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                          Research Report: 
        The Nation of Islam: The Relentless Record of Hate 
                     (March 1994 - March 1995)

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ADL Research Report is a periodic publication of the Civil
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     The Nation of Islam: The Relentless Record of Hate

Documenting the Bigotry of Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of
                    March 1994-March 1995

In  1995 we enter a second decade of media attention focused
on  Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. During
the  mid-1980s,  coverage of the black  Muslim  organization
primarily centered around Farrakhan's hideous, often violent
pronouncements   against   Jews,  whites,   Christians   and
homosexuals.  But  in more recent years, as  the  Nation  of
Islam  has  steadily  expanded in both size  and  influence,
stories  in  the press suggest that NOI has lost  its  edge,
become more mainstream, and has even emerged as a legitimate
representative of a large segment of the black community.

There  have  been  several attempts by NOI to  sanitize  its
public  image. For the past few years, NOI has promoted  the
activities  of  several  security  companies  it   operates,
claiming  they have eliminated drugs and crime  from  public
housing  projects. In Washington, DC, it has  constructed  a
treatment  clinic that promises to deliver a cure for  AIDS.
NOI  recently purchased tracts of farmland in Georgia, along
with  a  fleet of trucks it claims will transport farm-fresh
vegetables  to stores in black communities. And a restaurant
complex built on Chicago's South Side with money donated  by
NOI members was opened to the public in late February. "This
is  a  blueprint for economic development and investment  in
our  neglected  communities,"  Farrakhan  announced  at  the
restaurant opening.

Such  economic exploits make it possible for the  Nation  of
Islam  to  distract  onlookers from the group's  message  of
bigotry. They help to cultivate an image for Farrakhan as  a
leader  who deeply cares for the welfare of blacks, and  who
is  encouraging  the principles of economic  self-help.  But
Farrakhan's rhetoric tells a different tale, and  reveals  a
frightening  agenda. Press reports that the NOI  leader  has
softened suggest that the media has stopped listening to the
words of Farrakhan and his representatives. For if they  did
stop to hear what these individuals are serving up at public
arenas and college campuses around the country, or were they
to  glance at the pages of NOI's bi-weekly, The Final  Call,
there would be no mistaking the ongoing message of bigotry.

The  Nation  of  Islam  does not hide  its  prejudices.  The
organization's philosophy has been, from its earliest  days,
racist to the core. Its founder, Farad Muhammad [also  known
as  W.D.  Fard],  taught that the white  race  was  produced
thousands of years ago in a failed laboratory experiment  by
an  evil  wizard named Yacub. This pernicious belief remains
the  backbone of Nation of Islam theology, and is a palpable
influence on the organization's oratory.

But  in  recent  years, NOI appears to have  "broadened  its
horizons,"  borrowing  heavily  from  what  would  seem   an
unlikely  rhetorical  source  --  the  propaganda  of  white
supremacists.  In speeches before thousands of  enthusiastic
listeners,  Farrakhan has breathed new life into  the  long-
discredited  anti-Semitic myths of the white hate  movement.
He  claims  to  deliver a message of  uplift  to  the  black
community, but Farrakhan's words actually have the  opposite
effect.  They  further the cause of those  most  hostile  to
racial  equality,  while  providing blacks  themselves  with
nothing but misplaced anger and frustration.

At  a  gathering in Chicago on March 19, 1995,  passing  his
lecture   off  as  a  scholarly  history  lesson,  Farrakhan
promoted  the  anti-Jewish  conspiracy  theories  of   white
supremacist writer Gary Allen, whose book, None Dare Call It
Conspiracy, has been heavily distributed by the  John  Birch
Society.  Farrakhan  lavished  praise  upon  Allen's   work,
announcing that "I'd like to get 10,000 copies of  it,  have
everybody read it."

Referring   at   length  to  Allen's   claim   that   Jewish
international   bankers  financed   the   Nazis,   Farrakhan
announced that during the Holocaust, "Little Jews died while
big  Jews  made money. Little Jews [were] being turned  into
soap while big Jews washed themselves with it." In contrast,
Farrakhan  stated, "We [blacks] didn't kill one  Jew....  We
were  not  involved there.... That was your  white  brother,
Hitler.... How in the hell can you call us anti-Semitic?"

In the interest of attacking Jews, Farrakhan has paid homage
to  the  rhetoric of white racists, ignoring the  pain  that
similar words have inflicted upon the black community.  Such
behavior is nothing less than anti-Semitic.

In  the  pages  that follow, excerpts from the  speeches  of
various NOI lieutenants demonstrably follow the same  narrow
pattern  of  thought,  and  all subscribe  to  an  identical
primitive  world  view. This, of course,  is  because  these
individuals are not isolated figures, each with  an  active,
independent  imagination.  All  were  taught  in  the   same
"school,"  and  are the product of a well-organized,  highly
structured movement that peddles a slick package of odd  but
appealing notions to a growing number of African-Americans.

More  than  a  year  has  passed  since  Minister  Farrakhan
dismissed  Khalid Abdul Muhammad as his national  assistant,
claiming  it  to be a disciplinary measure for the  raucous,
hate-filled  speech Muhammad delivered at New Jersey's  Kean
College. Several lessons emerge from that episode.

First,   as   the  rhetoric  in  the  upcoming  pages   will
illustrate, when Khalid Muhammad spoke at Kean  he  was  not
spreading ideas alien to core NOI beliefs. Muhammad's  "take
no  prisoners"  style of delivery may  be  unique,  but  his
essential message does not differ much from those  of  other
NOI  ministers. Farrakhan made this clear last February when
he  criticized Muhammad for the "manner" of his Kean College
speech, but upheld its poisonous allegations as "truths."

Farrakhan's dismissal of Khalid Muhammad, after his words at
Kean  were exposed by ADL in a New York Times advertisement,
also demonstrates the importance of rooting out bigotry  and
holding  it  up to the public spotlight. Farrakhan  did  not
exhibit any signs of disgust with Muhammad's "manner" in the
days  that  followed  the  talk at Kean.  Muhammad  remained
Farrakhan's  national spokesman. It was only  when  citizens
learned   of  Muhammad's  hatemongering  and  voiced   their
condemnation  that  Farrakhan  was  forced  to  suspend  his
representative .

The  statements that follow demonstrate that the  record  of
NOl's  hatred  continues to write itself. As  long  as  such
words of division are expressed by NOI--or any group®-public
exposure  remains  the most potent response  for  ADL.  When
Americans  are confronted with injustice, they  deserve  the
chance to reject it. This report furnishes citizens with the
means to do so.

The  excerpts  below,  taken from  speeches  Minister  Louis
Farrakhan  has  delivered  over  the  last  twelve   months,
demonstrate the Nation of Islam leader's refusal  to  depart
from  a  bitter, divisive message of racist and anti-Semitic

 April 12, 1994: Press Conference at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel
                      in Houston, Texas

                           On Jews

"Birth  of  a Nation was the first great movie that  made  a
Jewish person a millionaire, but how did they depict us, and
how are we depicted in film today?"

   April 22, 1994: Interview with Barbara Walters on 20/20
                       April 22, 1994

                  Defending Khalid Muhammad
"While  I  rebuked the vile manner of his speech, I  said  I
stand   by  those truths that he spoke.... If he calls  Jews
bloodsuckers  of the black community, if we're going  to  be
honest, in the 60s,  many Jews were the merchants, they were
the  landlords,  they  were the furniture  persons  that  we
bought  furniture  from, they were  the  clothiers  that  we
bought  clothing from. And they  grew in strength  from  our
trade  with  them. Today, it's the  Arabs  and  Koreans  and

             On the Assassination of  Malcolm X
"I was not in any way involved in his murder But don't leave
out  the  United States government. Don't leave out the  FBI
who  had  worked  for  years to separate  Malcolm  from  the
Honorable Elijah Muhammad."

     April 30, 1994: University of Toledo,  Toledo, Ohio
                          On Whites
"Is it wrong for me to remind you that you have suffered  at
the  hands  of white people? If I don't remind my people  of
what  you people [whites] have done, you might get the  mind
to do it again. "

"You're  being  set  up  for  the  slaughter,  because  they
[whites]  know you are the people of God." When rich  whites
need  a kidney or a heart, they say, "get us a nigger!  When
you're  killing each other, they can't wait for you to  die.
You've become good for parts."

        June 4, 1994: University of Nevada, Las Vegas

                       On Homosexuals

Farrakhan  declared in a falsetto tone, "I'm a  woman  in  a
man's body trying to get out."

"Your Bible tells you that effeminates are not going to  see
the Kingdom. I didn't write it, it was here when I came."

July 1, 1994: Interview with the Baltimore Jewish Times

                        White Control

"The  problem has always been in the past that when we  came
up  with ideas for our advancement, whites came up with  the
financing  to  bring our ideas to fruition.  If  there  were
certain  things  whites didn't like, they would  be  changed
because they had the purse strings."

                       Message to Jews

"Meyer Lansky was not a nice person. Bugsy Siegel was not  a
nice  person.  But I wouldn't tell those raising  money  for
Israel  not  to  accept  money from this  man  because  he's
involved  in illegal [activities.] my point is  even  if  my
ideas  are  not proper from the Jewish point  of  view,  why
should  you tell the members of my own family not to receive
me?  That's  very arrogant. We, as a family, are  trying  to
work  out  solutions to our problem, and I do have something
to offer.

"Hell, if you don't want to give us your money...we'll  fund
the  NAACP. And we'll work to punish corporations that  pull
away  their money. After all, we as Muslims have  a  growing
influence  in  America, and we've never used it  to  boycott
one. ..Jewish enterprise. Don't threaten us. Because we  can
threaten too."

                     On Khalid Muhammad

"My desire was to curtail him [Khalid Muhammad] in terms  of
expression and language, but never to curtail any truth that
he speaks."

                  Jews and the Slave Trade
"The reason my research focused on the Jews was that when  I
mentioned Jewish involvement, there was an outcry.... One of
the  faults  we  have  with Jews is this:  you  are  a  very
minuscule  part  of the population of America,  but  a  very
major part of the influence. What made you do that?...  What
do  you  know that makes you the powerful, influential,  and
well-living people that you are? And what don't we know that
makes  us the weak, ineffectual, powerless, degraded  people
that we are?"

            July 26, 1994: Hartford, Connecticut
                     On Jews and Whites
"I'm  not anti-Semitic, not a hater of Jews and whites; it's
not  your complexions or your faith that has messed  up  the
world. It's the way you think."

"They  [whites] are sick and their world has made  us  sick.
I'm  not  dealing  with well people. I'm dealing  with  sick
people who have made us sick through a corrupt leadership."

"Why  do you call white men 'The Man?' Because be has access
to power, he has dominion, and he rules. So he has access to
dominion  even  though  [he's]  not  fit.  Don't  think  raw
knowledge and power is a trial for those who have  it.  When
you have the power to deny others of rights...then the power
you have makes you a devil."

"White men have been in control of black and Hispanic men."

"Whites  made  blacks call them 'massa.' Many  whites  still
want blacks to call them 'massa.'

"Racism  is a sickness. White people you are sick  and  have
spread your disease to black folk."

"Rape  of black women made us lighter so we believe  we  are
better than our darker brothers. They put hate into us."
                    A White  "Conspiracy"

"We  are killing each other because an enemy put us at  odds
with each other."

"Because the juice [O.J. Simpson] did it better than  anyone
else  they made a hero of him, so they could make money  off
him....  And now they sic a white woman on him because  they
don't want the money to go out of the family."

                      Economic Threats

"We want you to know white people, we know how to strike you
in the pocketbook."
 January 17, 1995: Nation of Islam head quarters in Chicago,
Responding to the Indictment of Qubilah Shabazz, Daughter of
                          Malcolm X
                 Blaming the U.S. Government

"The...government  of  the United States...created  division
within  the Nation of Islam and exploited it, and  made  the
Nation   of   Islam  and  its  leadership  the  number   one
organization targeted for destruction. The same forces  that
denied  Malcolm  X  protection  after  his  house  had  been
firebombed  as a result of a hostile environment created  by
the  government, have now exposed Malcolm's daughter Qubilah
to  a  similarly hostile environment which has likewise been
created by the wicked machinations of the same government."

"The  ultimate  aim of this government is to  destroy  Louis
Farrakhan  by  planting  the seeds of  public  contempt  and
hatred toward me through manipulation of the media."

                  Blaming the New York Post

"It  is  no coincidence that after I spoke to nearly fifteen
thousand  black men early last year in New York  City,  that
the  New York Post hunched a series of attacks on me,  which
included numerous and vicious lies which were calculated  to
expose me to aversion and hatred among my own people."

February 26, 1995: Saviour's Day Speech in Chicago, Illinois
               Farrakhan's "Jewish Conspiracy"

"Well,  what  had  the  Founding Fathers  learned  from  the
history  of  the  activities of  privately  owned  banks  in
Europe?  That history begins with the rise of Meyer  Amschel
Rothschild.  I  want you to just put on your thinking  caps.
We're going down now into the valley, and I want all of  you
in this audience to walk with me. Meyer Rothschild said that
he  did  not care who governed so long as he controlled  the
purse strings."

Referring to the five sons of Meyer Rothschild: "They worked
and maneuvered and manipulated until they gained control  of
the  central  banks of England, France, Austria,  Italy  and
Germany.  The control of these central banks went  into  the
hands of individuals whose interests were not necessarily in
harmony with the best interests of that nation."

"Wars  were fought. And in order to fight a war, governments
had  to borrow money. They borrowed money from these central
banks.  The  central  banks waxed rich because  they  loaned
money  and  charged interest, then took over when  one  side
prevails [sic] against the other, and when governments could
not  satisfy  the  indebtedness, then some  of  the  natural
wealth of that country flowed to the bankers.

They  would loan money to both sides in the conflict, 'cause
they  really  didn't care who won or who lost. I  mean  it's
hurtful,  but  a  Jew--Rothschild--loaned  money  to   Adolf
Hitler.  A  Jew. Rothschild. Goddamnit you better  not  open
your mouth to call me no anti-Semite!

Rothschild  and  Paul  Warburg loaned money.  Hitler  killed
little  Jews  while  Rothschild and Warburg  stayed  in  the
finest  hotels  in Europe. But damn it, if  you  can't  call
Rothschild anti-Semitic and Warburg an anti-Semite, then you
don't open your mouth against me."

"In 1913, something happened. Four things were set up in the
year 1913. First, the Federal Reserve Bank, the IRS, the FBI
and the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith. All were set
up  in  the same year. Is that a coincidence? Or is there  a

"How  did  we get into World War II? You say Japan  attacked
Pearl  Harbor. Yes, they did, but what were the forces  that
created  in  Japan the desire or the need to force  them  to
attack  America? You don't know that. But when America  went
to  war  after the attack on Pearl Harbor, she had to borrow
money.  There  were  the international bankers  again.  They
financed all sides. And how many millions of Americans  lost
their  lives?  Suppose  Hitler was  trying  to  destroy  the
international bankers controlling Europe, but he went  about
it by attacking a whole people. All Jews are not responsible
for  the  evil  of the few who do evil.... But certain  Jews
have used Judaism as a shield."
      March 19, 1995: Mosque Maryam, Chicago, Illinois
               Jews, Whites and the Holocaust

"The  international  bankers have always  wanted  what  they
called  a  'balance of power' in the world.... The Warburgs,
the  Rothschilds who financed Hitler. German  Jews  financed
Hitler  right  here  in  America....  International  bankers
financed  Hitler and poor Jews died while big Jews  were  at
the  root of what you call the Holocaust. Why don't you tell
that  one? Go back and tell your editors I want to put  this
in  the  paper tomorrow. You got a hell of a nerve  to  open
your  mouth  to call me an and-Semite when your  own  people
have been the worst and-Semites in the world. "

"Little  Jews  died while big Jews made money.  Little  Jews
[were]   being  turned  into  soap  while  big  Jews  washed
themselves  with it. Jews were] playing violin, Jews  [were]
playing music, while other Jews [were] marching into the gas
chambers. We wasn't there. We had nothing to do with it. But
why all of a sudden am I anti-Semitic -- tell me!"

"How  many of you were involved in the Holocaust, raise your
hand.  You see what I mean. We didn't kill one Jew.  And  if
there  were  a  Holocaust today, damn it, you wouldn't  find
most  of these harming one hair on the head of a Jewish man,
woman  or child. So we were not involved there.... That  was
your  white  brother,  Hitler. Aided by  your  white  Jewish
brother. Warburg and Rothschild, Lord Milner and Schiff, and
Lube[phon]  and  Kuhn.  It's your brothers.  Hell,  if  they
killed  two million, one million, five million, six million,
we  didn't  have nothing to do with it. The Pope  --  that's
your brother...that was your brother, your white brother. He
looked  the  other  way. But when it  came  to  open...those
camps,  those death camps, the first man to open it,  was  a
black  man. Goddammit, how in the hell can you call us anti-
Semitic in the face of your own damn evil to your people?...
I'm angry as hell, and sometimes if I didn't cuss I'd kill."

                Farrakhan's Jewish Conspiracy

"The    international   bankers   from    the    House    of
Rothschild...sent  their  sons  into  five   countries...and
through manipulation and money...they gained control of  the
Bank of England, the Bank of France, the Bank of Italy,  the
Bank  of Austria, and private concerns began to print  money
in  Europe. The Rothschilds would finance both sides of  all
the European wars. They always wanted to get their hands  on
the  Central  Bank  of  America. And they  finally  did.  On
December  22,  1913, Congress passed into  law  the  Federal
Reserve Act."

"How did the rich make America's debt grow? The easiest  way
to   get  money  is  to  start  a  war....  The  moment  the
international  bankers took control of the money  by  taking
control of the Central Bank of America, the Federal Reserve,
a war broke out in Europe and the British sent Lord Weissman
to  America to encourage America's involvement in  the  war.
The  Germans didn't start any war with America.  Let's  deal
with  the truth because your government is filled with liars
and thieves and it's time now."

"1917.  America gets into the war. At that time, $1  billion
in  debt.  Now America got [sic] to borrow money to  finance
the  war effort. Who's she borrowing from? Who's America  in
debt to?... After World War I was over...Max, Pelix and Paul
Warburg,  all  three  of them brothers,  and  Lord  [Alfred]
Milner,  another financier of Hitler. They met  representing
their  counties at the Paris Peace Conference.... When  they
go  to  war  they...take territory  from  one,  give  it  to   come  the  international   bankers   again,
financing both sides of the conflict."

"The  root of communism and the root of capitalism  is  from
the  same  group  of people. They ['international  bankers']
started  both philosophies, they financed both philosophies,
and when Russia was strong, they said, now we have a balance
of  power.  Under  Karl  Marx, Lenin, Trotsky,  financed  by
wicked  bankers, many of whom were Jews. Now look  man,  I'm
going  to stop right here. This old crap that you use called
anti-Semitism,  that's a smokescreen....  Are  white  people
sacred?  You're damn right they're not.... If  white  people
have  done  evil  to  the darker people  of  the  world  and
somebody points it out, does that mean I'm anti-white?... If
I  point out your evil, all of a sudden I'm a racist. You're
just  frightened of truth. You don't mind writing it in your
books,  but don't let one of your ex-slaves read your  books
and then read you."

"Let  me  read  you something. This is on page  46  of  this
little  book called None Dare Call It Conspiracy, by  [Gary]
Allen,  which  I'd  like to get 10,000 copies  of  it,  have
everybody read it. If it's a lie, I didn't tell it, I'm just
reading now."

"Did  you  hear my Saviour's Day lecture? Did  you  hear  me
condemn all Jews? [Crowd: "No!"] I condemned the wicked ones
and  they  would be sometimes even more wicked because  they
got  revelations.... Right after that, a full page ad in The
New  York  Times.  Taken out by whom?  ADL...These  are  the
watchdogs  for  the  international  bankers.  They  are  the
watchdogs   for  the  secret  government  that   manipulates
presidents  and  Congress....  Almost  all  of  your   black
congressmen  are honorary citizens, members of the  Knesset.
Did  you know that? Most senators, black and white, honorary
members of the Knesset."

"The international bankers are waxing rich in this East-West
struggle....  The  arms  race?  Who  did  it   enrich.   The
international bankers."
                 On Jews and the Slave Trade

"How did I get to be an anti-Semite.... What have I done?  I
told  the truth about Jewish involvement in the slave trade.
Your  own  writers say the same thing. Well, if they're  not
anti-Semitic  for writing it, how the hell am I anti-Semitic
for  reading what they wrote and then saying it?... I didn't
write  your  history, you wrote it. And then the sad  thing,
when  you confront them with what their scholars have  said,
they say, 'Well is this part of the old conspiracy talk?'"

                       On Homosexuals
"You  have  become  swine.  You  love  filth.  Homosexuality
growing  so,  so  now you can't even have a  slumber  party,
because  little girls are having sex with little  girls  and
little  boys  are  having sex with  little  boys.  And  it's
alright to you now."

"When I was coming along, if you were a homosexual, you  had
to  hide  it,  because  that  was unacceptable  behavior....
Homosexuality has to be looked at. Pastors, you  don't  want
to  talk  about  it anymore. Why? Because many  pastors  are

"The  Holy  Koran refers to homosexuality as an abomination,
meaning it is so utterly loathsome in the sight of God.... I
hope I ain't hurting no feelings."

                     Jews and Hollywood

"I  want  to say to those who are Jews. You want us to  take
your  own to task. That's why when Farrakhan speaks, you  go
to  every  black leader you can and you say to  them,  isn't
there  something  you can say about Farrakhan?  W~  11,  I'm
asking you isn't there something you can say about them damn
freaks in Hollywood? Your own kin...that claim to be Jews."

"You  want black people to attack me because you say  I'm  a
racist.  But  Jews  won't lift your voice against  your  own
brothers  who  are  making themselves  wealthy  off  of  the
weakness and the ignorance of the people. Why don't you call
Hugh  Hefner into question? Why don't you call David  Geffen
into question?... Where is the guts in the Jewish community?
Where  is the righteousness in the community that you  won't
even condemn your own criminals? Meyer Lansky."

                      Threatening Jews

"Now  there's a new Israel. You may not want to believe  it,
but  the God that I represent is the same God you read about
in  the Old Testament.... The Israel that it's talking about
is  the Nation of Islam in the West...l know you're plotting
against  us [Jews], but I want to tell you what  my  God  is
poised  to do for you.... I want you to look at the national
calamities that our God will bring against his evil nation."

"Master  Farad Muhammad...He is the God of Israel...Our  God
can't  wait  for you to make your move.... He dares  you  to
touch  me.  Come  on, if you want to die....  All  of  these
wicked ones who have given Judaism a bad name, they are  the
members of the synagogue of Satan.... I warn you in the name
of Allah, leave us alone. Your time is just about up."

The  following excerpts are from speeches delivered  in  the
last  year  by Louis Farrakhan's former national  assistant,
Khalid  Abdul  Muhammad. Portions of  an  obsessively  anti-
Semitic,   racist,   anti-Catholic  and  homophobic   speech
delivered  by  Muhammad at New Jersey's  Kean  College  were
published  by  ADL in January 1994 in a full-page  New  York
limes  advertisement. Exposure of Muhammad's bigotry brought
forth  a wave of condemnation from blacks and whites, public
and  private. Shortly, thereafter, Louis Farrakhan  publicly
dismissed Khalid Muhammad from his position in the Nation of
Islam,  but  allowed him to remain a member  of  the  group.
Since  that time, Muhammad has not backed down. Instead,  he
has  repeatedly reaffirmed his belief in the "truth" of  his
poisonous  Kean  College  message,  and  has  sharpened  his
attacks  on  peoples  of  all color and  creed.  The  crude,
unrestrained remarks that follow make this clear.

     March 23, 1994: University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

                 Threats to Whites and Jews
"To the whites and 'white Jews' in the audience, I say: It's
gonna   be   a  rough  ride,  buddy....  Buckle  your   seat
belts...because I didn't come to pin the tail on the donkey,
I came to pin the tail on the honkey."

"I'm  going to go buck wild on a pit bull on your
Jew backside."

"Don't hide tonight, rabbi. Come up front and we'll run your
raggedy behind out of here with the truth."

"Bring me your rabbis and I'll strip your butts naked. "
  March 29, 1994: Friendship Baptist Church, Brooklyn, New
             politicians in the Black Community

"When it's time to speak out these negroes don't speak  out.
When  the  rugged  Rabbi Dr. Goldberg or Goldstein  or  Gold
something went into the mosque and killed them in cold blood
and  they're  fleeing  the  mosque,  the  no-good  so-called
Israeli soldiers opened fire on them and mowed them down  in
the street. An old raggedy rabbi said at the eulogy that all
of  the Arabs mixed together are not worth one fingernail of
one Jew. Where was Reverend Jackson? Where was Kweisi Mfume?
Where were the negroes from the NAACP? Where were these boot-
licking negroes?"

"Kill  our  baby here in Crown Heights and then the  old  no
good  damn  Jew goes to Israel. No cry of moral outrage.  If
one  of  us had done that Jesse Jackson would have been  the
first to repudiate and all the negroes would have jumped  on
his bandwagon."

                  Questioning the Holocaust

"Tell   us  you  lost  six  million.  Historians,  scholars,
scientist, they went to some of the death  wasn't
six million, it wasn't five million, it wasn't four million,
it  wasn't even three million.... Some of them say  we'd  be
hard-pressed to get one and a half million."

"Everybody talks about what Hitler did to you. What did  you
do to Hitler?...What made that man so mad at you?"

Reports  on  the  six  million Jews  killed  by  Nazis  were
"bloated, exaggerated, probably fabricated."

                  Claims of Jewish Control

"You  wonder  why  I  call it Jew-nited  Nations...Jew  York
City...Jew-niversity. Because you control it."

                     Threats of Violence
"I  want to be one of the flame-throwers of God, break white
folks'  backs. I want to give you hell all the way  to  your
graves. I ain't scared to die and I'm ready to kill."

              April 1, 1994: Fort Worth, Texas
                       Addressing Jews

"Our holocaust is much worse.... We're still in our ghettos.
The  Jews  are  out  from under Hitler's yoke.  We're  still

"I don't know all Jews. If you can introduce me to some good
Jews  and find a good Jew that is not a bloodsucker, I would
be happy to meet them."

"Why don't you understand us Jew? Because you don't want  to
understand us. We are the chosen people of God."

                     Threats of Violence

To  protesters outside: "You're lucky you just got words out
of  me  and  I didn't give you the bum's rush and black-boot
stomp the hell out of you."

                          On Whites

Throughout  the  speech,  Muhammad  referred  to  whites  as

     April 19, 1994: Howard University, Washington, D.C.
      Comparative Suffering, Trivializing the Holocaust

"You  [Jews]  talk about the death marches. What  about  the
death  marches  in Africa? You said that by the  summer  [of
1937]  there  were  over  400  ghettos.  We,  the  sons  and
daughters of Africa, are still in the ghettos."

"We  set forth here tonight that the black holocaust was 100
times worse than the so-called Jew Holocaust."

"You say you lost six million. We question that. But for the
sake of argument we'll give you that. We lost 600 million."

"`Schindler's List' is really a 'Swindler's List'"

"You  make  me sick--always got some old, crinkly,  wrinkled
cracker  that  you  bring up, saying 'this  is  one  of  the
Holocaust  victims.' God damn it! I'm  looking  at  a  whole
audience of Holocaust victims."

"The Holocaust lasted 10 years; ours lasted 500. How can you
compare, buddy? You are so arrogant."

                     On Whites and Jews

"I am going to be like a pit bull. That is the way I'm going
to  be against the Jews. I am going to bite the tail of  the

"I  love Colin Ferguson, who killed all those white folks on
the Long Island train. God spoke to Colin Ferguson and said,
'catch the train, Colin, catch the train.'"

                May 3, 1994: Harlem, New York

                         On the Pope

"The  Pope  is  not  the  vicar of Christ.  The  Pope  is  a
representative of the Anti-Christ."

                May 12, 1994: NBC's "Donahue"
                          On Whites
"There is a little bit of Hitler in all white people."

              May 13, 1994: Oakland, California
                    On Black Politicians

"We   don't   want   no   butt-licking,  butt-poking   negro
politicians with a slavery mentality."

                          On Whites

"The  problem in Oakland isn't with the crack, but with  the

"White  folks, we're in serious trouble. You've got  nowhere
to  hide. I'm gonna be as a pit bull dog and lock my jaws on
your  backside  and only Louis Farrakhan  has  the  keys  to
unlock it."

                       On Homosexuals

"Those  brothers who don't got a white girl on their  elbow,
got  a  white  boy. We got some Ex-Lax to  get  it  of  your

"I  hate  a black man who acts like a white man. But  what's
worse than that is a black man who acts like a black woman."
                  Denigrating the Holocaust

"Your  Holocaust is indeed the worst holocaust ever  filmed.
You  say  you lost 6 million. We lost over 600 million  over
the  past  6,000  years. Ours is one hundred times  greater.
They want a special corner on suffering even."

"Jews have gotten over $100 billion in reparations, but  you
won't apologize.... You make me sick talking about Holocaust

                       On South Africa

"Mandela sold us out.... Mandela's the biggest clown in  the
big  top.... I say give 'em [whites] 24 hours to get out  of
town. If they don't, kill everyone white in sight. Kill  the
men, kill the women, kill the children, kill the blind, kill
the crippled. God damn it, kill them all."

           May 22, 1994: Dorchester, Massachusetts
                          On Whites

"The  white  man has his Armistice Day, Memorial Day,  Armed
Forces  Day.  The  white  man  honors  the  killers--General
Eisenhower, Patton, Westmoreland.... But when the  oppressed
stand up there is a cry of moral outrage."

                   On South Africa = Jews

"So called Jews are sucking our blood in South Africa. There
is   no  real  freedom  in  South  Africa.  The  white   man
controls....  We owe the white man nothing in South  Africa.
All is ours. South Africa is devil-ruled, demon-controlled."

             May 29, 1994: Riverside, California
                       Addressing Jews

"I  don't  give  a damn what you say about  me,  you  bagel-
eating,   hook-nose,  lox-eating so called  Jew."  "The  so-
called Jew is Jew-wish--he wishes he was a Jew.... You wanna-
be  Jews, we're gonna strip you buck naked before the world.
There's  no  place for you to hide. You lied  for  too  long
telling that you are the chosen people."


"Everywhere  I go I wanna give the white man hell  from  the
cradle to the grave. This is a new generation of blacks  and
we say to you, white man, you either stop or drop."

"Brothers,  don't let this no good cracker  tell  you  about
Aristotle,  Plato, Socrates; the white man  has  a  frequent
liar program."

"You can't out-devil the devil. The white man's nature is to
lie   and  steal.  You  have  to  beat  the  white  man   in
righteousness. You can't beat him in evil and wickedness."

    June 29, 1994: Emanual Evangelistic Temple, Milwaukee
Referring  to O.J. Simpson: "Our brother over  a  period  of
time, to some degree, strayed away from the family. He  left
his  black wife and decided to live a life sleeping with the

 November 1, 1994: State University College, Rochester, New
                          On Whites

"How  could  all 13 men at the Last Supper be white?  If  we
were  at the Last Supper, we must have been in the kitchen."
"I  ask white people to reason with us. The nerve of you  to
call me a bigot, a racist, or an anti-Semite. By the end  of
the night we'll see who the real racists are."

            November 7, 1994: New York University
                      On Jews and Arabs

"Who is it that is sucking our blood in the black community-
-the so called Arab and the so-called Jew."

On Reparations

"We  lost  over  600 million over the lost  6,000  years  in
general, and in specific, 150 million in the last 400  years
coming  over  in  slave  ships.  But  nobody  wants  to  pay
reparations   for  pain  and  t  suffering...everyone   gets
reparations but the black man and woman."

[You  Jews]  have  a Holocaust Museum that  costs  over  200
million to build. [You] got four billion dollars
from America and you have billions more for reparations. But
[the] sons and daughters of Africa don't even get."
              On Jews, Whites and South Africa
Referring  to  the  relationship between  Israel  and  South
Africa, "Not one Jew would like it if an African country had
a relationship with Nazi Germany."

Referring  to  whites in South Africa: "I am  talking  about
self-defense....  I  am giving them  [whites]  a  chance  to
leave,  but  if they don't leave, we should go to  war  with
them. This is a war and in any war there is bloodshed."

November 16, 1994: Bethel AME Church, New Haven, Connecticut

                      On the Holocaust

"The Jews were never in bondage. Yet the Jews want to corner
the  term.  The  Jews  think they were  the  only  ones  who
suffered.  The  Jews never suffered. Jews  never  even  lost
their  names." "So how many were there? You can't even agree
on  how many. Was it six million? Five million? Two million.
We'll even give you seven million. We lost 600 million  men,
and you    [Jews] want to have a Holocaust?"

                           On Jews
"[Jews] say they are the descendants of Abraham. Everyone is
a  descendent  of Abraham. Besides, if you   were  Abraham's
descendants,  you  would do his work, but  you  don't.  Jews
polluted everything."

                        On Christmas

"The  true  meaning of Christmas is heathen, vain, ignorant,
backward, white pagan worship and idolatry."

 February 21, 1995: Interview with the Daily Challenge,  New
                    York City black daily

        On His Kean College Speech and its Aftermath

"The  Honorable  Minister Farrakhan said he found  my  words
spoken   at   Kean  College  'vile  in  manner,   repugnant,
malicious,  mean-spirited, spoken in mockery of  individuals
and not in the spirit of Islam'.... I  think the context  of
my comments need to be put in perspective. The topic I spoke
on,  The  Secret Relationship Between Blacks and  Jews,  was
chosen by the students. The human side of me said I did what
I was supposed to do and, so, I have no apologies. And, if I
had the opportunity under the same circumstances, I would do
the same thing again."

"President  [Bill] Clinton, Vice President  [Al]  Gore,  the
U.S.  Senate and the United States House of Representatives,
in  a  history-making decision, passed  a  House  Resolution
condemning  my speech. There are some Negroes--not  blacks--
who would have probably committed suicide. But to me, it  is
a  great honor for the enemy and our oppressors to attack me
all  the  way  from their high offices and the corridors  of
their power elite. That's the way I want to be remembered by
my one the enemy did not praise and  did  not
love but had nightmares about."

The  following are excerpts from the Nation of  Islam's  bi-
weekly   publication,  The  Final  Call.  The  paper   often
promulgates anti-white and anti-Jewish conspiracy  theories,
many of which are, ironically, co-opted from the rhetoric of
white supremacists.

Columnist Abdul Allah Muhammad, in his column, "Eleven Fifty
                   Five, " March 30, 1994:
"The  vicious attack being mounted against us [NOI]  is  the
result  of  the realization by a wicked Jewish  cabal  which
seeks  to  solidify its world rule, that not only  are  they
unable to make Minister Farrakhan and his followers dance to
their  tune, but the Black leaders they once controlled  are
slipping from their grasp."

    James Muhammad, Final Call editor, in his column, "Up
                Periscope," January 25, 1995:
"Mossad and the ADL are kissing cousins who are only out for
their  selfish personal interests and do not care about  the
welfare of United States citizens."

               James Muhammad, March 30, 1994:

"If   it  weren't  for  the  Jews  and  their  control   and
manipulation of the media, a good man's message of uplift to
Black  and  oppressed  people would be  free  of  the  false
charges of anti-Semitism and hate. I'm referring to Minister
Louis Farrakhan and his message."

            Abdul Allah Muhammad, April 13, 1994:

"It  is  the  height of duplicity for Jews to  deny  to  the
general  public  that they control every  institution  which
affects  life in America, while bragging to each other  that
the  'conspiracy theories' are not theories at all, but that
the conspiracy is an absolute fact."

"I  hope nobody wastes my time and effort to try to tell  me
that  there  are some 'good Jews.' The law of averages  says
there probably are. God even managed to get three people out
of Sodom. "
          Reporter Cedric X Welch, April 27, 1994:
"[Jews]  have  dominated the original people of  the  planet
earth  and  are  planning to unite the the world  under  one
currency and one world order."

"The  activities of the Masons were controlled by a  certain
secret  society comprised of Jewish members and  these  Jews
were  the instigators of the periodic revolutions that threw
the world into convulsions."

           Reporter Jerome Jackson, May 25, 1994:

"The  political rise of Nelson Mandela is a smokescreen  for
the economic rape committed by Jewish financial powers well-
entrenched in South Africa.

             James Muhammad, November 16, 1994:
"The  fact  that  white people once lived on  the  level  of
beasts underscores their humble beginning. As they
were  blessed to advance to now dominate the peoples of  the
planet, however, they've lost their humility."
     The Rhetoric of Farrakhan's Other Representatives:

 Leonard Farrakhan Muhammad, Nation of Islam Chief of Staff
  At an April 1994 press conference held after NOI filed a
               suit against the New York Post
                      for S4.4 billion:
"We  are  making  a legal response to the Jewish  controlled
media  and  those reporters that we believe  have  unfairly,
inappropriately  and  illegally  associated  the   name   of
Minister Louis Farrakhan with the death of Malcolm X."

January 23, 1995, reacting to Senator Bob Dole's demand that
                       HUD investigate
              NOI Security's housing contracts:

"I  don't care if people call me paranoid but I see a  well-
orchestrated pattern of attack on the Nation of Islam."

    Conrad Muhammad, Minister of New York's Mosque No. 7

            April 19, 1994 at Boston University:

                   On Jewish Organizations

"It  is the Jewish leadership--those like Abraham Foxman and
others--who actually are not representing the best interests
of  the  Jewish community, because they're squandering  time
and resources focusing on phantom anti-Semitism in the black
community,  leaving  the  flanks  of  the  Jewish  community
exposed to true anti-Semitism that exists in this society."

"I  don't  think  that the American media is  creating  this
controversy   [between   blacks   and   Jews]....   It    is
organizations like the ADL and others that prevail upon  the
media to keep this thing going."

  In an interview with New York magazine October 24, 1994:
                   Alleging Jewish Control

"The  thing  about the Jews is, you have great  intellectual
talents  and you are very skilled at grafting yourself  onto
natural  talent, but you don't have a lot of it yourself....
Look  at  the  way the Jews exploit all of our  singers  and
    Abdul Alim Muhammad, Nation of Islam Health Minister
    February 24, 1994 at University of Wisconsin-Madison:
                          On Whites

"All of you whites don't have nothing to fear from AIDS.  If
AIDS kills the niggers, well you whites would
think that was pretty good."

"Seventy percent of black high school students in Washington
drop out. Of the black students that do graduate, 60 percent
are  functionally  illiterate...that  is  the  [educational]
policy  that they whites] use to keep you ignorant. So  they
can use you for their tool."

"Caucasian  means a pale face and weak bones. They  [whites]
are  divinely given power to rule for now. But  what  drives
them is death. And that's what's going to happen to everyone
on earth. Their rule is the power to kill."

"Why  would  you  kill, white race? It is to  preserve  your
whiteness.  We  didn't  invent segregation,  did  we?...  We
didn't  invent  apartheid. These are systems to  keep  white
people apart from black people. "

"[Whites]  kill men, women and children all over the  earth,
reducing  the  world  population  down  by  approximately  a
billion people.... Because you come out of Europe and  start
slaughtering  the  original inhabitants of  that
European  people.  You converted to Judaism  a  little  over
1,200  years ago, and NOW you're masquerading as though  you
are  the original Jews.... How could you be a chosen people;
you just ordinary white folk.

                       The "AIDS Plot"

Muhammad also said there is "enough evidence" that AIDS is a
man-made disease being used by the U.S.
government against blacks.

       Harold Muhammad, Minister of New Orleans Mosque
      Interview with the Times Picayune April 11, 1994:

On Jews

"Jews  claim that they're the chosen people of God.... We've
scanned  the globe; we can't find any other people  who  fit
the  biblical description of God's chosen people other  than
us.  So  therefore there's some lying going on, and Minister
Farrakhan challenges that as a man of God. And it angers the
Jewish  community that someone would have  the  audacity  to
challenge  their claim to being God's chosen  people,  which
has been historically unchallenged before."

      Interview with the Louisiana Weekly, May 7, 1994:
"Jews  use  us  as  cannon fodder.  I'm  going  to  say  the
truth...Lets  look  at the Jewish/Black |relationship.  They
are the landlords, we are the tenants. We're the artists, we
are the talent when you look into the sports arena. They are
the  managers,  the  owners.  We  access  them  as  bankers,
lawyers, CPAs--they control our talents.... They control the
media.... We're not vocal, we need ; to be vocal.  The  Jews
make  up six percent of the population in this country. They
are much more vocal than we are."  l

         Eric Muhammad, leader of the Brooklyn-based
     Black African Holocaust Council, and member of NOI

   Interview with the Daily Challenge, December 12, 1994:
                    Comparative Suffering

"We  [the  Council]  represent the disenfranchised  and  the
downtrodden  because we believe that  no  has  truly  had  a
Holocaust  but us. No one has suffered as much; no  one  has
been robbed of name, language, God, religion and culture  as
us.  They  [the  Jews] use the word Holocaust  because  it's
profitable to them but it is not real."

                          On Whites

"I  am  a  black  separatist. I  firmly  believe  that  it's
impossible for black and white to co-exist peacefully.  It's
not in the nature of white people."

           DOD Muhammad, Minister of Boston Mosque

On an October 1994 segment of his weekly radio program:

                      The Hamitic Myth

"There  is  hardly  anyone in this  listening  audience  who
doesn't know that the connection of slavery and blacks being
suited for slavery because they were inferior is tied to the
Hamitic  myth  of  blacks. And it was  the  Rabbis  who  had
created the Hamitic myth of blacks being inferior."

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