that to be a typo or a mistranscription.

But it's a lie that this speech was "major."  The New York Times makes
no mention of this speech.  It does, however, mention that Mr. Glynn
was invited by President Wilson to serve at some sort of conference on
industry (Nov 21, 1919, p. 17).  This conference doesn't sound
especially "major" to me, and yet it made it onto the last column of
page 17.  How "major" can the unmentioned speech be?

>                              reported at length to a rapt audience on "the
>extermination of 6 million Jews and the holocaust of European Jewry" during
>"the Great War" (i.e., World War I).

Lie number two.  And this is a the big one.  Allow me to quote a
previous article, in which Jolyon Silversmith (

>Here are some excerpts from "The Crucifiction of Jews Must Stop!" by Martin
>H. Glynn, _The American Hebrew_, October 31, 1919, p. 582.
>	From across the sea six million men and women call to us for help, and
>eight hundred thousand little children cry for bread....
>	In the face of death, in the throes of starvation there is no place for
>mental distinctions of creed, no place for physical differentiations of race.
>In this catastrophe, when six million human beings are being whirled towards
>the grave by a cruel and relentless fate, only the most idealistic promptings
>of human nature should sway the heart and move the hand.
>	Six million men and women are dying from lack of the necessities of 
>life; eight hundred thousand children cry for bread. And this fate is upon them
>through no fault of their own, through no transgression of the laws of God
>or man; but through the awful tyranny of war and a bigoted lust for Jewish
>	In this threatened holocaust of human life, forgotten are the niceties
>of philosophical distinction, forgotten are the differences of historical
>interpretation; and the determination to help the helpless, to shelter the
>homeless, to clothe the naked and to feed the hungry becomes a religion at 
>whose altar men of every race can worship and women of every creed can kneel...

The speech mentions the number 6,000,000, because that was the number of
Jews believed to be living in the area in question.  And it makes the
curious mention of the word "holocaust" almost three decades before it
was in common use.  As Barry Shein notes, this is an issue for
etymologists to take up.  (Personally, I don't think it's a big deal:
"holokautos," "burnt whole," is sitting right there in my Greek
dictionary.  It's not a matter of coining the word, it's just a matter
of choosing to use it.  Now, "genocide," a Greek/Latin hybrid, would
be a different story.  I don't imagine we'll find that before 1940.)

Mr. Gannon claims that the speech specifically mentions that the
6,000,000 had already been killed, and more:  that they were killed in
"the Great War."  Mr. Gannon goes so far as to put those words in
quotes.  The speech, of course, says no such thing.

Mr. Gannon continues:

>     This now rarely-remembered claim was publicized in, among others, the
>October 31, 1919, issue of the _American Hebrew Magazine_, published by the
>American Jewish Committee.

And, when someone later asked Mr. Gannon where this magazine could be
found, he replied:

>While I don't know with certainty which libraries have it, I have a good idea
>where to look.  You might try contacting the American Jewish Committee (the
>publishers) first.  [...]  Let me know if you have any luck.

It's a good thing you got the magazine's title right, Mr. Gannon, or we
would _never_ have been able to track down this article.  The magazine
was not published by the American Jewish Committee and never was;  in
1919, it was published by the American Hebrew Publishing Company.
That's lie number three.

We did indeed have luck, Mr. Gannon.  And here we are, letting you know!
Now you know!  Perhaps you'd like to comment on the luck we've had?
Perhaps you'd like to thank Jolyon for doing your research _for_ you,
and apologize for posting numerous articles to hundreds of thousands of
computer systems worldwide before you'd even verified that your source

In the original article, Mr. Gannon continues.

>        World War I GASSING claim and the RECURRING 700,000 FIGURE
>        ----------------------------------------------------------
>     On March 8, 1917, the British press claimed the Germans had gassed
>700,000 Serbian civilians.

Unfortunately for Mr. Gannon, my local library has the London Times
on microfilm back to the 18th century.

The Times' index for March 1917 lists two references under "War,
European, Serbia, Treatment of inhabitants," on March 7th and 8th.
Were the papers' headlines splashed with rumors of over half a million
deaths!?  Could it be that Mr. Gannon's source was correct?

Well, in a word, no.  Both stories were trifles, buried on page five.
On the day to which Mr. Gannon refers, March 8th, there is only this:

>                         FORCED LABOUR IN SERBIA.
>                        [from our correspondent.]
>                                             ATHENS, March 5.
>     According to information from Salenika, Serbians who have escaped
>from the territory occupied by the Bulgarians draw a sad picture of the
>ill-treatment the Bulgarians inflict on the Serbian population.  The
>peasants are made to live in sheds usually used by animals, and all
>cattle, foodstuffs, and other belongings have been taken from them.
>     Cold and hunger are the people's daily lot, and the Bulgarians
>force men and women, even if aged, and all children of more than eight
>years of ago to dig trenches, repair roads, and carry food and munitions
>to the troops.  The population thus takes the place of transport
>animals, most of which have died from overwork and lack of food.  "The
>same fate," said one fugitive, "seems to await those we left behind."

While my sympathies go out to the Serbians, I can't help noticing that
no mention is made of gassing people to death, of the figure 700,000,
or even, for that matter, of Germans.

For the life of me, I don't know why Gannon's sources don't pick more
interesting and appropriate newspaper articles to misrepresent.  For
example, on March 10th there was a short article entitled "How the
Germans Shot Women in Serbia," a sad tale of three women being killed.
At least _this_ story involved Germans!  Why, with no more effort than
his March 8th concoction required, Mr. Gannon could have embellished
the three into three hundred thousand or so.

For those of you keeping score, that's lie number four.

Mr. Gannon continues:

>                            Twenty-five years later, this claim was parroted
>in the famous underground _Bund_ report from the Warsaw Ghetto, that "the
>Nazis have already exterminated 700,000 Polish Jews."
>     This May 25, 1942, _Bund_ report was highly publicized by the Allies
>and is presently considered one of the first warnings of the "Holocaust".
>(See the April, 1968, issue of _Midstream_, published by the World Zionist

_Midstream_ is published by the Theodor Herzl Foundation.  Number five.

It's hard to guess what Mr. Gannon will do with this "WORLD WAR I JEWISH
HOLOCAUST HOAX" albatross around his neck.  He might ignore it, that's
true.  He might even continue to post it every so often, even though he
knows it's false.

He might offer a retraction and apologize for wasting our time.
I'm not holding my breath on that one.

My bet is that he'll just ignore it and not bother to repost it--or if
he does, he'll wait quite a while.  Dan's not so stupid that he'll soon
bring up something that's so easily refuted by anyone with a
halfway-decent library.  For example, almost two years ago I pointed out
to him that he was blatantly lying when he asserted that the New York
Times and the Washington Post both "editorially acknowledged that it is
both ethical and permissable to debate the...Holocaust story."  The two
papers made no mention of the topic on the dates he gave.  Dan silently
stopped posting that particular article, except for once a few months
ago.  I estimate that history will repeat itself, and that Dan will do
the same with this World War I thing.

But the real question is what he'll do on his BBS.  Dan, I challenge you
to remove from your BBS all the files where you spread this World War I
lie--and I _will_ check up on you!

And, Dan, that includes the file JEW-RULE.GIF, which I shall deal with
in my next article.
 Jamie McCarthy   Internet:   AppleLink: j.mccarthy
 If your email is related to my job, please send it to

Article 7089 of alt.revisionism:
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From: (Jamie R. McCarthy)
Subject: Dan Gannon Goes Off Deep End (film at eleven)
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Organization: Kalamazoo College, Kalamazoo MI 49006
Date: Fri, 4 Feb 1994 00:33:01 GMT
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For those of you who still think that Dan Gannon is a rational human
being who can be reasoned with, I say to you again, as I've said before:
don't expect reason from him.  You'll be disappointed.

Mr. Gannon's motivations are easy to figure out, if you know where
to look.  I direct your attention to an image file on his BBS,
Banished-CPU, which Mr. Gannon himself created.  Dan bestowed upon this
image the name "JEW-RULE," and he describes it thusly:

>JEW-RULE.GIF  415244   1/16/94  (1024*768*256) MUST-SEE!  Learn about the
>                                JEWISH STAR that RULES OVER THE AMERICAN
>                                EAGLE on "The Great Seal of the United
>                                States", the supposed "Holocaust of 6 million
>                                Jews" during the FIRST World War, and good
>                                sources of information.

Okay, class, if you have an American one-dollar bill, now's the time to
take it out and look at it.  On the back side you'll see the eagle
holding the wheat and spears and all that.  Notice the thirteen stars
over the eagle's head, you know, thirteen like the thirteen original

Well, up to _now_ you've thought it stood for the thirteen original
colonies.  But _now_ you have Dan Gannon, supreme symbologist, to
explain it all to you.  And explain he does, in nice pretty anti-aliased
18-point text next to a scanned image of the eagle:

>The six-pointed JEWISH STAR ("Seal of Solomon" or "Star of David")
>appears ABOVE the head of the American Eagle in the Great Seal of the
>United States....

AHA!  I KNEW it!  It's not thirteen stars!  It's a Jooooosh conspiracy!

>The meaning of the placement of the
>star over the Eagle is that THE STAR OF DAVID RULES THE EAGLE, and that
>the Jews rule over the United States of America.  As offensive as this
>is to our national sovereignty, that is an accurate reflection of
>current reality.  [...]
>In the original painting the thirteen five-pointed stars are arranged
>irregularly over the field, which is surrounded by a Glory of golden
>light, symbolic of the Presence of God.  In the design on the Great
>Seal, however, there is no Glory, no rays of light escaping the tight
>circle containing the dominating Star of David.

Not just a circle.  A _tight_ circle.  And it's a _dominating_ Star of
David.  It's them damn Jews, trying to tightly dominate the Glory of God.
How dare they.

Next time Dan uses the code word "Zionist" instead of "Jew," remember
the "JEW-RULE" file, and how "the Jews rule over the United States of

He really did write this.  I'm not making it up.  Wait, there's more.

>Not surprisingly, the symbol of the Jewish Star ruling over the American
>Eagle is also used prominently in the literature of the hoax-promoting
>Jewish shrine, the "United States Holocaust Memorial Museum", which
>teaches that Christianity -- not the behavior of Jews -- is responsible
>for anti-Semitism (Jew-hatred).

Mr. Gannon, would you care to explain to us exactly why Jews' behavior
is responsible for anti-Semitism?

>(For more information on the subject of
>the Jewish use of symbols to subvert our culture, see _The Cult of the
>All-Seeing Eye_, by Robert Keith Spenser, which may still be available
>from Sons of Liberty books, P.O. Box [...])

"Subvert our culture."  Heh.  Unbelievable.

After a few paragraphs of this nonsense, Mr. Gannon decided to throw in
his then-favorite piece of "proof" that the Holocaust never happened.
_Now_, I'm sure, he wishes he'd never heard of it.  But _then_, he
was tickled to death by his latest piece of "ammunition":

>Speaking of the "Holocaust", did you know that the "evil" Germans
>supposedly exterminated SIX MILLION JEWS during World War I, AS WELL AS
>during World War II?!?  In a major speech in October, 1919, in Albany,
>New York, Martin Glenn (a past governor of New York) reported at length
>to a rapt audience on "the extermination of 6 million Jews and the
>holocaust of European Jewry" during "the Great War" (i.e. World War I).
>Supposedly there were TWO "Holocausts" of SIX MILLION JEWS at the hands
>of the "evil" Germand -- one during each world war!!  Actually, there
>wasn't even ONE such "Holocaust".  You don't hear about the "first one"
>any more because they failed to fool enough people that time, so they
>had to stop publicizing it.  Then later they TRIED THE SAME STUNT AGAIN,
>after World War II, and now they've got most people believing it!  (But
>that is changing.)  The first supposed "Holocaust of 6 million..." was
>publicized, among other places, in the October 31, 1919 issue of the
>_American Hebrew Magazine_, published by the American Jewish Committee.
>The first supposed "Holocaust of 6 million Jews at the hands of the
>Germans" is not forgotten, but the second supposed "Holocaust of 6
>million Jews at the hands of the Germans" is today a highly-promoted

One wonders exactly who Mr. Gannon's intended audience is.  Evidently,
they're none too bright, because he has to explain to them that
"anti-Semitism" means "Jew-hatred."  But on the other hand, he feels it
necessary to throw in the (incorrect) cite for his (fabricated)
quotation.  I suppose he's writing for Jew-hating idiots who are easily
impressed by anything that sounds vaguely intellectual.  He certainly is
an expert on that mentality.

Mr. Gannon, I hereby challenge you to remove the "World War I"
references from this file.  Go ahead and keep the text about the Star of
David conspiracy;  if nothing else, it helps to remind us that there
exist fools like you who see Jewish plots around every corner.

But, Mr. Gannon, to leave the "World War I" text in that file would be
_intellectually dishonest_!  And you wouldn't want _that_, would you?
 Jamie McCarthy   Internet:   AppleLink: j.mccarthy
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Article 24371 of soc.culture.german:
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From: roger@faust.Princeton.EDU (Roger Lustig)
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Reply-To: (Roger Lustig)
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Date: Sat, 5 Feb 1994 17:24:56 GMT
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In article <> writes:

>     Some posters have recently claimed there were inaccuracies in the
>messages I posted about the "World War I Holocaust Story".  They are
>correct, to a degree, and I would like to take this time to clear things up.

To what degree are they *not* correct?  And why did you repost after the
corrections were made?

>     My initial source for this information was the January 10, 1994 issue
>of _The SPOTLIGHT_ (page 14).  

The Spotlight, of course, is a hate rag published by noted bigot (and
funder of Gannon's friends at IHR) Willis Carto.  It publishes lots
of anti-semitic slime, and carries ads for the rest.  It has about
as reliable a reputation as the Weekly World News, and less humor.

>Their source was the Polish Historical
>Society:  91 Strawberry Hill Ave., Ste. 1038, Stamford, Conn. 06902.
>Phone/fax (203) 325-1079.

Why wasn't their source the articlethey were quoting?  Couldn't they
do research of their own?  Netters did.

>     After reading the claims that were posted, I promptly contacted the
>Polish Historical Society for the precise details of the story, with which
>they promptly and happily provided me.  I am sharing those details with you

>     The article in _The SPOTLIGHT_ was rather imprecise, and was also
>inaccurate on two points on this particular subject:  the spelling of Martin
>Glynn's name and the name of the publisher of the _American Hebrew
>Magazine_.  _The SPOTLIGHT_ reported his name as Martin "Glenn", instead of
>"Glynn", and said the magazine was "published by the American Jewish
>Committee", while it was not.  The _American Hebrew Magazine_ was published
>by the American Hebrew Publishing Company ("for" the American Jewish
>Committee, according to a spokesman for the Polish Historical Society).

>     The relevant text in _The SPOTLIGHT_ read as follows:

>     [...]

>     "The court ruling came as a welcome relief for a sizable minority of
>Americans who consider the story of planned and premeditated homicidal
>gassings during World War II as wartime propaganda.

This "sizable minority" consists entirely of the neo-Nazi creeps who
call themselves "revisionists." None of them has actually demonstrated
that a single one of the basic facts about the holocaust is false; 
and their pseudo-scientific crap (e.g., the Leuchter Report and Gannon's
dissertations on the salutary effects of diesel exhaust) would be
laughable if their intent to mislead the unwary and spread hatred were
not blatantly obvious.

Lie #1: There is no "sizable minority," only a small band of professional
liars and their dupes.

>     "Members of this minority apparently still remember the widely
>publicized claims of 75 years ago, made by Martin Glenn, a past governor of
>New York.

Still wrong.  "Widely publicized" is hardly the word for something that
was reported in no major newspapers or magazines or picked up by the
national or world press.  What was the readership of the journal you
cite?  Who read it?  Given that the AJC could and did in fact publicize
things and get them into the larger press, why wasn't this one more
widespread, if you claim it was "widely publicized?"

So we're at lie #2: the story was not widely publicized in any sense
of the term.

>     "In a major speech in October, 1919, in Albany, New York, Glenn
>reported at length to a rapt audience on "the extermination of 6 million
>Jews and the holocaust of European Jewry" during "the Great War (i.e., World
>War I)."

Lie #3, related to #2: major speeches by ex-governors of NY (who often
run for president; they're generally the kind of guy you report on)
make the news.  What did the _Times_ or even the Albany papers say about 
this talk?

>     "This now rarely remembered claim was publicized, among others, in the
>October, 31, 1919 issue of the _American Hebrew Magazine_, published by the
>American Jewish Committee."

You've corrected this piffling inaccuracy, but not the major premises
of your most recent deception.

>     [...]

>     From the above text ("the extermination of 6 million Jews and the
>holocaust of European Jewry"), one would reasonably conclude that there
>(supposedly) HAD BEEN a "holocaust of 6 million Jews" during World War I.
>That would be an incorrect conclusion; _The SPOTLIGHT_'s article is
>     In reality, Martin H. Glynn (not "Glenn") claimed that 6,000,000 Jewish
>men and women (along with 800,000 Jewish children) "ARE DYING" -- not "ARE
>ALREADY DEAD".  I apologize for not catching this error.  I am not
>accustomed to finding such errors in Holocaust revisionist material (as I am
>accustomed to the nearly impeccable quality found in the _Journal of
>Historical Review_), so I did not suspect the inaccuracy.

>     I shall be even more critical of sources in the future.  I greatly
>appreciate the checking-up that some of you did, and again I sincerely
>apologize for not catching the error before duplicating it.
>     Below are the most relevant quotes from the article in question, along
>with the article's citation.  I have capitalized certain passages for
>           _The American Hebrew_, October 31, 1919, page 582:
>                           By MARTIN H. GLYNN
>                  (Former Governor of the State of N.Y.)

>     "From across the sea SIX MILLION men and women call to us for help, and
>eight hundred thousand little children cry for bread.

>     [...]  "These children, these men and women are our FELLOW-MEMBERS OF
>THE HUMAN FAMILY, with the same claim on life as we, the same susceptibility
>to the winter's cold, the same PROPENSITY TO DEATH before the fangs of
>hunger.  Within them reside the illimitable possibilities for the
>advancement of the human race as naturally would reside in SIX MILLION human

>place for mental distinctions of creed, no place for physical differences of
>race.  In this catastrophy, when SIX MILLION HUMAN BEINGS are being WHIRLED
>TOWARD THE GRAVE by a CRUEL AND RELENTLESS FATE, only the most idealistic
>promptings of human nature should sway the heart and move the hand.

>     "SIX MILLION MEN AND WOMEN ARE DYING from lack of the necessaries of
>life; eight hundred thousand children cry for bread.  And THIS FATE is upon
>them through NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN, through no transgression of the laws of
>God or man; but through the awful tyranny of war and a BIGOTED LUST FOR

>     "In this THREATENED HOLOCAUST OF HUMAN LIFE, forgotten are the niceties
>of philosophical distinction, forgotten are the differences of historical
>interpretation; and the determination to help the helpless, to shelter the
>homeless, to clothe the naked and to feed the hungry becomes a religion at
>whose altar men of every race can worship and women of every creed can


>     None of the propaganda quoted above sounds familiar, does it?  Not the
>[Jewish] LIFE", not the images of innocent Jews dying as a result of some
>supposed "BIGOTED LUST FOR JEWISH BLOOD"...  None of it sounds familiar at

Did it sound familiar in 1919?  No.  Did it sound familiar at any time
between then and the discovery of the Nazi atrocities toward the end
of WW II?  No.  

>     Surely there is no connection whatsoever between this story and the
>highly-promoted "Holocaust of 6 Million Jews during the Second World War"
>story!    Of course, this story is all too familiar!!

Ah.  I see.  So what you're saying is that, upon discovery of the 
camps and the death factories and the extensive documentation of
the attempt to exterminate European Jewry, American Jews had nothing 
better to do than leaf through back issues of defunct magazines
to find speeches by ex-governors of New York to plagiarize.  

Got it.  

>     Why does the article not speak of a "Gentile Holocaust", I wonder?
>Myriad innocent non-Jews *DIED* during World War I -- they were not just [on
>the verge of?] "DYING".

Learn to read.  The war was over in 1919, and had been for almost a year.  
This was about the consequences of neationalist excess; about the risks
to Jews in the reoganization of Europe.  

It was exaggerated, but so were reports of German soldiers killing
Belgian babies, of French soldiers killing Alsatian babies, etc.  

>     Jews seem ALWAYS to be "DYING"...all through their lives, if you
>believe the stories which the most vocal among them tell!  Why are their

Or if you believe the extensive documentation that their tormentors
have kept over the centuries.  Many Jew-haters are actually proud 
oftheir atrocities.  

>perpetual "deaths", "persecutions" and "Holocausts" more important than the
>ACTUAL DEATHS -- often outright murders -- of non-Jews??

Who said so?  Can one not speak of the fate of one's own people?  When
you so innocently claim that Germans are being slandered, do you speak
up for all other persecuted people at the same time?

>     Why are Jews always portrayed as the Innocent Victims(TM), whereas
>their neighbors (Germans, Arabs, Americans...) are portrayed as the Inhuman
>Monsters(TM) who are to blame for the (supposedly) unimaginably unjust and
>cruel plights of the Innocent Jews(TM)?  How can anyone buy into this crap?

Well, there's the small problem of its being true for about 2000 years.
Where did Jews even have the *means* to persecute others before the 
founding of the State of Israel?  Where were the Jewish pogroms against 
Christians in the Middle Ages?  Where were the Jewish civil laws
that restricted the rights of Christians living around them, and where
were the Jewish police that enforced these laws?

>     Again, why was there no mention in this bleeding-heart, alarmist
>article of the countless innocent non-Jews who suffered and DIED during
>World War I?  

Because the article wasn't about Worl War I, you illiterate idiot.  Why
do you complain about the contents of articles you haven't even read?

>Why only this melodramatic story of a "THREATENED HOLOCAUST"
>of "DYING" Jews?  WHY, INDEED, when the article claims that "forgotten are
>the niceties of philosophical distinction, forgotten are the differences of
>historical interpretation..."?!?

Why?  Because that's what the article was about.  In the post-WWI Europe,
everyone was supposed to get a state -- except the Jews, whom most 
nationalists regarded as not part of their nation.  They were to be
excluded.  And given the violent nature of much of the post-WWI 
reorganization of Europe, alarm at this prospect was hardly unjustified.

>     Who else detects the putrid stench of selfish, bigoted hypocrisy,
>scapegoating and self-serving propaganda in these melodramatic "JEWISH
>HOLOCAUST" tales?

Is see bigotry, hypocrisy, self-serving propaganda, and all the rest 
in your ignorant lies.  Too bad you're not better at it.

>     "SIX MILLION [Jewish] MEN AND WOMEN ARE DYING", indeed!  Constantly, it
>seems!  Always there is the recurring theme, beaten into our heads, of the
>mythological Powerless Jewish Innocents(TM), ever the angelic martyrs at the
>hands of the rest of us -- we depraved, evil, untrustworthy monsters who
>need to be "re-educated" and controlled...or so the story goes.

Since when is one alarm, plus the actual event, "Constantly"?  Did anyone
say this before the speech, or after?  Where are all the others who are
supposedly saying this in 1919 or 1920 or 1918 or 1930 or whenever?

Oh, and, Dan: given the hundreds of outright lies you've posted here,
and the easy refutations of them, and the nature of your little friends
who help you spread them, yes, you *are* depraved, evil, and untrustworthy.
When you assert something, it is almost a *given* that the opposite is 
true; I know no better definition of "depraved and untrustworthy."

>     This should not be surprising to anyone with a meaningful understanding
>of history 

Such as knowing when World War I ended?  What "constantly" means?  What
"widely reported" means?  What happened in the wake of WWI and Versailles?

>and/or knowledge of who controls our mass media (and certain
>other extremely powerful institutions in our society).

You published that particularly long, self-contradictory, boring,
and stupid screed about "Jewish control" too often already.  Tell me:
did Jews control the media in 1919?  Did the New York Times (which 
was owned by the Ochs-Sulzberger family) or the Post (Schiff)
even pick up Glynn's speech?  If not, why not? Did these obviously
"Jew-controlled" papers even *mention* "six million dying"?  If not,
where is your thesis that "Constant pounding and re-education" and
so on are taking place?  Why did the vast majority of *Jews* in 
America never even read that piece?

Even your lies are full of lies.  Even your idiocies are full of 
idiocies of their own.  

>     It is time for people to stop bearing false witness against their

So go away, you lying idiot.  

>and time for everyone -- Jew and non-Jew alike -- to behave
>responsibly and with honor.

Where's the responsibility in publishing this crap over and over 
again, and not even responding to the substantive challenges to
your drivel?  Where's the responsibility in claiming to make
"corrections" and then ignoring the biggest errors, the most obvious
distortions, the utter nonsense you post and repost and repost?

>     For documentation of many World War II "Jewish Holocaust" lies, hoaxes
>and scams, the tyrannical Jewish control of our mass media, and other
>related subjects vital to our freedom, our minds, our survival and our
>future, access Banished CPU's free public FTP Mail Server:

By all means, folks: find out what a creep this guy really  is.  
Ken McVay has some of Gannon's other stuff, too, which exposes
him even further.

>Also, the Institute for Historical Review (IHR) is the best source for solid
>historical revisionist research.  For their full catalog of books,
>audiotapes and videotapes, plus a packet of literature, send $2.00 to:

>Institute for Historical Review
>P.O. Box 2739
>Newport Beach, CA 92659, USA

>The Institute for Historical Review is a non-profit organization.  I am not
>affiliated with the IHR, although I strongly support their valuable work.

You just happen to be a pal of Bradley Smith's, right?

>"Freedom is the freedom to say that 2 + 2 = 4.  Once that is granted, all
>else follows."  --George Orwell, _1984_

"Ignorance is strengh."  The "Ministry of Truth" in the same book...

Hey, Gannon, here's a brainteaser: was Glynn Jewish?

Roger Lustig

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