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COLONEL STOREY: In view of the domination of the German
State and Government by the Nazi Party and the Leadership
Corps thereof, as established by the foregoing and other
evidence heretofore recited in the previous trial briefs, it
is submitted that the Leadership Corps of the Nazi Party is
responsible for the measures, including the legislative
enactments, taken by the German State and Government in
furtherance of the conspiracy formulated and carried out by
the co-conspirators and the organisations charged with
criminality in the present case.

I will now go to the overt acts and crimes of the Leadership
Corps. The evidence now to be presented will establish that
the membership of the Leadership Corps actively entered into
a wide variety of acts and measures designed to advance the
course of the conspiracy. The evidence will show that such
participation by the Leadership Corps in the conspiracy

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such measures as anti-Semitic activities; war crimes
committed against members of the Allied Forces;
participation in the forced-labor programme, measures to
subvert and undermine the Christian religion and persecute
the Christian clergy; the plundering and spoliation of
cultural and other property in German occupied territories
in Europe; participation in plans and measures leading to
the initiation and prosecution of aggressive war; and, in
general, the wide variety of measures embracing the Crimes
against the Peace, War Crimes, and Crimes Against Humanity
as defined and denounced by the Charter.

The first item of evidence we have to introduce is in
connection with the participation of the Gauleiter and
Kreisleiter, in what the Nazis describe as the "spontaneous
uprising of the people" against the Jews throughout Germany
on 9th and 10th November, 1938. We do not intend to
introduce, by departing from the text, any evidence formerly
introduced by Major Walsh on the persecution of the Jews,
but only to show the connection of a few of the Party
officials in connection with the assassination of an
official of the German Embassy in Paris on the 7th of

The evidence relating to these pogroms has been thoroughly
presented in connection with the prosecution's evidence in
other phases of the case, particularly of the persecution of
the Jews. I shall therefore limit myself to two documents
and will request the Tribunal to recall that in the
teletyped directive from S.S. Gruppenfuehrer Heydrich,
issued on 10th November, 1938, to all police headquarters
and S.D. districts, all chiefs of the State Police were
ordered to contact the political leaders  in the Gaue and
the Kreise and to arrange with these high officials in the
Leadership Corps the organisation of the so-called
spontaneous demonstrations against the Jews.

The evidence previously presented shows that pursuant to
this directive a large number of the Jewish shops and
businesses were pillaged and wrecked, synagogues set on
fire, individual Jews beaten up, and large numbers taken to
concentration camps. This evidence forcibly illustrates the
employment and participation of all the Kreisleiter and
Gauleiter in illegal and inhuman measures designed to
further the anti-Semitic programme which was an original and
continuous objective of the Leadership Corps of the Nazi
Party. I refer again to Document 3051-PS, Exhibit USA 240,
and simply call your Honour's attention to the different
political leaders  who were named in that document, and I
will not attempt to read nor refer to it again.

Departing again from the text, I want to offer at this time
in evidence------

THE PRESIDENT: Colonel Storey, is it addressed to these
various ranks in the Leadership Corps?

COLONEL STOREY: Your Honour, I notice on the first page it
is addressed -- I am not good in German -- but to the State
Police, to the S.D., and to some other S.D. officials.

THE PRESIDENT: What has that got to do with the Leadership

COLONEL STOREY: It has to do with directions to Party
officials to take part in these demonstrations. In other
words, through certain officials of the Leadership Corps
this directive was dispatched and directed.

THE PRESIDENT: Are you sure the State Police and S.D. are
any of the ranks in the Leadership Corps?

COLONEL STOREY: If your Honour will refer to this original
chart, this big one, you will notice that the S.A., and
S.S., and several of the organisations are listed on the
left-hand part of that big chart. I think it is in the

                                                   [Page 38]
folder there on your Honour' desk. In other words, the close
examination of that directive will show that they were to
contact different political leaders  in connection with the
carrying into effect of this demonstration of the 9th and
10th November. That is the only purpose for which it is
offered. It has been introduced in evidence, but the reason
I mention it at this time----

THE PRESIDENT: I cannot see that it shows it. It seems to me
to be a letter from the Chief of the Security Police to all
headquarters and stations of the State Police.

COLONEL STOREY: I  have not the English translation before
me at this moment, your Honour.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, go on.

COLONEL STOREY: I now offer in evidence Document 3063-PS,
Exhibit USA 332. This was a report from the Chief Party
Judge Buch to the defendant Goering dated the 13th February,
1939, concerning actions taken by the Supreme Party Court
for excesses in connection with the demonstrations of the
9th and 10th of November, 1938. I do not believe this, your
Honour, is in the document book 3063.

THE PRESIDENT: Yes, it is.

COLONEL STOREY: I beg your pardon. I had forgotten whether
it was in there or not. I quote a brief portion of it:--

     "When all the synagogues were burnt down in one night
     it must have been organised in some way and can only
     have been organised by the Party."

It is a long document, and that is the only portion I quote.
I have not the reference to it.


COLONEL STOREY: I am sorry, Sir, I  have not the reference

THE PRESIDENT: On Page 1. You have the document before you.

COLONEL STOREY: "When all the synagogues burned down in one
night it must have been organised in some way, and can only
have been organised by the Party."

The first paragraph, Page 7.

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