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Date: Wed, 11 Sep 96 19:55 EST
From: Linda Thompson 
Subject: How Propaganda Marginalizes Real Concepts

You won't believe this.

People aren't buying the media mocking us "conspiracy nuts."  They're
starting to notice that, hey, the United Nations really DOES have documents,
including one with a title of "THE ROLE OF THE U.N. IN THE NEW WORLD ORDER."

It doesn't work anymore to just call me a "lunatic" or others putting out
the government's OWN DOCUMENTS to prove what is being done to us nothing but
"those fringe nuts."

So here's the new tactic.  Thank Ted Turner, who was recently bought out by
the NWO Communists, NBC:

This is a message I just received from a wrestling fan.  I wrote to him
after I came across a message in which he mentioned my tapes, but referred
to the flame-throwing tank as setting fire to the building with "tank
exhaust."  I asked if he could correct that and he sent me this detailed
response.  My reply to this is below that.


     I guess that you probably are not a professional wrestling fan, 
but found my message by looking for "Waco" in a database or something.  
But, I know that you are pretty famous (I saw your name and picture in a 
news magazine (time, or newsweek, or one of those) after the Oklahoma 
bombing) and I think that you might be interested in knowing what is 
going on in wrestling right now.

	There are two major wrestling federations in the US, the WWF and 
the WCW.  The WCW is owned by Ted Turner and is based in Atlanta.  In 
late May, the WCW was able to hire two of the most popular performers in 
the WWF, Diesel and Razor Ramon.  These two came to the WCW and 
(according to the script of professional wrestling) proclaimed to be 
outsiders that will destroy the WCW.

	Well, on July 8, at a nationally televised Pay-Per-View event, 
the plan began.  As the story goes, they convinced Hulk Hogan to join 
them.  Hulk Hogan is probably the most famous and beloved wrestler in the 
history of the sport.  Hogan joined "the outsiders" and turned on all of 
his friends in the WCW.

	Then, Hogan proclaimed that the alliance of him and the other 2 
are known as the "NEW WORLD ORDER".

	Since this time, each week they come out and wreak havoc upon the 
WCW superstars and are trying to make a hostile takeover of the WCW.  They 
have also brought in Ted Dibiase (whose character is that he is 
incredibly wealthy) as their financial backer.  They are trying to 
destroy the WCW.

	Since wrestling is fake, this is an idea created somewhere 
within the Turner organization.  Basically, they took the most popular 
wrestler in the history of the sport and made him into the leader of the 

	I should add, that in this instance, the NWO is a bad guy 
organization and in the end (somewhere in the future) the forces of good 
in the WCW will win the war and Hogan may even see the error in his ways 
and repent for turning on the fans.

	I don't really know enough about the issue to know if it is just 
sort of a coincidence that they chose NWO as a name, or if perhaps they 
have worse motives, as probably at least 1 million people watch WCW Nitro 
each week on TNT from 8 to 10 PM Eastern time.  Wrestling has been 
described by some as a 'morality play' or a microcosm of good versus evil 
in society.

	I just thought that you might like to have this info, and I will 
include your message in my next post to the wrestling newsgroup.  (I 
can't really post it on its own because it isn't about wrestling.)

Have a nice day,


My reply:

>	I guess that you probably are not a professional wrestling fan, 
>but found my message by looking for "Waco" in a database or something.  

Exactly right.

[text of his message above, deleted for brevity]
>	I just thought that you might like to have this info,

Yes, indeed.  We each have pieces of a two-sided coin and together, they
complete a picture.

Ted Turner was just bought out by NBC.  NBC has been one of the biggest
promulgators of total lies and propaganda to get people to believe that
people trying to expose government corruption are "terrorists."  

One of the ways that the major players in the media destroy information is
to either mock the originator (such as myself) or portray them as a
"terrorist" (as they have done to me) through sensationalized writings that
are just wholly fake.

Another way is to associate something completely fake with real words that
have a completely different meaning.  This, I believe, is what they are
doing by associating a wrestling team with the term "New World Order."  This
is a very real term, a very real conspiracy to globalize the economies of
the world, it is the subject of several United Nations documents, and more
government documentation than you would ever believe.

Yet, by associating it with wrestling, people who have never investigated
this, don't know what it is and right now, don't care, will always associate
the term with Hulk Hogan and the "team."

It is a way to "neutralize" the work of people exposing the real "New World
Order" evildoers.  It is a form of propaganda.

Our media is far more controlled than the Soviet Union ever was and it is
run by communists.

Do you know who Ted Turner is married to?  Jane Fonda.

I have a lot of information on NBC.  They are owned by GE, a major defense
contractor.  It is the media and defense contractors who are benefitting
from most of the government activities that have most hurt us here in the
U.S., such as the GATT and NAFTA treaties.  Rupert Murdoch, who owns the NY
Post and consistently puts out bogus garbage about us so-called
"terrorists", got 63 million tax free dollars out of GATT. 

Cox Enterprises, that owns the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, got a huge deal
for cellular phone service out of NAFTA (they were the principal newspaper
coverage of the government's false version of Waco -- that was their reward).  

AT&T got a several-billion-dollar contract out of the government's
negotiations with Sadam Husein *and* the Soviet Union.  Getting the picture?
The media who cooperate with the "official" (and false) story of the
dictators, get lots of money.

The defense contractors are building the prisons throughout the country.
They are also running the prisons and the prison industries.  The prisoners
are paid $1 a day to make products that are sold overseas -- for PROFIT TO

And the military -- out of a job in peacetime -- is being given new work as
"policemen" with tanks, to patrol our streets.

We're being taken over, in a big way.

In the meantime, the "need" for these prisons is created by laws passed by
legislators that own stock in the companies and want a full supply of
peaceful slave labor, i.e., pot smokers.

And none of this could happen if the media were not doing its job to
convince the public that we "need" to be "safe" so we "need" all these laws
and tanks and military and cops in our streets "for our own good."

Ted Turner is a schill.

> and I will 
>include your message in my next post to the wrestling newsgroup.  (I 
>can't really post it on its own because it isn't about wrestling.)
>Have a nice day,

Thank you very much and thank you very much for writing all this information
about the wrestling.  I had no idea.  

Kind regards,

Linda Thompson

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Dr. Linda Thompson
Attorney at Law
Chairman, American Justice Federation

       Remember Waco.
  The Murderers are still free.
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