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Tribunal, if I might just refer to further copies of "Der
Sturmer" on the subject of "ritual murder," the first of
which appears on Page 32 of the document book, 2700-PS. It
is the copy in Exhibit  USA 260. It is an article in "Der
Sturmer" of July, 1938:

   "Whoever had the occasion to be an eye-witness during
   the slaughtering of animals, or to see at least a
   truthful film on the slaughtering, will never forget
   this horrible experience. It is atrocious, and,
   unwillingly, he is reminded of the crimes which the Jews
   have committed for centuries on men. He will be reminded
   of the ritual murder. History points out hundreds of
   cases in which non-Jewish children were tortured to
   death. They also were given the same incision through
   the throat as is found on slaughtered animals. They also
   were slowly bled to death while fully conscious."

My Lord, on special occasions, or when he had some
particular subject matter to put before the world, he was in
the habit of issuing special editions of his newspaper "Der
Sturmer." Ritual murder was such a special subject that he
issued one of these special editions dealing solely with it.
The Tribunal will have a photostatic copy of the complete
issue for May, 1939.

                                                  [Page 159]

Now, I have not attempted to have translated all or indeed
any of the articles which appear in that edition. It is
perhaps sufficient to look at the pictures, the
illustrations, and for me to read the captions which appear
underneath the photographs; and I regret that the
translations of the captions have not been attached to the
Tribunal's copy, but perhaps I may be permitted to refer to
the pictures and read the captions for the Tribunal.

The pages are marked in red pencil on the right-hand comer.
On Page 1 I see a picture of a child having knives stuck
into its side, blood spurting from it, and below the
pedestal on which it stands, are five presumably dead
children lying on the ground. The caption to that picture is
as follows:

   "In the year 1476 the Jews in Regensburg murdered six
   boys. They drew their blood and tortured them to death
   in an underground vault which belongs to the Jew Josfol.
   The judges found the bodies of murdered boys. A
   bloodstained earthen bowl stood on an altar."

On the next page there are two pictures and the captions
explain them. The one at the top left-hand corner:

   "For the Jewish New Year celebrations in 1913, World
   Jewry published this picture. On the Jewish New Year and
   on the Day of Atonement the Jews slaughtered a so-called
   'kapores' cock; that is to say, dead cock, whose blood
   and death is intended to purify the Jews. In 1913 the
   'kapores' cock had the head of the Russian Czar Nicholas
   II. By publishing this postcard the Jews intended to say
   that Nicholas II would be their next purifying
   sacrifice. On the 16th of July, 1918, the Czar was
   murdered by the Jews Jurowsky and Goloschtschekin."

The picture at the bottom of the page, again, shows Jews
holding a similar bird, "the 'kapores' cock which has the
head of the Fuehrer. The Hebrew script says that one day
Jews will kill all Hitlerites. Then they, the Jews, will be
delivered from all misfortunes. In due course the Jews will
realise that they have reckoned without an Adolf Hitler."

The next page of the newspaper contains reproductions of a
lot of previous articles on ritual murder, with a picture of
the defendant Julius Streicher at the top.

On the fourth page, a picture at the bottom of the right-
hand comer has the caption:

   "Jew at the Passover Meal. The wine and Matzeh,
   unleavened bread, contains non-Jewish blood. The Jew
   prays before the meal. He prays for death to all non-

On the fifth page are reproductions from some of the
European and American newspaper articles and letters which
had been received by those newspapers during the course of
the last years, in protest to this propaganda on the subject
of ritual murder; and in the centre of it you will see the
letter from the Archbishop of Canterbury, written to the
editor of "The Times" in protest.

On the next page, Page 6, is another ghastly picture of a
man having his throat cut; again the usual spurt of blood
falling into a basin on the floor, and the caption to that
is as follows:

   "The ritual murder of the boy Heinrich, in the year
   1345; the Jews in Munich slaughtered a non-Jewish boy.
   The martyr was declared holy by the Church."

On Page 7 appears a picture representing three ritual
murders. On Page 8 there is another photo-picture, "The Holy
Gabriel. This boy was crucified and tortured to death by the
Jews in the year 1690. The blood was drawn off him."

I think we can pass Pages 9 and 10.

On Page 11 there is shown a piece of sculpture which appears
on the wall of the Wallfahrts Chapel in Wesel and it
represents the ritual murder of a boy

                                                  [Page 160]

Werner. It is a somewhat disgusting picture of the boy
strung up by his feet and being murdered by two Jews.

Page 12 reproduces another picture taken from the same
place. The caption is:

   "The embalmed body of 'Simon of Trient' who was tortured
   to death by the Jews."

Page 13 has another picture; somebody else having a knife
stuck into him, more blood coming out into a basin.

On Page 14 are two pictures. The one at the top is said to
be the ritual murder of the boy Andreas and the one at the
bottom is the picture of a tombstone, the caption of which
reads as follows:

   "The tombstone of Hilsner."

This is the memorial to a Jewish ritual murderer Leopold
Hilsner. He was found guilty of two ritual murders and was
condemned to death, by hanging, in two trials. The Emperor
was bribed and pardoned him. Masaryk, the friend of the
Jews, liberated him from penal servitude in 1918. Even on
his tombstone lying Jewry calls this twofold murderer an
"innocent victim."

The next page again produces the picture of a woman being
murdered by having her throat cut in the same way; and
perhaps I might refer to Page 17, which produces a picture
of the Archbishop of Canterbury and a picture of an old
Jewish man, and the caption says:

   "Dr. Lang, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the highest
   dignitary of the English Church. His ally, a typical
   example of the Jewish Race."

The last page, Page 18, produces a picture called "Holy
Simon who was tortured to death."

My Lord, it is my submission that that document is nothing
but an incitement to the people of Germany who read it, an
incitement to murder. It is filled with pictures of murder,
murder alleged to be against the German people and is an
encouragement to all who read it, to revenge themselves, and
to revenge themselves in the same way. That document, M-20,
becomes Exhibit GB 173.

DR. MARX (Counsel for defendant Streicher): The defendant,
Julius Streicher, called my attention this very moment to
the fact that he has not been given the opportunity to prove
from where these pictures, which have been referred to just
now, have been taken. It is, in the opinion of the defence,
necessary that the origin of these pictures should be
clarified before the Tribunal, otherwise one could think
that these pictures had been especially prepared for "Der
Sturmer" without any source. Streicher, however, points out
that these pictures originate from recognised sources of
history. I would therefore like to suggest that the
prosecution should submit all its material. I think that the
articles of "Der Sturmer" which have been referred to should
prove the sources from which Streicher got these pictures.

THE PRESIDENT: Do the articles show the sources? Do the
articles themselves indicate the sources?

DR. MARX: Yes. According to Streicher, yes.

There was not any intention to misrepresent the matter, that
these pictures are taken from original pictures. These were
not invented by the newspaper, and in some cases the sources
are shown in the caption. This is a collection of medieval
pictures and frescoes dealing with this matter. In actual
fact the papers show in almost all cases where they come

DR. MARX: Thank you.

THE PRESIDENT: You have already given us the dates of them
which stated they were medieval.

January, 1938 - and it will be remembered that in 1938 the
persecution of the Jews became

                                                  [Page 161]

more and more severe-in January, 1938, for some reason or
other, another special issue of "Der Sturmer" was published.
If the Tribunal would look at Page 54 of their document book
I will quote a short passage from the leading article in
that paper, an article written by the defendant.

   "The supreme aim and highest task of the State is
   therefore to conserve people, blood and race. But if
   this is the supreme task, any crime against this law
   must be punished with the supreme penalty. 'Der Sturmer'
   takes, therefore, the view that there are only two
   punishments for the crime of polluting the race:
   1.Penal servitude for life for attempted race pollution.
   2. Death for committing race pollution."

And again, indeed, if it is now still necessary to show the
type of paper this was, if the Tribunal will turn over to
the next page it will see the headlines set out for some of
the articles that are contained in that edition:

   "Jewish race polluters at work."

The next one:

   "Fifteen years old non-Jewess ravaged."

The next one:

   "A dangerous race polluter. He regards German women as
   fair game for himself."

The next one:

   "The Jewish sanatorium. A Jewish institution for the
   cultivation of race pollution."

The next one:

   "Rape of a feeble-minded girl."

And lastly:

   "The Jewish butler. He steals from his Jewish masters
   and commits race pollution."

The copy of that paper is already in as Exhibit USA 260.

On the next page of the document book - I will quote only
the last two lines - is an article appearing in "Der
Sturmer," and it is true that it is not an article actually
written by the defendant Streicher but by his then editor,
Karl Holz:

   "Revenge will break loose one day and will exterminate
   Jewry from the face of the earth."

And again on Page 37, in September, 1938, "Der Sturmer" has
an article in which the last two lines read as follows:

   "A parasite, an enemy, an evil-doer, a disseminator of
   diseases who must be destroyed in the interest of

It is my submission to the Tribunal that this is no longer
propaganda for the persecution of the Jews, this is
propaganda for the extermination of Jews, for the murder not
of one man but of millions.

The next document in the document book, on Page 38, has
already been put in evidence and read to the Tribunal. It is
Exhibit USA 260. It appears in the document book and was
read into the transcript (Page 381, Part 2). This is a short
article appearing in December, 1938, No. 50 of "Der

I would draw the Tribunal's attention to the next document
which is a picture taken from that same copy. It shows the
upper part of a girl's body being strangled by the arms of a
man with his hands around her neck, and the shadow of the
man's face is shown against the background, quite obviously
with Jewish features. The caption under that picture is as

   "Castration for Race Polluters.
   Only heavy penalties will preserve our womenfolk from a
   tighter grip of the ghastly Jewish claws.
   The Jews are our misfortune."

I pass for the moment from "Der Sturmer" to a particular
incident that occurred, in which the defendant Streicher
took a leading part. It will be

                                                  [Page 162]

remembered that the organised demonstrations against the
Jews took place on the 9th and 10th November, 1938. All this
propaganda, as I say, was becoming fiercer and more
ferocious. In the autumn of that year the defendant
Streicher organised the breaking up of the Nuremberg
synagogues on the occasion of a meeting of Press
representatives in Nuremberg. That incident has in fact been
referred to previously in this case and the documents in
connection with it are 1724-PS, which were put in as Exhibit
USA 266 and were referred to and read in the transcript
(Page 384, Part 2).

Gauleiter Julius Streicher was personally to set the crane
in motion with which the Jewish symbols were to be torn down
from the synagogue. From another document which was also put
in, 2711-PS, which became Exhibit USA 267, and was read in
the transcript (Page 384, Part 2) also, I quote two lines:

   ".the Synagogue is being demolished! Julius Streicher
   himself inaugurates the work by a speech lasting an hour
   and a half. By his order then - so to speak as a prelude
   of the demolition - the tremendous Star of David came
   off the cupola."

The defendant, of course, took an active part in the
November demonstrations of that year. I do not suggest that
be was responsible for the idea of them. The evidence
against him is confined only to the part that he took in his
Gau, in Franconia.

On Page 43 of the document book is an account of the
Nuremberg demonstrations as they were reported in the
"Frankische Tageszeitung" which, of course, was his paper,
on the llth November. I quote:

   "In Nuremberg and Furth it resulted in demonstrations by
   the crowd against the Jewish murderers. These lasted
   until the early hours of the morning. Far too long had
   one watched the activities of the Jews in Germany."

And then I go to the last three lines of that paragraph:

   "After midnight the excitement of the populace reached
   its peak and a large crowd marched to the synagogues in
   Nuremberg and Furth and burned these two Jewish
   buildings, where the murder of Germans had been
   The fire-brigades, which had been notified immediately,
   saw to it that the fire was confined to the original
   outbreak. The windows of the Jewish shopkeepers, who
   still had not given up hope of selling their junk to the
   stupid Goims, were smashed. Thanks to the disciplined
   behaviour of the S.A. men and the police, who rushed to
   the scene, there was no plundering."

That becomes Exhibit GB 174.

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