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: But, in what appears to be a blatant and outright attempt at censorship, 
: on 28 Nov. 1995, the site was yanked from the server, leaving 
: for our 250-300+ daily visitors only an ad for and a directory 
: containing our newsletter.  Everything else was gone.  Representatives 
: from the ISP could not be reached for an explanation of any sort.  

Actually you got booted because you seem to not listen to my request to 
stop forging your email address to make it look like another person or a 
bogus address. This type of email abuse is against the Terms of Service.
If you can't handle Netiquette, and abuse our services, you lose our 

:   Truth will always prevail. 

Indeed it will.

: Those who come against us shall fail.

Well, we just suspend.

-Scott Mikusko

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From: "Scott T. Mikusko" 
To: Jamie McCarthy 
cc: Robert Chady 
Subject: Re: The Rev. Ron Schoedel
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On Fri, 1 Dec 1995, Jamie McCarthy wrote:

> I run a web site called the Nizkor Project that, among other things,
> tracks Holocaust-denial, racism, and anti-Semitism on the net.
> Schoedel's site is one site that we track.  You're welcome to visit
> us at if you like.

Thanks, I'll check it out!

> Since the issue of censorship always comes up in cases like these --
> Schoedel has already complained that he's being censored because of
> his unusual viewpoint -- I was wondering if you could send me a
> brief something that I could use as a statement from about
> why he was disciplined.  A paragraph would be fine;  I'd just like
> something semi-official that I could link to and say "here is the
> reason why Schoedel got his access removed."
> Thank you.

Concentric had been aware of the controversial nature of Ron Schoedel's 
Web page, but since we do not regulate content, we had no grounds to 
restrict this person's access. And his Web page had nothing to do him 
being booted from our service.

Ron was posting email messages to others, and forging the return address 
to look as it came from another person. This type of behaviour is the 
cause of a lot of spamming from our site to the Net. Concentric currently 
runs TIA as a SLIP emulator with allows users to post in such a way. It 
makes it very hard to trace accounts back. But in this case, Ron was 
"smart" enough to actually use his name on the headers, along with a bogus 
return address. He also revealed himself abusing email by correspondence 
to others who notified me. Since we can track when a user was on the 
system and when a letter was sent (regardless of the address), we 
determined that Ron was indeed posting with forged headers.

This happened at least twice, and Ron was warned the first time. 
Concentric Internet Services has taken a low tolerance stance on this 
type of net abuse. We consider Netiquette as the guideline for proper 
decorum, and practise it as a part of the Terms of Service.

After the second violation, I suspended the account of 
I left specific instructions to Customer Support that any email or phone 
calls from Ron were to be directed to me personally. I was willing to 
give Ron another chance, if he complied with my requests. But Ron made no 
apparent effort to contact Customer Support, or myself. No email from Ron 
or any calls that I'm aware of came in.

After suspension, Concentric zipped up a copy of the Web page, and 
removed the active records, which is standard procedure. (Accounts 
terminated after 24 hours are deleted).

I hope this letter presents our position clearly.

-Scott Mikusko

(oops, this more than a paragraph, but I like being thorough. You may
feel free to reprint parts or all of this letter to the public. I would
assume that the parts printed would be kept in the proper context of the 

Scott T. Mikusko                          "Unsheath the blade within
Internet Services Technical Support        the voice..."
Concentric Corporation                                -Marillion
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From: (Stormfront-l)
Subject: Website censored, but back online within HOURS!!!!  TRUTH PREVAILS!
Date: Fri,  1 Dec 1995 13:18:28 GMT
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Organization: Stormfront BBS: 407-833-4986

From: ()
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 1995 08:18:28 -0500
Subject: Website censored, but back online within HOURS!!!!  TRUTH PREVAILS!
On Nov 29, 1995 02:08:56, '   (Ronald Schoedel)' wrote: 
(TOLEDO, OH, USA) For over three months, Christian Identity Online has been
serving the world with top notch news and commentary from a Nationalist
perspective, as well as providing other resources of interest to those
working toward the preservation of our Western Culture and heritage.  In
this short time, the site has garned over 12,000 visitors, at a rate of
about 300 logins a day.  No small accomplishment, by any measure. 
But, in what appears to be a blatant and outright attempt at censorship, on
28 Nov. 1995, the site was yanked from the server, leaving for our
250-300+ daily visitors only an ad for and a directory containing
our newsletter.  Everything else was gone.  Representatives from the ISP
could not be reached for an explanation of any sort. 
Formerly at, the Christian Identity and
Anglo-Saxon Nationalism website found a new home within hours of being
censored.  Follow our new link to the same great information you've come to
expect from us: 
We certainly apologize for the inconvenience, but encourage you to
reprogram your browser bookmarks and hotlists for the new page, and stay
tuned for the announcement of the new permanant address.  Truth will always
prevail.  Those who come against us shall fail.  Victory is ours, as this
episode clearly demonstrates.  We will not be silenced by anyone.  Thanks
for your continued support! 
Questions may be directed to Rev. Ron Schoedel at the temporary address  Regular users and supporters of the Christian
Identity/White Nationalism Website are encouraged to contact with your support for us.  If enough people contact them,
they may well regret ever violating our rights and our contract. Feel free
to cc: a copy of your letter to them, to us as well.  Thank you! 
Rev. Ron 
               |\ ____\            * * CHRISTIAN IDENTITY ONLINE * * 
               | |    | 
       ________| |    |______        Rev. Ronald C. Schoedel, III 
      |\ _______\|    |_______\ 
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               | |    | 
               | |    | 
               | |    | 
               | |    |              (Chr Ident: CHRistian IDENTity) 
               | |    | 
               | |    |              We must secure the existence 
               | |    |              of our People and a 
                \|____|              future for White children. 
- - 
copyright 1995, Ronald Schoedel  

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Subject:     Re: why web site gone?
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Quote me:

"HECK IF I KNOW"  - Rev. Ron on the reason for the blatant censorship of
Christian Identity Online's worldwide website.

Rev. Ron

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Date: Tue, 5 Dec 1995 03:22:33 -0500
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Subject: Re: why web site gone?

Jamie wrote:

>Any comment on their charges that you repeatedly forged email, including 
>after being warned not to at the risk of losing your access, in violation 
>of the terms of the contract you signed?  If you indeed did that, then 
>(IMHO) you have no cause to complain about anything, and especially no 
>reason to claim that your removal was "blatant censorship."

I agree, had I knowingly violated warnings, i would have no basis to be
upset...but unfortunately that is not the case.  I have never forged email.
 I don't even know how to do that.  I have parodied USENET posts and such,
but forgery is not an accurate description of any of my activities.  As far
as repeated warnings, if any such warnings were sent, they must have been
sent and then deleted before I had the chance to read them, for I do not
recall any repeated warnings from Concnetric about forgery, or the threat of
losing my account.

I did contact with a brief note, mailed from one of my
other accounts (this one) asking what was going on...I never got a reply.  I
also spent some time on hold on the Customer Service line, hoping I could
speak with someone.  But I have only so much time to spend on hold.  I made,
in good faith, attempts to find out what had happened.

I think there seems to be a misunderstanding, partly because I may have been
unclear.  I have never explicitly stated or implied that the "unusual views"
(per Mr. Mikusko) that make up the content of our web site (now at and
was the reason for it being taken down.  but merely that it was removed
without any notification or warning or anything.  If Concentric removed it
due to allegations of forgery from my account, well so be it.  WHY they
removed it is irrelevent.  I still believe that not informing me of the
impending removal of the website is censorship.

>I want to present both sides in that file, yours and theirs, so if you 
>have any comments, please let me know.

yes, you can use this email publicly...anything about this situation can be
made public that I may write, unless otherwise stated.  I was surprised to
see that y'all had posted my guest book submission on your website.  This may
surprise you, but I think I trust you to present both sides of this fairly.  

I happen to like CRIS, and hope this can be resolved without any loss to
either party.  I don't want to lose the account, nor do I want to have to
cancel other accounts on CRIS that associates of mine use.  

Now I will say that I have posted some letters to USENET (but not email) with
an OBVIOUSLY satirical and false address of and  The fact I should use such a revealing address should
indicate I was in no wise trying to pull something off, like some sort of
trick or whatever.  I stand behind my words on USENET, and am not ashamed of
my writings.  I don't mind people knowing who I am or what I say.  That's why
I post.

What I do mind is receiving threats and harassing e-mail and repeated
mail-bombs, activities I do NOT participate in, I might add.  By using my address on the USENET, I was more or less inviting this
kind of unsavory mail to come my way.

I take no pleasure in sitting around while the computer downloads KBs and MBs
of harassing mail or mailbombs.  Using a false address (while still using my
real identity) was my attempt at thwarting e-mail bombers, who would end up
sending to the fake address, only to have their mailbombs bounce back to
them.  I know of at least one case where this happened. 

>If you see any copyright violations I should be aware of, please don't 
>hesitate to contact me.

All I ask is that my emails on this be used IN THEIR ENTIRETY, and in
context.  Archive this if you wish, please do.  But please put it in it's
entirety.  And if Mr. Mikusko doesn't mind, I don't mind his side of the
story being presented either. I'm all for equal access and equal time.

>Because of this threatening statement of yours, I will only place your 
>previous email into that cris-suspension file;  if you have further 
>comments you wish me to include, you'll have to specify explicitly in 
>each individual email that I may quote you publicly.

You may quote this publicly, in its entirety.

>>> I speak only for myself.
>>Read: "I speak only for my jew masters."
>Glad to see you can decipher my secret code.

Someone has to....


Rev. Ron Schoedel

Cc: to Scott Mikusko

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From: "Scott T. Mikusko" 
Subject: Re: why web site gone?
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Please refrain from sending any email in regards to the suspension of Ron 
Schoedel from Concentric. Unless it's in direct inquiry of why the 
account was suspended, I have no reason to argue this point any longer.

A user was warned, he violated the rules, and was suspended. Period.

-Scott Mikusko

Scott T. Mikusko                          "Unsheath the blade within
Internet Services Technical Support        the voice..."
Concentric Corporation                                -Marillion
			"The Internet Guerilla"

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