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     To begin with, something that Ernst Zundel has pointed out.

     The novel SCHINDLER'S LIST, upon which Spielberg's recent hate movie
was based, is ADMITTEDLY FICTION!  It is listed and described as FICTION.
The inside cover of the novel even reads:

     "This book is a work of fiction.  Names, characters, places and
     incidents are either products of the author's imagination or are used
     fictitiously.  Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons,
     living or dead, is entirely coincidental.
           Rockefeller Center
      1230 Avenue of the Americas
       New York, New York 10020"

     "How these people have the gall to turn a film based on a novel into
suddenly being the basis of history is really beyond me."  --Ernst Zundel


The following text is adapted from a leaflet.

The accompanying illustrations are available in digitized form (640*480*256
GIF files).  To obtain the GIF files, send regular Internet E-Mail to
"FTPMAIL@BANISHED.COM" and include in the body of the message the command
"GET SCHINDLR.ZIP" (no quotes).

For information, and/or to obtain copies of the leaflet for photocopying and
distribution, contact Ernst Zundel or Jack Wikoff:

Ernst Zundel
Samisdat Publications
206 Carlton Street,
Toronto, Ontario, M5A 2L1, Canada
Tel:  (416) 922-9850   Fax: (416) 922-8614
Jack Wikoff
P.O. Box 234
Aurora, NY 13026-0234, USA
Telephone & fax:  (315) 364-8407


               Air photos show Spielberg's movie fiction.

                      By John Ball - photo expert.

PLASZOW CAMP (pronounced PLASH-OFF in Polish)

EYE-WITNESSES, is surrounded by a steep hill so it is not visible from
outside, where inmates are shot by Commander Goeth from the front balcony of
his house on a hill above the barracks.  The movie version is surrounded by
a steep hillside that prevented outsiders from seeing inmates.  Commander
Goeth, on his front balcony, is seen shooting working and relaxing inmates
beside the barracks in the inmates' camp.  [See file 1.GIF]

     1944 AIR PHOTOS SHOW the camp was visible through wire fences from 3
villages.  Goeth could not have shot inmates from his house balcony, as the
house was at the bottom of a hill and he COULD NOT SEE OVER OR AROUND THE
HILL INTO THE INMATES' CAMP.  The camp was located next to Cracow city,
beside a major roadway, and was visible from hundreds of houses in 3
surrounding villages.  [See file 2.GIF]

     Photo 1.  1994:  In the movie, Goeth's balcony is above the camp and
surrounded by a steep hill.  [See file 3.GIF]

     Photo 2.  1943:  Goeth on his balcony.  His house is to the right and
the hill is to the left of the photo.  The hill blocked the view to the
inmates' camp, and the hill, trees, and house behind Goeth in the photo
blocked the view to the guards' camp.  [See file 4.GIF]

     Photo 3.  1943:  Women pushing carts into the inmates' camp.  Houses in
Plaszow village are in the distance.  [See file 5.GIF]

     Photo 4.  1943:  Hundreds of large rye bread loaves were sent daily
from the kitchen to the 50 inmate barracks.  [See file 6.GIF]

     Photo 5.  1943:  One of the 6 hospital buildings.  2 Jewish doctors,
Gross and Lewkowicz, also supervised the kitchen.  (Reference #1, p. 461)
[See file 7.GIF]

     Photo 6.  1943:  Soup or stew was delivered daily to the barracks; 5
times a week, ground meat was added.  (Reference #1, p. 461)  [See file

     LEGEND to map of Plaszow camp [see file 9.GIF]:

1.   6 hospital buildings with inmate doctors (Reference #1, p. 459)
2.   Kitchen - cooked food was sent to the barracks, giving inmates over
     2,000 calories a day (Reference #1, p. 459)
3.   Inmates' sleeping barracks - about 50 in camp
4.   Water storage ponds for firefighting
5.   Roll call and meeting area, and sports field
6.   Building with hot showers
7.   Road along the top of a 16 meter (50 foot) high hill
8.   Rock exposed along the hillside
9.   Wire fence divided inmates section (above), from administration and
     guards living section (below)
10.  Doghouse at top of hill
11.  Limestone open cut in hillside
12.  Commander Goeth's house at bottom of the hill, with a rear (west)
     facing balcony, from where the inmates' section of the camp, limestone
     open cut floor, and the guard's camp section, were NOT visible.
13.  Camp administration
14.  Horse stables
15.  Guards' sleeping buildings
16.  Main highway Cracow to Tarnow.  Cracow city center was 3 kilometers (2
     miles) north; the city bounday was 1 kilometer south.
17.  50 meters (160 feet) to Plaszow rail station

     Photo 7.  1943:  Taken from location number 18 on the map.
Front left = limestone open cut in hillside with rail line entering.
Goeth's house (12) was left of photo at bottom of the hill around the
corner.  From Goeth's balcony, none of the buildings in the photo were
visible.  Front center = about 20 women in work detail.  Middle = fence
between inmates' and guards' sections of camp (9).  Upper left = white field
is meeting area (5).  Distance = fence posts and a guard tower.  [See file

     Is Spielberg's movie HOLLYWOOD HATE PROPAGANDA?  The film contains
brutal murders of women and children, savage beatings of women, profane
language, use of women as sex objects, and nudity.  (It is not seen in the
Philippines because of the nudity.)  Young people are shocked, emotionally
traumatized, and have nightmares.  Spielberg copied the movie from a novel,
yet he presents it as historical fact, including scenes of fiendish Germans
casually murdering people.  The movie generates hatred against Germans, and
it should be possible to BAN it under "HATE LAWS" in Canada, Germany, and
other countries.  Join the worldwide campaign to BAN SCHINDLER'S LIST!

John Ball explains Plaszow camp map and air photos.  Video=$30, Audio=$10.
Order from Ernst Zundel or Jack Wikoff (addresses given at beginning of this

[1]  _Proces Ludobojcy Amona L. Goetha_ (Trial of...Goeth), Naiwyzsyzm...
     Narodowym.  Poland, 1947.
[2]  _Schindler's List - A Novel_.  By T. Keneally, Hemisphere Publishers
     Ltd., New York, N.Y., 1982.

[1]  _Time_,  Mar. 14, '94, p. 66.  Time Canada Ltd., Tor., Ont., Can.;
[2] to [7]  Professor Leopold Pfefferberg-Page.  Courtesy of U.S.
   Holocaust Memorial Museum, Wash., D.C., U.S.A. (Plaszow camp file).

National Archives, Wash., D.C. Nos.:  DT RL 751, Krakau - May 3, '44; TuGx
895 A SK, exp. 382, 383 - Oct., '44.

[end of file]

-Dan Gannon

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