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                                                            [Page 202]
Count 2 of the Indictment contains a complete list of the wars which
were provoked, prepared, initiated and waged with Fascist

The insane imagination of the Hitlerites visualised the East as a
paradise for the Fascist invaders, a paradise built on the bones and
blood of the millions of people who inhabited these lands.

Sir David Maxwell Fyfe has informed the Tribunal that the Soviet
Delegation would submit some new evidence regarding the criminal
conspiracy against peace, and he also advised you that certain
repetitions could not be avoided. While striving to reduce these
repetitions to a minimum, I wish to draw the attention of the Tribunal
to some of the documents relating to the criminal aggression of the
Fascist conspirators.

As documentary evidence I submit to the Tribunal Exhibit USSR 60, an
official Czechoslovak report. It begins with the following significant
phrase -- and this phrase will be found on Page 10 of the document
book, Volume I, Part 1 -- and is marked in red pencil:

     "Czechoslovakia was an obstacle to the German 'Drang nach Osten'
     (Drive to the East) or to the domination of Europe."
That is followed by an analysis of the strategic and political aspects
of the aggression against Czechoslovakia.

THE PRESIDENT: When you want to put in a document in evidence, you
will produce the original document, will you not, and hand it to the
Secretary of the Tribunal?

COLONEL POKROVSKY: As I stated, this document is followed by an
analysis of the strategic and political aspects of the aggression
against Czechoslovakia. I quote, beginning with the second sentence of
sub-paragraph (a), which for convenience is marked with a red pencil.

     "Czechoslovakia was, indeed, of foremost strategic importance as
     a natural obstacle and a fortified barrier against a military
     drive towards the Danube basin, and from there Eastwards, across
     the Eastern Carpathians and along the valley of the Danube,
     towards the Balkans."
The gist of sub-paragraph (b) is that Czechoslovakia was a democratic
country, and finally sub-paragraph (c) gives an analysis of
Czechoslovakia from the national point of view. I shall quote this sub-
paragraph as it is formulated in the report. You will find this in
Volume I, Part 1, end of Page 11 and beginning of Page 12:

     "(c) From the national point of view, Czechoslovakia, as far as
     the vast majority of its population is concerned, was a Slav
     country, intensely conscious of the unity of all Slavs."
The Tribunal will remember that the annihilation of Slavism and the
destruction of democratic principles was one of the basic aims of the
Fascist conspiracy.

The Tribunal may have noticed that the methods of execution of
aggression by the Hitlerite conspirators nearly always followed the
same pattern. In all cases, lightning speed and suddenness of military
attack were considered indispensable. They attempted to attain the
element of surprise by giving the prospective enemy treacherous and
hypocritical assurances of their sincerely peaceful intentions.

Simultaneously, wide use was made of the foul system of bribery,
blackmail, provocation, financing of various kinds of pro-Fascist
organisations, and using, as paid agents, unprincipled politicians and
downright traitors to their respective countries.

Mr. Alderman began his presentation of documents by giving several
examples of this nature. He told the Tribunal in detail and proved by
documentary evidence that through Hans Karmazin, the representatives
of the

                                                            [Page 203]
so-called Slovak autonomous movement were bought with German money.
The same also applies to Deputy Prime Minister Dukanski, to the
notorious Tuka and many other leaders of the Hlinka Party.

It was presented to you that at the beginning of March, 1939, i.e.,
immediately prior to the day planned for the final entry of the
Fascists into Czechoslovakia, the activity of the Fifth Column reached
its climax.

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