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Issued 26 June 1996, 5 pm EDT

A Statement from Rev. Ron Schoedel concerning the White Nationalist 
movement, with suggestions on how to truly accomplish the truly 
important things in life.

- - -

Much controversey has arisen within the "White Nationalist movement" 
over the resignation of Milton Kleim in recent weeks.  As most know, 
Milton has been -- for over two years -- very prominent within the 
"movement", expecially in the net crusades for the goals of the 

Also, just before Milton issued his statement, I resigned from the 
ministry temporarily, over some personal things.  My own resignation 
caused quite a hullaballoo, and confused many.  It upset some and made 
others happy.  As most know, I have returned to the ministry now.  My 
political work, is another story though.

Having gone through some similar experiences recently as Milton has come 
through, I have learned many new things about the bulk of the 
"movement".  I have learned many new things about myself, my faith, and 
my future.  Personal hardships are life's best instructors I believe, 
and personally I have undergone some of the best instruction in life 
over the last 5 months (see for a detailed discussion 
of these things).

I come away from my personal hardships with a new understanding of many 
things, and ready to continue onward through this journey called life 
with much gladness in my heart for the lessons I have learned.  Personal 
excellence is a very important goal for any individual.  My recent 
experiences have prepared me for the trials that will surely come my way 
in the future, and I am thankful to be a stronger, wiser man than I was 
just 6 weeks ago.

One thing I have come to a very moving and very critical new 
understanding on, is the so-called "movement".  Milton has received much 
flack -- even to the point of being called a "race traitor" because of 
his resignation from the "movement".  As Milton has explained in his own 
public statements of late, his beliefs of how best to "serve his race" 
entails marrying and starting a family.  This, from the man who was very 
active in the political arena not that long ago, seeking to change 
society through the "movement".

Myself, for three years I have been playing the political game, and 
though I have never been a part of any organized group within the 
"movement", my activities have nonetheless caused me to be linked with 
all manner of political groups within the "movement".  Last year I made 
my debut on the usenet making very shocking statements, and thus 
affording myself lots of attention -- some good, some bad.  For months 
my shocking words were posted daily to the usenet newsgroups, angering 
many, endearing me to some, and stunning most all.  Some of the things I 
once said, I have come to the understanding they were not right.  And I 
was wrong for saying them.  I look back though at past writings of mine, 
and wonder what they have accomplished?

In a word, absolutely nothing.  I look then at what the so-called 
movement with it's charismatic leaders and good funding has 
accomplished.  Nothing.  In about the same time Milton came to his new 
understanding of this issue, I was formulating my own similar beliefs, 
with are now much different than they were just a few short months ago.

Raising a healthy, happy family.  Many in the so-called movement say 
that's important, but how many actually do that?  What is being 
accomplished by the media-attention-hungry "movement"?  Some within the 
movement have very good hearts, I am sure.  Some truly seek to revive 
the European Christian Culture that made this nation great.  Most 
however, just like to get together, get drunk and cuss out and beat up 
minorities.  Nothing is accomplished in such activities, except to bring 
the masses to a heightened disapproval of those with perceived "white 
nationalist" ideas.  

The "movement" -- in large part -- is composed of people looking for 
attention.  it is a form of diversion and entertainment for too many; a 
nice way to make bucks for a few.  And with all the various factions 
that exist, what is there to show for it all?  Not a thing.  Not a 
single thing.  A movement without real leaders and sincerely dedicated 
followers is not a "movement" at all, but a stagnant stale do-nothing 
form of entertainment, not much different than the amusements offered us 
by Hollywood.  It takes our minds and focus off the truly important 
things in life.

I want to see my Faith and Culture continue into the future.  I cherish 
my heritage greatly.  But I am not going to see these goals realized by 
buddying up to social misfits who are doing not much better than 
minority groups doing the same thing.  To continue my heritage into the 
future, to pass down my faith, we need to raise large, healthy families. 
 That is my number one goal, and in fact always has been.

Since I met my former fiancée Vanessa earlier this year, I knew that 
goal would henceforth be my focus.  I withdrew from the political scene 
for a while (though I continued in the service of God through the 
ministry), wanting to focus all my energies and thoughts on the future 
and our life together.  I wanted to take that relationship forward, with 
the eventual goal of what I consider the most important thing a man can 
ever do in his life: be a good husband and father, in that order.  We 
had intended to marry this Septemeber, and to raise a large family.  As 
my personal letter of 8 June 1996 
( mentioned, Vanessa and 
I split on 13 May of this year.  It was a very devastating split for the 
both of us, but one that I finally came to see was necessary.   It is a 
shame that two broken hearts were the price for the enlightenment I 
received, but after carefully considering all things, I am sure this is 
what is right for the both of us.

While I cannot speak for my former fiancée, I can certainly say for 
myself that the break-up taught me many things.  Most importantly it 
REINFORCED my belief in strong marriages and family life.  It reinforced 
the fact that we need to select our life mates very carefully, and with 
much consideration about what each person values and finds important.  

It turned out that our goals in life were not the same afterall, thus we 
had to split.  I wish God's best blessings for Vanessa, and there is no 
animosity at all in this heart toward the one I once loved in a 
life-partner way, and who I still love in a brotherly way.

And likewise, I carry on in life, but with a greatly expanded knowledge 
that the most important thing I must do is marry and have a family.  I 
can no longer expend my time or efforts on the so-called "movement", as 
I have for so long.  I admit the errors of my past ways, and it takes a 
strong man to admit error.  Anyone can carry on inside their own deluded 
fantasies.  That does not take courage.  I have seen, as Milton, that 
the so-called "movement" is wasting time and effort on things that have 
not any good in this country.

Marriages are still falling apart, children are still being taken 
advantage of (be it physically or mentally), our culture is fast 
deteriorating and the reason is very simple: the family unit that God 
ordained as the most important part of a human's existence has been 
eroded.  Where we should have been working on strengthening families and 
having our own, the "movement" has been engaging in activities that do 
nothing toward the ONE thing that CAN preserve our Culture!

Milton Kleim is not a race traitor.  He deserves respect for seeing the 
error of his past ways.  He deserves respect for coming to the very 
truth that I have seen in a greater light: the most important thing to 
do is have a family and teach that family the ways of Truth.  One white 
man and one white woman -- loving each other for life -- and having a 
large, healthy family will do a million times more for our Heritage than 
all the "movement" has done since it's inception.

I must announce to all my own convictions and new understandings, and 
detach myself from what I know is a failed movement (though it was never 
a formal membership for me in any group).  I shall now pursue that wife 
and family that every man needs, and that this world needs if 
civilization is to grow and flourish in the future.

If every man or woman in the white nationalist movement or any minority 
movement would instead spend their time and efforts building a large, 
healthy family, every race would grow and improve itself.  It is high 
time to realize the truth, friends.  No political program is going to 
solve real or perceived ills for "or race".  No political organisation 
without the blessing of Providence is going to have any impact.  As a 
nation, we ALL must repent of our errors.  Until then, God will allow 
our race to be judged as He has seen fit to do in recent decades.

A return to God and family is all that can save any of us, and our 
Nation as a whole.  When we repent and turn to the truth, only then will 
God bless our nation.  

I shall continue with my ministry work, and teaching the truth of God's 
Will.  The Christian Identity website is still online; our newsletter 
will continue as well. The difference is, now my focus will be on 
spiritual matters, rather than political matters.  Only a change of the 
heart will have any effect on the world as a whole.  We can do all we 
want to try to change things in other ways -- as the "movement" has, and 
as we can see, that approach does nothing.  I continue now to search for 
a life mate who truly shares my goals and beliefs, and when we meet, we 
shall work together to build a bright future for our children, and their 
children, and so forth.  I shall continue in my quest for personal 
excellence as well.  And with God's blessings, maybe just maybe some 
sense of sanity may be returned to this world in a large way, after 
people come to the realisations I have. 

To those who hastily criticised Milton; to those who called him all 
manner of unpleasant names; to those who have judged him as a traitor 
and scorned him: Consider that by pursuing a real family life, Milton is 
doing what you CLAIM to want to do...continuing our Race into the 
future.  I am doing the same now. For God and Nation, and for yourselves 
friends, consider the implications of what you have been doing if you 
are a part of the movement.  Consider what better good will be 
accomplished if we instead gave up the selfish desire for attention and 
focused on loving our wives, building our families and the like.

May God's blessings be upon those who see the light and are able to see 
the futility of engaging in destructive acts that do nothing to further 
any cause except the cause of pride and arrogance.  My purpose in this 
letter was not to anger anybody, not to put anybody down.  I am not 
PERSONALLY against those whom I formerly was associating with.  But our 
goals are DRASTICALLY different.  The White Nationalist movement as a 
whole is heading in a direction that I cannot continue to go in.  My 
only allegiance is to GOD, my family and my wife and children to be.  
Instead of reading this letter as a sweeping indictment of everyone, 
please consider the motive of my heart: love.  This letter is simply my 
humble attempt to share with others the lessons I have learned through 
my personal struggles of late.  And if just one person can somehow in 
some way benefit from what I have said, then all my struggles were more 
than worth it.

Humbly in God's service,

Rev. Ronald C. Schoedel, III

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