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Your Honors, that which Goebbels, the Defendants Ribbentrop
and Rosenberg said about exploiting the space captured by
the soldiers took on, at the O.K.W., the shape of plans for
further aggression.

In this respect the following document, 57-C -- which I now
submit to the Tribunal as Exhibit USSR 336 -- is of interest
and I ask you to accept it as evidence. This document is a
letter from the German Naval War Staff to the commanding
generals of Groups West, North and South. This document was
discovered in German archives by the Allied troops.

The letter which you will find on Page 210 in the document
book, is entitled, "Objectives for the Further Conduct of
War upon the termination of the Campaign in the East." It is
numbered 1385, and is dated 8th August, 1941.

In those days the Fascist conspirators considered that
victory over the Soviet Union was really only a question of
time, and they therefore planned for further aggression.

This letter which I am about to quote begins with the
following words:

     "The Naval War Command has just received the
     draft of the Fuehrer's directives concerning
     further intentions on termination of the campaign
     in the East.
     The following declarations describe these
     intentions in broad lines and are only intended
     for the personal information of the commanding
     generals and the Chiefs of Staff."
There follows Part 2, Paragraph P, the eight sub-paragraphs
of which detail the plans to be carried out on the
termination of the campaign in the East.

I omit, Your Honors, the first two sub-paragraphs dealing
with he tasks of the so-called "pacification" of the
Occupied Eastern Territories and with the assignment to
other fronts of troops which had become available.

Sub-paragraph 3 details the intentions of the Fascist
conspirators in North Africa. I quote:

     "Strengthening of the Armed Forces in North
     Africa with a view to rendering possible the
     capture of Tobruk. In order to permit the passage
     of necessary transports according to plan,
     attacks by the German Air Force on Malta should
     be resumed.
     Provided that weather conditions cause no delay
     and the service of transports is assured as
     planned, it can be assumed that the campaign
     against Tobruk will begin in mid-September."
In August, 1941, the Hitlerites intended, with the aid of
Fascist Spain, to seize Gibraltar during the same year.

Sub-paragraph 4 of Part 2 of the letter just submitted to
you envisaged that:

     "Plan `Felix,' i.e., the seizure of Gibraltar
     with the active participation of Spain, must be
     executed in 1941."
The Hitlerites planned the execution of an attack against
Syria and Palestine in the direction of Egypt. Sub-paragraph
5 of the above-mentioned letter states as follows:

     "If, once the termination of the campaign in the
     East has been made known, we succeed in bringing
     Turkey to our side, an attack on Syria and
     Palestine in the direction of Egypt is foreseen
     after a minimum period of 85 days for the
     preparation of the necessary forces, and a
                                            [Page 300]
     securing of the Chersonese passes and an
     improvement of Anatolian transportation routes
     through Turkey, with German help."
Two sub-paragraphs later, we find, in the same letter, in
Sub-paragraph 8, a possible variation of this plan:

     "If, even after the defeat of Soviet Russia, it would
     still prove impossible to bring Turkey over to our
     side, a southward thrust through Anatolia would have to
     be carried out against her will."
Your Honors, in the plans of Fascist aggression Egypt played
a large part. It is mentioned in Sub-paragraphs 6 and 7 of
Part 2 of the letter quoted. Sub-paragraph 6 mentions (I
quote word for word):

     "An attack on Egypt from Cyrenaica, after the fall of
     Tobruk could probably not be carried out before the end
     of 1941 or the beginning of 1942."

Sub-paragraph 7 stated:

     "If the collapse of Soviet Russia creates the necessary
     conditions, an advance by a motorized expeditionary
     force through Trans-Caucasia, in the direction of the
     Persian Gulf, and in the direction of Iran, Syria and
     Egypt is envisaged.
     Because of weather conditions, this attack will only
     become possible at the beginning of 1942."
This document, which I have just presented to the Tribunal.
shows the turn of events intended by the Fascist
conspirators had the Red Army not put an end to their

The Fascist aggressors hoped to destroy the Soviet Union in
a lightning war, to seize her wealth, to subjugate the
Soviet people and, by these means, to open for themselves
the road to world domination.

Now, Your Honors, I have come to the end of my presentation.
In concluding the presentation of documentary evidence
regarding the aggression of the Fascist conspirators against
the Soviet Union, may I ask the Tribunal's permission to sum
up briefly as follows:

(1) The criminal intent of attacking the U.S.S.R. for the
purpose of plundering the Soviet Union and exploiting its
riches for purposes of further German aggression was
conceived by the Fascist conspirators long before the actual
launching of the attack.

(2) The military preparations for the attack on the Soviet
Union were conducted by the Fascist criminals for at least a
year and embraced not only Germany, but also satellite
countries, particularly Roumania, Finland and Hungary.

(3) The execution of the criminal designs of the Fascist
aggression, consisting of the extermination of the peaceful
population, the plunder of the Soviet Union and the wresting
of its territories, was planned long before the attack on
the Soviet Union.

Fortunately for all freedom-loving nations in the world, the
Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics, the Soviet people,
and their Red Army completely overthrew all the fiendish
plans of the Fascist aggressors. The Red Army not only
withstood and stopped the Fascist aggression; but, together
with the armies of its allies, brought Nazi Germany to
complete catastrophe and the Fascist war criminals to the

I thus end my presentation, Your Honors.

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