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From: "Ronald C. Schoedel" 
Newsgroups: alt.politics.white-power,alt.politics.nationalism.white,alt.revisionism
Subject: Public Apology from Rev. Ron
Date: 29 Jun 1996 06:53:23 GMT
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To all readers of the "white" newsgroups:

The use of any derogatory language or term in any of my past posts
to this and all newsgroups was not right of me, under any circum-
stances.  I hereby "retract" all such posts.  The words being mine,
the right to retract those words also is mine.  Any continuation
of the use of such words with the purpose of defamation will be
prosecuted to the extent libel/slander laws permit.

But now, moving on to the mushy sensitive stuff...

For any who were offended by such language, I offer my sincere
apology.  It's easy to get caught up in the flaming and name-calling,
and the behavior of others is no excuse for my engaging in the same

All past flames, to whomever, I apologize for.  There is no motive in
this post except to state once and for all that I have changed my focus,
my beliefs SIGNIFICANTLY; and regret having wasted so much of my time
engaging in behavior for which there simply is no excuse.  Getting 
caught up into the emotionalism of "debate" tends to sometimes carry
us away, I am certainly no exception to that rule.

For any "lie" or "perceived lie", or non-documented claim, I apologize.
This would include, but not be limited to, attributing to any particular
race characteristics which are not correct.  

For any racially-based slurs, I apologize.  Derogatory terms used in
my posts for Blacks, Jews or others were used without thought, and
simply should not have been.

Let me also categorically and definitively state, that I do not believe
in or advocate racial supremacism for any race at all, including my own.
Any perceived "white supremacism" in my posts, I apologize for.

People make mistakes in life, it's all a part of maturing, growing,
learning and making our way down life's highway.  

I've made plenty of mistakes, for which I hereby apologize.

In my journeys down life's highway, I must admit that I've been in the
white-movement rest-area on that highway for far too long. I should 
have breezed by it in the first place, and saved myself and others
the trouble caused.  But, I am not perfect, I made a mistake.  After
having seen the error of my ways, I fully realize it is high time for
me to leave it in the dust behind me, moving on to life's ultimate goal,
which is anything but the silliness of this racialist movement stuff.

May God forgive my indiscretions and sins.  Goodbye, for all time, 

Rev. Ronald C. Schoedel, III

(Announcer: "Rev. Ron has left the building...")

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