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rjg@d31rz2.Stanford.EDU (Richard J. Green) writes:
[responding to Dr. Keren]
>Taking the low road plays directly into what he is trying to achieve.
>Marduk is more of a friend to Mr. "Thomas" than Matt Giwer is.  Mr.
>Giwer is no doubt an embarassment to the likes of Mr. "Thomas."

I disagree. He *should* be an embarrassment to the likes of "Mr. Thomas,"
but he isn't. "Mr. Thomas" has never distanced himself from Mr. Giwer's
antics in any way. On the contrary, he has cheered him on. Giwer is
advertising "Mr. Thomas's" web site for him; other than the fact that what
he's doing is morally indefensible, why should "Mr. Thomas" object?

I think it's time to post Rockwell's essay on gutter propaganda again. It
follows below. Rockwell explains why "Mr. Thomas" and Mr. Raven would not
be embarrassed by Mr. Giwer, though we would be if we were in their shoes. 

>I suggest that the best way to deal with Mr. "Thomas" is to politely
>demonstrate that his arguments hold no weight, to demonstrate his
>hypocrisy, and his disigenuousness.  The Nizkor web page accomplishes
>these goals admirably.

I quite agree.

I also think that Mr. Giwer should be a wonderful asset for embarrassing
"Mr. Thomas." He's been getting a free ride -- encouraging and benefting
>from  Giwer's antics, but accepting no accountability for them. I really
think he should be held more accountable.


For information on Rockwell, see,
nsl.htm, nslf.htm, nsm.htm, nswpp.htm, nswwp.htm, and cdl.htm; and


                     ON THE ART OF PROPAGANDA

              by George Lincoln Rockwell (circa 1966)

If each of the men in the fable about the blind men and the elephant were
required to construct a model of an elephant, there would be three very
different models. The blind man who felt only the tail would build a model
as he described an elephant in the fable -- as "a sort of rope." The blind
man who felt the leg and said an elephant was like a tree would produce a
tree-like "elephant," while the man who felt only the trunk would
construct his "elephant"  like a snake.

Most men I have met in politics consider themselves automatically experts
in the field of propaganda. But almost all of them make the same type of
basic error in their propaganda as did the blind men in describing and
reconstructing an elephant; both suffer from insufficient experience with
the subject. A right-wing businessman, when he gets sick, doesn't try to
doctor himself, nor does he try to practice law himself, nor does he even
try to do his own advertising. He hires professional experts to do these
highly technical jobs for him. But when that same right-wing businessman
wants to move the people of a whole nation to an understanding of our
national peril, he doesn't hesitate to spend relatively huge sums trying
to write and produce his own amateur propaganda. In almost every case he
produces propaganda which he likes, completely forgetting in his political
excitement that the art of propaganda (and advertising) is not in
producing that which one likes and admires one's self, but that which will
produce the effect desired -- sales in the case of advertising and
political conviction in the case of propaganda.  Because he is able to
think, he presumes that his audience is also able to think  a completely
unwarranted assumption. Because he himself is repelled by crudeness and
exaggeration, he makes his pitch factual, logical, and usually subtle. In
addition to this foolishness, he also forgets that the average man in the
street is emotionally assaulted during all his waking hours by advertising
brilliantly designed by experts to capture attention through the most
powerful kind of psychological impact. The average right wing piece,
crowded onto a page, verbose, and dull, is not only not able to win the
attention of the average man amid all this competition, but positively
repels him.

Even worse propaganda mistakes are made by both those at the top and those
at the bottom of the right-wing intellectual spectrum. Because they can't
read and understand "them big words," the Klan types are "agin'" anything
other than the crudest and most brutal of approaches. "Hit 'em 'longside
the haid with a two-by-four," is the motto of these boys, and any attempt
to produce anything else is likely to get you called a "Communist-Jew
spy," or get you hit "'longside the haid" yourself. This type loves the
American Nazi Party's "Boat Ticket to Africa" and the Stormtrooper, for
instance, but rages that the Rockwell Report is too "long" and "dull."

At the other extreme is the Ph.D. right-winger who hurriedly claps his
hand over his mouth and gulps in nausea when one shows him something like
our all-time most popular propaganda piece, our "Boat Ticket to Africa,"
full of expressions such as "nigger-armpit stench" and the like. Because
this refined gentleman prefers to read Spengler or Gobineau, he can't
imagine that the ideas of these men might be gotten across to a semi-
literate farmer better with a "boat ticket" than with a volume of Houston
Stewart Chamberlain.

In the middle group are the Birch-type blind men who produce millions and
millions of dollars worth of wasted propaganda; wasted because it is not
designed to do the job they really want and need done, but is instead what
they like to hear. These people have never yet stopped to reflect that in
order to win they need not just the thinkers -- the right-wingers, the
bourgeois, rich folks, and the rest of the elite minority  but the vast
masses of the people who support demagogues like Johnson, FDR, and
Kennedy. Goldwater's catastrophe was the result of producing propaganda
and campaigns designed to win thinkers instead of masses. The result was
that twenty-seven million Goldwater thinkers were swamped at the polls by
some forty-three million Johnson wishers and hopers, who can never, never,
never be reached by "conservative" logic, facts, and boring, sissy tea

The worst waste of money I have ever seen in the whole field of propaganda
was the special Sunday supplement the Birch Society put out not so long
ago in newspapers all over America. It cost as much as a quarter of a
million dollars in some cities. Had it been designed to appeal to the
mass, the "average man," the man who votes with his heart instead of his
head, it could have been worth the millions it took to publish. But it was
foolishly aimed at a relatively tiny minority. On the front cover, in full
color, it showed a typical Birch Society meeting, in the home of a man
obviously wealthy  in the kind of living room which would make the
average, working-class, overalled American uncomfortable. The Birchers
were sitting around sipping tea with their pinkies daintily extended, and
the whole atmosphere was foreign, ridiculous, and even painful to the man
in overalls -- to America's millions of "ordinary Joes." There might have
been some sense in printing that piece in Fortune. But to spend money to
put that advertisement (which could reach only the rich and the
sophisticated) in a mass medium, at the cost of a mass medium, was the
kind of thoughtlessness which keeps the right wing powerless, eternally
defeated, and discouraged.

Does this mean that the Birch Society's high-level appeal is a total
waste? Should all their propaganda be like that of the Klan? An elephant
is neither all leg nor all tail nor all trunk. A complete, whole elephant
needs all of these parts to live. The Jews, masters of the art of
propaganda that they are (unlike the right wing), have understood this
fundamental truth and have organized their "pitch" to appeal to all

For the kids and the primitives -- for the "masses" -- the Jews produce
comic books and comic strips; crude, apparently "obvious" television
programs, movies, and radio presentations; and the sort of printed
material one can find in True Confessions and similar magazines - or on
privy walls.

For the lower-middle classes, they provide pseudo-"objective" and
thoughtful television "documentaries," which flatter the unthinking
bourgeois into imagining that they are participating in a scholarly and
high-level "study" of a controversial subject, while actually the Jews are
pumping into their smug, ego-blinded minds massive doses of raw lies and
hatred. They also provide this kind of "intellectual" pap in Look, Life,
and other mass-circulation periodicals.

For the upper-middle classes -- the college graduates, professionals, and
business executives -- the Jews produce their Harper's Magazine and
Atlantic Monthly "think-pieces," which are genuinely intellectual but
nevertheless so subtly poisoned by false basic assumptions and
misdirections that all the thinking in the world is bound to lead only to
error. This is the sort of thing one finds among the sincere race-mixers
and liberals, who have been taught, as religious dogmata, that anything
other than democracy is unthinkable, that black men are only white men
with dark skins, and that all opponents of liberalism are "fascists" who
seek to murder almost everybody and who have no ideas other than bloodshed
and tyranny. Starting with these as unquestionable premises, the most
sincere and well-intentioned "thinking" in the world can produce nothing
but the race-mixers, liberals, beatniks, rebels, and lost souls who are
swarming like maggots in every intellectual center of our civilization.

Finally, there is the devilishly clever, ivory-tower propaganda designed
for the truly intellectual and highly sophisticated academic community,
which actually does examine even basic premises. For this latter, elite
class, even though it is tiny, the Jews spare no effort or money. For were
the intellectual leaders of a nation to see through all the propaganda on
the lower levels, it would sooner or later be disastrous to the Jews, when
the elite had warned the masses. For this minute, top group, the Jews
actually produce manufactured "facts" of the most basic nature.

To give an example of this incredible process, let me cite the method they
have used to make it a dogmatic "fact"  that there are no measurable,
scientific differences between races and, therefore, no races at all! The
Jews first got a few of their boys into top university spots (Columbia
University being an outstanding, but by no means unique, example) with the
express purpose of giving academic respectability to their
"there-is-no-such-thing-as-race" lie.  One of the first and most important
of these was Franz Boas, a Jew heavily involved in communist causes, who
sent congratulations to Stalin on his birthdays {Jewish Voice, January,
1942} and whose red record cannot be doubted by any objective observer.
This communistic Jew began teaching anthropology at Columbia University in
1896 and dominated the anthropology department there until his death in
1942. Meanwhile he produced one book after another "proving" that there
were no such things as racial differences among men {Kultur und Rasse
(Leipzig, 1914); Anthropology and Modern Life (New York, 1928); Aryans and
non-Aryans (New York, 1934); General Anthropology (Boston, 1938), The
Question of Race: Aryans and non-Aryans. Are They Distinctive Types? (New
York. 1940); Race, Language, and Culture (New York, 1940): Race and
Democratic Society, a post-mortem collection of his writings (New York,
1945), to name but a few.} The whole of Jewry pitched in to boost their
boy. Boas was praised in every Jewish-owned newspaper and periodical and
given every academic prize they could promote. Little by little, Boas
gained such "stature" by this Jewish mutual-admiration society technique
that he became an "acknowledged authority" in social anthropology and
ethnology. His students and colleagues at Columbia -- Herskovits,
Klineberg, Ashley Montagu, Weltfish -- as unsavory a collection of
left-wing Jews as one might hope for -- spread his doctrines far and wide,
deliberately poisoning the minds of two generations of American students
at many of our largest universities {Carleton Putnam, Race and Reason
(Washington, 1961), pp. 18, 47}.

Meanwhile, honest race researchers were given the opposite treatment, full
use being made of economic boycott and unlimited intellectual smear.
Honest anthropologists couldn't get their books published or, if
published, distributed {Ibid., pp. 19, 49}. As just one instance, at the
time when Boas was at the height of his destructive activity, Madison
Grant, president of the New York Zoological Society and a trustee of the
American Museum of Natural History, wrote a study of the racial situation
in America, entitled The Conquest of a Continent, or the Expansion of
Races in America (New York, 1933). The book was flatly contradictory to
the Boas-Jewish racial propaganda and sounded a clear warning of the
impending danger of serious racial degeneration in the United States.
Whereupon the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith issued a circular
letter to publishers, dated December 13, 1933, in which they blatantly
stated that Grant's book was "antagonistic to Jewish interests" and
demanded that it be "stifled" - as it has been! Copies of this book -- and
any honest book about race -- are very hard to find. They are almost
nonexistent in the university community -- in such places as college
bookstores and all but a few of the largest university libraries.

This whole intellectual fraud would never work if our side had sense
enough to understand it and courage enough to stand up to it. But our side
can never understand, let alone fight, this vicious Jewish perversion of
our people and their minds as long as our side, like the aforementioned
blind men, remains utterly mulish in its insistence on amateur and
one-level propaganda efforts. The left wing has its organizations and its
propaganda at all levels. And the whole left aims the same way -- right at
your heart! They have their Dean Achesons, their Harvard professors, their
White House presidential aides. But they also have their brutal goon
squads in the streets of the steel towns, ready to crack the legs of their
opponents over a curbstone, as is their quaint custom. In between, they
have their "soldiers" at all levels, and they are all part of the same
army of hate against the white man and Western civilization.

Let one of my supercilious, intellectual critics just spend an evening
watching television or reading a teenage magazine -- not for pleasure, but
to analyze the masterful methods of the Jewish brainwashers, and he will
see that they do not use intellectual propaganda exclusively to do their
devilish work, but also the most stupid, obvious, and brutal
anti-intellectual stuff imaginable. At the same time, let him examine the
explosion of scatology on any big newsstand and see just what primitive,
rough propaganda the Jew produces for the mass mind. Even the
pornographic, illegal "comic books" smuggled from kid to kid and man to
man are loaded with propaganda for race-mixing and degeneracy. And there
is nothing subtle about the disgusting magazines openly sold for queers.

The Jews do not confine their attack on us only to gutter propaganda or
only to goon squads; God knows, they certainly have flooded America with
their filthy and degenerate "literature," "art," and "poetry," with their
"comedians," their warped stage plays, and their savage, jungle "music,"
while there are still plenty of communist muscle squads to break your head
open if they can't pervert it. In short the enemy has brought about a
"black miracle" of subversion of our people with his multi-level
propaganda, while the reply of the leaders of our people has been almost
entirely an attempt to "prove," with facts and arguments, that all this is
"wrong." Right and wrong in propaganda have no meaning. There are only
effective and ineffective. Jewish propaganda couldn't be more wrong,
objectively speaking, but it is almost always right, psychologically. It
is carefully aimed; it is designed for a specific audience; it is not
concerned with what the producers think and feel, but with what the
audience thinks and feels; and it is uniformly excellent and successful in
doing the job for which it is intended.

Right-wing propaganda, to choose a contrary example, is almost always
wrong. It is invariable, single-level material -- usually aimed at the
upper middle class. It is utterly disdainful of the audience and endlessly
insists that "the truth will make us free," if we just get out enough
"literature" (almost none of which is read by prospective converts).
Almost all right-wing literature is read by other right-wingers who do not
need it. It is basically reactionary, concerned almost wholly with money,
taxes, and protection of wealth and vested interests (masked, of course,
with "deep concern" for the Constitution, "our American way of life," and
the like). It is incredibly snobbish and contemptuous toward the kind of
horny-handed, working, hard-pressed "ordinary Joe" who, in his millions,
makes up the masses which have kept FDR, Truman, Ike, JFK, and now LBJ in

Surely we need the truth and facts and arguments -- but only to win over
the officers and noncoms of our counter-revolutionary forces and then to
educate and train them for intellectual combat with the well-trained
forces of the enemy, not to convert the masses. To try to use the "facts
and arguments" method with the masses of the people is the eternal
stumbling block of the right wing. By insisting on only this method, in
its pure (and dull) form, not only the right wing, but any movement of
national regeneration, insures that its material is read only by itself
and the few Jews whose professional job it is to study and neutralize its

Hitler's National Socialist movement not only did not make that stupid
mistake, but brilliantly exploited every field of propaganda with inspired
material, scientifically designed not only to appeal to a few stuffy
professors -- but to move people, to move millions of people in the
direction desired. Hitler had Julius Streicher's Der Stuermer, full of the
wildest and wooliest sensationalism, designed to smash its way into the
consciousness of the masses, as it did.  He also had the regular party
press, designed to reach and convince the great middle class. And, for the
university community, he had the esoteric material of Alfred Rosenberg,
Gottfried Feder, et al.

Again I stress that, whereas the academic scholar is most powerfully
influenced by a logical, heavily footnoted dissertation at the highest
intellectual level, the simple farmer or worker is utterly perplexed and
repelled by "them big words" and is moved most effectively by a brutal and
earthy presentation of a thoroughly subjective, grossly exaggerated
picture of any situation. Only the latter class of propaganda can yield
the sheer weight of numbers of persuaded people needed to sweep into legal
political office. The major propaganda of a mass movement, therefore, must
be of the elementary, direct, and emotional kind which alone can win
honest hearts (and empty heads) -- "boat tickets" and the Stormtrooper.

When I began, I purposely made my propaganda as brutal and shockingly
rough as I could, simply to force attention. And I have kept everlastingly
at the business of building a simple and direct image of all-out hostility
to "Jews and niggers" in the minds of millions of Americans, regardless of
the costs in other respects. (And when I have the rare opportunity to use
some mass medium, as was recently the case when I gave a long interview to
Playboy, I am forced to walk a careful line between what I should like to
say and what the enemy would like to hear me say. Unless I deliberately
sound at least halfway like a raving illiterate with three loose screws,
such an interview would never be printed. This is another thing that most
people fail to understand about my "Nazi"  technique.) After I had become
known to most Americans, I published the Rockwell Report at a somewhat
higher level than my previous material to begin to recruit some of the
brains and funds we needed to proceed. When this had begun to bear fruit,
I used the talents obtained with the Rockwell Report to get back down to
the people's level and produce a publication designed for the masses, for
the "average" man, the comic book reader, kids: the Stormtrooper. As
planned, this is now our most popular and largest-circulation publication.
And were it not for the Jewish ownership of the news distribution
business, we could sell Stormtroopers literally by the millions.

My Ph.D. critics regularly berate me for the vulgar and brutal material in
the Stormtrooper. Because these gentlemen don't like to see the word
"nigger" in print, or crude drawings of Jews, they often insist that I am
a damned fool, a hoodlum, or an agent provocateur, trying to ruin the
whole movement by printing such rough stuff.  These sincere but pitifully
blind men are going to have to understand that one can't win elections
with Ph.D. votes.  As Goldwater proved, one can't win elections even with
all the upper classes. It is the vast masses of the lower classes, the
beer-and-dirty-joke-loving workers, on whom we must depend finally for
survival. The Stormtrooper with its pages full of cartoons, violence,
insults, jokes, and general hell is exciting and readable to men who would
never, in a million years, pick up and read a right-wing tract.

With a base of operations established and with successful publications
directed at both the lowest and the middle-class levels, the movement is
finally in a position to afford the relative luxury of a publication
directed exclusively at the academic intellectual-professional class. The
National Socialist World, now in your hands, is designed not only to reach
but to move people in that category. Perhaps our material is not what you,
personally, enjoy most. But our aim, and the aim of the World Union of
National Socialists, is not to produce material to please our friends --
but to win over millions of those who are now our enemies or who are
oblivious to both sides. The years of success with the Stormtrooper and
the Rockwell Report give me confidence that the new National Socialist
World will also do what it has been carefully designed to do -- that
National Socialist World will beat its way into the highest intellectual
circles just as the Stormtrooper smashed its way into the minds of the
juveniles and working folks.

Finally, if you'll permit me, I'd like to drive my principal point home
with one more analogy. If you own a grocery store, and a man comes in from
a painter's truck in overalls to buy groceries, you don't try to sell him
a one-ounce jar of Russian caviar at two bucks a throw. You offer him
beef, potatoes, and bread. If a French diplomat comes in, you don't offer
him hawg jowl; you might try the caviar. It is the same with propaganda.
If you wish to win the "trade" of all potential "customers," as we must do
if we are to survive, you must have in stock a complete line of goods,
especially the kind of goods most desired by the majority of your
potential customers -- and that means bread, potatoes, and beef, not
caviar and truffles. If you can open a special store to peddle only caviar
and truffles, do it in the silk-stocking district. Conversely, if you want
to open another branch to sell only chitterlings, hawg jowls, and the
like, then do it in the "nigger" section of town. And if you want a mass
grocery business, in the name of sanity, stock up on something besides
caviar and truffles. We intend to win enough "customers" to become masters
of the grocery business, against the competition of the greatest and most
complete "chain" operation the world has ever seen: "The Sheeney
Supermarket," which stocks something for everybody. To do it, we have
designed some great products to appeal to specific customers: the
"hawg-jowl" Stormtrooper, the "Delmonico steak" Rockwell Report -- and now
the "Cherries Jubilee" which you hold in your hand  National Socialist

Now go ahead and light the brandy!

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